Sitting Together

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: We're twin brother and sister and when we started our babysitting business together we never dreamed to where it would lead. Talk about getting into bed with your business partner.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Babysitter   .

Chapter 1

When my brother was fourteen, well, when we were both fourteen, we started a babysitting business together. We're twins, fraternal, of course, I'm a girl, Ashley, and he's Adam.

We've always gotten along well and neither of us felt real sure of our babysitting skills so when I got a call from a neighbor, Adam asked if I wanted him to tag along in case anything might happen.

I thought it was a good idea and so did our mother, so that's how it happened the first time. That night, after we'd gotten the children in bed, we talked about it and decided to form a baby-sitting business partnership.

So, we printed up some flyers and put them around the neighborhood and also at a small, local grocery store that had a community bulletin board.

Our fledgling marketing skills paid off as we began getting more calls and then repeats.

We'd been doing it for about ten months and we had just lined up a new family, the Geigers, John and Cheryl, and their two girls.

The first night they used us, we walked over there about six-thirty and they left shortly after for dinner and dancing, telling us they should be back about eleven or midnight. It was a weekend so that was fine and their girls were easy to take care of, very sweet, actually and we had them in bed by eight-thirty.

They had a full media room which Adam and I really thought was cool and he followed the written instructions and soon had the television on.

When the picture came on, it showed a party, a room full of people.

Naked people.

We both looked at the screen, it said at the bottom, Playboy TV, and we knew we'd hit something we weren't supposed to.

"Geez, um, do you wanna watch this? It's kind of, well, you know what Playboy is right?" my brother asked me.

I almost didn't answer I was so caught up in what was happening on the screen. It looked like a college dorm and everybody was naked and there were girls sucking boy's dicks and others fucking on the beds and over tables and stuff. It was amazing.

"Of course, I know what Playboy is, Adam. I do know some things."

"Well, do you want to watch it?"

Of course I did. Hell it was hot, so hot and I sure never got to see stuff like this any other time.

"Do you?" I asked him trying to make it his decision.

"Yeah, I'd like to. You won't tell the Geigers or Mom and Dad, right?"

"Of course not. Yeah, I guess we could," I said as we both sat down and watched a college orgy take place.

Only a minute or two went by before I saw Adam rubbing his crotch out the corner of my eye.

I wanted to do the same but just couldn't quite bring myself to do it. So I sat there watching all this hot fucking and sucking while I tried to keep my hands still.

"Man, this is so hot, Ash, I can't believe they left it on like this," he said as he rubbed harder. "God, this is makin' me so horny."

"It is hot. That one couple over in the corner, they even look like you and me."

There was a pair that did look something like us. He was standing against the wall and she was on her knees with his dick in her mouth and once in a while the camera would leave the rest of the crowd and go to them for some closeups of her sucking him.

"Yeah, they do, that's cool. Have you ever done that to a boy?"

"You're really asking me that? Well, the answer is no but there have been some who wanted me to."

"Well, I can't blame them, Sis, you're really so pretty, you've even gotten pretty hot-looking these days."

"Have you had a girl do that to you?"

"Uh, no but it sure looks good," he said as he rubbed harder.

"It looks so sexy the way she's doing it to him," I said as my hand went down to take a few tentative rubs near the hem of my shorts.

"I don't think I can just sit here and watch this without doing something about it," my brother said tentatively.

"You mean like get yourself off?"

"I'll go crazy if I don't. What about you?"

"Well ... they're not due back for hours, um, look let's get a blanket or something and we can do it under, okay?"

He got up and came back in a minute with a large beach towel that he shook open and let it fall over me. Then he got under it as well and we both began rather obviously loosening our clothes.

Our arms were underneath the towel and he put his hand to his mouth and spit on it, then dropped it back under and began going up and down in an unmistakable fashion.

"Oh, man, this is so hot I had to do something," he moaned as I finally got a finger up inside to begin bringing me some relief. "Do you just rub the outside or do you put a finger inside? I've never seen a girl do it."

"I do both, sometimes even two fingers. Do you use both hands? I do sometimes," I told him.

"No, just my left and that's funny because I'm right-handed. Well, except for that. How do you use two hands?"

We were talking but we were also watching the college fuck party on the television.

"I sometimes rub my clit and use a finger inside, too," I panted.

"Is your clit up inside?"

I did laugh, I mean, it was funny.

"No, Adam, it's ... well, it's kind of on the outside, well, you know how girls have a split in the middle, well, it's right inside there up near the top. It's a little, oh, kind of a button-thing that's really sensitive, kind of a hot-button. Girls rub it a lot."

"And you rub inside, too, right. Up inside with a finger?"

"Yeah, sometimes two."

"So you've got this clit thing and you put fingers inside? Wow, that's more than I thought."

"Yeah, it's kinda nice being a girl that way," I giggled as I worked a second finger inside.

"How are you doing it right now?" he asked. We were both talking some but our eyes were glued to the wild party on the screen.

"I'm rubbing my clitty with my left hand, with two fingers, and I've got two fingers of my right hand inside."

"Do you think we could, um, maybe get rid of the beach towel? This is so sexy, what we're watching. But then we could watch each other, too."

Well, I knew he couldn't see very much of me, I had my shorts open and pulled down some along with my panties but he would sure be exposed. I would be able to see everything he was doing. And I'd see his penis. I'd never seen a boy's dick before, well, except for little boys and they just looked cute, not hot.

I didn't answer so he asked again and I told him we could try it that way and he pulled the beach towel away.

There it was.

It was longer than I was expecting. Like I'd said, I've seen the ones little boys have, this was just way bigger, lots longer. His fist was moving up and down along its length, just as I'd expected, after all, boy's masturbation was endlessly discussed by the girls I knew and now I was getting to see it for the first time. It was so sexy, yes, even if it was my own brother, my own twin brother.

