Living With Strong-willed Women
Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Fair warning: A lot sex, including incest. This is the ongoing saga of my little brother, Mattie. He's a genuinely nice guy. Mattie describes his life, his loves. Helen.

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This is Matt, the same one who has been writing, its better than nothing.' The girls decided that it was long enough. Sally thought up the new title.

This new thread is a continuation of it's better than nothing.' I have some years of my life already written and I will be putting my writings in here under this new name as I try to catch up.

The people listed below are the important ones in my life. A few new people will be told about when their turn comes. I'm trying to tell things in the order they happened. Sometimes they let me tell something out of order when I can't wait, like the time they let me buy an almost new truck from Billy.

I was a welder by trade and then they transferred me to marketing. We live in Biloxi.

Here are the people important in my life.

Connie. This is my mom, we're real close, I do my best sleeping ever when I get to snug up with her. But she married Kevin and moved to his town, Dublin, so I don't get to see her that often.

Annie is my wife and about one thousand times too good for me, I'm real lucky she said yes. I love her so much. But she's getting a little restless, she told me so.

Helen is my sister, ten years older, she mostly raised me, starting when we lived in a trailer in Wichita. When we moved down to Biloxi, Helen sort of took over being in charge of mom and me. We didn't have good sense about money or how to do the right thing until Helen took charge. I love her, even when she's real strict.

Margot married Helen, she's two years older than Helen and is a lawyer from Boston originally. She's more lenient with me than Helen and Annie and I love her so much.

James and Sally are Margot's mom and dad, they live in Boston. They're both lawyers but Sally just works on her charities. She keeps adopting dogs from the pound, she has about a zillion of them. Annie gave the ok for Sally to become my flirty girlfriend. I love her, she is so classy.

Allison is a girl I work with in marketing, she's the top seller in the company and has been real good in helping me learn about my new job. She's married to Mike and has three kids. She loves her sex and has boyfriends in other cities.

Gert and Brad. Brad was the one who first hired me as a welder and gave me moving expenses so mom and I could move down to Biloxi. Gert is real rough talking but she practically runs our company, she's on the Board of Directors and nobody messes with her. She hired Helen away from the bar and put her and Annie on some fast track to work in every division in the company. Once a long time ago Gert and Brad sent a free bottle of wine over to mom and Helen and me. I never forgot that.

Parker is a professor where mom graduated college, we were all so proud of her. Parker became one of mom's boyfriends, then her only boyfriend for a little while, then she married Kevin and moved to Dublin. My wife Annie told me she decided to have an affair with Parker.

Kevin works in our company out of Dublin. He and mom fell in love and got married. He's real famous in our company and the industry, when there's a real tough job or dangerous one, they send him all around the world. I've worked with him before and he's real nice.

Margot and Helen and Annie and I live in a real nice condo in Biloxi on the top floor and we own another one downstairs that we rent out to people who come here for vacation or business.


Allison and I meet Sally in Chicago.

The morning after I told Annie she could have that professor for a boyfriend got real hectic. Annie usually packs my case the night before but we had all that to talk about and then making love, we forgot.

The car service calls and he's 5 minutes away and Annie springs into action, she's muttering Chicago, Chicago, I guess thinking about what clothes to pack for me.

The girls are kissing me goodbye and telling me not to forget to call and he only had to wait a couple of minutes but I like to be downstairs waiting at the curb, I don't like to keep people waiting.

We stop at Allison's house and her husband and kids are kissing her goodbye in the yard and then she's waving to them from the car and she says, my Chicago boyfriend's cock isn't too fat but its over 9 inches.

The driver gets in and starts the car and she she holds her hands about 9 inches apart to show me, and the kids think she's waving again and they wave to her.

I say, jesus Allison, can't you wait until your kids are out of sight to start talking about sex? She giggles and says, nope, I haven't had any strange for over two weeks and I'm horny as hell. I say, when aren't you horny?

She buckles in and puts her hand in my lap and says, where's my Fatboy? Ah, here he is. She plays with me and I'm hard and we're not even out of town.

Allison says, scoot down, I want to snuggle and flirt and whisper, you're a few inches too tall. I scoot down, knowing what's coming and its Allison's tongue in my ear, she knows it gives me the shivers.

She squeezes my cock and whispers, I'm going to keep you hard all the way to our hotel, Fatboy. I say, Allison I'm about to cum in my pants and we're still in Biloxi.

Allison runs her finger up and down my cock and says, Annie called me this morning to with her good news about Parker, she's really proud of you Mattie and that's no kidding, she's really really is proud of you.

I just sigh and think, why not put it in the paper that my wife is going to have an affair?

On the plane we had business work to do for our meetings, Allison jokes around a lot, but she's the top seller in the company and you don't get there by not being ready for your presentations.

In the hotel Allison gets off the elevator on my floor and I'm not surprised, probably she and Sally figured something out on the phone this morning.

Sure enough Sally must have heard us talking because the door to my room opens before we get there and Sally bops out naked as a jaybird and lets the door slam shut behind her.

