My Mom ... the Stripper!
Chapter 4

Copyright© 2012 by Richard the Third

I started tracking the count at each site, using a spreadsheet program, and from one day to the next, the drop-in clicks were only 12% on average. After a week, the total drop was less than 50%.

We made a few more video clips, showing her face, using the Strawberry Fields nom de plume, as she did the same thing as the first, and a four-minute clip of her getting fucked, without seeing her assailant.

They started even stronger, not peaking until the fourth week on the masturbation with her face clip. The fucking clip got an outstanding 15,000 click-thru’s in less than twelve hours. We were making the money I thought she could and we still fucked every day, even when she was having her period. You just need to accommodate for the mess.

She didn’t bother registering as a teacher in Flagstaff. She was enjoying her freedom and we would often go for a walk together holding hands and constantly smiling at one another.

We made a new clip every week, sometimes her by herself, using either her hands or a toy, sometimes me with her. We made one using the camera and just a little bit of natural light, it started with her rubbing her hands all over her body, then she masturbated for a while, then my hand came into the shot as I played with her pussy for a while, then the artiste in me took my hand away and brought my head into the shot, and started to munch on my mother.

All you could see was the back of my head, and she was writhing and moaning until she had an orgasm all over my face, then my head disappeared and she took back over with her hand as I shuttered the shot.

I dumped it on the computer, giving it some titles and ending with an iris close.

Damn that was really hot to watch over again, Mom and I enjoyed it so much, I fucked her as it was still going. After I came inside her, she went off to shower and I uploaded it to the four sites.

Our usual practice after filming and uploading the film was to go out to dinner. Tonight, would not be the exception, Sunny and I went out to a Red Lobster together -- the nicest place we’d ever gone.

Due to Sunny’s outstanding body, she got gazed at everywhere we went. She called me ‘honey’ and ‘sweetheart’ all night long and I called her ‘darling’ and ‘my precious’ giving her a kiss every now and again. I had the best time of my life, even giving a tip for the first time I could remember.

We got home and I had a wicked idea, setting up the camera just far enough away from our bed, started it, then we re-entered the room, each of us slowly undressing each other, and me crawling up on the bed and we started to make out for a while, then Sunny moved downward to play with my tumid dick, licking and jacking me off. She was ... really enjoying herself – likely because she knew it was being taped.

She climbed up and presented her pussy to me, giving me the joy of licking my favorite pussy in the world. I did all of the things she liked, especially putting her clit in my mouth, so I could suck on it until she cums. This time was no different, with her releasing a bit of Sunny juice for me to taste.

Next, she climbed down and ever so carefully allowed my dick to go up inside her very warm vagina. I knew the camera would get all of this – I just wasn’t sure about our faces being clear or not. I decided to focus on the thirty-seven-year-old who had my dick in her pussy.

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