Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A follow on from 'The Car Park Was Empty' with a stronger, darker content. Thanks must go to Gill Byrd, for inspiration and for the use of some of her characters. See Jill's day out

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion   Fiction   Wimp Husband   Wife Watching   White Couple   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Size   BBW  

We collected our things and headed out of the lounge to the hall, I was fumbling for the car keys as Jackie moved towards the door. But as Jackie reached for the latch, the door suddenly opened and there stood a rather scruffy older man.

Un-like us he didn't seem surprised, he was followed by a large younger man, who had a rather vacant look to his face. "Well, well" he said, "what, or rather who, do we have hear?" He turned to his colleague, "shut the door Neville, its brass monkeys out there!"

Jackie and I were stunned; we thought the door was locked? How did this grey haired, dishevelled bloke get in? As he walked towards us, arms outstretched we had no option but to back up and return to the lounge.

"So" said the grey haired man, "what brings you here to Ian's little pad? And: my goodness," his voice full of sarcasm "at such a late hour". I was dumfounded and unable to speak but Jackie took on that haughty look and began to concoct a story. "Well, we are friends of Ian's and we popped in to pay him a visit, she said, sternly. We did arrive some time ago" She added. "But um ... err, Ian's not feeling to well, so he decided to go to bed and we are just about to leave!" Jackie's voice was calm. "So ... if you don't mind, it was lovely to meet you, but we best be on our way"

The man then stepped into the lounge doorway, "please" he said, "I'm forgetting my manners, my name is Bernard, but you can call me Bernie" he looked over his shoulder and gesticulated with a nod of his head, "and that thick twerp is Neville. 'Really' he said, "there is really no need for you to leave just yet, I'm Ian's landlord and well I suppose I'm also his Guv'nor, I've just popped over to get the rent"

Jackie looked at him quizzically, "bit of an odd time to collect the rent" she sneered, "yes" replied Bernie, "and an odd hour to be visiting a sick friend" he replied with that knowing, sarcastic note. He turned to the big chap behind him, still loitering in the hall. "Neville? Go get poor, dear Ian I need to check if he is ok?"

Muttering, Neville headed for the bedroom. Bernie took a quick glance at me then turned his attention to Jackie. "My, my" he quipped, "You're a fine looking woman... 39, 40 maybe? And a nice figure too, not a skinny little girl but a full figured woman, I bet you know just what you want and where to get it". Jackie just fumed ... I knew she'd not be happy. I watched him look her up and down, and then scan the room. His eyes fell on Jackie's discarded knickers by the sofa, the tiny scrap of lace and material crumpled on the floor yet unmistakable. However his gaze returned to Jackie and he showed no sign of what he had registered. He returned his attention to Jackie. "So your friends of Ian's, I know most of his friends, but I don't know you?" Jackie scowled; giving this man any information was now unavoidable. "I'm Jacqueline, er, Jackie and this is my husband Martin, and it is late and we really should be going" her voice now showing signs of anger and anxiousness. Bernie paused; he knew he'd scored a point. "Yes, yes, of course" he said, "but you should say goodbye to Ian, especially in his, um, condition" And with that Neville walked Ian into the room. Ian had hastily thrown on an old dressing gown, which was rather short and the belt failed to close the gown properly. But far worse was ian's cock, still rather hard, from the Viagra, pushing the material out in-front, obvious was to small a word for it! Jackie blushed and Bernie just smiled. "Well" ... he sneered, "are you feeling a little under the weather Ian? Suffering from a STIFF joint perhaps?" Ian, scratched his head, "I, it's, I've" ... he mumbled.

"That's ok Ian, no need to explain" Bernie's voice full of purpose, "I get the picture". But it was clear, another point to Bernie.

