The Reward

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I have a sexy older sister who loves to show me her naked body. Then, finally, she had me make a porn video of her and her boyfriend and let me sample her many charms.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

I have an older sister, Clara, that I've nicknamed, 'Slut.' Now, you might think she'd get pissed-off when I call her that but she loves it. See, she really is a slut and loves it.

Ever since she started getting really nice boobs, like around age fourteen, she's walked about naked when our parents aren't home. She's two years older than I am and she loves to tease me, loves to see my dick swell my pants out, loves to point it out when it happens. She knows it's her that makes it happen.

She's boy-bait, too, of course, I know that she lost her cherry when she was still in eighth grade, I remember the day she had two boys in her room doing it. She didn't even bother closing the door. And, yes, I walked by several times. Later she asked if I enjoyed the show. I told her I did which seemed to please her no end.

That's when she started fucking boys and leaving the door open for me to watch. If you're wondering if I really did watch, ask yourself just what you'd do. Sure I did.

So, I went into puberty seeing my sister's naked body quite often, she really seemed to get off somehow showing me her body, even spreading her legs when we were in the den watching television. I mean wide, too. She'd even take a few rubs was I watched her, even licking her fingers off while she smiled at me, knowing, of course, that she was making me crazy.

When she would do that, I would finally get up and go up to my room and jack-off. Who wouldn't? After all, Clara was a hot-looking girl, short, about five-two, kind of a cheerleader body with nice boobs; she's got those puffy kind of nipples that look swollen. They're real light pink and the rest of her is very light skinned, she doesn't try to tan herself much in the summer and she, like me, is a natural blonde.

Then, one afternoon when she was sitting there across from me in just a teeshirt, open wide showing me her pussy, I finally got up to go up to my room when she said, "Greg, just go ahead and do it. Do it right here. I'll let you watch me, go ahead and jack-off. I know that's what you do up in your room. Wouldn't you like it better right here so you can see my nice pussy?"

"And what would you do, tell Mom and Dad?" I asked her skeptically.

"And have you tell them I'm naked all day showing my pussy to you and fucking my boyfriend all the time? Are you kidding? Go ahead, I won't see anything I haven't seen lots and lots of times before. Here," she said as she pulled up her teeshirt, exposing her boobs as well.

Well, I figured, what the hell and pulled my shorts to the floor, then thought about the boys she'd had naked in her room, wondering if she would laugh when she saw my dick. It was almost six inches, as hard as I could make it and I've heard guys talking about their big ones, you know, seven, eight, nine, ten inchers, like horse cocks. But I was horny as hell so I pulled my briefs right off.

She just looked, didn't say a word. So, I spat on my hand and started masturbating right across the room from her as she widened her legs and began rubbing her pussy, each of us looking at the other.

"This is kind of fun, Greg, have you fucked a girl yet? Or is this all the sex you're getting these days?"

"I'm not like my slut sister, this is it for me. Know any girls that you could get for me?"

"You wish. Well, let me think about it. You're probably too much a prude to want to fuck me. I've got a great pussy, all the boys tell me, tell me how good I suck cock, too. I've swallowed the cum of half the boys in my class I think. Ever had that sucked?" she asked nodding at me.

I shook my head no and she added, "I'm a cock-sucking queen, just ask any of the guys who come over to fuck me. But you're my brother. Sisters aren't supposed to suck their own brothers so I guess you'll just have to keep beating off. Too bad, huh?"

"Well, if you ever change your mind, Clara, you know where my room is?" I kidded her knowing she was kidding me.

"Hey, I'm helping you get off, that's pretty good, right?"

Well, what she said was true, she's a hot-looking girl and here I was sitting opposite her looking at her boobs and pussy while I whacked-off.

"It's pretty good, is true, Clara," I panted, now getting closer as I felt the tip end of my dick begin to feel tingly and electric.

"I want to see you cum, Greg. I want to see how far it shoots. Make it good for me, okay?"

Well, she was making it pretty good for me, that's for sure. My eyes were glued to her wet pussy as she began sliding her middle two fingers in and out as she smiled at me.

Then, I tightened my grip and that did it, cum began arcing our of my cock, spurting out at her as she began laughing, saying, "Wow, my little brother's a real cummer. Look at all his baby-making juice. You really cum, Greg. We should do this more often. Now, it's my turn," she said as her other hand dropped down to begin her fingers rubbing over her clit which got her off right after.

I'd never seen a girl masturbate or get off before and it was really beautiful, so hot. That started my sister and me masturbating together several times each week. She never let me do anything else, just watch her as she watched me.

But she continued fucking her boyfriends with her door open and I told her one day, just kidding, that I should make a video of them.

"Do you look at porn on your computer?" she asked.

"Yeah, it didn't take me long to figure out how to get around the controls, sure, don't you?" I asked.