Allison laughs real loud and Sally has her arms around me kissing me and I'm trying to fumble the card key into the door and everything is happening to fast. I finally get us in the room and double lock the door for some reason.

Allison whistles and says, look at you, girl. Sally grins and spins around and Allison slaps her on the butt and says, shit, I got to get back to the gym someday.

Sally says, Mattie I'll hang up your stuff while you take your shower.

When I come out of the shower I'm hard and I'm not surprised that Allison is stark naked to. I've seen her naked up on our nude sun deck but its different in a hotel room, its the same body but its different.

She and Sally both have a finger in their pussies and Allison says, you never got to see me cum Mattie, watch this. She plays with her clit and her face and chest blush real red and she moans and cums and moans and cums again.

Then Sally, says my turn and does to.

Then Sally says, your turn baby and we go in the bathroom and I jack off, it felt real good and took my mind off Annie for a while.

I know that's what Sally had in mind when she met us naked in the hall, to take my mind off of Annie and the professor.

Then Allison says she has a hot date and starts to get dressed. Sally asks are you going to do him in his wife's bed again? Allison laughs and says, oh no this is a different guy, he has to come to my room, he's scared to death of his wife.

I go to put my bath stuff in the bathroom and Sally walks Allison to the door and stands there stark naked while they talk about meeting for breakfast. I come back out of the bathroom and they're still talking, the door wide open. I hear Allison say, thanks for sharing Sally, see you in the morning and finally the door closes.

Well I figure out again all the wild behavior is to try to take my mind off Annie and it helped, that and being super busy with work and sending updates to Biloxi.

Well Allison's boyfriend couldn't spend the night so the girls figured out that Allison would come up to our room before breakfast and watch me jack off. They know I like to be naked in front of girls.

Allison knows all about the girls have me cum at bedtime, but she told Sally, sorry you're on your own, that's prime fucking time for me.

The way I tell it it sounds like nothing but sex, but Allison and I work real hard on our business trips, besides the fooling around we work real hard.

Well we had a great dinner every night with wine and then a brandy, no driving to worry about.

I called the girls every night, I always do and Thursday Annie told me she spent the night at that professor's house on Wednesday. Even though I knew it was coming it still upset me. But we talked a long time and Annie told me she loved me more than ever.

I said, well what's next? Annie says, I feel real good in my mind and I want to keep seeing him, but I'm going to spend some time with you and try to figure out how you're taking it.

She says, but I decided I'm not going to see him for a month, I want to wait and see if my feelings change.

I didn't want to ask but I couldn't stop myself and I say, was he real good? Annie says, we'll talk about it when you get home on Friday, you and I are staying in New Orleans so we'll have plenty of time to talk things through.

At the end Annie says, do you love me Matthew? I say, my feelings are a little mixed up but I'm not mixed up about being in love with you, I'll never not love you.

Sally could see in my face what happened when she came back upstairs, she always gives me privacy when I call home. She says, how can I help baby?

I say would you mind if we go for a walk, I feel like just going for a walk. When we got back I said, I hate to spoil our last night but I'm kind of in the mood for just having a hug and going off to sleep. So that's what we did.

In the morning Sally and Allison and I rode to the airport, Allison wasn't joking around so I guess Annie told her too.

Annie talks to me about her new boyfriend.

Annie met me at the New Orleans airport, Allison's husband was there since Annie and I were staying in New Orleans. I looked at Mike and thought, well here we are, two husbands whose wives were fucking other guys this week.

I drove Annie's car to our hotel. She says take your shower Mattie, I want some loving right away and we'll talk at dinner.

Well the problem was I couldn't get an erection, that happened to me three times before but never with Annie. She was real cool about it, she put a piece of paper in my billfold and told me to give it to my doctor on Tuesday, it had the name of the pills and dosage, 100, she said that's pretty strong.

She asked me, Matthew did you cum this morning and I say no, and I didn't last night either. Annie says, I understand.

We walked to the restaurant but I wasn't very hungry but Annie said I had to order something so I had some fish and ended up finishing it. We had a bottle of wine and I kept waiting for Annie to talk about it, but she didn't.

Back in the room she said, get undressed and brush your teeth. We get in bed and she turns out the lamp and says, here goes.

Annie says, I'm going to tell you what I did and include some details because your imagination will probably make things seem worse than they are.

Annie says, I went to Parker's house Wednesday evening around 7. He fixed dinner, he can't cook for shit, he burned the hamburgers. After dinner I stood up and undressed in front of him. You know he saw Margot and me naked that time so he knew what to expect.

I say, can I ask a question? Annie says of course baby, you can ask a million questions and I'll answer every one. I say does he know about what you want besides the fucking?

Annie says, of course. I was clear from the very first, he knows I want you and him to watch the other one fuck me and if I like it after we do that a few times Parker knows I want your cock and his cock in my pussy at the same time. He understood he wouldn't get to fuck me otherwise.

