Academic Hero: a Late Beginning
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by Lazlo Zalezac

Professor Edwin Jackson taught history, for the simple reason that he had a desire to live in historical times. He, along with a few others scattered around the globe, had helped rediscover fighting techniques and styles common in the days of 'knights in shining armor.' It was a passion of his and one that had led him to be a most sought after instructor at the local college. Students were often shocked and amazed when he would roll into the class room and then leap onto his desk while wearing a suit of armor.

His association with Gerald Jones had started early in his life. He had met Gerald Jones at a Renaissance fair, where the older man was demonstrating the use of the English Long Bow. The older man had smiled upon hearing his interest in medieval fighting styles. His training had begun at that moment, with an hour of bow practice. For the next twenty years, the two men taught each other how to use a variety of weapons. Gerald had trusted him with training Sid knowing that a stranger could often impose a lot more discipline on a student than a family member.

The only sour note in their friendship, from Professor Jackson's perspective, was Gerald's fantasy of Crossroads, Cassandra, and Chaos. He had listened to hours of stories about fighting with swords, rescuing damsels in distress, and life in a medieval society. When Gerald had added the bit about having sex with incredibly beautiful women he had blown his stack and told Gerald that he never wanted to hear one more word about Crossroads.

He had no idea why Gerald kept insisting that his tales were not fictions from an overactive, although impressive, imagination. He was half tempted to throw Sid, Mike, and Cynthia out of his training facility when they had started insisting that these were not stories, but really happened. Instead, he decided to call their bluff to put an end to the stories once and for all.

Now he was standing in Sid's study surrounded by Sid, Mike, Cynthia, and JJ. Sid and Mike were grinning like he was about to have the world's greatest practical joke pulled on him. Cynthia was busy telling JJ that she could have the adventure of a lifetime with Mike. JJ's attention was divided among Cynthia, her father, and Mike.

"I know what you're going to do," Professor Jackson said glaring at Sid.

"What?" Sid asked.

"You're going to lock me in the closet," Professor Jackson answered despite the fact that it sounded pretty stupid even while he said it.

He couldn't figure out what kind of trick Sid was going to play on him. He just knew that the young man was looking way too smug about something. He looked down at the ring on his finger. It looked like a normal ring. It was a simple gold band with a sapphire stone.

"I promise we won't do that," Sid said.

Professor Jackson said, "I'm not stepping in there."

Sid looked over at Mike and said, "I don't think he trusts us. What do you think?"

"Can you remove the closet door?" Mike asked.

"That's a good idea," Sid said with a grin.

"Just remember that I haven't taught you all of the tricks that I know," Professor Jackson said.

Seeing that Sid was more than willing to remove the closet door, he decided on a different tactic. He decided to step in and out of the closet, before the two young men had a chance to do anything. When Sid and Mike turned to ask Cynthia what she thought about the idea of removing the door, he stepped into the closet. There was a moment of disorientation.

Looking around the small white room that was definitely larger than the inside of the closet, he exclaimed, "What the hell?"

He walked around the perimeter of the room examining the walls for evidence of a door. The walls appeared to be perfectly normal despite the fact that there was a slight glow to them that provided a soft light for the room. He rubbed his hand against the four walls to see if there was some sort of imperfection that might suggest a door. There wasn't one. What was even stranger was that he couldn't identify the material of which the wall was made. He searched the ceiling to see if there had been some sort of trap door that had dropped him into the room. There wasn't one. He knelt down to examine the floor.

After completing his search, he sat down with his back to a wall. He had no idea how Sid had managed this, he was getting tired of it. Looking up at the ceiling, he said, "Okay, you got me. Enough is enough."

Nothing happened as a result of his declaration. He sat there trying to remember every detail about that fraction of a second when the room transitioned from closet to this holding cell. It had happened so fast that there wasn't anything he could identify as a key to the trick. His foot entered the closet and then he was in the room.

