Amber 'Dear Diary'

by Sara K

Copyright© 2012 by Sara K

Fiction Story: Ask any girl, a diary would be considered top secret and off limit. After saying that. Below are pages out of my friend or soon to be former friend Amber's diary covering the time she showed up to her job interview completely naked without a stitch of clothing on her body.

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Exhibitionism   Workplace   Nudism   .

Amber, Dear Diary, Day 216

Dear Diary,

Good Morning today is Wednesday, day 216, and I am still trying to find the job position that I want in the Administrative Office of an company and not a job position that the companies wants me to start at. My parents have been at me to go back to school and get my associate degree in business administration. But, the problem is that I do not want to go back to school right now and I do not want to start off in the mail clerk or any other basic office position. As you know I have been offered a job as a mail clerk and other similar positions in the last few months and I turn them down because it is not the position that I wanted. I think it is due to my stubbornness, that I will not take any position I do not want. There is one thing I can say from my stubbornness; today is my seventh job interview since the beginning of June and since my office job I was doing after school went away near the end of the school year. Diary, to get an job that is what I want, I will do just about anything to get this job, I will even be willing to work naked everyday and even agree to be naked at all the company functions, this is how bad do you want this job at my wanted job position, administrative assistant. Even if the country has been getting more liberal after two or so decades going conservativeness, I can not see any company allowing me to work for real. But, if asked what would you be willing to give to this company to get this position and if I have the nerves to say it, I do think that I could be that desperate to get the job I want. Back to the real world, even if I had the nerves to say it, I didn't expect to be taken seriously and I would expect to be shown the door and told never to come back and I would have to move out of town. Anyway, I still have a job interview in a few hours at 1pm, it is now 10:23am and I still have not gotten dressed or eaten yet, I am still dressed in my birthday suit. As you know that I do not like to wear clothes when I do not have to around the apartment by myself. This could be why, deep down, I would like to be like this at work and to live everywhere in the nude where you do not have to ever get dressed if you wish not to. Boy, I am in a dream world. Oh no, I got to get going now, talk to you later. Wish me the best of luck. Bye for now.

Same day, time 5:32pm, diary, and I am in the Wendy's parking lot eating dinner, you would not believe it, today I was offered the job that I wanted to get without going to school. I GOT IT!!! But, you would not believe it if I tell you what I will be wearing at my first day on Monday and for the following days after that, NOTHING. After I opened my big mouth during the interview, I actually said the word "I will be willing to work at this job, naked and at all company functions". After I said that, there was a long silence and then the five people giving me my interview didn't say anything to me. While I was waiting for the next question or what I was expecting to be shown the door after my outburst, but the unexpected happened, I was asked another question about my last answer. "Ok, you say that you are willing to work here in the nude as well at functions ", "I and I sure that everyone else here would like to know if you are serious about your last answer". "If you were not serious, we will not hold it against you and we can proceed with the interview as we were. Now, if you were serious about working here naked, please stand up and to the desk near the door and remove all of your clothes and place them on the desk neatly as you would at home". I remember that my heart was going an million miles a minute and I was now given an out on my stupid situation I got myself into. What I did next, I still cannot believe what I did. I got up where I was sitting and walked to that table and started to remove my clothes. The only thing I was thinking was that I must remove my clothes in the same matter I would at home. There I was taken off my shoes and socking, then my dress and underwear and before I know it, I was walking back to the chair naked. The reactions of the interviewers were surprised, amazed and stunned. What I was expecting, was to be asked to get dressed and for them to call security to escort me out of the business. What I didn't expect was for them to ask more questions as if I was fully dressed as before my stupid answer. Then I got the question that brought back the fact that I am now dressed a little different then I was when I got here. Amber, it looks like you were serious about obtaining employment with us as an administrative assistant and you would desperately would like to be able to work clothes free in the work place and at locations that the company might get together after work and weekends dressed like you are now. We were talking about your situation while you were removing your clothes, and we decided to grant your request to work naked in our company. Now, we have some more questions for you, please about your request to be naked. Would you like to be able to wear clothes every so often or due you want to sign an contract written by our lawyer that states that your employment here going to be tied to your promise to be naked at all times within the company building and at functions that we request that you should wear clothes to. I can remember what I was thinking was I must go all out on this, I said that "I would like to sign an contract that requires me to be naked at all times within the company and all other places the company want me to be at." Then I was asked to step outside the Conference Room and told to sit in one of the chairs that are against the wall. The wait was close to 30 minutes, but no one come walking through the hallway while I was in there. Then the door opened and I was asked to comeback into the room. I want to introduce you to Gale, she is your lawyer that works in the building next door and was kind to write up a contract and go over it with you, if you would like. What am I suppose too due after agree to be in this situation, I said "yes". Then I was going over the paper work that will tie me to my promise of working in the raw. It basically said, that I am going to be naked in front of an lot of people in here and there is no turning back, now since I have just signed my work clothes goodbye. Next they had me sign my normal new employment paperwork and told me that I my pay will be at $10.40 an hour and I will be working an 40 hour week with an 30 minute lunch break. Plus, the business hours are from 9am to 5pm. After all that I was told that you know that we not always get visitors in the back administrative office, sometimes we do and you might come across visitors while you are walking from office to office or doing normal work. I know you have already have signed the contract, it can still be canceled if you want it to. The answer I said was "I know that I will be bare naked in front of many and many people some may not want to see me naked. That is what I will be, I have made my decision and I am thankful that you are going to let me work clothes free here. I do have an question about my clothes that I take off when I come into the building, can I have an locker installed for me to place my clothes into when I am not wearing them. Of course, Ms Johnson, we will have a locker installed for you. We would like for you to start at 9am this Monday morning if that is ok with you. I said sure. Now, I would like you to be introduced to your new immediate supervisor, Mrs. June Carter. Just then one of the three females that were at the interview with me, was standing up. Hi, Amber I am June and I will be working with you in the office. If it is all right with everyone else I would like to take Amber to our new office and for her to meet the rest of the office and show her around the company. The head interviewer said, Ms. Johnson welcome to the company and we are looking forward to many years with our company. There I was walking out of the Conference Room without my clothes and I do not know when I can pick them up again. Oh, Amber. I then turn around to look back, the other guy, I now know is the CEO of the company, told me that my clothes will be brought up to my new desk, where I can grab them before I leave today.

