Heather's Family
Chapter 5

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 5 - Heather loved her twin brother Steve. Their love leads to unplanned pregnancy and Heather has to make her way in life. Now she wants to find her brother and family so that her children can be past of a full family. Strong incest theme all sexual proclivities thrown in.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Grand Parent   Uncle   BDSM   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   White Male   White Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Fisting   Sex Toys   Bestiality   Food   Lactation   Water Sports   Enema   Scatology   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Flatulence   Spitting   Size   Hairy   Big Breasts   Menstrual Play  

Part 1

I woke up very late Sunday morning. It was about to be noon. Kerri was buried inside my left arm and Tim in my right arm. Their soft snores filled me with peace and happiness.

I kissed Kerri's shit filled nose. Tim slowly started to wake up. His rick hard cock was digging in my thighs. I rolled towards Kerri so she would not be disturbed. Tim lifted my right thigh and gently pushed his massive cock inside my brutalized sore and lacerated ass. I bit hard on my lip and Tim's hand grabbed my breasts and squeezed then painfully. I bit hard on my lip trying not to scream.

Tim's finger and thumb pinched my very sore nipples that were cracked and tender from brutal clamps.

Tim fucked my sore painful ass with his monster cock and my moans escaped my lips despite my best attempts to have very quiet sex with my son.

Kerri fluttered her eyelashes caked with her brother's shit and smiled and kissed my open mouth. I held my daughter's face and started to lick her face. I softened the dry shit on her eyelashes and sucked it off. I pushed my tongue in my daughter's nostrils and tried to separate the shit filling her nostrils. Failing that I drooled my saliva in her nose and pinched her nose with my finger and thumb.

I suddenly tensed and inadvertently bit on my daughter's nose. I came torrentially and Tim almost crushed my nipples. I pushed my tongue in my daughter's nostrils and managed to loosen up the shit flakes and slowly they started to separate from inside of Kerri's nostrils and float in my eager mouth.

Kerri rubbed my cunt and then pushed her three fingers inside rubbing her brother's cock pistoning inside my rectum. I mauled Kerri's breasts and kissed her shit and cum caked face as my rectum convulsed around my son's massive cock.

Tim and Kerri had made me cum five times with essentially very languid fucking when my other three sons slowly woke up.

Rick placed himself behind his sister's back and soon his cock was travelling up her shit filled rectum. Tim held me tight and rolled on to his back and Rick did the same. Tom buried his cock in my cunt and Jake filled his sister's cunt.

My four sons fucked their sister and me for next hour before they all came grunting softly inside Kerri and mine ass and cunt.

While we were catching our breaths Kerri whispered, "I am going to make some breakfast. What will you like?"

I kissed my daughter lovingly.

"Kerri, your shit and egg omelet will be great," Rick moved his still rampant cock lazily in Kerri's ass.

"How about shit and honey pancakes?" Tim ground his cock in my ass and nibbled on my earlobe making me moan.

"Then start giving me your delicious shit, boys," Kerri giggled.

"Can we stay back and fuck mom until you get the breakfast ready?" Jake bit on his sister's nose affectionately.

"I would like to see our beautiful mom exhausted with hundred orgasms while I get BF ready," Kerri squeezed her brothers' cocks with her vaginal and anal muscles.

We disentangled and filled the tray with a large mound of warm fragrant shit. We also filled the jug with our urine. Kerri walked awkwardly as her sore cunt and ass hurt after savage fucking towards kitchen with tray filled shit and jug filled with urine.

I was treated to tag fucking by my four sons. They took me in turn for next two hours in my ass and cunt. My body was shaking and shuddering with repeated orgasms before my sons exploded inside me in turn.

We all made our way to delicious breakfast. The shit filled eggs was simply divine. Kerri's shit and honey-layered pancakes were her specialty.

We ate heartily and after a lazy afternoon TV my sons were ready to take up where they had left before breakfast. The rest of the Sunday was filled with my screams and moans as my sons tortured me both with pain and love. Kerri was not spared as well. By late night I was unconscious as was Kerri.