Then she says, I hope this doesn't make you feel worse but I promised myself to tell you everything that has anything to do with Parker. I got such great fucking from him that Helen and Margot are thinking about maybe letting him fuck Margot, what would you think of that?

Well that surprises me but I think about it and say, well if Margot wants to try it and if Helen thinks its ok, i guess I'd be happy for Margot if she enjoyed it.

Annie laughs and says, well they haven't decided yet but think what a rush it would be for Parker, he fucked your mom, then your mom and Helen, now me, if he does Margot that will be the whole house.

Annie says, so I'm standing nude in front of him and I say, I'm real nervous Parker. He says, not me and he undresses and throws his clothes on the kitchen table on top of mine.

He's already hard, you've seen those videos, you know what he looks like, a beautiful huge cock that points straight out, not up like yours but straight out.

Then he takes my hand and we go to his bed, at least he put on fresh sheets. I lie back and he lies on top of me and we kiss, then he starts sucking my breasts, you know how sensitive my nipples are honey.

I say, why are you telling me this Annie? She says I want you to know everything I did and be fully aware of what I'm going to do. Remember you can tell me to stop seeing Parker any time and I'll never see him again. But if you don't tell me to stop, then you're going to hear it all. Want me to go on? I don't, but I say, yes.

Parker is sucking my nipples and he touches my pussy and I cum that instant, I was more than ready. Then he did some pussy eating, I've gotten spoiled by you and your mom and Helen and Margot, he was good enough to get me off, but nothing special.

But I didn't go to his bed for pussy licking, I had him lie on his back and I got a rubber from my purse and straddled him and put the head of his cock in my pussy and just plunged down and he was all the way in in a second. My pussy was squishy wet and I didn't need the lube that I brought.

You know my pussy muscles are pretty strong and I sat still and just milked him for a few minutes, just enjoying how full I felt.

My cock moves a little in Annie's hand and she gives me two squeezes. Next I'm hard.

Well Annie tells me how he fucked her real good and rested up and fucked her again.

She said, Matthew I needed that so much, not so much the fucking though it was wonderful, but I needed the adventure. I loved having a new cock and I even loved knowing that he likes me but also knows there will never be any romance between us, its just sex and maybe a little friendship and nothing more.

Annie says, I set his alarm for 4 in the morning so we'd have time for a good slow early morning fuck. I sailed into work with a huge grin on my face.

She says, I loved fucking Parker and I want to fuck him a lot more when you're gone on your travels. But if you tell me to stop, I'll never talk to him again except to tell him its over.

I say, do I have to decide now? Annie says, oh no baby, you can tell me tomorrow or next week or you can call me on my cell from Chicago when I'm driving to Parker's house and I'll turn around and go home. You can tell me no any time you decide.

I say, well that's a lot to think about.

Annie says, if you don't want to fuck me I'll suck you off, you should cum honey, its been to long. I say, well if you don't mind I feel like fucking for some reason. So she turns on all the lights and laughs and says, that's just the way Parker looked at me, a real hungry look. For some reason this doesn't upset me and we have a real good time.

In the morning we fool around in the shower and end up back in bed and then go out for breakfast, its still only 7. She looks at me and says, I love you more than I've ever loved you Matthew, more even than on our wedding day.

This makes me get a little teary so I try out a joke, I say, well if I let you fuck a couple more guys will your love for me go up? Annie laughs and says, no thanks Matthew, a fling with Parker was all I wanted. If you make me drop him today I'll still have had part of my adventure.

Then Annie says, when's your next trip, I forgot to look on the ice box calendar? I say, in 10 days to Houston, I'm staying in that company apartment. Annie says is Allison going with you this trip? I say, no it's a trade show and Meg is lending me to Brad's department so I can check out some new equipment for him. And I got one sales call, the first one all by myself, but it's a real long shot.

Annie says, I'll tell you what Matthew, since part of your Chicago trip was ruined because I told you about Parker I'll let you invite Sally to stay with you in Houston, how about it?

I thank her a lot, I thought it would be months before she let me see Sally again. Annie gets her cell out and calls Sally and gives her the good news, I can hear Sally thanking Annie and then Annie says, Sally I want both you and Matthew to hear this.

She says, I'm allowing Matthew special access to his Boston girlfriend not because I fucked Parker all night, I won't barter my sex life by letting Matthew have more girls. I let him invite you to Houston because part of his Chicago trip was spoiled because of Parker and me.

They talk for a while and Annie says, oh I'll tell you all about it, but not now, I don't want to make Matthew listen through it again.

Annie hangs up and says, how about throwing me another fuck sailor, we got time before check out?

We walk back to the hotel and Annie says, I want you to pretend you're fucking your mom this morning Matthew. I laugh and say, oh, who are you going to pretend I am? Annie says, let's walk faster Parker, I need it bad.

While Annie is packing I say, well I guess I don't need to get those pills after all. Annie says, no I want to see how you perform, I may get some for Parker if I enjoy the results.

