The Auction

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Coming of Age Sex Story: A story of how a high school boy gets raffled-off to the winner of a drawing of six college coeds.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Matt likes to read erotic stories and look at porn on his laptop, but that never prepared him for what happened during the summer between his junior and senior years of high school.

His parents had always been involved in politics; it doesn't matter which party it was for the story; and he became active himself just like they had years ago.

So, he volunteered to work in a campaign to reelect a local congresswoman.

He was assigned to work on the phone banks calling former contributors and he was not just the only guy on the phone bank, he was the only high school student as well. The rest of the volunteers, six in all, were college-aged young women.

They all went to a local four-year college and were members of the political club of their preferred party. You won't be surprised to learn that Matt received quite a lot of teasing from these older girls, especially once they'd pried his secret out of him: Matt was a virgin.

These young women were all attractive, smart and outgoing. Two were freshmen, Mary Alice and Jessa, three were sophomores, Sandra, Nora and Penny, and Becki was a junior. And they all thought Matt was cute.

The very same day they found out he was a virgin, Nora christened him with his new name, 'V-boy.'

"Oh, how is V-boy today, still V?" was a typical greeting when he came in to the call room of the campaign center.

He did take the kidding pretty well, usually answering, "Yeah, still V," to his coworkers as they all snickered.

"You'll be a senior in the fall, V-boy, you need some experience. More than your hand, too. There's lots more fun out there than doing yourself, you know," Mary Alice said as he sat down at his station.

"Yeah, that thing needs to go in something other than your fist, V-boy," Penny told him, "all you're getting is calluses," and they all laughed.

"Well, at least I'm having sex with someone I love," he shot back, using Woody Allen's classic retort.

"Maybe but someone with boobs and a pussy would be lots more fun, V-boy," Becki shot back, she being the most forward of the group. "You need to put that thing where it was intended," and they all laughed and then got to work making calls.

Each time Matt came to the campaign office, he got razzed in just the same fashion. These girls were much more mature, even if only a year or two older, they had all begun sex in high school, and now they werein college; well, we all know what college is like today. It's a rare week that each one doesn't have sex three or four times, some rather more. Becki, especially hates to let a day got by without a hard cock being pushed into her, she really loves it.

They each tried to redden poor Matt's face each time he came in, they outnumbered him, of course, and they had all the advantages.

And then, one afternoon when he didn't show up even though he was scheduled, Jessa wondered out loud, "Gee, I hope we haven't been to hard on Matt with all the kidding we've done about him being a virgin."

"Yeah, we've been pretty hard on him, I guess," Penny added.

"We need to do something nice for him," Nora posed and the young women seemed to like that idea.

"One of us ought to fuck him," Becki said in her usual brash manner.

They all sat there, then Nora said, "We should auction him off. You know, maybe draw straws or pick something out of a hat, maybe. They winner gets to take his cherry."

The girls all laughed and Jessa asked if any of them wanted out. They all agreed that if they won Matt, they'd give him the fucking of a lifetime.

"Yeah, but more than just once. You've got to commit to giving him sex for at least a month. He really deserves more than a one-night stand," Penny told her friends and they agreed. They would all participate and the winner would fuck him for at least a month.

"I might fuck him more it he's fun," Becki told them and they all knew she was not kidding. Becki never kidded about sex.

So, little did Matt know he was in for a fucking, one that he would no doubt remember forever, for each of these young women was a hot, sexy bed partner and each one just loved sex.

"I think we should draw his name, I'll make slips and one will have his name on it," Penny said and she tore out a sheet of notebook paper and tore it into sixths. On one she drew a penis-shape on it, then folded them all as small as she could make them and dropped them into a coffee mug with the candidate's name on it.

"Okay, each draw and don't open it yet," she urged and soon every one had a folded slip in her hand wondering if Matt would be hers.

"Okay, start with you, Nora and go around until someone gets his name," and Nora unfolded hers which was blank. So was Becki's and Sandra's but then Jessa opened hers and a grin went across her face as she held it up for the rest to see the penis. Jessa had won Matt's virginity.

"Oh, girl, looks like you get V-boy's cherry," Mary Alice said and the others all jumped in with their own congratulations.

