Warriors of the Stars I: Learning Curve
Chapter 3: True Power

Copyright© 2012 by Mason Fincham

Kojiro's alarm went off at 6:00am, as per his routine. Thanks to Kasumi's research, however, he was beginning to think that 6:00am sounded too early if she was involved. Groaning, he stepped into the shower after turning on the hot water, and washed away last night's stress.

Around 6:30, even though he was tired, he began setting the mats down on the dojo's main floor, and unlocked the front door. Soon after, a young man stepped into the main room.

"Hey! Kojiro! You in here?" yelled the young man. Kojiro, who had gone to his office to retrieve something, stepped out and greeted him.

"Right on time, Katsuya." said Kojiro. Katsuya was Kojiro's height, with short, dirty blonde hair, and steel gray eyes.

"So what's the plan for today?" asked Katsuya as Kojiro picked up the clipboard he got from his office.

"7:00-8:30 is basic karate, 9:00-10:45 is aikido, 11:30-2:00 is basic kenjutsu, and 2:30-4:45 is advanced kenjutsu. 5:30-7:00 is women's self defense." said Kojiro.

"Is it Friday yet?" groaned Katsuya mockingly as Kojiro smacked him on the arm.

"I wish. Let's get to it." said Kojiro as their morning students began to file in for their session.

The day passed by without another incident similar to Kasumi's reaction last night, even though Kojiro noticed the crimson symbol that had appeared on his hand overnight. That afternoon around 3:30pm, Kasumi arrived home just in time for one of her neighbors to stop her.

"Hey! Do you have a moment to speak with me?" asked the old man tending his garden.

"I guess ... Did you need some help with something?" asked Kasumi.

"Do you live in the apartment building across from me?" asked the old man.

"Yes, why?" asked Kasumi.

"I just thought I should mention that there was a strange man hanging around here today. Had on a black trench coat and a smile that even Kami-sama would reject." said the old man.

"Is he still around?" asked Kasumi.

"I think he left a little while ago, but I would still be careful." said the old man.

"I appreciate that, thank you." said Kasumi as she went into her apartment.

Normally, Kasumi would make herself a sandwich like she normally does when she returns home from work, but today she was worried. All through the night, she had suffered terrible dreams that kept her from sleeping peacefully, and they only worsened the feeling of dread that she had about her symbol.

"This isn't like you, Kasumi. You need to get your head on straight." thought Kasumi to herself as she sat down on the sofa in her living room. Without her noticing, the young man was standing outside her window chanting a spell,

"O WATER THAT SLEEPS IN THE EARTH, I COMMAND YOU TO EXPERIENCE REBIRTH! FORM OF LIQUID AND TERROR STRONG, RETURN TO THIS WORLD IN WHICH YOU BELONG!" As he finished, a puddle of water turned into a liquid humanoid and faced the young man.

"Master, what are your orders?" asked the humanoid.

"I want you to wait until nightfall, and then attack the young lady that lives her. However, ONLY attack her outside and leave her residence untouched, I do not wish for there to be an investigation from any authorities, mortal or otherwise." explained the young man.

"Your wish is my command." said the humanoid as he turned back into a puddle and went into a nearby storm drain.

"Goodbye, Gemini." laughed the young man as he walked away.

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