Lock Cassandra in the Stocks
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Cassandra or Cassie for short is transported to the Colonies for indentured service. She did not realize she would be a virtual slave but sometimes things could get a whole lot worse and she might find herself in a far worse situation. It seems like a good time for a real good spell to be cast.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Violent   Nudism  

Cassandra Higgins didn't remember much of the journey on the foul-smelling ship to the new colony in Massachusetts. She just knew that she was pretty much sick and nauseous the entire way. It was a good thing that she was always right on the verge of upchucking because it kept the randy sailors and the shifty indentured servants away from her hammock at bedtime.

When she finally got her feet on dry land, Cassie was induced to tears of relief. Her new master, Squire Simmons was pinch-nosed and wide-assed, a combination that made her uncertain whether to giggle or to turn away in dismay. The very first thing he did was to show her the switch he had cut just to help with her training for service.

Good wife Simmons was literally as big as a house. When she stood in the doorway, no light could be seen outside. There were 7 little Simmons including the barely a babe Jesse who seemed to always be nibbling on something or other. Jesse resembled the mother a great deal. The 2 older boys, Joshua and Jonathan, were 16 and 17 respectively. They were so similar in look and demeanor that one could scarcely tell them apart. Before Cassie had even begun to settle in, both of them took great pleasure in constantly worrying her flanks with little pinches and rude pokes. She wanted to tell either the Master or the Good Wife, but was afraid of the reaction since she was their bound worker for the next 4 years. That would be a long time to be at the displeasure of the entire family.

She reflected on her hung, drawn, and quartered father and her once comely mother now residing in the rat-infested debtor's prison. Her mother had survived by prostrating her body to the whims of both jailors and debtors alike. Cassie remembered that her mother had once been so caught up in the selection of scents and ribbons for her long beautiful hair that she was never able to adapt to the incarcerated lifestyle or the humiliations she suffered at the hands of her captors. Cassie had watched her slowly deteriorate into just another slattern passed around for the pleasure of the unappreciative males. It was fortunate that Cassie was selected for transport to the New World and the Colonies or she would have certainly suffered the same fate.

After a few weeks, she slowly settled into her new lifestyle as a general "do everything" servant to the Simmons family. They were not rich folk, but the food was both tasty and generous in measure. Cassie considered herself to be lucky despite her lack of freedom and endless chores to perform.

She was sleeping soundly one night when she was startled by the touch of a hand on her bare rump under her simple nightshirt. Since she had witnessed her mother repeatedly treated the same way in the prison bed by faceless males with demanding cocks, Cassie kept silent and pretended to be asleep. Soon, she heard the whisper of Jonathan's changing voice in her ear telling her to just relax and not to make "any noise". At 18 years of age, Cassie had seldom been called to perform "below the waist" sex and had only recently lost her virginity to a drunken sailor on board the transport ship. He was so drunk; he cared little for her seasickness that had weakened her to the point of no resistance at all. The sudden splitting of her hymen on the point of his cock was of no consequence in comparison to the nausea induced by the constant rolling of the badly barnacled ship. Even when the still stiff cock wandered back to her innocent brown eye, she only winced with the severe stretching of her sphincter muscle and allowed the anonymous sailor to deposit his creamy white load in her young anal channel. It seeped out all night long preventing her from much needed sleep.

Young master Jonathan was rubbing his long cock on her rear crack with a steady and furtive intrusion that put pressure on her tiny scrunched up pucker hole. She was glad that the young master wanted the pleasure of her brown eye because she was overly concerned with the prospects of unmarried young motherhood in a strange place and without male protection. He was hurting her slightly and she bit her own finger to keep from moaning in the still night air.

Once he had seated his shaft inside her channel, it was much better and she lifted her ass cheek so he could get even deeper into her gut. They both remained silent and only the steady murmur of Jonathan's rock-hard shaft sliding relentlessly into her defenseless posterior bore witness to their cleavage.

The youngest female sibling Fannie raised her head suspecting something untoward in the darkened room they shared. She could only see the motionless outline of Cassie's form right next to her. Young master Jonathan was hidden by the swell of Cassie's hip and he continued his silent drilling of the bound servant girl's bottom undetected.

Right after Fannie drifted back into unconcerned sleep, Cassie felt the flood of young master Jonathan's cum inside her seldom explored rectum. He kissed her ear and patted her bottom like she deserved some appreciation for her courteous acceptance of his unexpected entry.

The next morning, Cassie saw Jonathan and his brother Joshua talking excitedly to each other with several studied sideways glances in her direction. She blushed because she was certain they were talking about how nicely she had given up her ass to the pleasure of young Jonathan.

There was a lot of talk at the market when she went with the Good Wife Simmons about how a whole coven of Witches had been exposed in Salem town. That kind of talk made Cassie a bit nervous because a few times her own mother had been accused of casting spells on the randy males who preyed on her.

