Even More Family Secrets
Chapter 8

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 8 - As Dave Adams continues to grow up, he uncovers more and more of his peculiat family's past.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Extra Sensory Perception   Incest   Cousins   Uncle   Niece   Aunt   Nephew   InLaws   Swinging   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Pregnancy   Voyeurism  

Finding Vinca and Acacia collaborating on a brunch made for an excellent follow-up to what had been a great night. The cook and dietician had joined forces to design and create a meal that combined taste and nutritional value in the best way possible, and as Dave watched them going about their business he allowed his thoughts to drift back to the events that had transpired the previous evening.

After the first round of intercourse in the pool, the three pairs retired to separate bedrooms for rounds two, three, and in Ed and Erica's case, rounds four and five as well. Dave found that surprising, since Ed was more of an endurance fucker who could hold out for a long time, but could come less frequently within a two-hour span than his brothers could.

He glanced at Dahlia nibbling on the tip of a banana as she leafed through Vinca's cook book and realized that, given Ed's lack of enthusiasm with her, it was probably a good thing that she hadn't been awake to hear Ed and Erica's fourth and fifth round of intercourse. Instead, she woke up in a great mood, and they had sex in the shower, with him holding her up against the wall of the shower stall with no problem. In that sense she was a better match for him than Iris. She had also fit perfectly when they were spooning.

Suddenly feeling guilty for his train of thought, Dave looked away. His eyes fell on Vinca's jiggling cleavage instead, causing him to wonder when he'd get to bury his face between those melons. Since that view only made matter worse, he shifted his gaze to the left, where it encountered Acacia bending over as she looked for something in a cupboard. Those long legs ending in a perfect pair of buttocks would not improve matters either. Defeated, Dave just looked at the ceiling instead. There was just too much temptation around.

"Here you go, guinea pig," Vinca said, sliding something over the counter to Dave.

Taking care not to look at her cleavage, Dave looked down and saw a pile of pancakes embedded with pieces of fruit and covered with a homemade fruity condiment Vinca had just made. "Looks good."

"I hope it tastes as good as it looks, and that it leaves you feeling full too," Acacia said in a muffled voice, her head still buried in the cupboard. "We tried to keep junk calories as low as possible ... where is the cheese grater?"

"Is that what you're looking for?" Vinca asked, rolling her eyes as she reached for a rack stretching around the cooking island. "It's hanging from rack here!"

"Interception!" Frank yelled. He'd come seemingly out of nowhere and tried to snatch Dave's plate away. He wasn't nearly as quick as usual, however, and Dave was able to rescue his food

"Too slow, junior!"

Frank shrugged. "Only because I'm a little drained. I came nine times in the last sixteen hours."

"Wow," Acacia exclaimed. "That's a little over once every two hours."

"Yeah, it's a personal best," Frank said, grinning proudly. Twice with Aunt Ronnie before the trick or treaters arrived, once in the pool with Iris, and twice more in bed before I had to rest a little and we fell asleep at around 2:30 am. Then twice more between 6 and 7:30 am, once when I woke at 9:30 and the last time in the shower just now."

"And you're only a little drained?" Vinca asked.

Dave was more worried about the state of Iris' pussy after such a lengthy campaign. Of course, he knew that if Frank had rendered her useless for the rest of the weekend, he might be able to negotiate for access to more strange pussy.

"Well, more than a little," Frank admitted. "But hey, what about Ed, eh? I think the Vulcan finally went into pon farr." he continued.

Panic gripped Dave as he connected the dots. Since Frank and Iris' room had been closer to Ed and Erica's, they had probably heard them more clearly than Dave had.

"Pon what?" Dahlia asked, looking up from Vinca's cook book. She was apparently only a casual viewer of Star Trek, and had not realized that pon farr was the part of the Vulcan species' mating cycle in which the urge to mate became unstoppable.

Dave saw an opportunity to salvage the situation. "A state of deep meditation," he quickly said, giving Frank as meaningful a glance as he could muster as he handed him his plate with pancakes. "Here, go chow down ... get your strength back up."