I woke up in my bedroom and all my five children were sharing my bed. My 'Monday-Mother' woke up and I started to get my children ready for school. Kerri's breasts were bruised. We drank each other's warm urine. I went down to prepare breakfast.

I slept all day once I came back after dropping my five children to school. My body was bruised all over. My nipples were cracked. My anus mucosa was hurting and most likely my sons had torn the mucosal lining.

I had the dinner ready by the time I went to pick up my children. The afterschool pattern was quite similar everyday. My sons wanted good fucking before they would go up to finish their homework.

I would drink the urine of all five of them as they brought their full bladders home for me. This had not changed for over six years.

Kerri and I took two each and they changed places before filling our cunts and asses with their cum.

All five would go and finish homework while I laid out the dinner. We would watch TV for a short while. Two of my sons would take me to my bedroom while the other two would sleep with their sister.

Part 2

The week passed happily. On Friday after dropping kids to school as usual I threw my clothes off and padded off naked to gym when doorbell chimed. I hurriedly pulled on a silk gown surprised at this unannounced visit.

I opened the door and almost screamed. A man about seven feet four inches tall and enormous as a mountain stood smiling anxiously.

I was about to scream 'Daddy' when my brain warmed me that this man was about my age even though he looked exactly like my father when I last saw him.

Then my brain screamed with pain so delicious that I swayed as if about to fall. Only man who could look like my father would be my Stevie, my brother, father of my children.

I could barely breathe. I whispered, 'Stevie!" and swayed on my feet and lost consciousness.

I came to in the arms of my giant brother who sat on the dining chair with me in his lap. His eyes were streaming. I started to cry. This was not crying. I wailed like a wounded animal. I sobbed and my loud cries of pain that I had endured came pouring out.

My tears ran over my face. Steve kissed my face and cried silently. I wailed and howled. My nose ran. My open sobbing mouth let my saliva ran from corners of my mouth.

I clung onto my brother's neck. I cried until I lost my voice. I was heaving dry sobs. Steve let me settle down. His eyes were still wet. His arms were painfully tight around my body and that made me feel safe and secure in way I had forgotten existed.

Steve lifted my face and kissed me gently all over my puffy, flushed face. He licked every trace of my tears, saliva and snot.

I could time pass without any motion or word. I was in my brothers arms and I could die now happy but for my children.

Steve kissed my hair and started to speak softly.

After Steve had left uncle's house he made a life of his own and was a rich as I was by the time he was nineteen. He searched high and low for me. I kissed my brother's lips and told him about my changed name.

He smiled sadly and nodded. He never gave up and only last year his close friend in his software empire in whom he had confided his love for his sister came up with the idea that I might have taken a surname based on his name. They produced all the combinations of his name and traced me.

I started to cry again and crushed my sobbing mouth on my brother's, "How are dad and mom," I asked with deep fear and apprehension.

"They are with me, Hattie," my brother always called me Hattie, "They were inconsolable when they heard I lost you."

I cried some more, 'Stevie, take me to living room. I will show you the picture of our children."

"CHILDREN?" Steve whispered making me smile anticipating the surprise waiting for my brother.

The family room walls were covered with our children's pictures. Steve gasped and started to cry as he saw five beautiful children from tiny babies to fourteen years old gorgeous teens.

Steve looked at me with fierce love. His eyes burnt with fiery love. I looked meekly into my brother's eyes and whispered feebly, "Stevie, in my bed please."

Steve followed my eyes and soon we were in the bed that still had evidence of the lovemaking with Jake and Rick who had slept with me last night.

My gown was open and slid off as my brother put me on bed. Steve removed his clothes hurriedly. His giant frame now had some curly hair on his chest and thighs.

His boxers revealed his cock and my breathing stopped. As happens quite often a silly thought erupts in mind when there is overdrive of emotions, 'Kerri sweetie, if you think your brothers are painfully huge wait till you see how much bigger your brothers are going to be.'

My Stevie had grown by at least another eight or nine inches. His cock had acquired few inches of girth.