After the interview was done, June said to me that she would of never through in a million years that there would be someone that would want and ask to what you agree to here, you have a lot of guts to stand behind your word after what you said in the interview. She then talked to me on the way to my new office that even after the Supreme Court overturned the indecent exposure law and other several similar laws, the lawyer was talking about, you can still get into sticky situations with the police and some people that do not like the free openness that is going on everywhere in the country. I need to ask you before you get to the office and come in front your new coworkers that do not know that you will be dressed like that, do you feel confident in your decision to not act embarrassed. What I said is "June, embarrassed? Of course I am a little embarrassed and scarred of what I am doing, but I am very stubborn and when I make a decision not mater how crazy or silly it is, I will go through it as long as it doesn't hurt anyone or cause any damage if possible. All she could say is that I am very strong person. The only thing I was thinking was that I cannot believe after all of this I got the job, and it is the job that I wanted. The only thing I would of never thought would happen is I am in a few seconds going to step into an office that I will be working at for sometime for the first time with my coworkers dressed like this. I think I have an ok body; I am not ashamed of it, and I was right about it this morning and I have written in this diary, in the past that I do not like wearing clothes. If it was my decision I would go everywhere like this. Here it is my new office, in there were two of the coworkers that I will be working with, after they both got an great look at all of me, I was introduced to them, the first person with his eyes out of his head is Mike and the other is Sally. June explained to them that this will be the only thing that they will ever see me wearing here and the company has granted her wish to work naked at all times and will be like this at most command functions. Then she informed them that the company is changing the dress code for everyone at the company to clothing optional with the small exception for Amber, who is required by an legal contract requested by her to be naked for her entire employment here. After she showed me my new desk and where my clothing locker will be moved to tomorrow and is ready for me on Monday. She then showed me the rest of the offices in the building with the similar reactions, some mild and some wow. But, it went very well since the last time I was dressed was at 1:43pm this afternoon and it is almost 4:30pm now. She showed me the lunchroom and some of the other spaces in the building and then we were back into my new office and she showed me her office. Then she said to me again, welcome aboard again and your clothes are on my desk for you to take with you to the exit near where you parked. Have a great night and a great weekend and I am looking forward to seeing you on Monday. See you later.

