Heather's Family
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by Dirty Amber

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Heather loved her twin brother Steve. Their love leads to unplanned pregnancy and Heather has to make her way in life. Now she wants to find her brother and family so that her children can be past of a full family. Strong incest theme all sexual proclivities thrown in.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Grand Parent   Uncle   BDSM   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   White Male   White Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Fisting   Sex Toys   Bestiality   Food   Lactation   Water Sports   Enema   Scatology   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Flatulence   Spitting   Size   Hairy   Big Breasts   Menstrual Play  

I woke up and found I was alone in my bed. Like all nights none of my five children had come to join me in morning or last night. I soon smiled. I had got used to having at least two if not all five in my bed. But that day was special. It was family Birthday. I stretched my naked body and felt the soft silk sheets rub against my skin.

I stood in front of the mirror and brushed my long wavy dark blond hair with my fingers. I noted without any pride or vanity that I had inherited all the best features of my mother who I believe is the most beautiful woman on the face of our earth. My very generously globular, large, heavy soft breasts drooped under the effect of their weight. I was never stick thin and still was voluptuous with the rounded curve to my waist that flared over my hips that tapered into my meaty full thighs. I was five feet seven inches tall.

I pulled a short silk robe over my naked body and looked at the falling snow outside. Today we will celebrate our birthdays. We i.e. my five children and me, we all share the same day as our birthday. I would be thirty, as they would step into their fifteenth year.

I did not go into my children's bedrooms as I would everyday to kiss them good morning. I would let them wake up in their own time and join me in kitchen to finalize the plans for the party.

I started the coffee percolator and started the fruit juice mixer.

I was lost in deep thoughts looking back at my difficult life and the people I had lost whom loved with my life.

I smiled as two warm hands grabbed me from behind and a young male voice asked me in fake royal accent, "Do I have the pleasure of holding the divine beauty of Ms Heather Stevenson, who is also my dear mother?"

I can identify my sons by their touch, the way they walked, subtle differences in their very similar voices. This was my Tim. He is the eldest of my quintuplets. The youngest is my sweet girl Kerri.

I laughed and said, "Yes, my sire."

I turned to find myself in the arms of my naked son. Tim like his other four brothers was well over six feet. My sons ranged within six three to six four. Tim lifted me effortlessly in his arms and kissed my laughing open mouth. We never brushed until we all had shared our morning kisses.

Tim placed me on the kitchen top and slowly spread the untied lapels of my short silk robe and it slithered off my shoulders. I moved my hands and found my son's penis semi hard and throbbing. Tim like his brothers supported an immensely thick twelve inches long cock. I felt the wispy soft curly growth just starting to emerge around the massive root. My sons were as well endowed as their father when he made me pregnant. Their physical appearance too was like him. They all, even at that tender age, had tremendously broad shoulders and big muscles that were already threatening a giant stature when they would be full-grown.

"Mom, I am glad I am the first one up. I thought instead of doing it alone I might as well add m contribution under your supervision. Have you finished, mom?" Tim's voice trembled as he asked.

"No, Timmy I have not. I am glad you came down. I was about to start reminiscing probably."

Tim gently held my large globes of my breasts and kissed me on the tip of my nose, "Mom, loving memories are to be cherished."

I kissed my intelligent son with pride. I had managed to pass on the streak of genius that ran in my family. All my kids were on special fast track to university almost four years ahead of others. Just like my twin brother and I, at the age of fourteen, were before tragedy struck.

Tim rubbed my nipples and teased, "Will I be eligible for a reward for my good behavior?"

On this day we reserved all love making together but my virile sons could easily take me now and show no signs of being satisfied.

"If you manage to offer your best then surely. As good as you did last year," I rubbed Tim's monster cock. My hand only managed to cover half its girth.

Tim was all action man. He brought the wide and white large china tray that we used for these occasions.

I knew Tim would like me to go first.

Tim lifted me on the kitchen top. I signaled Tim to give me the broad mouth jug as well. Tim struck his forehead theatrically and groaned, "Duh," and brought the jug. I adjusted my cunt over the mouth of the jug and Tim spread my cunt lips. I let go of my full bladder. Golden stream of my urine hissed into the jug. I had intentionally drunk lot of fluid and I managed to impress Tim. Once I was finished Tim bent forward and licked my wet bush clean smacking his lips, "Delicious as always."