Annie stops packing and looks at me and says, Matthew if you let me take this affair where I want it to go, you and Parker will be in the same hotel room with me and you both may need a pill. I think on that and say, ok I'll get the pills.

Annie says, you know what my dream is? She says its that you get real turned on watching Parker fuck your wife, real turned on. I think about that and say, I just can't say how I'll feel.

Annie laughs and says, did I trick you into saying you're going to let me get the three of us in a hotel room. I look at how merry her face looks and how happy she seems and I say, I promise I'll go to that hotel room and watch Parker fuck you, but I can't promise how I'll feel, I may cry or it may turn me on, I just can't say.

Annie says, sit down Matthew. I want to be sure you understand what you're agreeing to. If you say you and Parker will take turns fucking me, do you understand that? But also understand that it may be weeks, maybe months before I think you're ready for it. think you're ready for it.

I say, I understand you got to measure how I feel and figure out when you think I can do it.

Annie says, and during those weeks and months I'm going to be fucking Parker probably every time you're gone, like this trip to Houston?

I say, well I understand it in my mind but my heart may take some time. Annie looks at me for a long time and says, well you can still tell me to stop any time Matthew, any time.

I say, can I make a rule? Annie laughs and says, you know I won't agree to that without knowing what it is.

I say, well my rule is I won't put a stop to you and Parker until the three of us have at least one night together. I say, its not fair to you to have to wonder is Mattie going to cut me off today? I say, there's enough to worry about in the world without inventing extra things to fret on, like I may get the flu or have a real bad day at work and take it out on you.

Annie says, hmm I hope you're not growing up too fast, baby, I don't want to be married to grownup. I laugh but I say, did my rule make sense?

She says, I'm not about to argue with that, honey, I'm free to fuck Parker whenever you're on the road and you won't cut me off, what's not to like?

I stick out my hand and Annie shakes it and neither one of us was kidding.

I'm driving home in Annie's car and she has her hand on my cock like mom and the girls do and she says, wait a minute, you're being so nice to me about Parker, what do you want in return?

I pretend to be real insulted and say, for your information young lady I don't barter for sex favors. Annie laughs and says, good one Matthew, real good.

At home Helen takes one look at me and says, thank god. Annie laughs and says, he's fine. Margot comes out from the kitchen and looks at me and says, good, you're ok.

The girls can read me like a book and they can read mom to.

We sit down and talk and Annie tells them about the new rule and Helen whistles and says, wow. Margot says, did he have his fingers crossed? And Annie says nope and his toes weren't crossed and his cock wasn't tied in a knot.

Then Annie says, remember how we had that talk Matthew and I told you not to be afraid to push me? I say I remember that real good and I seem to remember how you explained I'd be getting kicked in the balls real regular if I fucked Allison.

Helen says, do you want to fuck her? I say, oh just in the way guys want to fuck girls, but I really don't want to fuck Allison, it makes work too complicated and I've grown fond of my balls.

Helen says, well if Annie ever changes her mind, Allison would do you in a minute, she doesn't care that you work together.

Annie says, speaking of pushing how about if I want Helen and Margot to make a DVD of Parker and me?

I think about this and I say, would he have a copy and Annie says, that was exactly the right question to ask Matthew, the answer is shit no I'd be all over the Internet the next day. I say, well if you have the only copy I guess its ok with me.

Annie says, what if I want you to watch it?

I say, Annie since I'm going to be in the same room watching him fuck you, I don't think a video much compares. Annie laughs and says, you are a step ahead of me this time Matthew, I like that.

Annie goes in the kitchen and looks at my travel schedule and says, how is the 14th for you guys to film Parker and me? So that was set.

At breakfast on Tuesday Annie reminded me of my doctor's appointment and made sure I had the piece of paper about those hard on pills so I could get a prescription. And she reminded me to talk with him about Parker, so I wrote that down on the paper too.

Little blue pills.

I was embarrassed to go to the drugstore for those hard on pills so Annie did it for me, she got medicine for me before when I had the flu and one time for ulcers, but I usually don't take much medicine, sometimes an aspirin.

The girls were real curious to see me after I took the pill. They would check my cock every once in a while. Then it started feeling real full, that might not be the best word to say but I told them that's how I felt.

Margot said, we're supposed to take you to the doctor if your erection lasts more than four hours. Helen says, shit mom keeps him hard that long with one of her slow blow jobs. Annie says, the four hour thing is if we want Matthew to go soft and he can't.

I say, I feel like I'm in a lab experiment.

They told me not to touch myself, they wanted to see what happened if I didn't touch myself.

Well I started getting hard and then was real hard. Helen says, does it feel different from your regular boners honey? I say, a little different, it feels a little harder.

Annie says, just getting an erection without touching himself doesn't prove anything, he does that all the time. Margot says, you're right, he can cum without touching himself like when he watches Parker fuck his mom. This turns my face red, but I don't say anything, they talk about me when I'm in the same room all the time.

Helen says, you're right Margot and that's just a DVD, imagine what he's going to do when he sees Parker fuck Annie live and up close.

