Passing It Down
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I began watching my older brother and sister have sex when I discovered that my younger sister was also spying on them. So we decided to try it ourselves. Then we discovered that our youngest sister was now watching us.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Swinging   White Couple   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex  

I was fourteen when I first heard them.

Then, a couple of afternoons later, I watched them as they had sex. It was so hot.

Being a guy, fourteen, horny to the max, all the time, it was so sexy to watch. But, there was more to it. Watching them fuck and especially kiss and make out, that was disgusting.

They were my brother and sister. Gary was sixteen, Suzi was fifteen. It was so weird to watch them. Their sex turned me on, the fact they were brother and sister, my own brother and sister, turned me off. But I watched every time I could.

I watched them for years, four years to be exact.

Gary was now just about a month before he was due to enter the military, something that our mother wasn't too pleased with as that's how we lost our father. He was a colonel in Iraq and one of those who didn't come home.

He did leave us well-provided for with extra insurance that he wisely took out. After all, his father was also career-military and gave him good advice about providing for any eventuality.

So, we are a family of five; Mom, Gary, now twenty, Suzi, nineteen, me, Simon, eighteen, Anna, sixteen, and the baby of the family, Marnie, fourteen.

We were all living at home, but that was about to change. As I've said, Gary was going into the active military in about a month and Suzi was planning on moving in with a friend from when she was in high school who was having her current roommate move out. That was supposed to happen in about two weeks.

So, Suzi and Gary were trying to have as much sex as they could before he left for basic training.

That brings me to the day all this began. I was in the den with Anna, we were playing a video game, one where you raced cars in a chase, when I saw Gary go down the hall to Suzi's room. I was sure they would be at it again and wanted to watch. Mom was at work and I knew that she was going out after with some of her friends so the five of us kids were home alone.

So, I told Anna that I had to go pee and went down the hall and out the back door around to the window of Suzi's bedroom. I could usually see in under the blinds and was crouching down watching my older brother and sister kiss as they pulled at each other's clothes.

"Oh, you pervert," I heard whispered from behind me. I wheeled around and it was Anna, standing there, her hands on her hips.

I quickly moved away from the window not wanting to risk being found out.

"You pervert you, watching them fuck," she said.

"How do you know what they're doing?"

She laughed and said, "Oh, I've watched them too, lots of times."

Anna moved back up to the window, looked in and waved me forward, whispering, "They're fucking like mad, come look."

I got up next to her and peered in. Suzi was sitting on top of Gary going up and down on his dick as his hands squeezed her boobs. It was super-hot watching them and my hand automatically drifted down to rub the bulge in my pants.

We were both staring in at the scene in our sister's bedroom as Anna turned to me, looked down, and said, "Look at you, rubbing your dick like a horny pervert."

"Well, you watch them, too, you're just as perverted," I whispered back.

"But I don't stand there and rub myself. Well, I do but not when I'm with you."

We watched until they both got off then we went back inside and started back on the video game again, now smiling knowingly at each other.

After a few minutes, Suzi came in, dressed but looking rather disheveled, to tell us that she and Gary were going over to visit friends and wouldn't be back until late.

After they left, Anna said, "Can you believe how she was acting ... like everything was so cool, like nobody knew what they were doing, what they've been doing for years now, fucking like rabbits."

"I wonder what they'd think if they found out that we'd been watching them?" I asked.

"I bet they'd be worried that we might tell Mom."

Anna sat there next to me as we both moved our controllers racing throughout streets on the television as I looked over at her to realize that she may be my little sister but, at sixteen, well, she was cute and sexy. So, I thought I'd tell her.

"You know, Anna, you've really turned into a hot girl, a really sexy, hot girl."

She jabbed me with her elbow, saying, "What's this, now? You trying to get me to fuck you like Gary's doing to Suzi? You really are a pervert."

"Why do you say that?"

"You are a pervert if you'd want to fuck you're own sister, that's why."

Well, the truth is, I thought that myself ... at one time. But after watching them that day with Anna and seeing just how sexy my younger sister had become, especially wearing a top that kind of drooped open when she leaned forward playing the game. I really couldn't help but look down her top at her small bra with the nice pink boobs showing along the top.

"You're looking at my boobs, aren't you? For god's sake, you want me like Gary wants Suzi, don't you?" she said as she elbowed me again.

"Yeah, I think I do, Anna. You're really hot and we're here by ourselves, even Marnie's gone. Just you and me, why not?"

"Why not? Well, you're my brother for one thing. I've really never thought about you in that kind of way. Well, almost never."

"What do you mean, almost never?" I asked.

"Um, well, there was last summer on vacation when we were swimming. You had kind of a big package showing. I was impressed. And, well, watching our brother and sister doing it earlier, well, I did kind of have some thoughts."

"Oh, what kind of thoughts, little sister?"

