Keeping Me in Line

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: How do you keep a troublesome fifteen-year old boy in line when the father has to travel? Simple. Hire two sexy college coeds to find their own ways to keep him in line.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

He never denied it, he was pretty much an asshole. Yes, there was some anger, he'd lost his mom to cancer a few years earlier and they were really close. And his dad, well, he thought he was okay but he was an executive in a pretty good-sized company and worked late at times. And being the son of a busy father, he probably provided his own dinner three, maybe four times a week, often ordering in pizza and the like.

So, he was fifteen and, well, life just kind of pissed him off.

His dad had tried things to keep him in line and out of trouble and bribes worked fairly well; Simon asked for a swimming pool last year and his dad had one put in. Then there's the pool table, the game machines, all the big brands, TV in his room, his own computer. Oh, he figured out the parental controls the first day ... Simon watches porn all the time. The big bottle of hand lotion next to his computer isn't for dry skin.

But then his dad was given a new job, one that would require some traveling. He had hired people to come in and supervise his son before. Simon just so hated the word, babysitter, if you mentioned it to him, you'd hear right back, "I'm not a fucking baby."

And he gave them a hard time. A really hard time. They never lasted.

So, his father had to come up with something. It was just the beginning of summer, he knew his son was fifteen, knew he had a whole stash of Playboys in that corner of his closet under all the other stuff in there. And he knew what would get the attention of a fifteen-year old boy.

So, he set about to hire in two college coeds for the summer, figuring two would be a good number to gain his son's compliance.

He advertised online and got quite a few responses so he began interviewing the respondents and settled on Brenda Jenkins and Wendy Lord, two young women who would be entering their third year of college in the fall, both of them Physical Education majors, both swimmers. So, the pool was a real plus for them.

The plus for the father was that they were both really pretty, tanned, as one might expect, fit and trim but certainly female.

He was honest and upfront about his son, telling them that Simon could be a real handful but he thought that a little judicious flirting would keep him in line. They both told him they weren't worried about it, not in the least, and that sealed the deal.

So, they were to live-in during the summer break, then if things worked out, they would live-in only when the father had to travel after school started again.

Brenda and Wendy, the 'living ends, ' they called themselves around select company, a joke they got from the middles of their names, moved in on the Sunday that Simon's dad had to travel out of the country.

They drove up about four, Simon and his father were awaiting their arrival, Simon rather less looking forward to it than his father.

The girls were introduced to their new charge and Simon and his father helped them settle in to the two guest rooms near the back of the house.

They both looked around the kitchen and Wendy asked Simon, "Would you want spaghetti and sauce tonight? There's a jar of sauce and I can doctor it up. You can help me, won't you, Simon?" as she smiled her brilliant smile at him.

"Yeah, sure. I'm not much of a cook but I know where stuff is."

So Simon began to help these two quite pretty young women get their supper ready as his father left for the airport.

While his father was pulling out of the driveway, the girls told Simon they were both going for a swim and after that they'd come back inside to finish making supper.

So they went back to their rooms, slipped on their tiny thong suits and went out for a swim.

Simon spotted them diving in the pool and ran up to get his suit on, there was no way he was going to miss a chance to check out these two, especially in such tiny bikinis.

So, quick as a flash, he was also diving into the water, swimming around these two hot college girls. They splashed him and even both ganged up on him to hold his head under water. Then, letting him up, Brenda said, "That's what we'll do if you give us any trouble, okay? But we'll hold you under until there's no more bubbles."

He laughed but he didn't seem one hundred percent sure that they were kidding, either. He didn't know what his father told them about his behavior but, he thought, he must have told them something.

So they enjoyed the pool for a while longer, then the girls got out and he did as well, following their curvy butts into the kitchen where they put water on to boil for the pasta and began heating the sauce back up.

"Your dad said we could have wine with our meals while we're here, I'm gonna open a bottle. Can you keep your mouth shut if we let you have a glass?" Wendy asked him and he told her he'd keep it inside until he died.

"That might be this week, Simon, if you're going to be a problem," Brenda said.

"Hey I've been okay so far, right?" he asked and they agreed.

So they all sat down to have their supper, all three with quite a lot of skin showing, Simon was especially aware of these two whose breasts were firm and round with just their nipples contained, barely, in the little scraps of cloth that made up their tops.

About halfway through, Brenda said, "You know, Simon, Wendy and I are getting paid pretty well to be here for the week. And, your dad's promised us a big bonus if we can keep you out of trouble."

"Yeah, so we think we know how to do just that," Wendy added and they both reached behind their backs and untied their tops taking them off.

Simon just sat there stunned. Happily stunned, of course, as he drank in the four beautiful breasts being presented to him at the dinner table.

"So, Simon, do we have your attention now?"

He lost no time telling them that they did indeed.

"We're prepared to dress like this all week if you don't give us any crap, do you understand?" Wendy told him.