Margot says, are you going to have Mattie slide Parker's cock into your pussy?

Annie says, that's not a bad idea, I hadn't thought of it.

Helen says, Mattie, mom and every girl in this room has sucked your cock and guided it into Annie's pussy, I think its time for you to return the favor.

My face is real hot now.

Annie looks at me and says, Matthew if I tell you to suck Parker hard for me I know you'll do it, right?

I nod my head.

Annie says, right? I say, yes.

Helen says, say it in a sentence Mattie. I say, I'll suck Parker's cock if Annie tells me to.

Margot says, do you think you'll like it?

I say, no ma'am.

Annie says, well, you may surprise yourself, it took me over a year to work up the nerve to be with Margot.

Helen looks at her watch and says, well let's test drive that pill. They take me in Annies room and I end up fucking her for over an hour until she cums hard and tells me to stop.

Everyone is looking at my hard on and Helen says, couldn't you cum baby? I say, I wasn't trying not to cum but I just felt I could hold back.

Annie says, shit I'm getting a bushel of pills for Parker, he never lasted this long.

They decide I should fuck Margot and Helen gets her ready and I find I can go on for quite a while, I lost track of time. Annie says, Margot's getting tired Matthew, try to cum now.

I close my eyes to concentrate on my feelings instead of Margot's, the girls and mom taught me to focus my thinking on the girl that I'm fucking not myself. But I'm not cumming, it doesn't hurt or feel bad, it feels real good but they wanted me to cum and I couldn't quite.

Margot says, I need a rest Mattie, so I pull out and they put me back in Annie and she says pretend your fucking your mom again Matthew. I feel a tongue in my ear and Helen is whispering, god Mattie mom is getting off so hard, look at how much she loves your fat cock in her tight little pussy.

Well that does it, I groan and Annie says, pull out and cum on me. I do that and I spurt over Annie's head and then on her face and then boobs and finish up on her tummy.

Helen says, that's further than he usually shoots. Margot says, how did it feel when you were cumming baby? I say, it felt wonderful like always. Annie says, anything different?

I think on this and say, well it was real intense, it felt more powerful or something.

Helen says, I think its more cum than usual. She licks Annie's face clean and then licks up the rest of my cum except the part on the pillow.

Annie says, how do you feel Matthew? I say I feel real good, not tired out at all.

Margot says, can you get hard again? Helen takes me in her mouth and in about 5 minutes I'm as hard as ever.

Annie says, shit it always takes him longer to cum the second time and its after 10 already, we should have had him take the pill earlier. Margot says, well now we know.

Helen stops sucking and says, are you anywhere close honey? I say, no ma'am, I feel I could fuck all night. Annie says, shit.

They talk it over and decide I should jack off so they take me in the bathroom and oil me up. Helen says, no matter how many hand jobs I did in school, no girl can jack a guy off as good as he can do himself.

Annie says, we're not worried about your health Matthew, you got soft after you came on me, we just don't want to send you to bed this way, so do your best.

I surprised myself, I came in about 10 minutes, it doesn't take that long when I'm alone and Margot calls me at 11. But when she calls at bedtime I haven't just had a cum, its been a while.

After they clean me up Helen says, brush your teeth honey, its time.

Margot checks my alarm and they kiss me goodnight and we say, I love you and they turn out the lights and close the door.

I'm sleepy but not worn out, its a real good feeling and I drift off to sleep hearing the girls talking and laughing, its feels real good to drift off to sleep in a house where people love you.

In the morning Helen is waiting when I come out of the shower. She says, the experiment continues. She sucks me hard and Annie and Margot come in to watch, they're dressed for work.

Helen says, I'm giving him a fast one, time me. Helen is real good at cocksucking, almost as good as mom and I cum pretty fast. Annie says, four minutes Helen and Helen pats me on the butt and says, good work Mattie, you're back to normal.

That night at dinner its not a family meeting but its a decision they made. Helen says, Annie put the pills away, we don't want you taking one unless we're here and say you can, ok? I say, yes ma'am.

Then I think of something and I look at Annie and say, what about when I'm on a trip like next week in Houston? Annie says, no pills unless we're here and say you can. I say, yes ma'am.

Margot says, you don't need pills Mattie, you're a healthy young boy with a real strong sex drive. We'll give you one once in a while for the fun of it. Helen says, and to see how long you can go and how many times you can cum, you're real fun to experiment on. I say, thanks a lot, I love being a lab rat.

Annie says, I'm going to have Parker take one every night next week. Then they start talking about which video camera to use and the lights in Parker's house. I know what they're doing and it's not being mean to me talking about Annie's boyfriend in front of me. They're getting me used to the idea that he's going to be in our lives. Until Annie gets bored with him or decides its time to start our family, I wonder which will come first?

The Annie and Parker DVD

When I got back home from Houston Annie met me at the airport Friday night. I knew she'd been fucking her boyfriend, that college professor who used to be mom's boyfriend.

