Junior's Samples. Part of the Stopwatch Series
Chapter 6

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I was meandering, no place in particular to go, just trying to see how teen fit. I know it shouldn't make a difference ... Twelve to Thirteen ... I didn't look any different ... Well, maybe a little.

My boobs are a little bigger ... they were bigger than G-mom's when she was 13 anyway. I'll bet that chapped her ass ... LOL. Mom said If I was going to do this ... this retrospective ... I'd have to quit using computer speak.

LOL means Laugh Out Loud or Laugh On Line ... depending on where you are. I'm on the computer so I guess it means Laugh On Line ... except ... I did laugh out loud. Mom even asked me what was funny ... and I'm writing this like a journal so I'm not on line.

Retrospective means looking at the past ... my past. Introspective means looking inside yourself. I think I'm doing both.

I met someone today.

I need to look inside myself to see how I feel about that. I need to look back at the day and see why I feel different than this morning.

I think I found a friend.

He's older ... lots older.

He came off the tour boat in a power chair and ran off the slats into the sand. The slats: Daddy and The Twins built a pathway from the dock to the grass. The ice in the winter has pushed the dirt into a sort of a bluff. After the bluff the grass starts.

We have two main walkways, one to the house and one to the Inn ... other than the Aerodrome, that's it for paving. No roads, and we don't allow cars. With the watches we don't need 'em ... sorry, them. We do have a couple of tractors ... the boys mow with them ... and they hate it. 1200 acres ... minus the hangars and runway, the house and Inn. It's a lot of grass. No golf carts either.

Oops ... got side tracked, mom said I would. You should see her journals! Sex! sex! and More sex! She made me read them so I'd know what was happening to my body. I still don't get it. Mom said if I went to 'regular' school, I'd probably know more about sex than she thought I needed. See ... sidetracked again.

Anyway, I was meandering when the power chair ran off the slats ... NO! I am not going to explain the slats, I got off track last time.

This old guy ran off into the sand and got stuck. He's looking pretty disgusted. There's all these big men and older boys around and everybody is walking past him. Every time he tries to move his chair leans over a little more and NO ONE is paying any attention.

So ... I asked him what I could do to help ... would it be Ok if I write the conversation like I remember it? Thanks. (giggle.)

"You're stuck," I said.

"I know," he said.

"If you lean over any more,..." I was going to say it, but he said it for me.

"I'm going to fall down." he grinned at me. "If you could help... ?"


"Push up on the down side and I'll be able to run the chair off onto the sand."

"What's that going to do?"

"If the chair is upright I can stand and get out of it."

"I see ... push up like this? ... oof! It's heavy."

"Yes, it's heavy. If it falls over I can't pick it up and I can't get out. I got robbed like that one foggy morning."

"What kind of a man would rob a cripple!?!" I was getting a little angry.

"Two girls just about your age... 15 or 16 I'd say."

I blushed..."Thank you. I'm 13."

The chair was level now. He unbuckled the harness and forced himself to his feet.

"Whoa!" He staggered a little. "Head rush. Whee!"

I laughed, "Like Phoebe on 'Friends.'"

He sat back down and stood up again. He grinned.

I clapped my hands and said, "yes! Just like that."

"You're a little young for 'Friends.'"

"Daddy has the whole series on DVD. They live in my room."

"13? You did say you were 13?"

"And a week."

"Happy Belated Birthday. I'd spank you but you probably had enough of that all ready."

I turned around an patted my butt, "Untouched by human hands ... Things got a little hectic and we forgot my birthday."

"It must have been really hectic for your friends to forget that."

"I was busy ... Present for my mom. She's tomorrow. She's OLD."

"I didn't see you on the boat."

"I live here."

"Parents work here?"


I was avoiding the obvious. "Now that you're up, how do we get this travesty of justice out of the sand and back on the walk?"

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