Lock Cassandra in the Stocks
Chapter 3

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 3 - Cassandra or Cassie for short is transported to the Colonies for indentured service. She did not realize she would be a virtual slave but sometimes things could get a whole lot worse and she might find herself in a far worse situation. It seems like a good time for a real good spell to be cast.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Violent   Nudism  


The trials in Salem were long drawn out and totally unrewarding. The faint echoes of Old World prejudices and horrors of the Inquisition did not sit well with most of the populace. The benefit of midwifery and healing by herbs and potions was easily accepted by the simple folk in a place lacking the skills of the trained physician or surgeon.

Cassie was lucky to be taken away from the scrutiny of the elders for it is certain they would have found some excuse to cause her great bodily harm. Her stint in the stocks was stressful but she bounced back right away and took up her full duties at the Simmons household. In fact, the sounds of her impalement by the two young sons were no longer hidden like before. The Good Wife had her own reasons for including the young girl in the family more as female companionship for her sex-deprived sons than for the mundane chores around the household.

The young indentured servant didn't mind being tasked with draining the young boy's pleasure tools frequently because they helped make her feel very feminine and very wanted. Old Mr. Simmons just looked the other way and toted up how much seed he would need for the spring planting. With two young strapping sons there was no need to hire any field hands and it looked like they were going to stay close to home and Cassie's pussy for some time into the future. She still had almost 3 years left on her writ of indenture.

Cassie was striving to keep the two boys focused on her mouth and her tight little pucker hole as the receptacles for their teenaged spunk and used her pussy sparingly. She hadn't gotten pregnant as yet but she knew it would be difficult to forestall that likelihood for the next 3 years. It was a tie that would bind her to this family that she was willing to accommodate but had no desire to become a part of.

A visitor came to the Simmons farm early one morning. Cassie heard the strange voice talking to the Good Wife with calm and measured tone. She was curious to see who the stranger was and decided now was a good time to bring the washing inside for folding.

"Cassie, this is the Reverend Hardman inviting us to worship at the new assembly. I just explained that Mrs. Simmons and the two boys are busy in the field. Would you take him to them for I am fearful to disturb their work before the midday rest?"

Cassie immediately recognized the young man as the stranger who had rubbed her bottom so lovingly at the stock spectacle in the marketplace. She hoped he was not aware she was a victim of the same treatment over in Salem town. Her pussy started to tingle remembering the size of the young man's cock that had explored every last inch of her juicy flanks.

"Good day to you, Reverend Hardman. Have your stocks been busy with sinners and such of late?"

The tall suntanned man of the cloth smiled remembering Cassie's pretty round bottom all too well. He followed her outside taking a long studied glance at her swaying hips and soft rounded buttocks. Cassie felt like his eyes were burning a hole right into her pussy. Her tingle turned into a full river of female juice that ran down the inside of her long shapely legs. She prayed he had no awareness of her sudden female desire that made her heart pound and her pussy tingle.

Before heading out to the fields, she led him to the secluded curing shed with the hay stacked under the shaded lean-to. This was where she had hidden the witch-lady from Salem town.

"Reverend, do you remember using my bottom some time back?"

"Yes, Cassie, I surely do and I remember how soft and womanly you felt to me. Sometimes, alone in my bed I imagined you next to me and offering your beautiful hindquarters to my pleasure. I know it was sinful but it seemed so right and good to me."

Cassie was almost spurting her pussy juice at these words. All she did to give the Reverend the right message was to fall backwards on the stack of hay and lift her skirts up enough for him to get a nice view of her pussy and quivering ass cheeks. The man of the cloth was also a man of action because his trousers were at his ankles in a trice and his long thick cock was making its journey up Cassie's tight vaginal channel.

She shuddered in uncontrollable emotion.

The Reverend cupped her ass cheeks in a most unseemly manner and pounded her pussy with an energy she had never been subjected to before in her entire life. Cassie was so caught up in the frenzy of the moment that she slid her finger right up the Reverend's brown eye causing him to flood her pussy with spurt after spurt of warm creamy cum.

She was filled like she had never been filled before. It occurred to Cassie that she had opened her pussy wide for the handsome Reverend and that his baby seeds had splashed up hard against her cervix. It was too late to worry about that now. She decided to keep his love seeds inside as they walked out to the field and the three working men.

Reverend Hardman was perplexed.

He had just bedded the best piece of ass he had ever had the good fortune to impale and all he could think about was doing it again. Usually, after he had made a conquest, he was trying to think up excuses for making a quick exit or avoiding another bout of sinful intercourse.

Joshua and Jonathan were ready for a break and a long drink of cool water from the river. Their father was not happy with the interruption and could only think about finishing quick enough to get the stump out on the corner of the south 40 acres.

The Reverend Hardman, who was a very observant fellow, saw that the two brothers were ogling Cassie's breasts and bottom and that she was reservedly receptive to both of them. It was a sure-fire give-away that the three were involved in affairs of the flesh. It didn't bother the Reverend in the least little bit. He could see the lay of the land and assumed that Cassie's indentured duties included giving physical solace to the two young lads. It was not unusual for the time and the place. He had performed many marriages of indentured young nubile females to members of his parish ranging from the age of 16 to 60.

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