The Pleasure Bunnies: I Guess I Owe You Dinner

by beedoubleyou

Copyright© 2012 by beedoubleyou

Mind Control Sex Story: Upon entering college, Emily is subject to a strange sorority initiation.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   Hypnosis   Slavery   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Robot   DomSub   MaleDom   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Body Modification   Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story, sci-fi body modification story, sci-fi mind control story.

Emily Foster was enjoying her college orientation. College! The blond, just turned 18 year old girl, had finally made it. She had a simple plan for her life: declare as a psychical therapy major, fall in love with a wonderful, sexy, man, get married, and have a family. College would be a big part of that. The tall, near six foot, blond had played basketball in high school, but wasn't really interested in pursuing athletics any further. To make herself memorable to eligible gentlemen, these days she preferred high heels to running shoes. She still worked out, but her focus had shifted from the fun of high school athletics toward the drive to find her true love.

Today, as she left the library, after using a computer inside the air conditioned building to sign up for the campus conservative group, she definitely turned some heads. The tall blond wore a pink summer dress with tan platform sandals. Her long, toned, legs were sun kissed just enough from a few days of sunning to have the perfect look she wanted. While Emily did not have large breasts, she did show an decent amount of cleavage to gain the attention of the cute upperclassman assisting in running her orientation.

As Emily caught up with the group, mostly awestruck local students and their parents, another woman approached her. The brunette was wearing a pinstripe business suit, pretty formal for a warm August day, and black pumps. A French manicured hand extended toward her. "Hello, my name is MacKenzie. I'm a senior here at Ohmsford U, but I wanted to introduce myself to you today." She handed Emily a card. "My sorority is looking for new members and I think you'll fit in really nicely. We've only let in one new girl so far, this girl named Brandi Kanko..."

Before Mackenzie could finish, Emily broke in. "Oh, wow, I totally want to join a sorority." What a great way to meet guys and make the most out of college, she thought. "What do I need to do to join?" She laughed a little bit. "I hope you don't, like, haze or anything."

Mackenzie quickly shook her head. "Oh, no, we don't do anything like that. We are classy and very civil. In the past year, we have really worked to change the image of our sorority. The sorority only lets in young women who seem to be heading places in life. Whether it be a career, or as the wife of someone influential, our first duty is finding girls who will be important contributors to the world."

Emily nodded slowly, understanding what she was getting at. "Well, I don't want to be like, Hilary Clinton or whatever. I want to go to college, fall in love with a great man, and then have a family."

Mackenzie smiled, placing a manicured hand on the tan girl's arm. "Oh, me too! I am definitely more on the homemaker end of things myself." The brunette was quiet for a beat as the summer breeze from the ocean nearby blew some of her blond highlights into her face. "Let's ditch this boring orientation and go get coffee, okay?"

Emily agreed and followed her to the student center. They entered and found a table near the back end, away from the small clusters of incoming freshman and summer students studying for their finals. She couldn't believe her luck finding a beautiful, Mackenzie really was stunning, new friend who could hook her up with a sorority. A sorority that only wanted the best girls.

Mackenzie returned with their coffees and sat down at the table. A question lingered in Emily's mind. "So, what's up with the suit? Do you work on campus?"

The brunette laughed, sipping at her coffee. "Actually, I work for a match making company. I guess you could call it that. I'm on my way back from an on-site consultation with a client."

"Oh, cool." Emily watched a young man with long hair walk by with a redhead wearing a very short pixie cut and baggy skater shorts. The girl checked out each and every girl on the sandwich line, to the great amusement of the boy. "So, what are you, a senior?" She wanted to get to know Mackenzie, who would be her line into the social hierarchy of Ohmsford University.

Mackenzie nodded. "Yep, I finish up this semester actually. I took extra classes this summer so I could graduate and get on with my life. My fiancée wants me to move with him to Florida for his new job. We are Skyping every night right now." She looked away and sighed, "I miss him so much."

"Oh," Emily began, "you're engaged? Congrats! What does he do down there?"

"He runs the water park portion of a large resort complex. There is a hotel too. It's really big." The brunette looked up at the clock near where there were soda machines before a few weeks ago. "Hey, if we head back to my apartment, I can get you a sorority shirt! We have special ones for pledges that you have to wear all the time."