She had a huge grin on her face and was real happy, in a real good mood.

In her car she said, well Matthew I've been a bad girl while you were in Houston with Sally. I know she's going to tell me anyway so I say, well what did the bad girl do?

She says, I had Parker take a pill the first night. She says Matthew it was almost as good as you fuck me. I went home and packed for the week and moved in with Parker. I told him to take a pill every day that I'm in his house.

Then this afternoon I played hooky from work and drove to his house and he fucked me until it was time to come get you.

Annie says, Matthew you're going to fuck me the second we get home.

I think, well this is what my life is going to be like for a while, listening to how much my wife loves fucking Parker.

Helen and Margot kiss me and Helen says, we'll unpack for you Mattie, better go fuck your wife right away.

I wondered would I have trouble getting a hard on? Annie says, lick my pussy Matthew, get your tongue deep inside where Parker came in me. I do it and I can't taste any cum but for some reason the idea excites me and I got real hard.

Helen teases me and says, whoa, Mattie likes the taste of Parker's cum.

Annie tells me to start fucking her and I was feeling like I did the night they had me take that pill, like I'm going to last a long time. I had jacked off twice in front of Sally earlier today.

I start fucking Annie a little harder, then harder still. Its not like angry fucking but it sort of is I guess. Usually Annie tells me what position to do but I find myself moving her around.

I guess I am kind of angry, I think why did she have to move in with him for the week, couldn't she just fuck him and come home at night?

Now I'm fucking her from behind doggy style and she's on her knees with her butt thrust up. I never did this before but I push her down flat on the bed and keep fucking her, but now my cock is at a different feeling angle and it must have felt real good to Annie, she got real loud.

My back gets a little tired and I turn Annie over without taking my cock out and I pull her to the edge of the bed so i can stand on the floor and fuck her. I move her feet so they're above my shoulders and pull my cock all the way back and slam forward as hard as I can and I'm going faster and faster and then tears are running down my cheeks and I'm fucking her harder and harder.

I feel hands on me and Helen and Margot are pulling me back and Helen says, she's finished Mattie. Margot is wiping my tears away and I look at Annie, she has a real funny expression on her face.

I catch my breath and say, are you ok Annie? She's quiet for a minute and says, go take a shower Mattie I want to talk with Helen and Margot.

In the shower I wonder did I hurt Annie, am I in trouble?

I get dressed and go out to the kitchen and and Margot says, dinner will be a little late tonight. I say, is Annie ok? Helen says, we'll talk about it when she gets out of the shower.

Pretty soon Annie comes in and kisses me on the cheek and says, you lost it a little didn't you Matthew?

I say, why did you have to move in with him for a week, couldn't you have just fucked him and come home at night?

Annie says, do you really think that's what's bothering you? She had a real quiet voice, real serious so I know to slow down and think about her question.

Finally I say, I guess I'm just not used to you fucking him, that's probably what bothered me. I thought my mind was getting used to the idea but I guess it didn't.

Annie says, well its a difficult thing to get used to Matthew, I can tell you that from personal experience.

I think about that and I say, were you ever jealous of me?

Annie laughs but its not a fun laugh. She says, ever? Matthew I'm jealous of you all the time. How do you think I feel when I see the way you look at your mom and Helen and Margot and Sally? How do you think I feel when I know you're with them?

I say, is that why you're fucking him?

Annie says, well I tell myself that it's not to get even, not revenge fucking, that I just want some extra fun in my life, a little adventure before I get pregnant. But maybe there is some get-even thinking deep down, maybe I'm pettier than I want to believe.

I say, I don't want to make you feel jealous or sad or any bad thing. I'll drop everyone, just tell me to one time. Annie laughs, you could never give up your mom Matthew, everyone knows that.

I say, I can so.

Annie says, well put that aside, what are we going to do about you and Parker?

I say, I don't know.

Annie says, you did some big talking and promised me I could fuck Parker at least until the three of us spend the night in a hotel. Do you want to change your mind?

I do, but i say no. Annie says, are you sure? I say, yes ma'am.

Annie says, good, now let's talk about what just happened.

Helen and Margot are sitting with us, but not saying anything. This means while I was in the shower Annie told them she wanted them to hear what we talked about. All three girls know everything that has to to do with me, that's just the way it is.

Annie says, remember when I told you I wished you had more spine? Well I didn't say it at the time but it applied to more than making your own decisions and more than pushing back at me instead of just doing what you're told.

Annie says, I wanted you to be more aggressive in bed, just like you were tonight.

She says, Matthew you just gave me the best fucking of your life. Almost as good as Parker.

This surprises me, I say, I did?

Now Helen chimes in, Mattie you were like a wild stallion in there. Margot says, a world champion stallion.

Annie says, but toward the end you weren't having any fun were you?

I say, well in my mind I kept asking myself why did you have to move in with him? But now I understand that I was really mad about why do you have to fuck him. So I guess I understand in my brain better now.

Annie smiles and says, well my brain gets confused sometimes to Matthew.