"Okaaaay..." Frank replied doubtfully. Dave could see that there were some questions on his mind, but fortunately he chose not to voice them.

Glancing at Dahlia to gauge whether she found the exchange suspicious, he was glad to see that she hadn't noticed anything. Still, if Ed and Erica's bedroom chemistry continued when they came down for brunch, Dahlia was bound to notice it, so Dave knew he had some interference to run.

"I'll be right back," he said, getting up.

"Hurry back, or Frank will also eat the batch of pancakes I'll be making next," Vinca called after him.

Dave exited the kitchen and raced up the stairs to the room Ed and Erica had retired to after the naked Marco Polo game. The door was locked, and knocking got him no answer. Fortunately, he knew where the master key was kept, and he rushed down two flights of stairs to the recording room in the basement level, where he found James editing footage of Veronica riding Frank.

"Hey James, I need the master key," he said, moving towards a small safe.

"What for?" James asked.

"I need to break up Ed and Erica before Dahlia finds them."

"What for?" James asked again.

"They've pretty much fucked non-stop all night, which, given Ed's lack of enthusiasm for Dahlia--"

James grinned as he caught on. "Ah, I see."

"I'd appreciate it if you could stop Dahlia from going upstairs too," Dave added.

"Where is she now?"


"Okay, I'll help you avert disaster, but you'll owe" James said, as he got up and left the room

Dave retrieved the key from the safe and raced back up the stairs. Then he unlocked the door and carefully opened it, and was met by the grunts and moans of Ed and Erica, who were oblivious to his entry.

Both were flushed pink as Ed lay on top of Erica, fucking into her with small movements, obviously seeking to retain as much penetration as possible at any given time. Erica clearly encouraged this, since she had her calves crossed around his thrusting buttocks.

This wasn't the methodical intercourse Dave was used to seeing his brother engage in. This was pure, unadulterated, primal rutting, and just as he began to wonder how he was going to interrupt them to announce his presence, Erica threw her head back and seized up as she began to come, uttering a long, drawn-out moan. Ed followed as if on cue, pressing his hips into hers while his ass clenched spasmodically as he fired off into her womb.

"Curious," Ed said, after they came down from their orgasmic high. "I can't last past your orgasm despite my best efforts.

"I really don't mind that," Erica replied after giving him a quick peck on the lips. "What I'm worried about is how I can possibly tell Sis about this."

"We're on the same page there," Dave said, choosing that moment to jump in.

"Dave, get out!" Erica yelled, looked incensed.

"Hmmm, given the episode in the pool yesterday I didn't think you'd have a problem with my intrusion here."

"That was different. You were blindfolded and we were all mostly under water!"

"Sorry to invade your privacy, then. Still, you'll have to spare a moment. Frank and I heard you last night. Dahlia, fortunately, did not, so we can still formulate a strategy to deal with her. And keep your voice down! Do you want her to come up here and find you two like this?"

"Sorry," she mumbled, although she still looks mutinous.

"For now, I need you two to clean up, come downstairs and act normal. Can you do that?"

Ed frowned. "I will do my best, but Erica elicits a strong physical reaction from me. I haven't felt anything like it before."

Dave though fast. "So you'll have to be kept apart. Have brunch separately. I've already told James what is going on, and he's helping me run interference."

"How long will we have to pretend?" Erica asked, looking very unhappy at the prospect of separation.

"Dahlia's already accepted that Ed isn't her perfect match, so that's no longer an obstacle. We still need to tread carefully, though. I'll talk to Aunt Ronnie. She might know a solution.

"And what about Frank?" Ed asked.

Dave smirked."After his exposure to Aunt Ronnie and Iris, I have a feeling that Frank won't mind if Erica suggests a period of non-exclusivity on the sexual front. As long as he gets to empty his balls regularly, he'll be happy. Anyway, take a shower... separately ... and come down one by one as well." When he saw the neither of them started to make a move, he stepped towards the bed. "Ed, you'd better shower and dress somewhere else too. Erica ... in the shower, now!"