"Probably the same kind you've had, big brother. There was one moment when I was looking in that it just seemed like it was you and me in on the bed."

"Okay, you liked my package and were thinking of it being us when you were watching. That's interesting. Wanna see my package?"

"So now you want to pull it out for me? That's not perverted?" she grinned.

"I dunno, maybe it is? Wanna see it?"

She looked over at me sitting next to her and said, "Yeah."

Well, I leaned back and pulled down the zipper of my shorts and reached my fingers inside to wrangle my now-hard dick out for her to see.


She stared at it, her face a blank, totally devoid of emotion.

"I ... I didn't expect you to do that. It's cute, well, nicer than cute, really handsome."

"Thank you," I told her leaning back letting it rise up.

"It's bigger than I expected, even looks bigger than Gary's from what I've seen of it."

"Don't know. You can play with it if you want."

"You are a pervert, aren't you?" she said. "Well, maybe I am, too," she added as her fingers surrounded my dick and squeezed gently.

"It's really hard, and longer than ... um, well, it's pretty long."

"Oh, it sounds like it's not the first one you've ever seen or played with. Tell me more, little sister."

"It's really none of your business but, well, it's not the first one I've had in my hand. Try the third," she grinned.

"Oh, you've done more than I'd thought. Are you still a virgin?"

"Why do you want to know? Are you?"

I was eighteen, she was sixteen.

"No, you remember Maddy Cline? Little blond?"

"Oh, sure. So you were doing her, huh?"

"Yeah and her best friend, Lisa Geiger. Sometimes together, sometimes just one or the other."

"Oh, you've had a threesome, my own brother?"

"So, how about you?" I asked her. She was still playing with my dick.

"Did you know Eric Daly, he played soccer in middle school?"

"Nah, don't remember."

"Well, his was the first one I held and played with like this," she said smiling at me.

"There was another guy?"

"Oh, um, do you remember Robby Holtz, used to live next door?"

"Sure, he was Suzi's age, I think. Really him? That's what, three years older than you?"

"Yeah, it was cool. We did some other stuff, too."

"And you think I'm a pervert because I want to do the same things with you?"

"Well, maybe not pervert, exactly. Maybe just horny? But, I guess that describes me too, pretty much."

"We can take care of that. I've got some condoms."

"I'm on the pill."

"Does that mean we're gonna do it?"

She stood up and took my hand pulling me up, telling me, "Let's go see," and I followed her upstairs to her bedroom. She closed the door and locked it, all the bedrooms have locks, and she said, "Okay, I can see that," pointing at my still-exposed dick, "let's see the rest."

I quickly pulled off my shirt and unbuckled my belt to slide my shorts and briefs to the floor.

"You're pretty nice, Simon, really nice. Maybe this isn't so perverted after all," she told me as she pulled off her top and arched around back to unhook her bra which slid off her arms.

My sister, Anna, is two years younger than me at sixteen and she's about four inches shorter. She's nice and trim with medium-length blond hair and gray-blue eyes. It was her breasts that I was staring at.

They were simply perfect. Each one stood straight out from her chest, each separated from the other, each tipped with a small, light pink nipple that was standing out in the center so proudly. I know now that she had just started wearing B-cups.

"Do they look okay?" she asked.

"Anna, they're perfect. The prettiest boobs I've ever seen, I really mean that."

"You do, really? Wow, that's pretty cool. Guess you'll get to see the rest," she said as she slid her shorts off and pulled down her pink panties and kicked them away and stood there.

Her body was stunning, simply stunning. It was perfect all over and her pussy was pretty and plump, a slit tucked in the middle and not a hair anywhere. Perfect.

"Anna, you are the hottest girl I've ever seen," I gasped as I stepped to her and took her in my arms and kissed her exactly the opposite of any kiss I'd ever given any of my sisters. My dick was pressing into her middle, we were holding each other close, her head was tipped upward and our mouths were pressed together, both open, our tongues caressing and getting to know one another. I never wanted to let her out of my arms.

Finally, she broke our kiss with, "Whew, this gets more intense than I expected. I feel lots different than I thought it would be like."

"Like how?"

"Um, I kinda expected it to be, well, just kind of mechanical ... you know, that we would decide to do it and then do it. I wasn't expecting any, like romantic or like lovey-dovey feelings would come along with it."

"And it has? I kind of has for me."

"Yeah, me, too," she said lifting her head back up as we kissed further while our hands roamed over each other's bare skin.

Was it sexy holding my naked sister in my arms while we kissed and felt each other. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I moved my mouth to her ear and whispered, "I want you, Anna, I want us to do it," as my heart pounded blood to my cock.

"Yes, yes, I want it, too, I just don't care about all the rest, I want you to fuck me, Simon," and she pulled me to her bed, sweeping the covers back and getting in, her legs spread and ready.

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