Jackie continued to blush, she looked at the floor, I made sure I didn't make eye contact with Bernie. "So" Bernie continued "How was it Ian?" "Good, very good" mumbled Ian, " I see" said Bernie "she take it all?" "Yes" said Ian Sheepishly. "Good" Bernie's voice was more questioning now... "Was it the three of you? "No" said Ian, "he" he nodded his head at me, "just watched and then me and her went in the other room". "I see" said Bernie, his hand rubbing his stubbly chin thoughtfully. He looked at me "don't worry Son, you and I are very alike, don't feel ashamed, I'm like you ... I have a penchant for voyeurism, I love to watch too". At this Jackie started in, "look she said, what my Husband and me do in our private life has nothing to do with you!" She paused, "Ian has been very helpful and understanding and we hope you will do the same ... Now we really must go!

She started for the door, but Bernie was back to the doorway baring her way.

"Not so fast" he shouted, "I don't think you need to be going anywhere just yet!".

As quick as lightning he grabbed her and held her arms skilfully behind her back. "Let me go!" Jackie shrieked. Twisting violently to try and shake free but to no avail. "Blimey!" Shouted Bernie, "feisty too!" I moved towards him, but Neville stepped in front of me..."I wouldn't if I were you son" barked Bernie. As quick as a flash Bernie dug into his jacket pocket and pulled out two little white pills, like lightning he popped them into Jackie's mouth and held his hand over her mouth and pinching her nose with his thumb and fore finger. "Swallow" he shouted. Jackie squealed and struggled against Bernie's vice like grip, her face red with rage and lack of air! But her throat worked involuntary and it was soon clear that whatever Bernie had slipped her; had disappeared down her throat.

Bernie uncovered her mouth..."You bastard!" shrieked Jackie. Bernie just laughed; he pulled her head back and held her mouth, he peered inside. "Stick out your tongue" he chuckled! Jackie was livid, "You bastard" she shouted, "what was that! You had no right ... Ian!" she shouted "call the police!" "Now, now" Bernie's voice was full of confidence "don't be silly Jackie, Ian won't do that he works for me and besides its nothing, just a little something to calm you down, we don't want you hurting yourself, or hurting me!" He laughed again. Then he let her go, she turned sharply, ready to slap him, her hand raised ... But Bernie looked at her hard, his face grim, "see" he said "we don't want you biting or scratching". Jackie lowered her hand and stepped away from him... "Look" she said, "I just want to go home." Bernie smiled, "you will" he said. "Ian, get dressed, Neville go start the car ... we're all going for a little drive".

Ian and Neville quickly disappeared, leaving Jackie, Bernie and myself alone, I thought about having a pop at him, grabbing Jackie and legging it. But I looked at Jackie, she looked terrified. "Jesus" she shouted, "what have you done, what have you given me?" She placed her hand over her mouth, "Oh fuck no" she wailed.

Bernie seemed surprised. "Calm down" he sighed "You're all right, its only a bit of Ecstasy for goodness sake ... keep your hair on!" Jackie looked at him, worry on her face "Ecstasy!" She cried "Drugs ... you drugged me!" She sat down on the sofa, she looked at me..."Martin, you've got to do something!" I looked at her, speechless. Fortunately Bernie intervened, "Stop worrying Jackie, it won't hurt you, and you won't even know that you've taken it ... honest." He chuckled. He looked at her again and then suggested we go with him, he promised her he would find something to counteract the stuff. He said he didn't realise she'd be so upset, and he only wanted to calm her down. Jackie, panicking, agreed.

Ten minutes later, we were in Bernie's old Jag, roaring down the street, Neville driving, me in the passenger seat and Ian and Bernie in the back, with Jackie between them. By now Jackie was a little calmer, though she still had a face like thunder. She demanded to know where they were taking us. Bernie seemed quite relaxed. "We are off to my place" he said, "just outside of town... 15 minutes tops just off the main road" he put his arm round Jackie's shoulder, "You will like it he said, it's a nice place, my ex wife found it, it was ideal for her business". He chatted, like we were old friends, "my boys here don't like it" he nudged Ian, "they don't like the country air". He laughed.

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