Junior Goes to War. Part of the Stopwatch Series
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by Old Man with a Pen

Uh oh. She did a bad thing.

Not as bad as the time she shaved the kitty but pretty bad. Small animals are pretty helpless against a determined six year old and, "Daddy shaves ... you said it makes his skin as smooth as a baby's behind."

Too remembered asking her, why didn't the kitty scratch you.

"We been playing 'dress up' 'most from the day she popped outta her mommies behind

... that was a neat thing to watch..." had been the 'beginning' of her answer.

Never let it be said a six year old can't derail a possible punishment situation. They discussed the birth processes of kittens for fifteen minutes and would have been at it still if the poor naked kitty hadn't meowed piteously and shivered. Mom was back on track in a heartbeat.

"And?" Too prompted.

"Some of the dress up outfits were 'landish an needed drying to fit. I used 't hair blow thingie to 'shring ... shrink wrap her ... she got used to the noise..."


"And I used to rub her with that pinkie thing in your night table ... but it always slowed way down and I couldn't twist the end hard 'nuff to 'place the bat trees."

'OOPsie. That's why it always needed new batteries.'

"She liked that. Sometimes she liked it so much she peed."


"So I used the haircutter ... took me lotta work to plug it into the wall. Did you know the prong thingies only go one way? I just whooshed away her long hair..."

'I will not laugh ... I will not laugh!' "cough ... cough ... hack."

"Need a glass of water, Mommie?"

'Remember the last time she got water ... the only place she could reach... '

"No, Junior ... I'll be fine. Finish explaining."

"Then I climbed up and got Daddy's 'lectric ... and she REALLY liked that. I stayed away from her head and tail 'acause her ears are too sensative ... and Nobody likes their tail buzzed."

'Mommie does.' Wendolyn shook her head. 'Distracted ... you're too easily distracted'

For that little episode Junior got the nose in the corner ... not for the kitty ... for the vibe and being nosy. She got Daddy for the kitty ... and the shaver.

No. This wasn't as bad as that.

This time Junior used the MIB flash too many times in a row on 'helpless invaders' and it made them forget too far back...

After they get through potty training ... they might be 70 when they get out of school and too old for the military.

Junior dumped the smelly bunch in assorted places in the White House.

The Wendy's appeared at the United Nations General Assembly during a meeting of which the topic was Sanctions against Iran for proliferating Nuclear Weapons ... this meeting had been called by the United States.

The Wendy appeared in her seat among the Third World Countries and called for a Point of Order ... Junior was in her General Admiral Uniform. She looked cute. The appearance caused quite a storm.

"I wish to address the Assembly to make a declaration. It'll take about five minutes."

The American Ambassador was immediately on the phone and was too busy to object.

The Wendy's floated down to the podium.

"Mr. Secretary, Honored Representatives, Members of the Press. Today, on my Birthday, The Sovereign Nation of my People was attacked by quasi military forces of the United States of America."

There was a gasp!

"I object." cried the American Ambassador. "There is no proof."

On the wall where video was normally projected there was presented the invasion in it's entirety.

Junior disappeared.

More Gasps and utterations of extreme displeasure.

"Today, a State of War exists between my nation and the United States of America ... Please ... let me finish.

"As I speak appropriate measures are being taken to punish the principal offenders. The United States will be assaulted as violently as they assaulted My people. These men came to kill ... We shall do likewise.

"They have cast the first stone ... we shall answer with stones of our own making. Let this next demonstration be as a warning to others who would invade my Princessapality."

This was no prepared speech, no scripted message, no professor analyzed each word for maximum effect ... she spoke from the heart.

The video changed to the White House. The staff and other innocent bystanders were marching out of the building and through a seemingly plastic bubble surrounding the grounds. The innocent were being mowed down by Secret Service Troopers as they exited. Grenades bounced off and missiles exploded harmlessly.

"Notice please..." commented The Wendy. "We have released unharmed the innocent. They are being killed by a trained killing machine. The SS! Members of the Presidents' Protective Detail"

The American ambassador was screaming into his phone but the blood lust was heavy on the troopers. Passersby were being pepper sprayed by the thousands ... babies wrenched from carriages and violently tossed to the ground to be ground to bits under hobnailed jack booted thugs that passed, in this time, as law enforcement. Baby carriers were machine-gunned on fathers' backs in hopes that the controllers of the bubble would be destroyed.

From the rooftops of adjoining buildings, SS snipers repeatedly shot people in the head with .50 caliber sniper rifles as the innocent attempted to flee.

Sudden quiet ... in awe the members of the General Assembly watched as the bubble lifted.

The Wendy shouted in a loud shout!

"Thus ends those who would harm my Nation ... We have turned the other cheek too many times. We will not do so again!"

The building and grounds were torn from the earth and carried aloft a mile high in the clear summer sky ... the bubble drifted out to sea ... and popped. The building fell splashed enormously and sank beneath the ocean.

Junior appeared next to her mother. She held up her clenched fist. "We - Strike - Harder!" She cried. All turned to look at this five foot tall avenging angel.


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