I mussed his curly neck long blond hair affectionately. I squatted over the tray and pushed hard. Tim had put his chin on his intertwined fingers bringing his face close to my squatting ass.

My anus slowly opened as I pushed and soon felt a firm to hard feces emerge. Tim gasped and whispered, "Mom it is a beauty."

I smiled briefly and pushed hard trying not to break the log. I succeeded in keeping close to the tray so that the weight would not snap the turd. When it eventually broke it was over seven inches long. I pushed again and managed two more firm pieces although of modest length. The kitchen air was filled with strong heady aroma of my feces.

Tim turned me around and licked my soiled anus clean, "Mom, it is difficult to be close to this feast from your delectable body and control myself."

I kissed my son, "Timmy, I too have to control myself."

Tim's cock was steel hard, "Mom, there is no way I can pee unless it goes down." There was a streak of mischief in his beautiful light brown eyes.

Tim and I were going to fuck anyway after he had offered his contribution to the family feast. I pushed him laughing and giggling on to the dining chair. I bent forwards and took is huge cock in my hands and opened my mouth as wide as was humanly possible and took his cock head in my drooling mouth. My mouth was too full to move easily on my son's cockhead but my tongues massaged and teased the sensitive glans. My tongue-tip found Tim's pee-hole and teased it trying to enter the hole. Tim roughly pulled my head off his saliva dripping cockhead and lifted me up in the air. I separated my legs across his thighs and placed my hands on his shoulders. Tim adjusted my dripping pulsating cunt over his threateningly massive cock and lowered me down slowly allowing my weight to help impale my cunt on his cock.

I moaned as Tim's cock spread my cunt walls wide apart. Tim fucked me or rather used me to fuck his cock simply by lifting me and lowering me with his strong arms. I was moaning and gasping with blinding lust.

"Timmy, please make it a quickie. PLEASE," I pleaded with my son. My sons like their father were multi-orgasmic. They could cum repeatedly and remain hard for hours and I mean hours.

Tim groaned in mock disappointment, "How many times I get you all to myself, mom?"

I shrieked as my first orgasm tore through me. Once a bit settled I gasped, "Sorry, Timmy. Your brothers would expect the same."

Tim understood. He got up and lay me down on the kitchen top. My legs were draped over his huge forearms. He planted his large hands on my large overflowing breasts squeezing them firmly. I closed my eyes in anticipation.

Tim started to fuck my cunt with blinding pace. His hips flew and his cock sped in and out like lightening. My moans 'vibrated' as my body shook with machine-gun like strokes of my son.

Tim made me cum four times before he exploded and flopped over my breasts kissing me all over. I held him tight to me, one of the five precious diamonds that were my true treasure.

Tim slowly disengaged. His cock was nowhere flaccid but half hard. He quickly took the tall jug and allowed his warm urine jet to hit my pee making it whirl. I looked greedily as the amber nectar flowed from my son's body in the jar. I inhaled fragrance of Tim's urine as if I had not tasted or smelt it for ages.

Tim then dutifully climbed atop the kitchen top. I too placed my face close to his twitching anus. I bit on my lip as Tim's hairless anus opened reminding me of his father's, as he would feed me his morning shit. Tim pushed his hard log out and kept the pressure constant. Tim managed to push a thick log of eight inches before it broke. I patted his ass cheek in appreciation. Tim had four more logs of smaller length.

I licked his ass clean trying to push my tongue inside to get whatever shit might have lingering there.

Tim jumped down and pulled me in his arms. I rubbed my face in the strong hairless and smooth chest of my son, "I am so lucky to have you as my children."

Tim kissed my hair and sat down in the chair and pulled me on top of his nearly hard cock. I was not surprised as my son's cock found my cunt opening and sped inside.

"Mom, tell me the story again," Tim was a gentle giving soul. It took me nearly a year to get him to use rough sex. I had to convince that all aspects of sex if acceptable to participants were good.

"You all have heard it million times," I kissed Tim's chest my hands rubbing his smooth skin.

"Mom, I never tire of listening to that. I need to hear how my mother saved us and gave us this great life," Tim hugged me tight, "Please."

I bit on his nipple and none too gently. That made him laugh.

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