Mom, Will You Teach Me Like You Promised?

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I went to visit my aunt and uncle and my two girl cousins and found out just how different they all were. Did I ever.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Cousins   White Couple   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Nudism   .

Chapter 1

My mom has a sister, my Aunt Sheila, who now lives about four hundred miles from us and I've only visited with her and her family a few times a number of years ago. That was because they'd mostly lived overseas, in Germany, for much of my life and only came back to the States late last year.

But, this summer I was going to visit them, my Aunt Sheila, Uncle David, and their two girls, Sherry and Marcia.

The main reason was my parents. They were taking a two-week cruise for their twentieth anniversary and I was going to my aunt and uncle's.

So, my parents took me to the bus station and at the end of the trip I was met by my aunt and my two cousins.

My aunt was thirty-eight and really pretty; nice and slender but with a curvy figure. Her daughters were also quite pretty, Sherry was seventeen and Marcie, fourteen.

They took me to their house which was quite out in the countryside, rather different for this city-kid and they settled me in their spare room.

It was about lunchtime so my aunt had made us all sandwiches and, as we sat around the table, she started to tell me about their family.

"There's one thing about us, Paul, that you might not be expecting that I want you to know straight off ... we're kind of different from a lot of other families, including, I'm sure, your own.

"When we were living in Europe, well, they have less strict ideas about how people should live and they're generally a lot more open about how people want to be."

I sat there listening, not really quite getting where she was going with all this when she added, "So, what I want you to know is that we are nudists around the house and that you don't have to join us but you will be seeing us naked and we invite you to do the same. You might want to just try going around in your briefs at first to get used to it or just jump in and be like us."

Well. I sat there not knowing even what to say. The whole idea of going around without clothes, especially with these three females, my uncle was away for the week, was something I certainly had not considered, not in a million years.

"Um, I didn't know that," I managed to get out.

"I know, Paul. It is something that your mom and dad don't know about, we became that way while we were living overseas, but I think you'll find it to be nice and freeing without clothes. And, you're fifteen now, I'm sure you won't mind seeing my girls that way."

"Mom, geez," Marcie groaned but her older sister just laughed.

"Well, you guys, I certainly remember going through puberty myself and it would have been great fun to have a boy around to look at. Do you have any questions, Paul?"

What on earth was I going to say? The one thing in my mind, of course, was that I would be seeing all three of them naked and that was something that this guy did not want to miss, not for anything. Even letting them see me naked.

"Yeah, I guess I'll ... I can do it, too."

My Aunt Sheila stood up and started taking her clothes off as I sat there taking it all in. Her shirt came off first as she stood there in her bra. She had pretty good-sized boobs and when she undid it around back and let it slip off her arms, I saw just what they looked like, big and round and full with large, round nipples, pink and so pretty. She looked at me and smiled knowing, I'm sure, that she knew she was turning me on, which, indeed, she was.

Then, she pulled off her shorts and panties and stood there.

"Well, that's me. Girls?"

With that my cousins stood up and began taking their clothes off. It was Sherry who went first just ahead of Marcie and when Sherry took off her bra she looked at me and smiled as I gazed at her perfect boobs, so round and full, each tipped with a pretty, pink nipple.

Then Marcie bared hers and they were a little smaller and her nipples were swollen-looking, kind of puffed-out.

They also pulled down their shorts and panties and stepped out of them as I gazed at three pussies bared for me.

"Just one left, Paul," my aunt said so I stood up and pulled off my teeshirt, saying, "Um, you know, all this has got me pretty, uh, excited. I'm kind of ... well..."

"An erection, Paul. We know guys get them. Their father does, too, sometimes. It's a natural thing and none of us are shocked by it. We've all seen them before, right, girls?"

They both shrugged so I pulled down my shorts and stood there in my navy-blue briefs quite poked-out.

"I suppose we'd be worried, Paul, if we didn't have any effect at all. But you'll get used to it, don't worry, go ahead," my aunt said.

So I tugged them to the floor and tried to keep my hands from covering myself.

All six eyes were right where I felt them and I knew I was just about as hard as my dick could get so I sat back down pretty quickly.

"Looking at us girls, I'd say we need a shave, ladies, and so why don't we go shower and tend to that. Paul, would you like a shave as well? Lots of guys do that these days, you know. I'll do it for you, it's generally easier to have someone else do it," my aunt told me.

I looked down at myself, my dick sticking out like a flagpole, all surrounded by dark curls and said, "Well, I guess, why not?" After all, I was going to have my pretty aunt do it for me and I could see now that she was even prettier than I'd ever imagined. So were her daughters.

I followed them upstairs to the master bathroom and my aunt had Sherry sit on the john and her mom shaved her all clean and she went and got in the shower while her mom shaved Marcie who showered next.

Then Sherry shaved her mom who showered. All this time I was watching all the naked female bodies being shaven and showering and drying off, so you know my hard-on did not go away.

Then, as my Aunt Sheila was dried off, she said, "Sit down, Paul, it's your turn," and I sat on the toilet lid as she squatted down and sprayed the shave cream on my crotch, smoothing it around.

Then, as I watched, she lifted my dick and began slowly shaving off the hair around my dick. As she neared finishing, she lifted up my balls and, as I gritted my teeth, swept the razor through the lather and was finished.

So, I got in the shower and rinsed off, then came out and dried off.

"Mom, will you teach me like you promised? You said you would, Mom, after Paul got out of the shower," Marcie was saying to my aunt.

"Um, yes, there's a little more you need to know about our side of the family, Paul, and that's our attitude about sex."

Well, that had my attention. Remember, I was standing there naked with three naked females.