Her mother had even been dunked in sport to verify her non-Witch status. Everyone except her mother thought it was great fun. She had to sleep in wet clothes that very night. When her friend in the jail, Samantha described in great detail exactly how they executed her father, she also added that the treatment was nothing in comparison to the treatment accorded to a proven witch and then, she added with a nasty glint in her eye,

"Your ma better be special careful because they are watching her real close!"

In her own befuddled mind, poor Cassie could easily believe she was a witch herself.

She was often tempted to call down dire consequences to those who used her badly. In fact, she had become very proficient in the use of various herbs and plants in curing ills and forms of malaise that permeated the fledgling Western society. Her mentor, Dame Worthington, had shown her all the signs to look for and how to identify the potions needed to cure the afflicted persons. She was also aware that her preference for anal copulation was one of the ways used to identify true witches. Thank goodness she was in this quiet seaside village and not in Salem town with its stern inquisition of suspected females.

On the other side of the market was the area for punishment with stocks and barrel spankings. They could hear the sounds of laughter and ridicule from a long way off. The person in the hand and head stock was a middle-aged man with silly glasses. The other person tied down on the barrel was a fat female dressed only in her pantaloons. Apparently, they had been discovered in heated copulation in the back of the church by the minister himself.

Some young boys had pulled down the man's pants and a group of devious females had taken upon themselves to punishing his hanging cock with their slapping hands and short flexible sticks that caused the poor man to scream quite piteously in front of the laughing spectators. The fat female was being switched most effectively by the minister with a wicked shaft of some thickness. Her pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears and the crowd called for her pantaloons to be opened for better purchase on her bottom.

She was jostled from behind and turned to see a handsome young man with an impressive moustache jumping up and down to see the woman's behind being battered by the indignant minister. His groin area bulged with a rising member that soon rubbed very vigorously on Cassie's throbbing bottom. When the young man noticed he had acquired a very soft and comfortable resting place for his aroused cock, he pressed up closer to get the full feel of her heart-shaped ass between his legs. She felt her cunt begin to leak in that old familiar way when she felt a big shake starting in her core. The Good Wife Simmons watched the man in the stocks get his due with a satisfied smile on her face. Unable to stop herself, Cassie pushed back into the gentleman's cock to make her shaking come quickly.

It was sudden and very satisfying to her.

The man looked at her with a quizzical look in his blue eyes. She smiled and said,

"Thank you, sir, that was most accommodating of you. I hope you will allow me to return the favor in the future."

On the way home, the Good Wife Simmons told her that they had already burned one witch in Salem and that there were several others that needed to be interrogated fully about their involvement with the suspected coven. She could not help but shudder a bit in fear for her own safety.

The two boys Joshua and Jonathan invited her to join them for a swim in the nearby river and their mother acceded to their request that Cassie join them. Actually, Good Wife Simmons was pleased her boys were learning about the ways of females and saw in Cassie a good way to keep them home and working.

Cassie wore her nightshift in the water and the boys were stark naked. She was secretly enjoying the sight of their rampant cocks swinging to and fro as they jumped and paddled about in the water. She was quite submerged when they both popped up on either side of her and sandwiched her in between them with their aroused cocks pressed tightly against her body. Joshua instructed her to raise her hands up high and when she did, both he and his brother stripped her nightshift off and their 3 naked bodies fused into a single mass of flesh under the surface of the water. Joshua entered her tight little pussy and she wrapped her arms around him impaled on his beautiful shaft. Jonathan nudged her pretty posterior with his rock-hard cock and soon she felt his shaft start slowly slide up her rectal channel. Her brown eye was stretched wide open and the 2 brothers pounded her hard from both directions at the very same time.

"Boys, I implore you to go slow. Let's go up on the shore and we can lie on the blanket and be more comfortable."

They all ran up on the riverbank and Joshua fell onto his back and Cassie slowly lowered her pussy down until she was completely around his long shaft. He started to fuck her hard but she calmed him down as his brother mounted Cassie from the rear and slid his long cock deep into her pucker hole. Now she had both cocks deep inside her and she told the 2 brothers,

"All right, boys, give it to me now. Make me feel it nice and hard!"

The sounds of the 2 boys fucking young Cassie rang out over the small valley. The wild animals were curious as to which creatures were mating and peeked out with much curiosity from the dense bushes.

Just as Cassie feel screaming into a delicious orgasm, both of the brothers splashed their creamy offering deep inside her tight pussy and tender bottom with spurt after spurt of teenaged cum.

They all rested quietly on the riverbank and looked up into the puffy clouds moving ever so slowly across the deep blue sky.

Without a single word spoken, they resumed their activities only with the 2 brothers changing position so that they would sample the secrets of her other entrance. Cassie found that they were almost identical in their fornicating styles but she secretly enjoyed the touch of Jonathan's thick cock in her pucker hole the best of all.

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