Sun and Fun

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My wife's mother comes to our new lake cottage to help us fix things up. Then my wife fixes me up with her mom.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   InLaws   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

Lauren has been my wife for just over three years now. I own a small medical product supply business that has six people, mostly getting orders processed and delivered along with reordering inventory. I handle the sales side and that means I can take a little time off if I want, which is nice.

Lauren is an operating room nurse supervisor and I had met her about four years ago when I was asked to set up an automatic inventory and reorder system for her hospital to cover the products we supplied.

I started this business right out of college and my father, who has his own successful, if unrelated business, offered to back me with start-up money. I quickly lined-up a group of suppliers who had good products that were competitively-priced, yet needed representation in our area.

I was soon taken with this young, eager nurse-supervisor and asked her out after we had finished our business dealings, though my work with Lauren really didn't involve the actual monetary transactions.

Well, I realize this is a story told many times over but I fell in love with this capable, together, young woman and found out very quickly that she had few inhibitions about her body and the pleasures it can both give and receive.

Yes, Lauren seemed to have an open, accepting attitude about sex, she enjoyed it on both the giving and receiving fronts, even liked to give oral. No, she loved to give oral. That's more the truth.

What did she give as credit for her open attitude? Her mother. Yes, her mom, she says, taught her early on that sex was a good thing and that it came with being human. She also taught her that it brought pleasure and at the very outset of puberty gave her a vibrator for her birthday.

Lauren is a very pretty young woman, blond, shoulder-length hair, blue-gray eyes, ready smile, perfect, white teeth, and a figure that's athletic and solid.

That figure supports two very firm, full breasts, 36-C, each tipped with wide, soft, pink nipples that I love in my mouth. Her waist is trim and narrow with perfect hips for her size. She shaves all over, the only hair she shows is on her head, and she tans all over on the back porch of her mother's house which has a privacy railing all around. She and her mother often tanned together, it seemed.

Now, her mother looks nearly the same as Lauren, just older. She's actually twenty years older but she really looks maybe ten or twelve years her daughter's senior. Yes, people, at times, have figured they were sisters.

Lauren and I both work hard and we used some of the proceeds of our hard work to buy a lake cottage about forty miles away that we could enjoy on weekends and for get-away vacations.

When we bought the place, there needed to be some serious cleaning and we had arranged to both take a week off and give it a thorough going-through. But, we also wanted to use some of our time there to relax and enjoy our new get-away place.

Now, I get on well with Lauren's mother, she's always been nice to me and she'd gone through a particularly nasty divorce two years earlier when she caught her husband with her best friend. Very unpleasant.

So, Lauren knew that her mom would, no doubt, also enjoy some time in a different scene and would also be quite willing to pitch in and help us get the place shipshape. So, she invited her mother who eagerly accepted.

The Friday afternoon came around and we loaded up our car, much of it cleaning supplies, including our heavy-duty vacuum cleaner, and headed to our cabin on the lake. Amy, Lauren's mom, also had a key and she had gone down that morning to begin on her own. She's that kind of person.

When we got there, the bathroom had been done and it was sparkling-clean. She also had said she would bring groceries for the weekend and the fridge was stocked with lunch meat, mayo, hamburgers, mustard, eggs, bacon, all the things we'd need including four bottles of wine. We added our four bottles as well and knew we probably had enough.

She began working in the kitchen while Lauren began in the second bedroom, the one her mom would be using, while I went outside and began cleaning up downed limbs and such.

After a bit, Lauren called me in and there was dinner, prepared and ready on the table, all I had to do was wash my hands and open a bottle of wine whIch I was happy to do.

Over supper we talked about just how happy we were that we'd bought this place and how many years we would enjoy the rest and relaxation that it would bring us. Especially once we had it cleaned and tidied.

There was a satellite dish at the cabin, so we did watch some television but, truthfully, after a full week of work, then several hours of labor after we got to the cabin, well, we were all tired and went off to bed.

The next day also was one where we worked on getting things cleaned and straightened and we had decided that we would take the afternoon and evening off and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

So, after lunch, Amy, Lauren's mom, went off to shower, then Lauren went next. After she was out, I went to scrub the sweat and grime away and now feeling much refreshed, I dried off and pulled on a pair of shorts.

Walking out into the kitchen, I looked out on the deck and there was Lauren and Amy, each stretched out on chaise lounges taking up the afternoon sun ... naked.

Of course, there was nothing new to my eyes with Lauren, she often sunned nude to my great delight in having a wife who was all-over tanned, it was quite sexy.

But it was new to see her mother stretched out getting a head-to-toe tan and, being new to my eyes, they were drawn to her lovely body stretched out next to Lauren's.