After waiting for Ed to finish showering and dressing, and escorting him to the kitchen counter where breakfast was waiting, Dave went to Veronica's chambers, where he found her breastfeeding her twins simultaneously.

She looked up and smiled. "Morning, Dave. Did you have fun last night?"

"I did, although I feel it may come at a cost."

"How so?"

"Ed had a lot of fun with Erica," Dave began. "So much fun that Dahlia might not appreciate it, I fear. They really clicked on multiple levels. That's why I'm here. I need some advice on how to prevent any unnecessary drama."

Veronica frowned. "I see. Well, my advice to you is to let things run their course."

"Are you serious?" Dave asked incredulously.

"Deadly. Your intentions are admirable, but this can only be resolved by some sort of catharsis. The sooner, the better." Then she smirked. "But nothing prevents you from consoling Dahlia afterward. I'm pretty sure Iris will have her hands full ... or rather, her pussy ... with Frank this weekend."

"She might need some help," Dave said, remembering Frank's report of the events, and that it took Erica and Dahlia fucking him simultaneously to satisfy him without their pussies suffering from sexual attrition.

"She'll be fine. She's really been exercising those kegel muscles since the summer holidays. She can hold more weight with her pussy-muscles and can flip over a ceramic egg in her pussy over four times as quickly as she could over the summer.

"Sounds like she's been holding out on me," Dave said. He hadn't had the opportunity to fuck her nearly enough these past few months, but he knew he would have noticed her progress if what Veronica was saying were true.

Veronica giggled. "Oops, I've said the much. She has been holding out on you. She wanted her progress to be a surprise. Anyway, that's why I'm confident she'll be able to cope with his amazing recovery time and keep his balls drained. She won't have any time for you, though. But that will mean that she won't mind if you take care of Dahlia this weekend."

"Great ... I've asked James to run interference for nothing, but I'll still owe him that favor now," Dave grumbled.

"He'll be too busy to collect on it this weekend. Mirela will be arriving later this afternoon, and I'm sure she'll keep him occupied. Her brother, your Uncle Stefan, will be with her. His ship's been dry-docked for a major overhaul, so he flew up here to spend some time with her, and she thought it would be a good opportunity to let him meet the extended family. It's a shame that your father and Michelle couldn't make it here this weekend. They said they'd love to meet him."

"We'll have to snap an instant photo that Frank can take home to show Dad," Dave said, and turned to leave.

"Hold on, Dave."

Dave turned back. "Yes?"

"You have a G2 license, right?"

Dave nodded proudly. He had been able to take the G1 road test 8 months after turning 16 because he chose to take classes from an official instructor.

"Then you're allowed to drive to Toronto by yourself with a single passenger under 19. If the the thought of losing to her little sister proves too distressing, as I suspect it will, take Dahlia on a shopping trip. Ask James for my credit card and the keys to the Stingray. Once you're in town you can also buy an instant photo camera. I don't have one of those, but it occurred to me that I might want to take pictures that I don't want to send out to be developed., if you catch my meaning."

"You're letting me take your classic Corvette?"

Veronica rolled her eyes exasperatedly. "I just implied that I'd be taking sexy pictures, but all you took away from that is that you'd get to drive the Stingray? Men!"

Dave smiled bashfully. "Sorry. I was just surprised. Why not the Ranger Rover?"

"James will need the Range Rover later, so you can't take that. But I trust you with my classic car."

Dave allowed his mind to wander as he imagined himself behind the wheel of Veronica's black, big block 1965 corvette. He was beginning to hope that a shopping trip would indeed be necessary, but he still had to work out how to inform Dahlia of Ed and Erica's chemistry.

"Thanks for the help. Aunt Ronnie."

"Don't mention it. I know how it is to have a feud with a sister over a boy. I feel that I'm obligated to prevent it from occurring in the next generation.