There I was walking alone again in the building naked and alone heading to the exit door to get dressed again. All I can think about is what just happen this afternoon and did it really happen. Now I have to make a decision if I am going to get fully dressed, just throw on my dress and shoes or head out the door as I am right now. Maybe next week, I just throw on my dress and shoes and put my underwear and stocking in my purse and headed out the door clothes again. On the drive to here in the Wendy's parking lot, I was looking at my decision I made today and how this decision will alter or change. In the past I couldn't get the urge to be naked around my family and friends, even if I wanted to strip off all my clothes and be naked. The earliest I can remember when I started wanting to be naked was in Junior High School. I just kept this urge to myself, I just was too scared and nerves to be naked with my brother and sister seeing me naked. And I didn't know how to tell my friends I do not want to wear clothes. Now I need to reevaluate my clothing arrangements. People are going to be seeing more and more of me then before today. Was the last thing I was thinking about?

Same day, time 6:24pm, diary, I just sat down on the soft couch after I have removed the two items that I had on. The question is what will I tell my family and friends after I tell them that I will be working naked and it was my choice. Have a good night diary I am overwhelmed by what happen today. I will put you down until tomorrow. Love you Diary. A

Amber, Dear Diary, Day 217

Dear Diary,

Thursday, day 217, diary, I can say that today wasn't as eventful as yesterday. I didn't leave the house at all today and remained naked even when my Mom was here. Last night I just couldn't get myself to call my parents or my friend Carrie and tell them what had just happened. So, about 10am, I called my Mom and asked her if I could come over or she would like to come over here so we could talk. She asked me if I am pregnant, I told her no. Then she told me that she would be there in within 30 minutes or so. Before I called her I was thinking about getting dressed in something and then remove them when I start telling her the events that happen during the interview and the walkthrough the company afterwards. Some point during the talk with her I made the decision to open the door like this and to spend the entire time naked. It didn't take very long for her to get here. She is at the door here goes nothing.

The reaction I got was like a big wow on her face. I see what you like wear around here when no one is around. So, what do you want to talk to me about? Yesterday I found my position and job that I wanted to get ... Go, on sweetie. I will be starting on Monday morning ... Amber, is there something you are not tell me? Yes ... Ok, just say it. I have agree no I requested to be required by an contract that I will be completely naked everyday while I am in my new job building and I also requested to be naked at all or most of the functions if allowed nudity. Mom, only said, WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU DO THAT? I HATE WEARING CLOTHES MOM! THERE IS SO MANY TIMES IN SCHOOL AND AT MY OFFICE JOBS AFTER SCHOOL AND EVERYWHERE ELSE I JUST WANTED TO GET THAT CRAP OFF MY BODY!

Then she put her arm around me and told me it is ok if I do not wish to wear clothes at times. Mom, what I am trying to say, is I wish to only wear clothes when I only have to, maybe a jacket when it is too cold outside to bear and shoes at times.

I need to ask, what prompt you to ask them to require you to be naked at work? I was worried that this interview was going the same as the others and I would be offered a job in the office that I did want. So, you were offered jobs before this one? Yes, three times. The first job I was offered and I turn down was as a mail clerk and two as an office clerk. She asked, so what did you say to them? I said I would be willing to work at this job, naked and at all company functions and then when I was being questioned about that answer. I asked to be required to be naked at the company and at all/most of the functions. Mom, the crazy thing is if I had to do it again, I would want to due the whole interview like this.

Amber, I had the sense that you didn't like clothes, but I never thought a million years that my daughter would strip naked in front of strangers and act as if you are fully clothed. Am I right about that? Yes you are. I have to say that I am proud of you for sticking to your guns when you said what you did.

Have you told anyone else about this yet? No, I didn't know how to tell Carrie yet. What I am nerves about, is telling Dad and my sister Marie and brothers Tony and Mark.

Ok, do you want to tell them today? Mom, I would like to spend the rest of the day by myself to think about everything that has just happened. Maybe tomorrow I could go to the house and to call Carrie. Mom, if that is ok with you? Sure sweetie.

If this is ok with you, I know that some of the nudity laws were overturned recently. I will check with the laws here in town and in the state. That is ok with me.