Steve looked at my bruised body but said nothing.

Stevie climbed over me and I buried my nails on his arms. There was no need for foreplay the anguished love we had missed needed some exorcising and my brother would use my body to do that.

Stevie crushed his mouth over mine. His inhuman cock found my cunt. "Stevie, take me now. Stevie take your sister. She has lived without her brother for so many years. STEVIE FUCK ME," I hissed with choked voice.

Steve lunged into me and I screamed with pain that gave me more pleasure than I could imagine.

I dragged my nails along my brother's arms and he slammed his cock again scratching his skin. I screamed loudly and my brother lunged again burying his cock inside my cunt. The pain was excruciating as my cunt was stretched than it had been ever before.

Steve bit on my lip hard and his hips rose and his cock rose out of my cunt like titanic and then he slammed it back in one savage lunge inside my cunt where it belonged. My hungry pussy recalled my brother's loving cock and wanted more even it hurt so much that the pain became the reward for accepting the love of my brother.

Steve fucked me savagely. His suppressed desire to own me and crush me to express his love was tangible as was my wish to crawl under his skin and merge with my brother so that we would never ever part.

Steve fucked me holding me tight in his arms. His lips explored every millimeter of my face. His mouth covered my nose and his tongue licked the contours of my nose and then fucked my nostrils. His hips rose and fell and I moaned and shrieked as his cock filled me painfully.

I came with so much pain added to the released my orgasm gave me that left me breathless.


"Hattie, how beautiful you are. I have missed you every minute of fifteen years," Stevie hissed into my mouth and continued to take me in my pussy with relentless intensity that was making me cum every minute and the fact that my twin brother's cock was back inside my cunt made me dizzy. I dug my nails in his arms to make sure he was not a figment of my fantasy.

Steve slammed his cock inside me and I wailed with another orgasm. I screamed as my brother's mammoth cock stretched the walls of my cunt more than they had been all my life. Steve fucked me with one pace- that was fierce, brutal and he slammed his cock with a loud slapping sound. I clung to his body shaking and moaning. Stevie and I needed that catharsis. I screamed as one orgasm followed with another each filled me with pleasure that was almost painful.

"STEVIE, HOW HAVE I MEEESED YOOOO. STEEEVIEEEE I AAAAMMM CUUUUMEEEENNNN," my wails rang against the walls of my bedroom.

My pussy was hammered for over and hour, before my brother grunted and held me tight squeezing all the breath out of my body. Steve exploded inside my cunt. My pussy convulsed around his monster cock. I felt his virile potent cum that had given us five beautiful children against my pussy walls.

Stevie whispered as he always did when he came his mouth crushing mine, "I love you Hattie."

My brother's hot cum filling my cunt and his manly deep voice whispering in my ear sent me crashing into another orgasm.

Part 3

Steve and I took many minutes to settle down, "Hattie, I have to go to. Have you been?"

I blushed as the sweet heavenly delicious taste of my brother's shit and piss that I had missed for years came flooding back.

Steve took me to the bathroom. I hurriedly sat on the floor and held my brother's massive cum and my sexjuices coated cock and his warm golden urine filled my mouth. I closed my eyes to hold back tears as the memories of our love torn apart by my running away filled me sadness.

I swallowed my brother's heavenly fragrant urine after rolling it in my mouth. My cunt started to fill with my juices just as my mouth once again was filled with my brother's piss.

I savored each mouthful of my brother's urine until his cock throbbed and could only spurt few drops. I licked the pee-hole to lick the last drop as Steve milked his champagne bottle thick cock-shaft.

I hungrily stroked my brother's smooth muscular massive ass cheeks and my finger found his anal ring and traced the wrinkly tight muscular ring. Steve felt my hunger and quickly pushed me down on my back. His immensely large ass loomed over my face. I pulled his ass crack over my mouth and licked the sweat, and body fluids collected there after a long flight. I saw my brother push his anus out until it started to open slowly. I saw a hard brown huge column of shit soon filled the anal opening. I inhaled the divine fragrance that wafted towards my nostrils.