Again, he agreed, rather gleefully.

"This is Sunday, Simon. Keep this up and we'll keep up what we're doing. Fuck up and we get dressed, simple as that."

"Yeah, I understand. This is great. What if I just screw up just a little?"

"We get dressed."

"And if I behave?"

"We get undressed. Even more than this. Like the bottoms, too. Ever see a girl's pussy?"

"No, you really mean it? Really?"

Brenda was the one to stand up and untie the bottom and pull it off then sat back down, spreading her legs open.

"Now you have. You like it? Is it pretty? Bet it makes you hard as a rock, right, Simon?"

"Yeah, sure does. It's really beautiful," he said as he watched her begin to rub her fingers up and down the plump lips between her thighs.

"You'd like to fuck this wouldn't you? Ever fuck a girl?" Brenda asked him.

"No, but, yeah, what guy wouldn't want to?"

"So, you ready to do what we want this week? If you do, you might just get to fuck us both, okay? So, will you do everything we want?"

"You really mean sex? With the both of you?"

"We really mean sex with the both of us. Have you ever had a blow job, Simon?" Wendy asked the rapidly-reforming miscreant.

"No, but I sure want one," he said hopefully.

"Well, there's two of us, so if each day goes well, you'll get a blow job from each of us. One before you go to bed, one the next morning. That enough to motivate you?" Brenda asked.

He really was just astounded. These two hot college girls were bribing him with sex to behave himself and he had to say it was working. There was just no way he was going to blow this, so he said, "Yeah, that's all I need, I really can't believe this is happening."

"Well, it is, Simon. So, you do what we want?" Wendy asked.

"Yes, yes, whatever you want."

"Okay, let's see. Get naked and jack-off for us. We want to see you masturbate. Might as well see how big your cock is. See if you've got a mouthful," Brenda told him.

Jack-off? They wanted him to get naked and jack-off for them? You bet, he thought, as he stood up and quickly peeled off his trunks.

"Oh, look, he's got a nice dick. Not the biggest in the world, but nice. Bring it here, Simon, let me see," Brenda said and he took a few steps and watched her fingers wrap around his quivering dick and give a soft squeeze.

"Oh, our boy is really hard. Would you like this sucked, Simon?" Brenda asked him, looking up into his eyes.

He moved his head up and down as her head tilted forward, lips parting, as she slid her mouth over his cock and began sucking. There was nothing he'd ever felt as good as that, it was absolutely the most wondrous feelings in the whole world.

"Oh, wow, that feels awesome, just the best thing I've ever felt," he groaned.

"Just wait until I suck your cock, Simon, we're both good but I've gotten awards for my blow jobs," Wendy told him.

Brenda backed off his dick, saying, "She has, she really has. Our dorm, when we were freshmen, held a contest on who gave the best head. Wendy won hands down. So, you like that, huh? That's what you'll get if you don't give us any shit, okay?"

"Yeah, okay, I'm convinced, I'll be an angel."

"Well, angel-boy, how would you like to eat some pussy for your dessert? Your dad said there's ice-cream but we've got something better and we're both feeling horny. That dick of yours is getting us hot," this coming from Wendy.

"Sure, I've never done it but I sure want to learn and you two are so hot, who's first?"

Well, our troublesome teen had discovered that toeing the straight line, keeping out of trouble, might just bring rewards greater than he'd ever imagined as he watched Wendy take off her bottom; now they were all three naked.

"You need lotion or oil or something for your dick, angel-boy?" Brenda asked and he just spit on his palm and stood in front of these two beautiful, hot, naked coeds and began jacking off thinking it was his lucky day when his dad hired these two to watch over him.

They each sat there, legs open, rubbing themselves as Simon did his thing, quite literally, did his thing, while they watched. He so wanted to show his manhood for these two and hoped they would be impressed with the force and volume of his cum. He'd never been this aroused, not ever.

He had to spit on his hand again but lost little time in getting back to business as he intently watched these two hotties, legs spread out, fingers arcing in and out of their wet pussies, omigod, it was heaven. He'd never make trouble ever again.

Then he knew it was close, very close, so he told them.

They each stopped fingering themselves, leaving their pussies filled, and Simon reared back as a fountain of white, sticky globs of cum went flying up out the end of his dick while the girls hooted and howled.

"Wow, look at him cum, will ya?" Brenda cried out.

"It's everywhere. Horny little bastard, you are, Simon. I'll bet you could do it again," Wendy said and our young man applied more saliva and gave them another show.

Chapter 2

They instructed him to clean up the kitchen which he did with glee, a first in his lifetime, but he now knew there were rewards for good behavior; great and wonderful rewards.

"Can you get porn on your computer, Simon?" Wendy asked and he told her he could so they went upstairs to his room and he fired-up his laptop and he was soon cheek-to-cheek with these two hot naked girls as he got his favorite porn site up on the screen,

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