She says, you still have your harem and I still have Parker for now, do we agree on that?

I say, yes ma'am, I'm real sorry I kind of lost it earlier.

Annie says, I'm not, and stop apologizing for everything all the time.

I feel good enough now to make a little joke and I say, I'm sorry Annie. This gets a laugh around the table.

After dinner Annie tells me to relax and read my book, she doesn't want me to watch the Parker DVD until tomorrow.

They decide I'm to sleep with Helen tonight and she lets me read an extra half hour since tomorrow is Saturday and I could finish my book if I could stay up just a little later.

After Helen sucks me off we get snugged up and she says, pay attention Mattie. When Annie told you that you just gave her the best fuck of her life, she wasn't kidding. I've never seen you fuck a girl like you did tonight.

She says, Mattie, she's going to want some more of that, without all the drama and tears. Do you understand what I'm saying?

I say, I think so.

Helen says, but if she tells you to fuck her like that, it's not the same, it's like she's in charge and you're just following orders like always. Are you with me?

I say, its kind of like Margot told me I should tell Annie I want to fuck her instead of waiting for her to tell me? Helen says, it's just exactly like that Mattie, Annie wants you to take charge sometimes, be real forceful like tonight.

I think about that and say, I think I can do that.

Helen says I know you can.

In the morning they let me sleep until I woke up around 10. I could smell my favorite sausage cooking when I came out of the shower and they had a real nice breakfast waiting for me, I like a big breakfast to start the day especially when its real tasty.

After I do the dishes I see Annie looking at me and I say, well how long is this famous DVD?

Annie says, oh this one's only three and a half hours, but I'm going to have lots more made, I'm just like your mom, I love to watch myself getting fucked.

I think, well we already got DVDs of me fucking you. But I don't mention that.

Annie says, I'm taking Parker to New Orleans, I want Lisa to film us.

They have me roll the big tv in from mom's room and Annie sits in a chair where she can see it and watch me too. They sit me between Helen and Margot and Annie says, remember don't touch him. So this tells me they want to see if I get hard with no touching like I do watching Parker fuck mom.

Annie starts it up and Annie and Parker are standing there nude and Annie says her name and she's married to me and she says Parker's name and then she bends down and starts sucking him and I don't know the meaning of it but my cock goes straight up and is pointing right at the ceiling.

Annie laughs, that made her real happy and Helen pats my leg and Margot kisses me on the cheek.

Then Margot comes into the picture, she's naked and the camera follows them into the bedroom.

I remember the the inside of Parker's house from watching him fuck mom on her DVDs so it seems sort of familiar. Margot sucks Parker for a couple of minutes, the camera zooms in close for a while.

Then Margot is licking Annie and then she holds Parker's cock and guides it into Annie. He is fucking her missionary style and the camera is a little to the side so I can see Annie's face. He gets going faster and faster and Annie is going, o god o god o god.

Then she digs her fingers into his butt and her hips shove up and she screams Parker's name real loud when she cums and right then I shoot off. Helen misses the first spurt but gets her mouth around me and catches the rest of it.

Annie stops the DVD and comes over, she has tears in her eyes and kisses me and says, I love you so fucking much Matthew. She kisses me for a long time.

I say, well you look awfully hot there Annie. She says, yes I do. She says, I came more with Parker than I ever have in any week of my life. But that fucking you gave me last night was just terrific too.

Then the girls get undressed and Annie starts it up again and we watch the rest of it.

Annie explained that they stopped filming several times to let Parker get hard again after he came. Some of it is the girls eating each other.

Most of it is Parker fucking Annie in a lot of different positions but you can always see Annie's face, I know she must have told Helen and Margot that's what she wanted.

In one part he fucks Helen, that was a little surprise to me but not to much, he fucked her once before when mom wanted to give him a surprise mother daughter fuck for his 30th birthday.

What did surprise me is toward the end. Parker is laying on his back and Annie gets some lube out of her purse and does his cock, then Margot comes into the picture and Annie does her pussy and then Annie holds Parker's cock and Margot puts the head of his cock in her pussy and lowers herself real slow until its in all the way.

The camera zooms in on Margot's face and she opens her eyes and says, hi Mattie, I just had to see how it felt to have Parker in me. You're my boyfriend, my one and only boyfriend but I would like to fuck Parker at least once, maybe more. But I won't do it without your permission. I love you baby.

Then the camera pulls back and Margot climbs off the bed and Annie takes in Parker's cock just like Margot did.

The camera closes in on Annie's face and she says, I love you to Matthew, more than anyone in the world. But I'm going to be fucking Parker every chance I get, I'm addicted. Then she winks and says, but I'll dump him one of these days, you and I are hooked for life.

Then she says, now watch how hard I cum. The camera pulls back again and Annie was right, she came real hard and then again.

At the very end its Annie and Parker standing there nude again and Annie says, say it Parker.

You can tell he isn't thrilled about this part, he says, I'll watch Matthew fuck you, I'll suck his cock to get him hard if that's what you want. I'll put my cock in your pussy while his cock is in there.

