By Appointment Only

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: We had a private showing at a local lingerie shop for my fiancee and I with the owner. It became far more than we had expected. Far more.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

I met Michelle in college, she was a freshman when I was a junior. We were instantly drawn together, me by her brilliant smile and happy disposition, her to me, well, probably my movie-star good looks and huge bank account.

Well, the first is true, Michelle is a sparkly, outgoing girl who just charmed everyone around her, including me. For my part attracting her, well, what I said before is not quite the true story.

If you ask Michelle, she'll tell you it's my boyish grin and wry sense of humor. Whatever it was, it got me Michelle and that's what I wanted the first afternoon we met.

We were engaged her junior year, I was already out among the employed, today, a happy outcome, and we were waiting until she graduated to have the wedding.

Having a fairly long engagement period allowed us plenty of time for preparations and one of them was some fun lingerie for Michelle for our honeymoon. As we all know, it's really more for the husband than the wife and she wanted me to come with her on her shopping trip for lacy underthings.

She'd already scoped out a small shop in the city, Delices, which Michelle told me was French for 'delights' so I was rather looking forward to this shopping jaunt though I wasn't sure I'd feel quite at home in a lingerie shop, being a guy.

Then she said that we had an appointment, a private appointment after store hours and, that way, she could try on different things and then model them for me. Well, where I'd been a bit reluctant to be in a woman's shop before, now I was ready, even a certain part of me was more ready than the rest.

She told me that we were expected at the shop at closing time, five o'clock, on Thursday and I was already excited about my own little lingerie show courtesy of my fiancee. After her graduation, she moved in with me so I was planning on using all my horniness from the lingerie modeling for when we got back home. Always thinking.

So, we got there at about ten after, the traffic, of course, was worse than usual, taking a bit of the anticipatory edge off my libido-fueled hard-on. But, Michelle knocked on the glass and up from the back of the shop came an attractive woman, a little older than we were, maybe upper twenties, who opened the door for us.

"Michelle, nice to see you again, this must be Danny, come in," she said and we went in. "I'm Emma Parnell, I own the shop, let's go back, shall we?" she told me as she shook my hand. We followed her back to a nice room in the back of the store and I couldn't help but wonder exactly what our lovely shop owner might look like in some of the sheer, lacy things we passed on our way back.

She had me sit on a sofa and she and Michelle went into another room to begin trying things on.

She came back in a few minutes and sat next to me.

"I've chosen some things for Michelle to model for you, she's really a beautiful young woman, you know how to pick them. Wait until you see her."

Right then, the door opened and Michelle came out wearing a black lace teddy with matching panties that was wonderfully sheer so you could see her nipples.

"Like this, hon?" she purred as she turned back and forth, even lifting the teddy, showing me the tiny panties that went with it. Then she went back through the door to change.

"Isn't she beautiful?" Emma said and I agreed. She then looked down and said, "I can see it's having an effect on you."

You, I'm sure already know where the shop owner was looking, I had an erection that was fully hard.

"Yeah, I guess so," I managed to say as Michelle came out, this time in an ivory negligee that was super-sheer, showing me everything she had.

"Tell her what you think, Danny."

"It's stunning, can I see the panties better?" I asked. It was a thong and she not only showed me, she spread her feet apart and even pulled the string aside showing me her slit as she grinned at me.

"You're making your fiancee pretty horny, Michelle. Don't you think he needs to take that out and give it a little relief? After all, you do look so hot, Michelle. Shall we have him take it out for us, after all, we've just started?"

"You heard her, hon, go ahead, enjoy the show, come on, get it out, have some fun, after all, she owns the shop."

I looked at them both and they smiled as I loosened my belt and unzipped my pants, sliding them to the floor, then pulled my boxers down as well.

"Ah, you have a nice fiancee, Michelle, I'm sure he keeps you happy with that. Let's show him the next one, he'll love that one," she said and Michelle left to change. I had just begun stroking myself and stopped when Michelle left the room.

"No need to stop, Danny, not on my account. I rather enjoy watching you," she told me so I began stroking my cock again. Emma sat there turned toward me, smiling, watching me masturbate.

It was another minute or two before Michelle came back in, this time in a black lace thing that had cutouts for her breasts and crotchless panties.

"Oh, show her how you like this, Danny. See how you make him, Michelle. Why not spread your stance a bit, show him what you've got for him."

Then she looked at me, saying, "Isn't she gorgeous? Her breasts are perfect for this one, look how they're framed perfectly in the cutouts. Her pink nipples go perfectly with the black," then to Michelle, "turn around, then bend over and spread your legs apart, Michelle. Let him see how much this one shows."

Michelle turned, dropped her shoulders down and moved her legs wider exposing her pussy, tinged with dampness, as I continued to stroke myself.

"Move closer, Michelle, so he can touch you there," Emma said, now coaching her in much more than modeling the outfits.

Michelle backed up to me and I put out my other hand to run a finger along her wet slit, making her shiver and moan a bit, "Mmm, uuuh, mmm."

"See how wet she is. Sexy lingerie does that to us women, Danny. You guys like us naked but we feel sexiest when we're wearing something naughty and brief. You like it, too, it seems," she said nodding to my hand going up and down.

Michelle looked back and wiggled her hips back and forth as I kept my finger on her. Then she turned around, leaned over me and shook her boobs in my face as I tried to catch a nipple with my mouth but she was too quick. That is, until she stopped and dropped one on my lips.

I pulled it in and began sucking its hard center as my free hand began feeling her other breast. I sucked her for a minute or two then she went to try on another outfit.

Emma turned to me, slid her knee up on the sofa and asked me, "Pretty hot, huh? These private showings are something I started a few months ago. Are you enjoying it?"

I started to answer as she moved her leg a bit more letting me see her bared pussy lips as she waited for my answer.

"Um, it's very enjoyable, um, very," I sputtered as her hand went down to rub herself on her plump pussy lips.

"I enjoy them as well, it's my favorite clientele," she said as Michelle came back, this time in a white wedding nightie, low cut and frilly with the tops of her breasts exposed.

As soon as she came in, she looked at the two of us, both masturbating and gushed, "Oh, wow, um, okay, you're both liking this, huh?"

"Well, my dear, it does get a little steamy with these showings, I hope you understand," Emma said as Michelle started laughing.

"Well, that's fine for the two of you but what about me, I'm the bride, remember?"

"Oh, let's try on the rest of the things and, perhaps, Danny and I can come up with something for the bride-to-be," Emma said and Michelle started showing me the sexy lavender baby dolls she had on with frilly cutouts for her boobs to show.

"Like that, Danny? She'll keep you captivated wearing that, huh?"

"Oh, I'll say," I said, slowing down my strokes to hold off from cumming. Michelle was looking so hot.

Michelle did a sexy little dance and came close to me to wiggle her boobs in my face.

"Look, Danny, when I wear this, you can suck anytime you want," she teased as she put a nipple on my lips, then when I opened my mouth, she pulled away, telling me she was going to try on a new outfit.

As soon as Michelle went out the door, Emma drooled some saliva on her palm, reached over and took my cock in her hand, smiling at me, whispering, "Just a little added service from the proprietress," as she began stroking me up and down.

Was the whole thing astonishing? Oh, that's an understatement, a vast understatement.

She jacked me up and down, the veins along my cock more engorged with each stroke, then the doorknob turned and Emma pulled her hand away and went back to fingering herself while I took over stroking myself.

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