A Summer Idyll

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Coming of Age Sex Story: Taking a skinny-dip one afternoon, I get a visit from two girls who want to join me. I ended up joining with them both.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

My parents had bought a farm the year before this all happened. For me, it was kind of a mixed-blessing.

I did like living out in the country but I didn't like the scarcity of friends to hang-out with like I'd had before.

I did have more chores, as well, though, honestly, those didn't bother me a whole lot, I liked to stay busy.

We had a produce field where we raised some salad greens and herbs for restaurants in town and that was mostly up to me to take care of and, one day, after hoeing out weeds and harvesting the greens to have my mom deliver, I was hot and sweaty so I decided to take a skinny-dip in the pond at the edge of our property.

So, I walked over there and stripped down and waded in and swam around for a while.

Being naked in the water and being fifteen, of course, I got horny and was going to get out and jack-off before I got dressed again to go home.

I had my hand down in the water rubbing as I waded toward the shore when a car drove down the dirt trail from the road and stopped.

The doors flew open and two girls, looking about my age, jumped out and began running down to the fishing dock that was jutting out into the water. As soon as they reached the end, they each pulled off their summery dresses and sat on the end, dangling their legs in the water.

They saw me, of course, and the blond girl yelled, "Come over here, talk to us." They were both in bra and panties and my dick was harder than ever.

"Um, I ... I can't get too close, I'm..."

"Oh, that's okay, we've seen boys before. Look, we'll do it, too," and they both stood up and undid their bras and slipped their panties off and sat down again.

"Okay, now we're even," the brunette said and I started wading over to them.

I had never seen a girl naked before, not even boobs, and here I had two really pretty girls totally bare-assed wanting me to come talk with them.

The blond had small breasts but they were just perfect with large pink nipples and the other girl, the one with dark hair, hers were larger and had small, dark red nipples that really stuck out.

"You're cute, come on, let us see," the blond said. "I'm Angela, this is Sandra. What's your name?"

"Billy, just plain old Billy," I said moving slowly toward them. My eyes were locked on these two beautiful girls, totally unashamed of their nakedness. For me, I wanted to stay waist-deep but they kept taunting me.

"Come on, Billy, look, here's what we've got, see?" Sandra said as she opened her legs as her friend did the same. "See, it's no big deal. You like pussies, right?"

"I ... yeah, of course. You're both really hot girls."

"Oh, you haven't seen anything yet," Angela said as she began rubbing over her pussy. "Come on, we want to see your dick."

So I waded closer and soon, my erection broke the surface.

"Oh, look, Angela, he's nice. Come closer, we like what we're seeing."

I came nearer until I was right in front of them, the water now around my knees.

"This is hot, Sandra, I like our new friend," Angela said as she spread wider and began rubbing her pussy right in front of me.

"Come on, Billy, you can join us, we're horny and want to get off. We love to see boys do it. We love it when their cum shoots out," Sandra giggled.

So, I spit on my hand and started stroking my dick standing there in front of two wet pussies being rubbed by two really pretty girls.

"Come up here with us, Billy, we'll do that for you. We love making boys cum," Sandra said, grinning at me.

They'd do it? Jack me off? Wow, there was an offer I couldn't ignore. So, I went to the dock and hoisted myself up as they each moved apart making room for me.

"You have a pretty dick, Billy," Angela said as she licked the palm of her hand and wrapped her fingers around me and began pulling up and down.

"Oh, look at our new friend, he really likes this," Angela cooed as I felt my face grow warm. It was wonderful, her soft hand gliding up and down on me.

"Are you close yet? I love jacking boys off. I do Sandra's two brothers all the time. They're always asking me to get them off. Right, Sandra?"

"Oh, yeah, both my brothers love her jacking them off. I get to watch her do it all the time."

"So, I've really had lots of practice," she said, grinning at me.

"Yeah, it's great, feels better than when I do it," I told her.

"Yeah, her brothers say the same thing."

She licked her palm wet again and went on getting me closer and closer.

"Mmm, oh, that's feeling so good," I moaned, then as we all watched my dick, it began to spurt up cum all over Angela's hand and wrist and my lap.

"Oh, uuh, huh, mmm, oh," I groaned as my whole body seemed to cum, I was just overwhelmed with it.

"How 'bout a kiss for getting you off, Billy?" she asked, turning more toward me and putting her arms around me. Our lips met and I felt her tongue slip between my lips and fuck my mouth as I hesitantly raised my hand to her bare breast.

It was the first girl I'd ever felt and she was so smooth and firm and soft. The center of her nipple was hard as I rubbed around on it as I felt Sandra's hand now take my cock.

"You're still pretty hard, Billy. Maybe I can try now?" she asked.

I was turned to Angela kissing and feeling her boobs as I felt my dick surrounded by warm and wet as I realized that I was being sucked.

"Let's get the blanket out of the car, this sun is really getting hot," Sandra said and we all got up and reconvened under a large oak tree.

Sandra said, "Now, where was I?" as she got up on her hands and knees bending over me as her lips slid down my dick. Angela turned over me and began kissing me as I felt her boob with one hand while my other felt up Sandra's leg to her butt, then right under to her pussy which was slick with wetness.

I was rubbing in the slippery crease with my thumb as I felt her push back so I took my middle finger and began pressing it up into her and started fucking her with it.

I was making out with one girl while the other sucked me off, the whole thing was incredible. Sandra's mouth was so soft and nice as she sucked on me so sensuously, taking her mouth off to lick around the head and suck just there where it felt so good. Then right back to sucking.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum, that feels so good," I panted as I felt all the muscles in my groin tense as I was engulfed in the most wonderful feelings of my life.

She lifted up from me, opened her mouth and showed me the strings of my cum.

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