His thoughts were interrupted when a door appeared at one end of the room. He rose and walked towards it. Upon reaching the door, he looked through it to assess the situation in the connecting room. His eyes immediately landed upon an extremely attractive, though not young, woman.

"Hello," he said entering the room.

"Greetings, Hero. I am Elizabeth Hero Greeter," the woman said in a sexy voice.

"I'm Edwin Jackson."

"I have heard of you. You were a friend of Gerald Jones," Elizabeth said somewhat surprised by the identity of the man standing in front of her.

"Yes, I was," Edwin said.

It had always saddened him that he hadn't learned of Gerald's death in time to attend the funeral. He had been away at a conference when the obituary had been published in the newspaper. JJ was of an age where she didn't read that section of the newspaper. He felt guilty for having missed the funeral. He had been ashamed when he learned that Sid had been one of two attendees at the funeral.

"I was Gerald's Caretaker," Elizabeth said.

"You are Elizabeth Caretaker?" Edwin asked.

"I was," Elizabeth answered.

"He talked about you frequently. He loved you very much," Edwin said.

Gerald hadn't lied when he described Elizabeth Caretaker. He had often referred to her as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Despite her age, it was obvious that at one time she had been a gorgeous woman.

"I miss him," Elizabeth said.

"I miss him, too," Edwin said.

Elizabeth said, "He was always telling me that he wanted you to join the ranks of Heroes."

"I never believed him when he told me the stories about his adventures," Edwin said. "I guess I should have."

"You're here now," Elizabeth said.

"I take it that this is Crossroads," Edwin said looking around the featureless white room. "It is kind of plain looking."

"Yes, this is Crossroads. I'll admit that it looks a little plain, now, but you and your caretaker can decorate this room however you wish," Elizabeth said.

"My caretaker?" Edwin asked.

"You will be selecting a caretaker. It will be her job to take care of all of your needs," Elizabeth answered.

"Can you be my caretaker?" Edwin asked.

Elizabeth laughed at the suggestion. She said, "I'm too old for you. You need a woman closer to your own age."

"But you were a good caretaker for Gerald. He told me about how you would help him plan his missions," Edwin said.

"I'm not the one you want," Elizabeth said while blushing slightly.

"I want the best woman for the job and from what Gerald said, that would be you," Edwin countered.

"I took care of all of his needs," Elizabeth said.

Edwin said, "I'm sure that you'll take care of me just fine."

"We were lovers," Elizabeth said.

"You wouldn't have to do that for me," Edwin said.

"That is a caretaker's job. You will want someone younger," Elizabeth said. Looking up at the ceiling, she said, "Folders for the available caretakers, please."

Six folders appeared on the coffee table. She gestured to them and said, "Study the folders with care and make your choice wisely. Your caretaker will be extremely important to your success as a Hero. It is really a matter of life and death."

"That's why I want you," Edwin said.

"I appreciate your interest, but I'm a Hero Greeter and not a Caretaker," Elizabeth said.

Edwin sat down on the sofa next to the coffee table. He picked up the folders and opened the top one. He read the resume unsure of what he was looking for in it. The woman was a martial artist and ran a dojo on Cassandra. The second folder was of a woman who worked for a shipping company scheduling deliveries and studied history as a hobby.

He opened the last folder. It was the thickest.

Surprised, he said, "A librarian?"

"What's her name?" Elizabeth asked with a frown.

"Mercedes," Edwin answered.

"Mercedes Librarian of Linden?" Elizabeth asked.


Surprised, Elizabeth said, "I had no idea she had applied to be a Hero Caretaker."

Glancing over the resume, he said, "Impressive. She's quite an author."

"Yes," Elizabeth said. "She's brilliant."

"Strategies for Troop Supply in the Field," Edwin said reading one of the titles aloud. Glancing down at another article he read, "Techniques for Terrain Assessment."

"She has diverse interests," Elizabeth said.

"If I can't have you, then I want her," Edwin said.