I then walked her to the door and sat down to write this all down in my diary. Bye for now, love ya A

Amber, Dear Diary, Days 218-220


sorry I didn't have the time to just sit down and enter my daily thoughts down here. I have been busy with my friend Carrie and my family that asked me to come over for the weekend. Well, after I talked to my Mom and after I spent the rest of Thursday thinking about new lifestyle that I deep down wanted, but never thought that I would be actually going to go to work wearing nothing. I have to say that before Wednesday, my only thought was that I wanted to start at an office job that I would be required to just perform real basic functions in the office. I did have in my mind that I could perform at a higher level then that. As you know, diary, it didn't take me long to move up to more important position at the job after school. The only wish that the pervious job offers would have hired me at the level I was at that job. Most of them told me that my references were great, but I was told more then once that they would like to start me at this position. Now I finally was hired at the position I really wanted to get and I am extremely excided to start it tomorrow morning. I am with no question about nerves about what to expect on my first day. As you know, I am also nervous about working in an office with strangers naked with everyone else fully clothed. I still cannot believe that I requested or more like it wanted it to be the only thing I am permitted to wear. Tomorrow will be very interesting day for more then anything I have experienced before.

Diary I still need to write down the events that happen since I woke up early Friday morning. I just remember telling myself after I got up that, yesterday was the first full day, if I do not count slipping the dress on for an second wearing nothing. I still find it unbelievable that I did what I did and I actually answered to door and spent the whole time talking to my Mom as if I was fully dressed in something like that dress that is still where I left it. That morning I did plan on calling my friend about the new job and the interesting interview I had. Just before I was about to call her, my phone rang and it was my Mom asking me if I would want to come over later this evening and spend the weekend at the house. She went on, and tells me that she has been checking up on the public laws on the public clothing standard in the city and state. What she found out is that most of not all of the laws require certain body parts covered was overturned last year when the US Supreme Court overturned the indecent exposure law and a few other similar laws. What I was told is legal in town to be naked, but you might not run into trouble with law. What I found out, that there are some people that could give you some headache. If you go outside dressed in anything less then a bathing suit or more in some places, be prepared for possible trouble, I was told downtown. Sweetie, I am supporting you on your decision, just please be careful. Then just before I hung up with her, she asked me if I am going to wear any clothes here when I talk to the rest of the family and if I am planning on bring any clothes with me. I told her that I haven't decided yet. Then I told her that I need to call Carrie, I haven't talked to her since before my interview and I ensure that she is wondering how it went and why I haven't called her. I go to get going. Then she said, when you talk with her, you could ask her if she would like to come over for the weekend if she wants. I said, thanks Mom, I will ask her if she wants to and I said our goodbyes.

Now I have to call her and tell her everything that happened with all the details. When I had her on the phone, I asked her if she would like to come here or if she would like me to go to here parent house. She asked me if I would like to go there and without thinking I said no problem. She asked me what I wanted to talk to here about, I told her I have to talk in person. I think she was thinking that I am going to ask her to move-in with me as we have talked about. I do not in her wildest I imagination, expect to see me at her parent front door naked. After talking to Mom yesterday like this and after she told what she found out about the law changes, I decided to go for it and drove to the house naked and I didn't even bring a emergency shirt to wear. The expression I was expecting was not what I got when she opened the door. It looked like she was expecting me to be there naked as the day I was born. She then let me in and I started telling her about my job interview and what happen, what I wanted to wear at work and I wanted to be required to be. Then I told her about my talk with Mom and how easy she is with me not wearing the ten layers of clothes she would not let me out of the house when I was younger to nothing and the crazy thing is she is ok with it. I told her about the fact that Mom would like me spend the weekend at home and she would like if Carrie were there with me. Of course, Carrie spent the weekend at my parent's house.

While she was packing to go with me, she asked me if it was ok with her to move-in with me and I said I have no problem with that, I just told her that I will be naked at all times within the apartment regardless of who is in there. She had no problem with that. Then she asked me what if anything I will be bring with me, I gave her a blank face. I want to say something right away, but I am getting use to being undressed, but I know I should bring something with me just in case, even if I do not wear it I have it with me. I said to her that we would need to stop back at my apartment to pickup my bathroom stuff at least.