Emily smiled and finished off her coffee. They left the student center. As they left and head back into the main hallway, Emily didn't notice Mackenzie look over at the long haired boy and tomboy redhead with him. She nodded, and smiled at the redhead's goofy thumbs up.

As they walked across campus, Mackenzie and Emily both received many stares from men. The brunette pointed out many sights to her new friend, such as the science building, soccer fields, and the housing for their sorority.

"I actually live in my own apartment now, but I am super proud to be a member of the sorority still." Mackenzie pointed towards their housing. "You're going to be a great member. There is another freshman already, a girl named Brandi. I think once you join, you'll really like her."

Emily was only half paying attention by the time they were heading up an elevator to Mackenzie's floor. The heels of their shoes clicked across the floor as they walked to her door. After Mackenzie opened it, they entered and Emily whispered a quiet, "wow," at the nice size of the apartment. It was much larger than what she would have in sorority housing, and filled with many nice amenities.

"Yep, I got the good hook up." Mackenzie looked around nervously before finding the small bag she had been looking for. "Only very important students, like on student council and all that, get these apartments. I got one because my fiancé's boss gave a lot of money to the school's science department last year. I guess he made some big nanotech discovery while he attended this school."

"Oh, but why does he own a hotel now?" Just as Emily asked that obvious question, Mackenzie crossed the room and jabbed the blond girl in the neck with a long syringe. The drugged girl staggered forward, and then backward, before falling forward again into Mackenzie, the brainwashed Pleasure Bunnie, who forcefully shoved her onto the bed.

Moving quickly, Mackenzie pulled a small, purple, mp3 player out of the bag at her high heeled feet and gently placed ear buds in Emily's ears. After pressing play, she slid open her own bright pink cell phone and made a quick phone call. After a few rings a bubbly voice answered her call.

"Hello, this is Becky speaking." Becky D'arcy, a beautiful Pleasure Bunnie, answered with brainwashed enthusiasm.

"Becky, good afternoon, this is Mackenzie at the university." She cut off the secretary before the Pleasure Bunnie could cut in. "I have secured the target and begun initial conditioning. We are located in my apartment. Can you get a fix on us and send a pick up team in?"

Becky clicked pink tipped nails over a series of keys and stared at the screen briefly before a confirmation page came up. "Becky can confirm that a team will arrive in approximately thirty minutes."

Mackenzie nodded, checking on the girl laying on her bed. "Excellent. I will wait here for them to arrive."

Becky scanned down a page taped to her desk quickly to find something important. This routine had been brainwashed into her for hours on end. She would complete it without second thought. "Mackenzie, sleepy bunnies sleep very sleepy in the mountains." After speaking the trigger, the blond secretary tapped out text messages to three people in consecutiveness to let them know their project was underway. Afterward, she forgot her actions and returned to work.

The Pleasure Bunnie sorority girl's brain came to a complete stop. Her phone fell on the bed as she snapped to attention. Until the pick up team arrived, Mackenzie waited, a mindless statue, perfectly still, in both mind and body. When the two men and woman arrived, they extracted Emily, taking her out a back entrance to their waiting van.

As they left, the woman on the team turned back and commanded Mackenzie to wake up in five minutes. She would kneel down, masturbate, shower, and take on the rest of the day completely refreshed.

About four hours later, around dinner time, Emily woke up and found herself restrained in a chair. The blond struggled with the steel restraints on her wrists, ankles, and neck, but could not move. Suddenly, she realized that only her part of the room was lit by a small reading lamp. The other side of the room was only lit by the light of a pink laptop's screen facing opposite of her. In the shadows behind the desk, two women could be seen. One hid back in the shadows.

The woman at the laptop stood up suddenly. The brunette stepped forward, and Emily noticed that she was only wearing a black collar, with a name tag reading "Jessica" hanging from it, and black pumps. As she got closer, the girl's beauty showed in the light. Just as suddenly as she had stood up, the brunette began to speak. "You have been a very bad girl, Emily. You did not return a book from your local library while in high school." The soft spoken, angelic girl looked sad. "Libraries' budgets are being cut nation wide! They need those books for other patrons!"

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