Everything Mom Has

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I've been seeing Mona for quite some time now and found out how seriously she felt about me when she made me an offer that rather astounded me.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I was single when this all started. A lot has changed since then but we'll get to all that shortly.

I was thirty-five, never married, worked in sales for a local lumber wholesaler and had a girlfriend at the time.

Well, Mona wasn't exactly an official girlfriend, we were more fuckbuddies or FWBs.

I'd first met her when she was still married, I was twenty-six if I remember correctly, and we just kind of knew each other at first. She was married at the time and, well, I remember the first married woman who came on to me, it felt really flattering until I found out her hubby was a cop.

Look sex is fun, great fun, but if I get killed by a pissed-off hubby, that's the end of sex. I'm smart enough to stick to single women.

But then I got a call from her one day at the office. This was a few years ago, I think I was thirty-one and she was thirty at the time.

Long story short, she told me she was just divorced and wanted to know if I was still around and, well, maybe interested. She said she was and I then told her I was and I was ... to both questions.

Our first date pretty much set the pattern for us ever since.

I picked her up at her apartment, she had a daughter, Sierra, who was eleven at the time, and she was next door at an elderly woman's apartment being babysat and as soon as we were in my car, she leaned over and asked, "You're probably gonna think I'm a super-slut, Rob, but, well, it's been seven months and this girl's thought of nothing else since I called you. Can we just go back up to my apartment and get naked?"

I didn't even answer, I just got out of the car and came around and opened her door and we went up.

As soon as we were inside she pulled me down the hall and into her bedroom. She hugged me to her and we kissed, tonguing each other passionately.

We soon parted and began taking our clothes off and just stood there, each naked, taking in what the other looked like.

Mona was five-six with wavy blond hair just past her shoulders. Her figure was nice, curvy in all the right places and her boobs were especially nice. They had a little downward curve under them, you would probably say she's 'heavy-breasted' but they are nice, really nice D-cups each tipped with wide red aureoles centering nipples that, when she's aroused, pop out so beautifully. I've learned to love rolling them around my mouth using my tongue. She loves it too.

Her pussy was plump and bare, a lovely crevice leading into what was to become my favorite place on earth. Her eyes were gray-green and she had a full mouth with ruby-red lips that often leave a crimson circle around the base of my cock that I try not to wash off. I love seeing it, remembering how she put it there.

"I know it's bad form on the first date, but could we just do it right now, I am so ready I don't need any foreplay, I'm just wet, wet, wet inside. You'll see," she said grinning as she pulled the covers back and got down spreading open for me.

It had been about two months since I'd had sex and, of course, I had an erection that didn't end.

I moved up between her legs as she widened even more and led my cock to her lips and began pushing into her. She was wet, very wet and ready; I slipped all the way in and pushed until our pubic areas were pressed together.

"Oh, Rob, omigod, this is so good, you feel so good inside me. Just hold still, let me feel you deep like this. Mmm, I've missed this so," she moaned as she lifted her feet high, then locked them together behind my back and wiggled her hips around while I kept pushing deep.

"Omigod, don't do anything more, just push," she squealed as I held myself tight against her. I was fully inside her now and could feel her tighten and relax as she moved and flexed under me.

"This is going to do it, omigod, I'm gonna ... oh, OH, UUH, UUH, oh, oh, Rob, oh, now fuck me, fuck me real fast," she cried out.

She soon had a pussy full of my cum and I managed to put a second in a short time later.

So, that was how Mona and I started out, we really liked each other a lot and the sex was phenomenal.

It became phenomenal and frequent. Mostly at her place but sometimes she would put Sierra with a sitter and come over to my apartment but mostly it was at hers.

Her job allowed her to work from home at times, never exactly on a fixed schedule but if I was out and about and horny, which was often, I would call or just simply go by and see if she was home and available for a bit of fun.

I learned that if she was home, then she was always available for the fun that ensued, even during the summer, when Sierra was out of school, she would send her over to a friend's to play while we played at home.

Even that changed some when she'd just take me back to her room telling her daughter that we wanted to be alone for a while and to do something on her own.

After a few years, Sierra had crossed the teen boundary at thirteen and surely had a clear idea of what we were doing. But Mona never seemed to mind. We just went back to her bedroom and had some fun while Sierra took care of herself. Mona seemed quite relaxed about us taking our private time and I was also sleeping over at times as well.

It was a Wednesday afternoon, midsummer, and I'd just landed an account that I'd been working on for some time and was feeling frisky. So, Mona's beautiful body came to mind, of course.

I had a key, of course, but I always rapped softly on the door instead.

The door swung open and there was Sierra.

"Hi, sweetheart, is your mom here?"

"Oh, Rob, come in," she said, closing the door behind me.

I followed her to the kitchen and she turned and said, "Mom's not here right now but, well, she told me to make you comfortable if you came by when she was at work. Have a seat, can I get you a Coke?"

I told her that would be fine and she got us both Cokes and ice.

"Did she say when she'd be home?"

"Not 'til late. I pretty much know what you and Mom do, so I could do what she does. She told me I was to make you comfortable the way she does if she's not home when you come by. I've got everything she has."

Yes, I was surprised. I mean, think about it. Now I haven't described Sierra to you, have I?

Well, when Mona and I first got together, she was a cute little girl, really quite pretty and you could see that she got her attractiveness from her mother.

But lately, well, she was now fourteen. Have you seen today's fourteen-year old girls?

Sierra was about five-four and a really curvy girl. She dressed a lot like her mother which let the world know she was a woman, not trashy, but nice and kind of sexy.