Annie laughs and pats his cock and says good boy.

That was the end.

Margot says, I would like to fuck him Mattie, but only if you say so.

I say, I want you to have fun in your life Margot, you had bad luck with guys. The only thing I want is you'll still come back to me. Helen says, and me.

We laugh but Margot is serious, she says, Helen our wedding was the happiest day of my life, you couldn't get rid of me if you tried. And Mattie, I meant what I said, you're my one and only boyfriend.

Annie says, god I looked good getting fucked.

I laugh and say, you sound just exactly like mom.

I was hard for the whole film and Margot says, I wouldn't mind proving to Mattie that he's my one and only. Annie laughs and says help yourself.

Well watching that DVD wasn't as horrible as I worried about, the girls tell me I worry to much, I guess they're right.

Going to church.

Sunday morning I'm in the shower and Annie tells me to come right out, she's laughing about something. I say what's so funny? She says go in the living room, don't bother getting dressed.

I walk in and there's Allison looking real nice in a dress and some kind of big bonnet. I'm a little surprised to see her, I didn't know she was coming over.

I say, hi Allison.

She says, have you cum yet this morning?

I hear the girls laughing and I say, no.

Allison says, good, it shouldn't take you too long then. Mike and the kids are down in the car, we're on the way to mass and I don't want to be late.

Helen laughs and says, well you better get started before Mike decides to come up and get you.

Allison has me in her mouth and hard right away. Annie says, don't hold back Matthew, not with Mike right downstairs.

Well it doesn't take long it's my first time in Allison't mouth and she's all made up so pretty and I'm shooting off pretty soon.

Allison says, thanks sweetie, there's plenty more where that came from.

Allison already knows that when I'm traveling the girls have me jack off every night at bedtime, they say I sleep better after I cum.

Allison says to Annie, what time do you have him go to bed? Annie says, he brushes his teeth around 11, then he has his cum and goes to sleep.

Allison tells Annie, I'll drop by his hotel room and suck him off at 11 no matter who I'm fucking in my room. Annie says, thanks Allison, we appreciate that.

Helen says, here's the file you came to pick up. Allison laughs and says, oh yeah that's why I'm here. She looks in a mirror and says, shit where's my lip gloss?

Just then there's a knock on the door and Annie pushes me toward the bathroom and I go in and close the door.

I hear Allison say, sorry honey, we couldn't find the file. I hear her voice getting closer and she says, I'm almost ready, I just have to hit the john.

Then the door is opening and Allison comes in with a wicked grin on her face. She sits on the edge of the tub and starts sucking my cock again.

We hear the girls talking with Mike and Margot says, here, you may as well have a cup of coffee while you wait. Allison said she swallowed something this morning and it must have gone down the wrong way, she may be in there a while.

Allison giggles around my cock and then stands up and whispers in my ear, I want you to cum in my mouth while Mike is right here. i want you to spurt while I can hear him talking.

Well this whole morning moved real fast on my part but I got to admit this idea sounds pretty exciting to me. Allison spots some lube on the counter and ends up with one finger, then two up my butt while she sucks me.

Pretty soon I whisper that I'm about ready and Allison starts finger fucking me faster and then I'm cumming in her mouth and we hear Mike laughing real loud at something.

Allison stands up and kisses me and tongues my cum into my mouth and she whispers, I'm going to have a long discussion with you about why you love to slurp up cum so much. I guess the girls tell her everything.

Then she flushes the toilet and and washes her hands and puts on her lip gloss. She calls out through the door, I'm almost ready, Mike. He is right outside the door and says, are you feeling better?

Allison dabs at her lips and checks her bonnet and says, much better, Annie gave me some of Mattie's new liquid medicine that tasted real good and settled my stomach down.

They talk through the door a minute and Allison winks at me and reaches under her dress and takes off her panties and ties them around my cock and balls, it feels kind of like when mom puts that velcro cock ring on me.

Allison lifts up her dress and puts a finger in her pussy and puts it in my mouth and whispers, taste me.

I suck her finger and she flushes the toilet again and motions me to get in the shower where Mike can't see me.

Allison washes her hands and opens the door and says, do you have any breath mints Mikey? Then she says, hurry up I don't want to be late for mass, making it sound like he was the one who kept her waiting.

I hear the front door open and Helen calls out, what are you going to confess this week, Allison? There's some laughter and then the door closes and Margot says, the coast is clear Mattie.

The girls crack up when they see her panties around my cock.

Annie smiles at me and says, did you have fun Matthew?

I explain how it was real exciting to me to know that Mike was right there while I'm cumming in Allison's mouth.

Helen says, maybe there's hope for you yet, Mattie.

I say what did Allison say about confession? Helen said, she whispered in my ear that she was going to confess that she wanted to fuck a co-worker.

That was funny but I'm glad I don't have to go to confession. Annie is looking at me and she says, you're glad you don't go to confession aren't you, Matthew?

I don't k

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