While we were on the way to the apartment, she asked me how I feel about leaving my clothes behind, since you would be naked at work on Monday anyway. Why not bother getting dressed until you need to. I remember that I spent a long time thinking about that idea. Before I could make my decision, I was walking in with her through the door. She asked me well, what would it be? I made a decision that I could of regretted afterwards. I asked her to pack my weekend stuff in a bag that I couldn't tell what is in it. I want you to pack me my bathroom stuff with some clothes if you think I will need it this weekend. What ever you pick for nothing or me at all, that what I will be wearing at my parent's house. Then I went on, I trust your decision what ever it is I should wear there, I am asking you if I should put on something or go, as I want to like this. All she told me is to walk out to the car and wait till she is done with my stuff.

My apartment is only five minutes from my parent's house, so it didn't take very long to get there in front of the door of my parents house. I was a little nerve if my sister or one of my brothers opened the door with all of me out there to see. To my relief it was Mom, she then asked Carrie and I after she welcome her to sit down on the couch. She then went on and said that she has already told the family about my decision and I will be dressed in a little or no clothes in the future. And your Dad is very happy that you have made a decision and you have stuck with it. Then she asked me, I see that you decided to wear the same outfit you had on yesterday, did you bring anything with you? I then looked at Carrie for the answer and say my Mom give me a strange look. Then Carrie said the only outfit I pick out for you is the one you are wearing. So, my Mom said, I see that you have left your weekend clothing choices to someone else. What else could I say; yes I left her to chose if I will be wearing anything or not.

The rest of the afternoon we just talked about Carrie moving into the apartment with me next weekend and stuff, until my sister walked in alone with both of my brothers. My sister said, wow she is really naked and went to her room and both brothers walked by as if nothing different. I then asked Mom, what did you tell them? I told them that you have made the decision to live without wearing clothes everyday and we and everyone else is going to see a lot of you for now on. Soon after my brother and sister walked by me, my Dad came home from work and I got up and greeted him with a big hug and kiss. He said, that he is very proud of me for having an great self image of myself to feel comfortable enough to demand that you can wear what you want at work and for you to feel comfortable enough to stand here in front of me an not have even an little uneasiness. The only question I have about your lack of clothes on right now, did you bring anything with you to wear at our favorite restaurant tonight? I then told him that this is all I have with me and I didn't plan on get dressed at all until maybe sometime next week or not. Soon after that we were all off to the restaurant with my Sis and Carrie with me in my car. The dinner was great as always. The waitress handed me a napkin to put on the seat, so I didn't sit on the bare seat. What surprised me was that I wasn't the only one naked there; there were two other females there that were as naked as me sitting at the table in the middle of the place. Both of them were about the same age as me. After that we went to the movies and back to home after that. Saturday, Carrie and I slept in and we just hanged out at the house and were in the pool in the back. In the pool area, some other of the family and Carrie skinny-dipping like me, it is just that the rest including Carrie got dressed. Afterwards, Carrie told me that after she moves in with me, she is thinking of taking up this lifestyle that I have only been living since really Wednesday afternoon.

On Sunday morning, I debated about it, but with Carrie pushing, we went to church. The only thing I brought was a towel to sit on. While there, I really didn't get very much comments from the other there, but I did get a lot of looks. I have to say that this is the first time since Wednesday that I do feel a little underdressed. Soon after church and lunch, I went to Carrie parents house. Her parents didn't have a problem with me being naked in their house and only asked if Carrie is thinking of doing the same thing. She told them, she is planning to join me after she moves in to the apartment with me.

About 6pm, after dinner, I left to go home to write all this down and get ready for tomorrow morning. I cannot believe it, I have been completely naked for four days and I have been at two houses, a restaurant and church with everyone else fully clothed. And, tomorrow I have made the decision that I will drive to work naked. See you tomorrow. A

Amber, Dear Diary, Day 221, Monday-1st nude work day

Julian Date 221

Diary, I did it, I made it through my first day at work and I didn't even bother me that I was the only one there without clothes on. This morning I did keep my promise to myself and Carrie that I would drive to work with nothing on a not bring any emergency clothes with me. I think if I had the guts to go out of the house and spend a whole weekend at my parent's house with nothing to wear, I think that I could do the same today.

