Junior's Samples. Part of the Stopwatch Series
Chapter 5

Copyright© 2012 by Old Man with a Pen

"Thanks for taking me on my coin journey, Carl." Wendy was in a congratulatory mood. "That was peachy."

They were approaching Mr. Adams office.

"Could you arrange a group photo? Maybe in the warehouse. You've all seen my Nikon."

"That's quite a camera for a kid. My daughter uses her cellphone."

"I needed better pictures. This was a science project."

"Do you have all your dip samples?" Mr. Adams asked as he stepped out of his office and into the conversation.

"Yes, Sir. That was so nice of you ... and I have the slag sample, the impurities sample, the platinum and silver ingots ... they're not very big."

"There wasn't much. The Metallurgist mentioned he was amazed by the purity of such a large nugget."

"How much was the copper?"

"I have your invoice on my desk. Thank you Carl."

Junior gave Carl a hug, "You'll arrange a photo session in the warehouse?"

"It'll be my pleasure."

Mr. Adams grinned. "Photo session?

"Yes, Sir. Every one who guided me through the process. You all look so neat in your grey shirts and blue pants. Shoes so polished I could see my reflection in the toe. Office staff, too. You'll come, Mr. Adams?"

"Certainly, ten minutes? Carl? You'll have everyone involved there?"

In the sureness of time, the pictures were taken.

The four dock men with the crates of coins.

The guards with their shiny billed hats, hands on gunboats, looking fierce.

The office staff holding clipboards.

Metallurgy in their lab coats, with the crates.

The pressmen, roller mill men and electrolysis experts ... all arrayed around the crates.

Carl, using Junior's camera, took a picture of Junior passing the check to Mr. Adams.

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