Warriors of the Stars I: Learning Curve
Chapter 1: A History

Copyright© 2012 by Mason Fincham

Many myths and legends are passed down on this great planet of ours. Tales of bravery, magic, and sometimes romance. You will even hear about the ones that are just plain weird.

While no two tales you hear will ever be the same, it is safe to tell you that there is one tale that encompasses all of the traits I have mentioned. This story is about a knight who stood up in the face of unspeakable evil.

Over one thousand years ago, there was a warrior named Orion. He stood five feet, eight inches tall with short brown hair and brown eyes. He was dressed in a set of chainmail with leather bracers and boots, bearing a large sword on his back. Though not of this Earth, his sole purpose was to watch over the human race and protect them from supernatural threats. It continually broke his heart that he couldn't interfere in the faces of war or murder, but he silently obeyed his orders.

Eventually, the day came where he was able to stand up for them. A terrible King rose to power, and began to conquer everything that he was able to see. Through the use of black magic, he was able to justify that his rule was supreme and no one could challenge him for it. Anyone who tried was fed to a special "pet" that he kept.

Outraged that black magic was being used to manipulate innocent humans, Orion received orders to challenge the King's rule and take him out of power. When he arrived in the courtyard, he was met with the King's special "pet." This pet was a terrible demon that took the shape of a giant wolf, and it fed on human flesh. Orion drew his blade from the sheath on his back, a solid silver claymore, and he defeated the demon in one mighty swing.

"I demand to see your King, and I will not wait any longer." said an angry Orion. He was then led to the king's throne room, and once there, the King, dressed in purple robes with a black pentacle on the front, jumped from his throne and shouted:

"Just WHO is this?!"

"Sire, this man defeated your pet in one swing, and demanded to see you." said one of the guards that escorted Orion inside.

"Very well, I will see him." said the angry King as his guards left the room.

"Your Majesty, I know that you have been using black magic to ensure your leadership. I'm here to stop you." said Orion.

"And just who do you think you are? You may have defeated my demon, but I won't be defeated." said the King as he vanished.

"My name is Orion. I am a servant of this planet's Guardian and I won't allow you to tyrannize these people any longer!" shouted Orion as the King stabbed him in the back.

"Orion, was it? You fail to realize that I'm more powerful than you. My magic is beyond anything you may possess." said the King as he sat back down on his throne and put a crown on his head. The crown was obsidian with rubies embedded around it.

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