After I arrived to my new desk at 8:32am the empty locker that have nothing to put in there, I looked up and I could see June walking toward me, she then asked me if I brought anything with me to cover up if needed when you leave the building during work hours or go to the public areas of the company. I said, I thought after have I signed that contract last week, that I am restricted to wear anything in the building period. She just looked at me and then started calling someone on the phone. During her phone conversation, I heard her say, did she bring anything here with her, and just one second sir. She then put down the phone and asked me if I have anything in the car, I then told her no this is it. She then went on and told him, that I didn't bring anything for backup if needed. I then heard her say, Thank you, and I will tell her and then hung-up the phone. After she put down the phone, I was expecting her to come over to me and tell me what was said on the phone. What she did, I didn't expect, she turn around and walked back to her office. I then just sat down thinking about what has just happened.

I have to say I am a little nerves now, I was expecting to live this dress in nothing here for my entire employment as I have so much demanded and I was seeing everything fall to part. I know that over a week ago, if I asked myself that I will be sitting in an office naked right now and that I have been at my friends and parents house naked, I would have thought I was crazy. But the crazy thing is I am starting to get very use to this way of life and I didn't want to get dressed again here or anywhere if I do not have to, I am getting very confident about myself.

When June door opened, I started getting nerves again when I know that she will be coming out here to talk to me about something. I noticed that after the door opened, I didn't see in the doorway, then I saw her and she is NAKED as me! My eyes where as big as ... I know that I didn't know what to expect, but that wasn't it. All I could say is what made you decide to try this office dress code for your self. She then said that after you have left Wednesday, I made a promise to Mark the Personnel Manager, the man that hired you. That if you drove here naked and didn't bring anything with you ... She then asked me again, you didn't bring anything with you did you? I then told her that I have been like this since I left last week on Wednesday with the few exceptions of the times I had something on and the longest period was on Wednesday from the back door to I walked into my apartment the other time was to try on an dress and then take it right off on Thursday morning. So, you can say that I have adopted this clothes-free lifestyle full time so far. Well, she then told me that she made a bet that she could not see me driving here naked and not bring anything to cover-up if needed. He said that, he bets that you would go all out and be completely naked and bring no clothes and no backup clothes. The bet was that he would bet $100.00, and my bet was my clothes for the d... , I sorry, everyday until after work Friday. I went on and said, you said that he only bet $100, that doesn't sound like a fair bet? June, then said that the original bet was for just today, but I asked him if I could change my bet payout, since I lost to last through Friday and of course he agreed. I did ask her why, she then said that she could not let me be the only one here naked.

Soon, after she walk very out of the room the same way I would, with my bare but showing. I must not have noticed that my two new coworkers must have arrived in the office while June and I were talking. The rest of the morning went well, with the fact that two out of four are naked, me and my boss. All of my new co-workers, Mike and Sally and of course June, worked with me all morning to learn the ins and outs of the office. I could see that Mike was a little at easy with two of the three females in the office naked, but he didn't say anything about it. I am sure that he thought he was in heaven. I did notice that he does have a ring on his hand and he is probably married to someone that he might have or not told about me being naked at work. It didn't look like Sally was uneasy about it at all.

Lunch is about noon, and I didn't bring anything with me to eat, so I will need to make an decision do to the fact that I just now found out that the place doesn't have any vending machines that sell anything that is not junk food, I can not see me eating that for lunch. Just then I looked up and there was June dressed again ready to go out for lunch and she is walking toward me. I know what she is going to ask me. There I was in her car driving to a restaurant of her choice. I know that I fighting the urge to put something on when I put myself into a situation that I have not control over like now. But, I am thinking that I need to be strong, stand up high and do not let myself get embarrassed of what body I was given no mater how many wrinkles, scars or folds of skin I may get when I get older. Maybe in a few years or more I may decide to start putting something on this body, but for now I am in this clothes-free lifestyle all the way. The thing I do find crazy is how fast the country has started get more open. Before last Wednesday and before my outburst and interview, I know that the country was getting more open about nudity, but I really thought I could still be in trouble naked, even if I did see more nudity on television and in person.

I must have been daydream, because we are now in the parking lot of a small coffee café. There I was walking toward the entrance with everyone looking at me like I have forgotten something. Then, June, pulled a yellow sticky that have must have stuck to my side, now that is embarrassing. Lunch went well, we both ordered a small sandwich with water and had some small talk. Then the waitress come by and asked me if I am comfortable dressed like that? I said, the truth, yes I have to say that I am becoming very comfortable like this.