"So when and how are you going to do it?" she was asked by Nora as the others waited expectantly.

"I think I'll just tell him we're having a party and that he's invited, then, well, maybe meet him at the door naked? What do you think?" Jessa asked and they all agreed that it would be a good plan and that they would talk up the party to make him think it was really going to be with all of them.

"But, you have to give him at least a whole month of sex," Mary Alice reminded her and she said she would, indeed.

So, the girls started talking up the party that was, as we know, a cover for Jessa's winning our young man's first sexual experience. She was especially excited because she was pretty certain that all the guys she'd ever had sex with, six in all, were each experienced when they came her way, even the first boy, Jamie McDonald.

As far as Matt knew, there was a party and he was invited and it was a simple as that. He had told them he was coming to their party so they were pretty sure that it would all soon be a done deed; he would be ushered into manhood that Friday night, a one-way trip to heaven, led there by Jessa.

They all did work Friday afternoon, each young woman telling Matt that she would see him later at the party, setting him up for the surprise of his young life.

So, Matt, trying to be accepted by these college women, stopped and bought roses on the way to Jessa's and went up the elevator to the right apartment and rang the bell.

Jessa pulled it open as Matt put his hand forward with the flowers, then looking inside, he asked if he was early.

"Oh, they all are late, usually, come in. Come in," she urged and he came inside and she closed the door and placed the roses on the entry table.

"Come, sit down, Matt, here, next to me," she said as she sat down on the sofa.

"How long have you lived here?" I asked trying to provide some conversation before the others showed up.

"Oh, about a year now, come on, I'll show you around," she said and our unsuspecting and inexperienced young man followed her into the small kitchen, then into the bathroom, ending up in her bedroom.

"Your friends are kinda late," he said and she stepped to him and put her arms around him, putting her lips on his as he stood there rather stiff and surprised. But, there was more than his spine that was stiffening as she kissed him, sliding her tongue inside his mouth and swirling it around seductively.

She felt so nice in his arms, what was happening was far more than he ever thought might occur and then she pulled her head back, leaned her mouth to his ear and whispered, "They're not coming, Matt. The party is just you and me and we're having it right here in my bed."

She pulled her head back, looking up at his astonished face, telling him, "Let's get you naked," as her hands began removing everything he had on while he stood there amazed at what was happening to him.

She knelt down to pull his briefs down, seeing his cock flop out as she leaned forward to slide her wet lips over the head and suck. The feelings simply overwhelmed him as he stood there trembling slightly, his head not really understanding but his body flooded with pleasure.

Her head went back and she stood up, pulling him to her as they kissed again. Then, she stepped back and was quickly out of her clothes. She took him by the cock and led him to her bed, throwing the covers back and getting in. She spread open for him, showing him the first real pussy he'd ever seen. He knew what she wanted, it was the same thing he wanted ... to join together right there where his key fit her lock.

He knelt there between her legs, edging his dick toward her slit, now glinting with moisture, as his head parted her pussy lips and he began to join with the first girl in his newly-opening sex life.

"You are so beautiful, Jessa, I can't believe we're doing this. It just feels so wonderful," he gasped, simply overcome with the evening's surprising turn as he slid back and forth.

"You're sweet. Ummm, it is nice. I thought this would be nice," she cooed as he excitedly made love to her. Of course, he had dreamed of this, he had fantasized about sex with each one of these hot college girls. And here he was, his dream come true.

"You're making me feel really good, Matt," she told him softly.

"I'm feeling so good, I think I'm gonna get off pretty quick. It's okay, right?"

She told him it was, that she wanted it to be good for him, it was his first time, after all, and just as those words came out, so did his cum.

"UUH, UUH, oh, uuh, mmm," he groaned as he just kept going, not ever wanting to stop. He could feel his cock slide more easily now and it was still feeling very, very good.

Jessa had pulled her knees up and was holding them back against herself as Matt kept pushing and pulling in and out of her. Now she was getting close.

"Mmm, Matt, you're getting me really close. Just keep doing it just like this."

Now he was really excited that he was going to make a girl cum, give her an orgasm, a college girl at that.

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