"You like my dick?"

Well, there was a direct question.

"Yeah, it's..." I almost said 'cute.' "Um really handsome, pretty long."

"I can't really see much of what you're doing, feels good, though, huh?"

"Mmm, yeah. I've never done it with anyone with me, in the same room. You may be my brother but it's pretty sexy, huh?"

"Maybe even more than watching this porn channel. I mean, you're right here, live," he said. "Maybe we could take the rest of our clothes off? I really want to see you, Ashley. You've gotten so hot in the last year or two."

Well, now what? I'd been watching him jack-off his dick while pretty much keeping myself hidden. Now, he wants me naked. I was turned-on, that's for sure, more than I'd ever been before. I was finding out just how provocative and arousing porn videos can be. Since then, Adam and I watch them all the time but more about that later.

Like I said, I was super turned-on. So I pulled away the beach towel and pulled off my shorts and panties and unbuttoned my shirt.

His eyes were now on me, not the television. I reached around back and unhooked my bra and let it slide down my arms.

"Oh, Ashley, omigod, you're beautiful. I've seen you in a bikini but, oh, wow, you are so pretty."

Was I nervous getting naked for my brother, was I modest or demure?

Well, here's your answer, I turned on the couch to face him, leaning back on the padded arm and spread my legs wide for him to see my pussy. I wanted him to see it, I wanted everything to change between us.

Yes, I was turned-on to the max, sky-high horny, and he was there, he was the male within reach.

"Do you want to eat me out, Adam? I've never had a boy do it. I think I want it."

That's not shy and retiring, right?

Chapter 2

He got right up on his hands and knees and, looking up at me, lowered his head down between my legs. Then his tongue touched me.

I've never had an electric shock but I've seen a video of a guy getting 'tasered' and I felt my whole body spasm when that first lick slid up my pussy.

"Omigod, that's so hot. No wonder so many of my friends have their boyfriends do it to them. Oh, just do more, Adam, it's so good," I moaned, feeling a bit lightheaded. "You're gonna make me cum like this."

I remembered what Betsy Kohl had told me she does when her boyfriend eats her out and I wanted the same so I reached down and pulled my pussy open.

That was when I almost fainted it felt so good. I was shaking it was that exciting. Then, he bored his tongue into me and flipped it around and around.

I exploded.

"ADAM, OH, ADAM, OH, UUH, UUH, uh, mmm, oh, more, keep ... do more, oh, don't stop," I begged as I gripped his head pulling his face into me. I never wanted him to stop, I wanted those feelings to go on and on and on.

He did keep licking me as I slowly came back down to earth. I'd masturbated lots and lots of times but these were by far the most glorious feelings I'd ever experienced. But I knew he wanted relief as well and we were watching a show about sex in a college dorm and nearly every girl had a dick in her mouth.

"That was wonderful, Adam, really awesome. Would you like me to do that to you?" I asked pointing to the television which was showing a close-up again of the couple that looked like the two of us as she sucked on him. It actually looked fun and I was really eager to do it.

"Yeah, it looks so hot," he said as he flopped back, his dick standing straight up, ready for my mouth.

Well, here it was, my first blow job and it's my brother. Now if you think that's a turn-off, don't. I do love my brother and he'd just given me the most fantastic orgasm of my life. And, I was horny beyond anything I'd ever felt from watching this sex party on their TV.

I thought I would kiss it first so I puckered my lips to plant a wet kiss right on the round pink end, then took it in my hand and began licking around the tip which I had seen these college girls doing.

"Oh, wow, that feels so good," my brother moaned. I knew then that being female had a power, a power that was unlike any other. I licked my lips, wetting them generously, then slipped them over the rounded crown back and forth, just taking it in and out over and over.

"That feels incredible, Sis, no wonder all those college guys want them to do this. Oh, you're gonna make me cum big-time."

I had already decided that I was going to swallow his cum, I really didn't want to interrupt things when he was loving it so much. I'd stood by discussion after discussion among my friends about whether to spit or swallow, yes, girls do talk about such things and had already decided a long time before this night that when I first did take a boy's cock into my mouth, I would be keeping his cum inside my body and not interrupting his pleasure at all.

Some of the girls on the TV were sucking up and down on their guys but Adam liked this so much that I just kept doing it, right there on the head.

"Oh, OH, OH, UUH, UUH," he groaned as I felt pulse after pulse of warm liquid spurting into my mouth as I swallowed and swallowed.

I sucked a minute or two longer as he said, "Oh, Ash, that was the best thing I've ever felt," and I raised up and kissed him, our mouths open and tongues caressing as his hands held and fondled my boobs.

We snuggled into each others arms, lying there lengthwise on the sofa, our heads turned to watch the action but our hands enjoying each other.

I turned to see the TV better and one of his hands roamed over my boobs while the other slid down to my pussy.

I lifted up my top leg so he could rub me there as we watched the crazy college sex party. We were having our own small 'starter' version, kind of a high school freshman-style sex party as we laid there watching as I stroked him up and down. I spit on my hand once in a while, seeing him do it earlier, it helped slide my hand up and down.

"Kinda makes babysitting lots more fun, huh?" he asked.

His finger was now slipping up into me as I laid there watching couples fucking.

"Yeah," I said distractedly as the scene looked so good, so hot. I was wishing I was in college instead of just starting in high school.

"God, wouldn't you love to be at this party? Doing what they're doing?" I panted.

"Yeah, that would be so cool. But this is too. Maybe I could get some condoms. I know a guy, Robbie Snyder, he gets them at Walmart, I think. Told me they don't even look at him when he buys them. I guess we could use some of our babysitting money that way. What do you think?" he asked me.

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