"Did you see her picture?" Elizabeth asked.

Edwin flipped to the last page. He looked at the picture unable to believe what he saw.

Trying to act natural, he said, "She's pretty."

"Let me see that," Elizabeth said reaching for the folder. She looked over the picture for a moment and then said, "She's missing a hand and has scars on her body."

"So?" Edwin asked.

"Nothing," Elizabeth said. She bit her lower lip and then added, "I just wanted to make sure you were aware of that."


"She's going to be your caretaker," Elizabeth said.

"I don't understand. From what I can see, she knows a thousand times more about Chaos than the other five candidates combined. What does her looks have to do with it?" Edwin said.

"It's just that she doesn't fit the normal profile of a caretaker," Elizabeth said.

"What's that?" Edwin asked.

"Well," Elizabeth said falteringly. "She lacks the sex appeal that most caretakers have."

"That's okay. I'd never force myself upon any woman," Edwin said dismissively.

Elizabeth frowned thinking about his answer. She could see real problems arising if he were to select Mercedes for his caretaker. She decided to address them directly. She said, "You don't understand. She's going to expect to take care of your sexual needs."

"She doesn't have to do that," Edwin said.

"She wants to do that," Elizabeth explained.

"She does?" Edwin asked. "She doesn't even know me."

"That doesn't matter. Every woman in Cassandra dreams of having sex with a Hero from Earth. Mercedes Librarian is not an exception. She's going to come here hoping that you'll take one look at her and want to take her straight to bed. She would think she had died and gone to heaven if you would grab her the minute she comes in the door, and take her right there on floor.

"If your sexual interest in her isn't genuine, then I can see that you'll have major problems in the future," Elizabeth said.

"You're kidding," Edwin said.

"Not at all," Elizabeth said. "She's going to want you to take her the minute she walks in the door."

"You're not kidding, are you?" Edwin said.

"Not at all," Elizabeth said, "The rules say that you have to choose a caretaker. Once you make that choice and meet her, then you're stuck with her. If you don't get along with her, then there's nothing we can do about it."

"I want her. She's the best candidate," Edwin said flatly.

"So be it," Elizabeth said. "Just don't hurt her."

"I'd never hurt her," Edwin said.

Filled with misgivings, Elizabeth rose from her seat and said, "Wait here. I'll go get her."

"Thank you," Edwin said.

"Would you take a little advice?" Elizabeth asked.

"Sure," Edwin answered.

"Make her feel like the sexiest woman alive," Elizabeth said.

"That won't be a problem," Edwin said.

He sat there staring at the white walls that surrounded him. It was a pretty sterile looking environment. He didn't particularly care for the layout of the room, either. It was just a large rectangular area with flat empty walls. He looked up at the ceiling thinking it was a shame that it wasn't more interesting from an architectural perspective. It seemed to him that the more advanced technologically a place became, the less interesting it looked.

After ten minutes, he started thinking about what Elizabeth had said about Mercedes. It was kind of odd that she expecting him to make love to her. He thought about the things Cynthia had said about Sid's caretaker, Sally. He had known that the sex was important to the women of Cassandra, but now he came to a realization just how important it was.

There was the sound of a door opening. He turned to see who had entered the room. A young woman wearing a white diaphanous gown stood at the threshold staring at him. Her gown covered a lot of her features. Even from the distance he could see that she was trembling. She was holding her left hand behind her back. She was turned so that the left side of her face was not visible to him.

He rose from his seat and said, "Hello. I'm Edwin Jackson."

"Uh," the woman said. "I'm Mercedes."

"Come on in. I don't bite," he said gently.

Having seen her photograph, he knew she was an attractive woman despite her injuries. She possessed a figure with curves in all of the right places, but she had three things that he found irresistible. First, she was brilliant. Second, she had killer legs. He had nicknamed them Betty Page Legs since they reminded him of the legs belonging to that famous pinup model. Third, she had the kind of breasts that he liked the best. They looked soft and full. He even had a special name for them: 'Earth Mother Breasts.' They were the kind of breasts that made him want to suckle on them all day and all night.