The rest of the afternoon went well, June removed her clothes again and I got back to learning and everyone else in the office was teaching me about the office. Today, I didn't leave the office for anywhere else in the building. But, I am sure I will be in the next days and weeks ahead. There is going to be a lot of more people to see all of me in the future.

For a first day, it did go by very fast and I think I will like it here. I am lucky, I currently have a great bunch of coworkers. It is now five and it is time to go home. The other two have already left the office and the last two in here is June and I. She is dressed again in her nice dress and I am you know. I said my goodbyes and left the building the same way I came here.

On the way home, I had the chance to call Carrie and ask her if I can see her later. She told me that she will be at the apartment at around six or so. I thought and I was right that I would have enough time to write all of this down in the diary. I have to say, just in the neck of time, she is at the door. I got to go, love ya. Talk to you tomorrow. A

Amber, Dear Diary, Day 221, Monday-Evening

Julian Date 221, at 10pm,

I know diary, I told you that I would wait until tomorrow to write down my thoughts for the day, I just can not wait that long. As you know, on the way home from work, I called Carrie and asked her to see me tonight so we could talk. And I then ended the day in this diary when Carrie was at the door. I have to say that after I opened the door and let her in, my evening ... Well, you would not believe the stuff that we talk about this evening.

The stuff we talked about was very overwhelming to say the least. We talked about my decision at the interview of course, my choice to not get dressed or just put something on really since Friday, her plan on starting up this clothes-free stuff and on and on to list. I need to just write it down as I can remember it.

So, I do not get too far ahead of myself, I will start at when I opened the door to let her in and she gives me an kiss on the face and brought in my favorite, pizza. While we were eating she asked me if I mind if she strips off her clothes, of course I said yes. I was expecting her to just strip right there or go in the only bedroom I have here and strip. She did strip off all of her clothes, but I noticed that while she was starting to remove her blouse, she was starting to move closer to the kitchen area. When she was over by the kitchen, she then put her blouse in the trashcan and then removed here bra, skirt and briefs and places them in there as well. I didn't say anything while she was doing this, probably because I was in shock.

What I just watched was my best friend throwing away a pretty new outfit that I remember her buying not so long ago with the leftover junk that would be in the trashcan. Before I could say anything, she said, that she has talked to the bank branch manager today and that he has talked to his bosses about working in the raw for now on. And her bosses told her that there is no problem with her working in the nude everyday. The only thing her employer wants her to have on is an employee identification chain around her neck when she is working. Plus, she made the decision last night after her Mother told both of us that she is totally find with her daughter going around some ... naked all the time.

This is it gets crazy, after all that, my best friend joining me on this naked at work thing and being naked at every place else. She tells me that she has decided that she will not be bring an clothes with her this weekend when she moves in, with the exception of an long jacket for really bad weather outside if necessary and she would like if I do the same by get rid of all my clothes in my closet as well.

I know this should not bother me, but is does a little. I was able to push myself to get there in nothing but my bare skin, knowing that if anything goes wrong, I can run home and get dressed if needed. What she is asking me to do is get rid of my ... security blanket, so to say.

She then went on, what do you think about giving up all of our clothes we own and take up the lifestyle full time everywhere? The answer I gave her was faster then I expected and without much thought. Yes, I want to give away everything I own with the exception of a jacket for bad weather. Now, there I have said it, I am walking into the bedroom with her and heading to the dresser, and her heading to the closet. There I find myself putting all my underwear and sleep clothes and other stuff on the bed into a trash bag that she must have picked up in the kitchen on the way in here. I have to say that time seemed like it has stopped. Before I know it, all my clothes that are trash is by the kitchen and the other clothes are in a bag to drop off in one of those clothes recycle boxes that are around town.

When I looked up at the front door, I saw all my top sheets and blankets there in a pile to give away. Like I said, it seemed like time has stopped. I can remember that I was in a daze and I walked back into the bed room and saw a bare bed with only a bottom sheet and pillow with a case on it.

I was still in a little shock, I then asked her why did she strip the bed and put all my blankets, sheets and it looks like ... There I was looking crazy at my friend on what was she was thinking.

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