A Night at the Movies

by William Turney Morris

Copyright© 2012 by William Turney Morris

Romantic Sex Story: Sitting at the back of the cinema, watching Casablanca, things get out of hand.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

The queue of people outside the Orpheum was already quite long, even though it was over half an hour before the doors were due to open. This was the second week of their Humphrey Bogart film festival, where each Tuesday night a different film would be shown in the lovely art deco cinema. Somehow, we had not heard about it until after the first film last week, "Casablanca", but tonight's film "Key Largo" would still be good. We joined the end of the line and waited. After a few minutes, the doors open, and as the crowd presses forward, a rather flustered man stands at the door and waves his arms, trying to get the attention of the waiting throng.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please", he calls out. "There is a slight problem with tonight's scheduled screening."

A chorus of groans and catcalls rings out. "Unfortunately, the film for tonight, Key Largo has not arrived."

The groans grow louder.

"However, for those of you that wish to see it again, we will be screening the film from last week again - Casablanca. We will have Key Largo on next week, and the schedule will now run one week behind".

I could not believe our luck. We were both disappointed to have missed last week's screening, and now somebody else's misfortune was going to make our night.

"Babe, we will get to see it after all" you say, and hug me.

However, not too many of the crowd were pleased with the news, and many are walking away, clearly not at all pleased with the course of events.

After a few minutes we are at the box office purchasing our tickets. We climb the stairs to the lobby where the management has provided complimentary glasses of wine for those that remain. We drink the wine, and walk around, looking at the paintings on the walls. Someone is playing the piano in the back of the lobby; appropriately, "As Time Goes By". After ten minutes, the doors to the main cinema open; we finish our wine and head towards the stairs.

"Would you like some popcorn, or a drink?" I asked.

"Oh, those ice creams with chocolate on them look nice", you say.

"Okay. Two choc-tops, please" I ask the girl behind the counter.

Ice creams in hand, we go up the steps to the main cinema. There were not that many others in the cinema; only twenty or thirty at the most who had remained to watch the movie.

"Maybe we can get one of the double seats in the back row." I say.

"Oh, that would be nice" you reply, "we can cuddle without the arm between us."

As we had hoped, the whole back half of the cinema was unoccupied, and we got a double "lover's seat" in the centre of the back row, and settled down with our ice creams.

Before long, the lights dim, and from the centre of the stage the Wurlitzer organ rises and the organist start to play music to set the mood for the evening. The whole setting is lovely; the old art deco interior, with the marble statues along the walls, rich velvet curtains, fancy lights; and of course, the organ. I put an arm around your shoulders, and hold you close to me.

"What does this remind you of?" you ask me, as you take a bite of ice cream, and then run your tongue around your lips, leaving a thick trail of melted cream.

"You are wicked tonight," I laugh, and kiss you.

As we kiss, I taste the cold, creamy taste on your lips, and your tongue pushes the last bit of ice cream into my mouth.

"Though if that is what I am thinking of, it normally isn't that cold."

We both giggle like kids at the thought.

The organist finishes his playing, and the audience applauds loudly as the organ descends through the stage. The lights dim right down, the curtains slowly open, and the opening scene fades in. Our ice creams finished, we sit with my arm around you shoulders, and we hold hands, close together in the darkness.

Holding your hand, my fingers start to rub your hand and fingers, and I start to trace out little circles on your palm. You smile, and whisper in my ear "I love you Honey".

We kiss again in the darkness, and watch as the plot unfolds; Rick (Humphrey), the corrupt but likeable Captain Renault, the evil Major Strasser, the ill-fated Ugarte (Peter Lorre), the night life at Rick's Cafe. Sitting with you, feeling you cuddling close to me, watching the film - I am completely in love with you. Another kiss, this time, longer, our lips part as we kiss, and our tongues touch.

"Ohhh," you sigh, "you are so lovely to kiss."

The film continues - and we see in flashback, Rick and Ilsa in Paris, in the last few hours before the Germans arrive.

"Kiss me. Kiss me as if it were the last time" Ilsa says.

As they kiss, so do we. The scene changes to the station, at night, with Rick waiting hopelessly for Ilsa to arrive so they can escape together. As he boards the train without her, a tear runs down your cheek. I gently kiss it, and say "I love you honey, I will never leave you."

We kiss more, in between watching the film develop, hugging. I can feel your body pressing against me, our lips moist and warm, our tongues touching.

"We are so lucky that we are together," you say.

We sit together, my arm around you, holding you close to me. I can feel you heart beating loudly, and I reach up and stroke you cheek. "I love you," I whisper in your ear.

I start to gently rub your upper arm and shoulder, raising my arm slightly about your shoulders. You slide down a little lower, and snuggle closer to me, and squeeze my other hand. I let my hand move down from your shoulder, and my fingers skim lightly across your breast. You shiver as I feel your skin through you shirt. You sigh softly, and move to let my hand cover your whole breast. My hand now cups your breast completely, gently caressing you, and I can feel you nipple harden and grow under my touch. You start to gently rub you hand on my thigh, feeling my leg through my jeans.

I gently rub my hand across your breast, my fingers feeling the shape of it and the texture of your shirt and your body underneath it. I love the thought of you being braless, with just the thin fabric of your shirt between my hand any your breast. I move my hand slightly, and my fingers run over the valley between your breasts.

You turn turn your face to me and sigh, "Ohhh, that feels so lovely."

"You have such beautiful breasts, honey," I reply, " I love touching and feeling them."

I undo the top button of your shirt, and my hand slides inside, my fingers against your warm flesh. I search out your nipple and gentle roll my fingers over it - feeling how hard and erect it has become. You start to lean back in the seat, and you part your legs slightly. I reach across with my other hand, and softly let my fingers trace over the top of your legs, around the top of your groin. You let out a soft whimper, and open your legs a little more.

I now start to stroke between your legs, brushing my fingers lightly across you pussy, feeling the warmth through your skirt and panties. You move you hand to my groin, and start to feel my growing erection. I hear you sighing and moaning softly now as I press my fingers against your clit, and you whisper into my ear, "Oh Babe, you are getting me so hot." I slide your skirt up, and you raise your butt off the seat, and I pull your skirt right up from underneath you. "I don't want any tell tale damp patches on it", you giggle in my ear. You start to unbutton my fly, and slide you hand inside my jeans.

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