I could not hold back my ears as I saw the lobulated surface of my brother's shit. I sobbed and opened my mouth. Steve pushed hard and soon I had a six inches long thick log of my brother's shit. I held the log of steaming shit in my fingers and sucked on the leading end until the hard nodular surface started to melt like chocolate and the lobular shit was as smooth as banana.

I chewed on a large bite and savored the taste, texture and above all the aroma of my brother's shit as my cunt juices flowed uncontrollably. I licked my fingers as I last bite of the first log of my brother's shit.

Steve pushed another prodigious column of firm shit. It was every bit as sweet and delicious as the first one. I hungrily sucked, mulched and chewed my brother's shit. My Stevie's rectum was really loaded. I was cumming even without touching myself by the time I swallowed the fourth large firm column of shit. Stevie finished by dropping three soft ribbons in my mouth.

Steve whispered, "Hattie, how have I missed you. I dreamt of your soft beautiful body, your warm soft pussy, your sweet fragrant piss and equally sweet delicious shit."

I kissed my brother's mouth as his lips trembled and eyes started to fill up, "Stevie, we are together now. We have a lovely family and nothing can separate us now."

Steve kissed my tears that started to run over my flushed cheeks.

Soon I controlled myself and wanted to quench my brother's thirst that was as intense as mine.

My brother closed his eyes and rolled my warm urine in his mouth and I knew just as his piss did to me mine urine had woken up all the memories of our teen years and undying love.

I filled Stevie's mouth repeatedly with warm golden urine and each mouthful filled his face with immense pleasure. Stevie licked my piss soaked lush bush to lick every drop of my piss.

I stationed my much wider, bigger and soft ass over my brother. His huge hands massaged my generous ass cheeks and his whisper carried his love clearly to my ears, "Hattie, you are even more beautiful now. I am so fortunate to have you as my sister and mother of our children?"

My brother's hand pulled my ass over his mouth and he kissed the whole expanse of my ass cheeks and licked my anus making it open of its accord.

I started to push and soon my firm shit emerged out of my anus and Stevie grabbed it in his mouth waiting for me to pinch my anus and break the log. I did and had the tremendous pleasure of watching the firm log of my steaming shit drop inside my brother's open mouth filling it and soon his lips closed and his mouth sucked and savored my shit. My cunt juices started to run again.

My brother swallowed the mouthful of my shit and I was ready to push a smaller but still a firm log of shit. Stevie sucked on my shit and it melted like chocolate bar before he chewed the rest and swallowed.

I pushed again and giggled as I let loose a loud blast of wind that was as fragrant as my shit as a long soft ribbon of creamy shit emerged and rolled like Swiss-roll in my brother's mouth. Stevie inhaled and squeezed my ass cheeks expressing his love and he simply rolled my shit and swallowed as it was so soft that hardly needed any chewing. I could offer another small amount of soft shit before my rectum was empty. My cunt juices were leaking over my brother's chin. I saw his mammoth eighteen inches champagne bottle thick inhuman cock steel hard.

"Stevie, please fuck your sister," I almost hissed my bursting love filled lusty desire for my estranged brother who had come back.

Steve picked me up in his arms with me facing away. His strong hands were under my meaty chunky thighs and he lifted me on his hands as if I was sitting on an invisible chair. Steve adjusted my ass crack on his mammoth cock and found my shit coated anal opening. I could see my brother's gargantuan cockhead aligned on my anus. The incongruity of the size of my tiny anal ring and my brother's colossus size filled me with lust that was tinged with apprehension that heightened my desires even more.

My brother drooped his hands letting my weight do the job. My anal ring, that had barely healed from my son's savage lovemaking on our birthday, was forced wide open and no sooner it had engulfed my brother's cock head my weight impaled my rectum on my brother's cock until my soft ass rested on his cock's massive root.