Lauren looked back over her shoulder, saw me and yelled for me to bring them two more Margaritas so I got them from the fridge and brought them out.

"You two certainly look comfortable, I must say," I exclaimed as I poured their glasses full.

"Oh we are, hon, look, Mom, I think we're having an effect on my sweet hubby. Maybe it's you, huh?" Lauren said, laughing.

"I suspect it's you, dear, you're twenty years younger and that helps a lot," Amy said.

"Well, let's ask Ray. Is Mom hot? Is she giving you that hard-on?"

"I'll give you an honest answer," I began, "I've seen Lauren many times just like this and, yes, she always has an effect on me but, quite honestly, it's my mother-in-law's rather wonderful body being revealed to me for the first time that's having the greatest effect."

"So, why are we the only one's enjoying the sun and the nice cool air on our bodies, Ray, how about showing Mom the effect she's having on you. Come on, join us," Lauren giggled.

"Yes, Ray, Lauren's right, the sun and the nice breeze is lovely. And, I'm rather interested in what effect I might be having on a handsome young man. It's not very often that I get the chance to judge my allure."

Well, you can think about what you might do but I pulled down my shorts letting my swollen cock outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Then, Amy reached up and let my cock enjoy her hand taking it and giving it a friendly squeeze.

"Oooh, if I helped do that, well, maybe I haven't lost the old magic. You are really hard," she said.

"Gee, Mom, maybe you two should get a room," Lauren laughed.

"I have a room already. And it's all nice and clean and ready," she shot right back to her daughter.

"Mom, you're not suggesting you take my husband to bed? I do see that you're still holding him in your hand and, well, he doesn't look too unhappy about that. What about it, Ray?"

"Hey, I'm just standing here."

Then, Lauren's mom began to pull back and forth, now saying, "Yes, you're standing here and you're wonderfully hard. You're making your mom-in-law very hot and excited."

"Ray, why don't you go see if Mom's room needs any additional attention, herself included. I'll just do my crossword puzzle, have fun, you two," she said rather surprising me but nonetheless pleasing me greatly as I offered my hand to help Amy up. She kept hold of my cock, however, and led me inside to her room where, once inside, she closed the door and we embraced, all our bare skin aglow as we pressed together.

Chapter 2

Her hand was still gripping my cock as we kissed, then, she pulled her head back and asked, "Have you ever wanted this with your mother-in-law? It's a pretty common fantasy, I hear."

"I guess it is and yes, I have, have you?"

"Oh, when you came down the aisle, Ray, in my mind you didn't have a stitch on, at least in my mind. Pretty naughty, huh?"

"Oh, maybe but I like it. Let's see where these fantasies lead us, okay?" I said as she pulled the covers back and we got into bed.

"You know I'm alone these days, Ray, one thing I've always loved is being the one on top. Would you mind if I gave you a good fucking?"

I rolled on to my back and held my cock up as she swung a leg over me and began impaling herself on me, pushing down, taking me deeply inside, then just sitting there a minute as my hands enjoyed her breasts.

"Mmm, let me just feel you inside. Oh, I have missed this so much," she moaned as I felt her vagina tighten, then relax, then tighten again, over and over.

"Oh, just to have you inside is so good," she said lowly as she began to move up and down on me and she leaned forward over me. I pressed her breasts together and began sucking her nipples, both together in my mouth, as she slowly fucked me, her hips rising and falling.

She was as tight as her daughter, maybe even a tad tighter, it seemed. All I knew was that I was getting quite a lovely fuck from my wife's mother who was certainly enjoying it as much as I was.

"Amy, I can't believe we're doing this. I never thought Lauren would go for something like this."

"Well, dear boy, she brought it up about a month ago. Asked me if I was having any sex these days. I told her that, no, it was a big desire in my life, one that even seemed to be growing as the months went by. Then she, just out of the blue, asked me if I thought you were handsome, if I thought you were sexy? Little did I know that when I told her I certainly thought you were, that she'd suggest that she share you with me, that I should take you as my lover. And here we are."

"So, this was planned all along?"

"She'd planned it, yes. It sounds like she didn't talk to you first about it, just asked me to sunbathe with her this afternoon and, I suppose, she just let nature take its course," she laughed as she slowly stroked up and down.

"I suppose she knows me pretty well by now and that if I had her approval that I'd jump at the chance to have sex with my hot mother-in-law."

"Hot? Me? Well, hardly, though I have been so horny lately that I can hardly think straight. She's told me to make sure you satisfy me and give me everything I desire. Isn't she a wonderful daughter?"

"Yes, and quite a remarkable wife."

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