Oh, What's This for?

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: When our neighbors were over to watch a movie, she pulled a small bottle up out of the sofa cushions asking what it was for. Then she asked us to demonstrate how we'd used it. Oh, that led to some fun.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Swinging   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

About two years ago, the house next to us was sold after standing empty since we moved here a year earlier.

Not only was it a happy occasion to finally have the house next door occupied, it was occupied by a very nice couple, near our age, that we've become quite friendly with.

Logan and I soon met our new neighbors, Tucker and Angie Wills, and invited them over for a get-to-know-you supper and we all really seemed to get on well.

We quickly became quite good friends, often getting together at one house or other to share a meal together, watch a movie or just socialize.

About a year ago, we had invited them to our house to watch a movie and everyone was getting comfortable, when Angie, a rather spirited young woman, reached behind herself on the sofa, dug down, and lifted up a small bottle.

"Oh, what's this for?" she asked, holding up the container of personal lubricant.

"Oh, my, that's where that went," I gushed, my face turning red.

"Well, now, you'll just have to tell us how it got out here?" she asked.

"Um, well, we were watching something the other night, another, well, like a movie, and, um, we kind of had a bit of fun," I told them.

Tucker came right back with, "Exactly what kind of fun was that, Kara? Tell us."

"It was, uh, kind of a spicy video and, well, I did to Logan what they were going in the video," I admitted.

"Why don't you replay the video and do it again, sounds like you two had fun?" Angie said.

"Um, it's kind of explicit, not just the video but what I did to Logan," I said, trying to derail their curiosity.

"All the better. Sounds lots more fun than watching the movie. Come on, we're good friends, what's a few body parts among friends? Certainly Logan can't object, right, fella?" Tucker asked my husband.

He laughed, saying, "No, I guess any time a guy gets a hand job, well, it's a happy thing, indeed."

"Well, Kara, we all want you two to replay the other night, how about you?" Angie asked me.

"You're really serious? You know I gave him a hand job, right?"

"With this, right," she said as she tossed the bottle to me, it landing in my lap.

"Come on, hon, I can put on the video, why not?" Logan said as he switched the input to show the video that was on our computer tablet.

It was looking like I was in a corner, I'm not sure why I particularly cared, after all, it was Logan's cock they were going to see and he didn't seem to mind at all. But then, I decided to up the stakes.

"Okay, I will, if you will, Angie?"

"Sure, roll the tape, mister projectionist," she kidded Logan and he got the video started.

There wasn't much of a dramatic lead-in, typical of porn videos, and soon the girl was unzipping her boyfriend's pants and pulling his cock out.

I got Logan's zipper down, reaching in, when I looked over and saw that Angie already had Tucker's out.

Well, I thought, nice, certainly erect, long, nice girth, pretty, light pink head and I went ahead and unbuckled Logan's pants and pulled them down below his knees, then pulled his boxers down as his cock stood high and excited.

I dribbled some of the lube on Logan then tossed the bottle to Angie who applied some to Tucker, then we both began as we watched the video and one another.

Certainly the video was far less interesting than the show we were giving each other as Angie and I stroked our men up and down as the guy in the video was moaning about how good it was.

"This beats any movie we were gonna watch, right, Tuck?" my husband asked.

"Oh, man, sure does. Looks like we're gonna owe something in return, huh?"

"Now, look guys, let's not turn this into some kind of orgy, okay?" I added.

"And why not, Kara, it might be fun. Ever been to an orgy?" Angie asked me.

"No, I always thought it took more than four," I parried as we continued jacking-off our husbands.

"That's true but how about a mini-orgy?" she asked right back. "We could switch off, get each other's hubby off. Bet you boy's would like that, huh?" she asked and both guys lost no time in agreeing that it would be fun.

I was quite surprised at Angie's suggestion, she'd never before mentioned anything at all kinky in all the conversations we'd had in the past. But, well, I supposed on the scale that people do things, swapping hubbies to jack them off is pretty low so when she got up, I got up and we traded partners. Both hubbies, of course, were grinning ear-to-ear.

"Well, Tuck, looks like we get a little something new, huh?" Logan said as Angie gripped his hard, swollen cock and began sliding up and down.

I sat with Tucker, looked down at his cock, all glistening from the lube Angie had spread on his tip and shaft. I put a few drops of lube on my right palm, then gripped him with my left as I put my palm down over the crown and began rubbing circles around the head.

"Oh, I like this, Kara, look, hon, see how she's doing it. This is really good," he moaned as my hand circled over him, pressing my palm down as I moved.

"Where did you learn that, Kara?" Angie asked me.

"Oh, there was an exchange student that stayed with us when I was in high school, that's where I learned this."

"Was he cute?"

"It was a she, her name was Honoka, she acquired a boyfriend in high school and she used to get him off this way and she taught me how to do it for when she went back home to Japan."

"Sounds like there was more to the story, Kara."

"Yeah, well, she left her boyfriend for me to keep happy which I did until he went away to college."

"Whooo, pretty cool story. Sure looks like you've got a very happy customer, think I'll try that, hand me the lube," she asked and she squirted some on her palm and began rubbing over my hubby's glans.

"Mmm, it feels familiar but still new with you doing it, Angie. How are you girls liking doing this?" Logan asked.

Angie was the first to answer, "I think it's really fun. I mean I guess lots of couples do a lot more than this but what we're doing is kind of fun. More for you guys but, well, that's the way it goes, I guess. What about you, Kara?"