"Once I step over the threshold, you're stuck with me," she said.

Her words had come out in a rush. It was clear to him that she was on the verge of tears. It wasn't that she was afraid of him. She was terrified that he would reject her. One wrong word and he was pretty sure that she'd run away.

He said, "I can understand your concerns. I really do. You don't have to soften your words. I know you're disappointed to get stuck with me. I'm sure that I'm not as young and handsome as you were expecting. I'm not young like Sid Jones or muscled like Mike Radford."

"You're handsome," she said.

"You're just saying that to be nice," he said. "I'm an historian back on Earth. I can assure you that you won't find me boring."

She brought her left arm out so that he could see she was missing her hand. She turned so that the scar along the left side of her face was visible. She said, "I'm the ugly one here."

"Come closer," Edwin said. She looked so vulnerable that it tore at his heart.

"No," she said. There were tears running down her cheek.

"Please," he said.

Without thinking, she stepped over the threshold. The door closed behind her. Frantic, she turned to get out, but the door stayed shut. She turned back to find that he was standing right next to her. He put his arms around her and pulled her close. He stared into her soft brown eyes. "I want you."

"I'm ugly," she protested.

He pulled her harder to his body. She jumped when she felt his erection pressing into her. She molded her body against it. A shiver passed through her body and a slight moan escaped from her. Her body temperature went up a degree.

He kissed her hard. When her legs gave out, he picked her up and carried her over to the couch. He sat down and placed her on his lap. She adjusted her position so that she was pressed against his cock.

In a gentle voice, he said, "I've got you now."

"You don't want me," she said.

"I've got to warn you – I'm a leg and breast man," he said.

Nearly delirious, she said, "I'm missing a hand."

"I saw your picture. I know that you've got the kind of breasts that just drive me wild," he said.

He ran a hand over her right breast. He enjoyed the feel of the soft luscious mound topped by a diamond hard nipple pressing into his palm. He couldn't wait to get that hard nipple into his mouth.

"I've got scars," she said finding it hard to breath.

She could feel his erection getting even harder. She sat up straighter unable to believe what she was feeling.

"You've got perfect legs," he said while running a hand along her leg.

"I'm damaged," she said with a moan.

"You've got the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen," he said right before he kissed her.

He had no idea how they ended up on the floor with his pants around his ankles. He dimly remembered her throwing him off the couch followed by her ripping his shirt off. He couldn't figure out how she managed that one handed. The next thing he knew she was naked while riding him with her head forward and her eyes rolled back in her head. She was moaning and shaking while orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body.

Edwin nearly lost consciousness when she leaned forward and pressed one of her breasts into his mouth. It was more than a mouthful. It triggered one hell of an orgasm in both of them. Unable to support herself, she fell off of him.

He rolled over to look at her. She was lying there trembling as a result of aftershocks coursing through her system. He had never seen anything so erotic in his life.

Gasping for breath, she said, "I was so afraid you wouldn't want me."

"I'm never letting you go," he said.

After taking ten minutes to recover, he leaned over and kissed her nipple. She grabbed his head and pulled him into it. She gave forth a long low moan that slowly rose in pitch.

"Are you ready for another round?" he asked.

"Already?" she asked wide-eyed.

"Yes," he answered.

"You bet."

Ten days later, Mercedes Caretaker of Cassandra watched her hero step into the portal room to return to Earth. Once the door closed behind him, she staggered over to the sofa and collapsed onto it. Her legs were still shaking from their session in bed that morning. He had spent thirty minutes licking her between her legs, and that was just the foreplay.

Never in her wildest imaginings could she have dreamed of having bedded such a virile man. All it took to get his engine revving, was to drop her top and show him her breasts. She would be satisfied with this experience, even if he never returned.

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