My Twin Sisters
Chapter 2

Copyright© 2012 by Richard the Third

I fell asleep quite tired but also quite happy. The next afternoon after we all got home from school, there was a knock on my door.

I was just working on Math homework so I said, "Come in" and a few seconds later I heard the door close and the lock put in place.

I turned to see my sisters smiling at me as they both took off their school skirts, leaving them in a blouse and panties.

Hope said, "Can we play again, like last night?"

"Is Dad home yet?" I asked.

"No, Mom is but she's all of the way into the kitchen, Charles. Faith told me how good you tasted and I wanted to taste you, please?" Hope said, crawling on my bed, closing my math book.

Just the little bit of conversation we had had got me hard, so I said, "I don't see why not?"

Hope's lips were on me just like that as Faith stayed by the door this time. We were quickly in an embrace and kissing one another quite lustfully. I felt a hand down my pants and we broke our kiss so Hope could pull my pants off. She saw my erection and said, "Hello there — he looks yummy," and took her hand and started to jack me off, much like her sister had done last night.

I looked over and saw Faith rubbing herself and instantly we all heard, "Dinner in 15 minutes!"

Faith stuck her head out and said, "Thanks Mom," quickly closing the door again.

I had told Hope that I was getting close and she took her mouth and glommed onto the end of my hyperextended erection, as she grabbed me by the balls and squeezed --causing an instant and immediate ejaculation on my part as she smiled while I filled her mouth with lots of nice warm juice.

At the door, Faith had her orgasm including seeing her legs practically go out from underneath her.

"DINNER!" was yelled up.

Hope licked her lips and my dick, and leaned over to give me a kiss as they quietly went to put on more clothes first. We all met downstairs to a sweet smelling dinner of Corned beef and cabbage.

We were being quieter than usual, so Mom asked, "Is something going on — you three are usually fighting over everything?"

"Mom, the girls helped me with my homework. We had no reason to fight — I think we might all be growing up, finally. I do know that I could never find a girlfriend as pretty as either of my sisters. They actually asked me if I was gay — can you believe that?" I said looking at them all.

"That's a very adult thing for you to say, Charles — and how did you answer their question?" mom asked.

"I gave each of them a kiss, on the lips — after that they finally agreed that I wasn't gay."

Mom's forehead furrowed as she said, "You kissed your sisters ... on the lips? I don't know if I approve of that, but if it settled the problem, then OK. I'd be careful with that type of affection between a brother and sister. It could unintentionally lead to more ... disturbing things."

"Like what?" Faith asked, eating a bite of dinner.

"Yeah, Mom — like what?" Hope asked as well.

I could tell that Mom was a little tortured over how to answer this but it was a blast watching her face doing its contortions.

"Things that a boy and girl ... should only do after they are married to one another, those kinds of things," mom finally said.

I asked, "Does that mean I could marry one of my sisters and then do naughty things to her — because we're married?"

The girls both giggled deliciously as I threw this query at our mother.

"First of all, its illegal and immoral to marry your own sister. There are very specific laws against it and its very high on the 'Icky factor' of things not to do," mom responded.

"Really Mom, the 'Icky factor?' How about if I were to give you a kiss on the lips — is that 'Icky?'" I said.

She looked at me for just a bit too long before she said, "Yes, that is also 'Icky.'"

"Even if it was a real good - hot kiss, Mom?" Faith followed.

"Yeah, what if it was one of those 'good all over kisses' like you see on TV and in the movies, Mom?" Hope asked.

"I ... don't know how this conversation started, but let's all just eat dinner please — Your father is working late, and I have things to do after dinner," mom concluded.

We ate the rest of the meal in relative silence, occasionally looking at one another, being caught by Mom who had a curious smile on her face most of the rest of the meal.

I took everyone's plates to the sink, as the girls helped me clear the table and put the leftovers into the fridge. I rinsed off the plates and loaded the dishwasher. I felt guilty over the way we were all teasing Mom.

I felt arms enveloping me from behind, not sure which of my sisters this was as I heard, "Charles — I'm sorry. That was clearly the strangest dinner conversation we've had in quite some time. I know you care for your sisters, just be careful around them — you are all still so young and impressionable..."

I spun in place and gave my Mom a kiss directly on the lips, waiting to see how long before she pushed me away. She had started to kiss back as my hands dropped to her butt ... then she pulled back and said, "Wow, that wasn't icky after all, but it was still highly inappropriate Charles — thank you for clearing and loading. You are going to make someone a marvelous husband!"

"Thank you ... Sarah — I'm sorry ... it seemed that you needed that kiss, is everything good between you and Dad?"

"Don't worry honey, we'll work it out — we always do, where did you learn to kiss like that anyway?"

"A gentleman never divulges his secrets, Sarah — Tell me if you need another anytime, they're free for you."

"You sure got the moves of your father, Charles — including the roaming hands I felt. Now, get out of here and finish your homework."

As I left, she slapped me on the butt.

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