"Yeah, it's fun, you guys must be loving it, right? You guys get all the fun."

"Oh, I don't know about that, we could do you two after you finish us," Tucker said, then looking right at me, he added, "I think I'd like to do that."

When he said that he was looking right into my eyes as I slowly rubbed over his cock and his words sent a tingle right to my pussy. I was getting really turned-on with what we were doing and, especially, what we were talking about.

I sat there wondering what it would be like to spread open my naked body for my next-door neighbor's fingers to explore outside and inside. It was one thing for a guy, his cock was completely external, it hung outside his body, out in the open, nice and convenient for pleasuring.

But, we women only have part of ourselves out in the open to be caressed and loved. It's a lovely part of us, our labia, two wonderful sets we're given to be pleasured, and, that little gem, usually hidden away so we're just not turned-on every minute of every day. I once knew a girl with an 'outie' clit and she loved to wear jeans with no panties, she told me she was turned on the whole time.

So, our bodies do have some outside fun spots including our nipples of course. Mine are very sensitive, that's why, at night and on weekends, I rarely wear a bra, I just love the fabric rubbing them, making them hard and tingly whenever I'm doing chores and the like. Of course, Logan likes me that way as well, often taking feels which I encourage by pushing up the bottom of my teeshirt so my boobs are exposed to him.

But there's also the woman's sexual inner sanctum, her inner room, unseen but welcoming, dark and mysterious, wanting to be entered and explored, kept ready, warm and moist for a visitor bringing it deep pleasure, the pleasure a woman exists for; the deep pleasure of being filled with a man's erection, massaging her tunnel, making it glow with delight until both erupt in life's ultimate enjoyment.

This was the first experience like this that I've ever been part of, except for taking over Honoka's boyfriend after she left and that wasn't anything like doing this.

"Yeah, we could do you two, that would be fun," Logan added to Tucker's offer. I wasn't surprised at that, more so when Angie put in, "Yeah, I guess we could, what do you think, Kara?"

Chapter 2

There it was. Now it was up to me to either go ahead with this or to try to stop it where it was. I was still masturbating Tucker with my palm while I slid my circled fingers up and down his shaft.

I looked over and Angie was bent over licking circles around my husbands' cock tip. Well, that's a bit more than masturbation in my book but, well, we were friends and what was I going to do about it, anyway? Maybe she liked to lick cocks. As soon as I thought that, I realized that, well, it was something I certainly enjoyed often volunteering to suck Logan when I might be feeling horny. I always knew I would be rewarded for my efforts.

Logan looked over at me and nodded toward Tucker, urging me to give him some licks as well. I figured I'm in this far and bent down to lick around the swollen tip which was oozing some precum which I licked away.

I wet my lips with my tongue, then slid them over the crown to suck slowly as my hand went up and down along his thickly-veined shaft. Logan's cock got the same way when I had him really excited, the veins stood out all along his length and even throbbed with his heart's pulse beat.

Well, both our hubbies were getting a nice blow job from each other's wife in what started out as us each masturbating our own husband. It just seemed to keep snowballing into more and more, I thought, as I sucked Tucker's cock.

I knew I had him moaning as I sucked and licked him and that he could't be too far from an orgasm. It had been a long time since I'd had any cum in my mouth but Logan's and I was interested in seeing if he might taste any different.

Just as I was thinking about his cum's flavor, it started spurting into my mouth as he groaned and moaned. Then, only seconds later, Logan's familiar grunts sounded as he, no doubt, was cumming into Angie.

As I learned from my first boyfriend, I sucked a minute more, then pulled up and looked over at my husband who still had his cock in Angie's mouth.

This head reared back and I could tell that he was cumming in Angie as she sucked and sucked. Then, she pulled up, grinning, opening her mouth to proudly show us the sticky strands of my husband's semen. Then she swallowed it away as Tucker said, "I think we should do the honors for you two now. After all, we can't let you two just stay horny after being so nice to us."

"I'm up for it, Kara, how about you?" Angie said leaving me the one to be the party-pooper. So, I said, sure, let's do it and Angie began getting naked and she was soon spread open for the my husband to give her oral.

So, I said, "Yeah, I guess so, after all, fair's fair," and I started taking my clothes off as well.

We were soon naked, all four of us now bare-assed, and she and I got on the sofa and spread open as each husband crouched down on the floor between the other wife's legs. My heart was beating like crazy as I watched Tucker's furled tongue wipe up and down along my quivering slit, softly licking away my juices, sending shivers of delicious thrills from stretching open for another man while my husband is in the same room similarly occupied.

I looked over at Angie seeing Logan's head between her legs as she had her head thrown back, eyes closed while her hands laced through my husband's hair.

Tucker's licks and tonguing were wonderful and made even better with his finger up under me, rubbing right behind my pussy almost to my asshole giving a new and taboo feeling to what he was giving me. No one had ever done that to me before and it was thrilling, just sending me up high and higher. I couldn't believe how sensitive that little bit was but Tucker certainly knew and it was sensational.

I had never given any serious thought about swapping with another couple but here we were, maybe not fucking, but the next thing to it. And, what about fucking? This was feeling wonderful, I was really loving Tucker's lips and tongue on me, it was thrilling. I began to wonder what his cock would be like.

Oh, it was nice to suck, that I'd already enjoyed. Yes, enjoyed. I sucked Logan whenever he wanted it, whenever he asked, and many times when he didn't ask.

But, fucking? Did I really want it to go to the next step? I wondered as waves of delight washed over me with every lick, with every flick of his tongue.

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