"Yeah, but do you know what they pay for one of those videos? How much you can get if you make one?"

"Couple hundred?"

Then she said what one website offered and it was amazing.

"Adam and I have been talking about making one. If it goes good, we could make more of them. You've seen us, we're damned hot."

Adam was her current boyfriend and he was really buff. He was on the swim team and had a great upper body. I'd seen his lower body as well, and that was what most interested my sister. Need I say more?

"Yeah, you two would be good," I agreed and then she said it.

"But, we need someone to make the video. We've watched some of them where they put the camera down on a table or something, they're crap. We need someone to video us. Know anybody who might do it, Greg? Maybe get to fuck me if they do?"

I told her I did and it was someone who'd wanted to fuck her for a long time.

"I thought you'd do it. Especially for my pussy, little brother, all those times you've jacked-off looking at it, now maybe you can cum inside it. You'd love that, wouldn't you, your big sister's little pussy. You're still a virgin, right?"

That I was, through no fault of my own. There had been a few hand jobs here and there and one girl had sucked me off a few times before she moved away, but, yes, I was still unfucked.

"Yeah, but not after we make this video," I said, grinning.

"Well, Adam and I are both eighteen which they insist on, they want photos of our driver's licenses when we submit the video. But they don't ask shit about who took the video," she told me so we began talking about how we were going to do this.

"We've looked at lots of porn videos, especially the homemade ones and some are pretty good but lots are terrible. We've decided that the first one we make won't have fucking in it at all. Just to get our feet wet," she laughed. "Well, his cock wet is more like it. We want to make a blow job video. You may not know it but your sister gives great head."

"I'd love to find out, Sis."

She grinned and went on, "So, do you think you'd like to do it?"

I knew my dick wanted to do it in the worst way.

So, I told her I would, after all, there were benefits to doing so, and we finished our masturbation and she went off to call Adam and tell him they had a videographer.

She told me later that we would set up right after lunch the next day so I made sure the camcorder was charged.

The next morning, after breakfast, Clara told me what she was thinking of for the video and I told her my ideas. She wanted to start out with a side shot of Adam on the bed, his cock in the air as she comes up, naked, of course, between his legs which are hanging off the bed, and begins kissing the head of his dick. She said she planned on staying down between his legs like that and that she wanted me to get scenes from all around the bed, especially a lot of close-ups of her mouth and his cock.

So, we talked some more and my dick could have scratched glass by the time we were through. She looked at my pants, laughed and told me I should jack-off before Adam got there so I took it out and beat off while she watched.

I asked her if she was going to get off and she said that she was saving her horniness for the video. So, I pumped a good one while she watched so we were both pretty excited by the time her boyfriend got there.

When the bell rang downstairs she went running down and they were soon both up in Clara's room where I was waiting with the video cam.

Chapter 2

I knew him, of course, so the formalities were pretty brief and they were quickly out of their clothes as Clara explained to him how she wanted the opening scene.

"You're pretty hard already, Adam, you didn't jack-off, right?" she asked and he assured her he hadn't. "Good, all your cum is for the video, it's got to be the best."

He got down on her bed and my sister made sure his cock was as hard as she could make it, then she told me I should get naked, too, and video the whole thing with my dick out. It makes her horny, she told me, when she can see my dick. Hmm.

So I got a level shot of Adam from the side with his cock in the air then, camera running, I moved over his head and got Clara coming in the bedroom door naked, walking up between his legs and kneeling down.

Her hand took his cock and she leaned forward and she began seductively licking the underside of his dick, that little place under the head where it feels so good. She was looking right at the camera which was perfect. It was really looking hot. Then she slid her lips over the head of his dick over and over, kind of fucking the head with her lips. There was a lot of glistening of the saliva on his cock head and I zoomed in to get it really close as her lips went over and over on him.

Then I moved around to the side again to get her licking all the way up and down on him, stopping once in a while to suck on the head.

I was moving back and forth, getting some video from several feet away, then coming in close to get it super-close. Oh, that looked so hot. And, here I was shooting this video with my dick pointing straight out while my sister was giving incredible oral sex to her boyfriend. She was fantastic.

She had told me that we were going to make a video that could be edited to at least a half an hour before he cums and that he should cum fountains because she's basically done this to him before.

She drooled saliva on the palm of her right hand, took his dick in her left, then, palm down put it on the crown of his cock and began rubbing circles as I came in close getting a screen full of his shiny cock head being rubbed so sexily.

She moved her hand down and, still gripping him, rubbed her fingertips around in circles on that really great spot right underneath the tip, just rubbing it slowly round and round as I got some good close scenes.

Then out came her tongue, all wet and began licking all around the head. I told her to stop while I set the lights just right to get a gleam reflecting off the wetness she was leaving on his cock head. It was excellent and really close.

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