"Sherry had a boyfriend in Germany and she really hated to leave him behind. He often came over to spend the night with her and we allowed that knowing that they were having sex."

"What Mom is saying is that they let me have sex with boys and you're a boy, Paul," Sherry said, smiling at me.

That was pretty direct, I thought, but, hey, maybe I was going to lose my cherry to my older cousin.

I gave an odd look and my aunt laughed and said, "Marcie's starting to take an interest in boys and we've been talking about sex quite a lot lately. So, she wanted to know if she could use you to learn about boys and how to make them happy."

Sherry was grinning at me, when she added, "Marcie wants to learn how to give head and how to do hand jobs, Paul. I was going to have my boyfriend be her guinea pig but then we moved here. So, she knew you were coming to stay for two weeks and she and Mom have been talking about it and that's what she wants."

"Me, to let her like practice things? On me?"

"Well, Paul, it would obviously be something we would never want you to tell your parents about. They think I'm strange enough as it is. I would think that most boys would jump at the chance. After all, Marcie is quite a pretty girl," my aunt told me.

"Oh, she is, I ... I just never ... well, I thought..."

"I would show her how to do it then she could practice what I showed her. I think, for a boy, that's a pretty good deal," my aunt kidded. "I want my girls to be relaxed about sex and not uptight about it, after all, it's just part of nature and life, right, Paul?"

"Yeah, I guess so," I said not knowing exactly what to say with my head spinning like it was. But I was standing there naked with my dick hard as could be.

"Okay, just stand there, Paul," she said as she knelt down and had Marcie get down as well. Her hand reached forward and took my dick and she leaned in and softly kissed the tip, then licked circles around it as her daughters watched.

"Oh, oh, wow, that's so good," I moaned as her lips slid down about halfway and I began feeling her mouth sucking as her tongue slid along on the side of my dick. What was happening was just incredible. My Aunt Sheila was just every-day, matter-of-fact about sex, she thought about it just like you think about people eating or sleeping; just something people do for the enjoyment of it.

Then she pulled her mouth off and wiped her tongue up and down the length then around the tip, stopping to give some sucks there, then some licks right where it feels so good right underneath the tip.

"Okay, Marcie, let's see you suck your first boy," she said as her youngest daughter moved in front of me and knelt. She looked up, smiled, and began running her wet tongue around the head just has she'd seen her mother do.

"Here, hold him steady, Marcie," her older sister said. "Use your hand."

Her fingers wrapped around my shaft as she licked around and sucked on the tip.

"Hold his balls, Marcie, look, like this, kind of pet them," Sherry said sliding her soft hand up under me holding my balls in her fingers as Marcie licked and sucked.

"Is she doing it good, Paul?" my Aunt Sheila asked as her youngest daughter looked up at me while she sucked.

"I've only had one girl ever do it before but this is wonderful. I really like how you are so, um, relaxed about things, Aunt Sheila."

"Have you had sex, too? Intercourse?" she asked.

"No, but I'm hoping to soon," I told her mostly hoping it would be today and with one of her daughters, maybe even both. It was all so new and totally unexpected.

"Well, I know Sherry would be interested and Marcie is like you, waiting to have her first time, so I think she might want to try sex for her first time. What do you think?" she asked her daughter.

Marcie lifted off my penis, looking up at me, smiling, telling her mother, "I know there's lots of girls in my class who're having sex and, well, it would be a good time, I guess, and my cousin's pretty cute. If he would want to," she added, as her mouth slid back over me, certainly sealing the deal in my mind.

"Well, Paul, it might just be your opportunity to become a man. Looks like you've got a willing partner," Aunt Sheila said, grinning at me. "Perhaps Sherry and I should leave you two alone. Marcie's on the pill so there's no worry there. We'll let you two see what you want to do," she added and she left, taking Sherry with her.

My youngest cousin was softly sucking me and when her mother and sister left, she stopped and looked up at me, asking, "Well, what do you want to do, Paul? It looks like everything is okay with my mom."

Chapter 2

I stood there with her saliva drying on my cock not needing to make up my mind at all.

"I'd sure like to, Marcie, you're really a beautiful girl, especially like this," I told her sweeping my hand up and down. "You're so pretty."

"You are pretty, too, Paul," she said snickering. "Especially this," she added lifting up my dick.

"Do you want to do this?" she asked and I told her I did and she took me down the hall to her room.

She pulled the covers back on her bed and got in, widening her legs apart, showing me her pinkness as she opened a bit.

"Shouldn't I close the door?" I asked, starting to swing the door shut.

"No, leave it open, in case Mom or Sherry want to watch."

"Watch? You really mean it?"

"Mom and Dad always do it with the door open and we watch sometimes. I've watched Sherry and her boyfriend, too, so it doesn't bother me. And I think Mom may come watch after we get settled, after all, it's also a pretty big deal for her, too, her second daughter's first time. Don't you think?"

This was like living a dream in a way, a crazy dream, just so different from what was normal and everyday for me, that it was even difficult to process mentally.

"Yeah, I guess it would be though for most of the kids I know, their mother or father wouldn't ever know when it happened because they would keep it a secret from them."

"But see how nice this is, Paul? My mom and dad think sex is just normal and enjoyable. They've always taught us that and Sherry had her first boyfriend when she was my age and I sometimes watched them, sometimes Mom did, too. They used to do it all the time," she told me as she patted the space next to her.

As I got in beside her, I told her, "I sure like it this way, you're really very beautiful, Marcie, there's really nobody I'd rather be with for my first time," and I leaned over to kiss her, probing my tongue into her mouth while my hand surrounded her warm, firm breast. Her hand took my dick and was softly pulling on it as we kissed and made out.

"We have the rest of the afternoon, Paul, so there's no rush, we can just take our time."

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