Dahlia's reaction to the discovery that Ed and Erica had really hit it off turned out to be mixed rather than completely negative. Though she hadn't explicitly said anything, it was obvious that she was wondering what her little sister had that she didn't, because she did not have the eagle eye she typically did when prowling through shopping malls. They had already been through several buildings linked by the PATH, but she hadn't expressed any interest in shopping so far.

Dave squeezed Dahlia's arm, which was linked with his. "You okay? We've been here for two hours, but you're hardly even paying attention to the shops."

"Shopping's sort of pointless with just you along. If a girl asks a guy how she looks look in a skirt or a top, he'll just say what he thinks she wants to hear to get the shopping over with."

"While that may be true for most other girls shopping with other guys, it isn't true in our case."

"How so?" Dahlia asked suspiciously.

"If you were to ask me how a top looks on you and I'd say it looks great, I wouldn't be lying. You really do look good in everything."

Dahlia was only moderately successful in suppressing a smile, and utterly failed to suppress her blushing reflex. "Okay, I can see why Aunt Ronnie sent you along. But I just can't understand what Erica has that I don't."

Dave smiled. She had finally said it.

"About as many things that you have, which she doesn't. Your sister is your opposite in many ways. You're dark and temperamental, with a beauty that's intimidating to men and enviable to women. She's very fair, patient, approachable and adorable. Where you repel, your little sister attracts."

"I can't help being so hot that women hate my guts and guys automatically assume I'm out of their league."

"Of course you can't," Dave assured her. "But I wasn't just talking about that. Haven't you noticed how kids react to her? Or how strange dogs and cats, or even normally skittish wild animals such as deer or squirrels approach her if she calls them?"

"Are you saying she's so appealing to Ed due to a primal part of his brain?"

"Hard to believe Ed still has a primal part in his brain, right?"


Nevertheless, he does, and I'm leaning towards that as a possible explanation."

Dahlia frowned pensively. "Interesting hypothesis." Then her gaze caught a sign. "CN Tower! Wanna go? I don't feel like shopping, so we might as well do something the you'll enjoy too."

"I like your idea. But it would be a shame to go up there and not take any pictures. Aunt Ronnie wanted me to buy an instant photo camera anyway."

"Why does she want an instant camera?"

"She wants to take the sort of pictures that she doesn't want to send away to be developed."

"You could buy one of those new digital cameras," Dahlia suggested.

"How do you know about those?" Dave asked, surprised, since she never struck him as particularly interested in technology.

"Helloooo... model?" Dahlia said, flicking shiny black tresses. "I do sometimes listen when the photographers talk shop, you know."

"Ah, that would explain that," Dave admitted. "But I don't think Aunt Ronnie would want me to blow the budget. Right now the only ones with worthwhile definition cost thousands of dollars. It's better to wait until the technology becomes more common to buy one of those. That's why aunt Ronnie is sticking with video tapes for the next couple of years, until DVD recording equipment becomes more common. Now ... where is a place where they sell these cameras?"

Dahlia giggled. "Relax, Dave. Yours truly knows exactly where to go."

After navigating PATH like a homing pigeon and taking them straight to a shop that sold cameras and instant film, Dahlia guided Dave to the closest metro station, from where they traveled to Union Station. From Union station, they walked the rest of the way to CN Tower. Dave purchased a pair of tickets to the first layers of decks. They decided not to go all the way to the top, though, since it would be too much of a wait.

Still, the view from the lower deck was impressive enough. He could see the islands of Lake Ontario, and the airstrip of Billy Bishop on its peninsula. Nearly directly below, he could see the stadium where the Blue Jays played their home games, although the dome was presently closed.

Dave was sure that none of the heterosexual men up there were paying any attention to the vista anymore after Dahlia showed up and took off her coat. She just looked far too stunning in a short black skirt with its matching tight turtleneck, combined with knee-high black boots. She had modeled her choice of outfit after that year's Valentino fall and winter collection.

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