And Sierra tended to dress even a bit more provocatively than her mom. She had on a white strapless dress with a waist tie that contrasted beautifully with her tanned skin.

"I'm sure you do, Sierra, you're becoming a very pretty young woman," I managed to get out.

"Here's what I really look like, Rob," she said as she slid open the tie around her waist and pulled the dress up over her head and shook out her hair, standing there delightfully naked. "Now, maybe you'll stay. Mom'll be home later, until then I can keep you company. She said I could."

"Sierra, look, you're a beautiful girl, but if your mom finds out about this, she'll be pissed at both of us. Put your dress back on."

She reached over to the table and picked up her phone and was soon saying, "It's me. Rob's here and he doesn't believe what we talked about last week. That if you're not here, I can take your place."

I stood there amazed at what was happening. Could it really be possible that she was telling me what Mona had agreed to?

"Yeah, right here, just a sec," she said and handed me the phone.

"Hi, hon," I said, "She's told me this idea she's got but..."

"Sierra and I talked about this last week. I was going to tell you about it but I guess she's kind of jumped the gun. But, you do have my permission to go ahead and have sex with her if she wants to. I'll tell you all about it when I get home. Until then, you two have fun."

I stood there listening to her words, looking at her daughter's exquisite body, wondering if this might be a dream.

"Um, okay. You're sure about this?"

"It's what she wants and it's fine with me. Look, Rob I've seen her naked, just wait until you do, then I know you'll want to."

"Um, I'm seeing that now."

"God, Rob, go fuck her will you? She's on the pill now and remember you're her first. See you later. Enjoy," she said and the phone went silent.

"See, she told you, right?" Sierra asked, grinning widely.

"She said that you two had talked about you having sex, sex with me, and that if you want to do it, it was fine with her."

"I want to do it, Rob. I want you for my first guy and Mom thinks you'd be the perfect one," she said stepping toward me, placing her palm against the obvious bulge in my pants.

She took my hand and pulled me down the hall to her room. She was a smaller version of her mother, her cute little butt delighting me as I followed her. She really wanted this and so did her mother. Wow.

She turned to me and began loosening my tie and unbuttoning my shirt. She soon had me in my boxers which she pulled down to the floor.

"She said I should do this first," she said as she leaned forward, slipping her moist lips over the head of my cock.

Chapter 2

I looked down at her pretty mouth sliding back and forth over the head of my cock as I stood there in ecstasy. Her eyes were turned up to me, knowing how good she was making me feel. My cock was so engorged, I hadn't felt this hard in a long time.

"Sierra, as much as I love what you're doing, there's something else I'd like to be doing right now, lets get in bed."

She lifted off me and hopped into her bed, spreading open showing me her pinkness leading into the heavens up inside.

"Is my mom's boyfriend gonna fuck her little girl now?" she asked saucily. "Come on, Rob, you've even got your girlfriend's permission, what else do you need?"

I got up between her legs, looking at her pretty, perfectly-smooth and plump little pussy waiting for me and just had to kiss it. I got down and kissed softly then began licking and sucking on her pussy lips, pushing my tongue inside as far as I could.

"Oh, Mom told me what you do to her and now I know how it feels. Omigod, it's so good," she groaned as I flicked my tongue in her slit. I could feel her whole body shiver when I licked up and down and across her opening, she was obviously greatly enjoying every second.

I moved my hands up to ease her open, licking and thrusting my tongue up inside while she jerked and twitched in pleasure.

"Oh, do it right there, Rob, omigod, that is awesome hot."

She was responding much like her mother did to oral sex, Mona just loved it and now I was seeing that her daughter did as well.

What she especially liked was when I was holding her open and flicking my tongue up near the top of her pussy feeling her body twitch and shudder.

Then her hips began to buck and thrust as she cried out, "OMIGOD, OH, ROB, MAKE ME CUM, MAKE ME CUM," and she was panting and gasping for breath as she flopped back limply and just lay there moaning.

"You okay, princess?"

"Oh, Rob, I knew it would be good..." she panted, "but that was even better than what Mom had told me. It was beautiful. I love you, Rob, thank you, mmm, come up here," she said pulling me up over her as her legs spread open.

"I so want you, Rob, inside me, I'm ready, really ready," she urged me as I gripped my cock and rubbed the head up and down in her pussy opening then began pushing my cock forward as she pushed as well. I could feel her pressing down and, as I watched, the crown popped into her as she said, "OH, you're in, you're inside."

"Feel okay?" I asked and she smiled and nodded so I began slowly pushing again. Sierra lifted her legs up, widening them fully and I started my descent into her.

"Oh, wow, omigod, I'm so full, my pussy feels like it'll burst," she gasped and I told her I'd just hold still for a minute or two so she could get used to it.

"No, I want it, I want it all inside me," she panted so I pressed and saw her take more in.

I went slowly and began to move back and forth, pushing in a bit each time until I was about half inside her. Then I quit pushing and just slowly made love to my girlfriend's daughter with what I had gotten inside her. But as I went back and forth, she seemed to relax inside and I could take longer moves into her.

"Oh, Mom said it would be good and it's wonderful. I'm so glad you're the one, Rob, I wanted you to be the one," she moaned under me.

"I never thought anything like this might ever happen but it sure is wonderful. I can't believe that she's okay with this."

"She said you'd be surprised but she wants me to begin having sex and she said there's no one better to do it than you. So, here we are, Rob. Looks like we're gonna be doing this a lot. I sure hope so," she snickered.

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