The Adventures of Jocelyn Tart
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by Steven Black

Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An ongoing story about a British woman jailed in an American Prison. Why is she there? and what's with the unusual punishment?

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   DomSub   FemaleDom   Group Sex   Interracial   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   2nd POV  

Getting to know you

"So whatcha get?" Theresa asked with her valley girl accent as she shifted her weight on to find a comfortable position on the hard bunk.

"Five. Five bloody long years," Jocelyn replied with a sigh as she peered around their cell. The cold gray bars, uncomfortable bunks and dim lighting. "Three with good behavior."

"Oh, that sucks." Theresa empathized as she undressed the tall, slender Brit with her eyes, enjoying the thought of making her on one the their many to come long quiet nights. "Could be worse though."

"How so?" Jocelyn questioned, confused by the optimism of the pretty mulatto hanging off the edge of her bunk. She studied the outline of her breasts barely contained in her jumpsuit, her nipples perked and showing through the fabric.

"Well," She giggled as she stared at the perfect cleavage of Jocelyn's Milky white breasts, "you could be bunking with some old hag. That a positive note."

"I suppose." Jocelyn agreed half heartedly as she eyed Theresa's lips. The mere thought of forcing her tongue between them sent shivers down her spine, her loins beginning to throb for a single touch. "'Twould be better without this blasted chastity belt."

"What!" Theresa flipped off the top bunk and quickly sat beside her. She was more interested in being close to her, but could not help her curiosity either. "A chastity belt? Are you serious?"

"Quite." Jocelyn reached her slender hand into the top of her pants to scratch herself where the leather strap was chaffing her silky skin. She pulled down the elastic waist exposing the device, locked by the guards upon her arrival. "See, this is the confounded contraption."

"Oh my." Theresa peered at the device, disappointed by the validity of it's existence. She placed her fingers under the thick leather strap and pouted. "Not even some silk or satin to make it comfy? That's just cruel!"

"The judge said it was an unusual punishment for an unusual crime." Jocelyn explained as she shivered from the touch of her new friend's fingers on her wanton skin. "It's even finger proof where the bloody thing counts."

"Really?" Theresa asked in a sad tone, partially empathetic to Jocelyn's predicament but mostly that she could not have her. She tried to slip a finger in from below where she hoped it would be loose. "Almost sweetie, sorry."

"Come now." Jocelyn composed herself, wet and stirred from the tender probing of Theresa's fingers. She continued in a stern tone exhibiting her proper English upbringing. "I'll not have anyone feeling sorry for me, especially one whom I must share a room for an extended measure of time."

"Sorry." Theresa answered with a soft voice, still fantasizing the feel of Jocelyn's loins on her lips and tongue. "I was just hoping -"

"Right." Jocelyn affirmed, aggravated with her situation and doing her best to be courteous to her lustful cellmate. "You hoped we could be lovers. You are an attractive woman and believe me, if I could I would plant your face 'tween my thighs without a bleeding moment's consideration. But sadly, that is not a fact of our newly born relationship. Perhaps -" She paused for a moment looking at the young woman's tearing eyes and pouting lips. "Oh come now, maybe we can find a remedy for this wretched thing."

Theresa smiled as she looked deep into her new friend's eyes. No one had ever said such nice things to her and she could hear the sincerity in Jocelyn's voice. Still quivering from Jocelyn's pure and potent allure compounded by the unexpected tease caused by the chastity belt, she considered offering her some arse play, but quickly dismissed the idea not wanting to seem desperate.

"We have not been properly introduced." Jocelyn continued, scanning Theresa's eyes with her own, secretly wishing she could have her way with her. "I am Jocelyn. Jocelyn Tart." She held out her hand to greet the trembling, undersexed young woman.

"Theresa Billings." She replied with a smile, attempting to compose herself and calm her wanton loins as she shook hands with her new cellmate. "Pleased to meet you, Jocelyn."

"Well, Miss Theresa Billings," She answered, attempting to change the subject to something more tolerable. "Shall we play a game of cards, hmn?"

Theresa reached under her pillow and produced a slightly worn deck of playing cards. She smiled at Jocelyn as she sat down at the foot of Jocelyn's bunk and prepared to play.

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