My scream must have shaken the walls of bathroom. My ass was on fire and blinding white pain overwhelmed my senses. Stevie grunted, as my tight anus must have scraped his soft silky smooth skin of his behemoth of a cock. My eyes bugged out as I watched in the bathroom wall-to-wall mirror my giant brother's titanic cock sped inside my tortured rectum.

Stevie lifted my ass up and his cock emerged out of my torn ass. Apart from a creamy coating of brown shit, my brother's cock was adorned with bright red streaks of blood from ravaged anus. I was sobbing as my lust went wild with the sight of my ass impaled on my brother's mammoth shit and blood coated shaft. Stevie dropped me again and my sob turned into a long wail. My brother fucked my ass using his powerful arms to literally throw me up and letting me fall on his cock.

I was cumming as my ass skewered on my brother's cock for the tenth time. Stevie fucked me standing up in the bathroom for over an hour. My screams had mellowed into low-pitched wails and sobs. My breasts swung up and down hurting my chest. My brother's cock opened my anus and rectum wider than ever before.

I was cumming non-stop and my body started to slump a bit. Stevie put me on the bathroom floor on my hands and knees. He grabbed my generously huge soft breasts and his strong large hands closed over my aching soft breasts. My brother mauled my breasts with similar brutality he used to fuck my ass.

I moaned and sobbed. My brother was tireless. His hips moved effortlessly with blinding sped as he plundered his sister's ass with love filled savagery.

Stevie filled my as with his cum as I dropped flat on the floor tired with my orgasms. Stevie took me back to bedroom. My brother fucked for another three hours when I lost my consciousness.

I woke up and my brother kissed me so softly with love that I had to fight hard not to cry, 'Hattie, it is school pick up time. Shall I come with you?"

I sensed some anxiety in my brother's voice. My heart could burst with my love for my giant brother, "Stevie, your children adore you. They have kept you in their heart even as if you are around them every day. Let me go and pick them up while you shower."

Stevie kissed me. I took a quick shower to become presentable but I knew the strong aroma of sex with my brother was too strong to vanish.

My five beautiful children saw our blue SUV custom built by BMW. They all piled in. I drove towards home but diverted towards the forest path from our driveway.

My children who had smelled sex on their mother too fresh to be from that morning knew intuitively that I had something to say before we reached home. We all sat on the grass.

I recounted arrival of their father and started to cry. They al crushed me as my five children tried to hold me all at once. We all cried and talked.

Eventually we set off. Once inside the hall the sight of the giant seven feet four inches frame of a man whose face resembled the fifteen years boy who had made sister pregnant equal numbers of years ago left no doubt in their mind that our family was complete. Stevie stood with tears in his eyes and his giant huge arms wide spread. Kerrie started to cry and screamed, 'DADDY'. My boys who had become 'men' to look after their mother and sister all of a sudden behaved and looked like fourteen years old they were. They started to cry too and my brother held our children tight.

We took a long time to settle. They asked all kind of questions to fill the gaps of the lost years. Kerri impishly had claimed her daddy's lap and would not move.

For the first time in six years my children had missed to give their mother the sweet drink of their urine and my boys had forgotten to fuck their mother after coming home from school. They eventually settled down.

"Look, your daddy comes home and all of you have forgotten your mom. She always gets your full bladder every afternoon and then her boys fuck her in kitchen," I sobbed and said silly things as my happiness of my brother holding our children made me silly with too much love bursting out of each pore of my body.

My intelligent children ignored my silly comments and laughed at me still their eyes wet with happy tears.

Kerri kissed her father on his nose, "Daddy, we have to have another birthday celebration."

I nodded still sobbing with emotions. My brother too had turned thirty like me.

"Hattie, can I have our children's piss today?" My brother kissed his daughter on her nose.

I sobbed and nodded laughing stupidly. We all rushed upstairs to bathroom. Clothes came off quickly.

Kerri's eyes flew wide open as she saw her father's monster. I knew her thoughts were like mine. She immediately imagined the sight of her brothers in few years supporting similar mammoth cock. My sons quietly looked at their father's penis filled with obvious pride that their father had passed on the loving titanic tool to make love with their mother and sister.

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