Need - Late Night!
Chapter 2

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Does watching women suck Big Black Cocks(BBC) cause you to 'need' to experience it yourself? It does for one man! Boredom can lead to real excitement when combined with online personals, iPhone apps, and pets.

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And they lived...

Yeah! Right! It was Sunday - the day of rest? No the day to hit the bar!

Tara went off to her apartment sometime yesterday afternoon - after the discussion and after she helped walk the dogs. I got a text from Talbot to walk the Rottie and video it. Tara took the other two and I got my cock and balls entertained for an hour. On the way into the house my neighbor Linda drove up, she'd just picked up her roommate, Tina, from the airport.

"Hey Neighbor! Neighbors dogs and neighbors hot girlfriend..." with a tone that begged for introductions.

"Hi Linda, Tina - this is Tara! A friend from work! Tara this is Linda ... and Tina! My neighbors over that way! And these guys are Larry, Curly, and Moe!" Pointing to the Rottie, Mastiff, and Shepard.

"Interesting ... need ... if you need help with the dogs or ANYTHING! Let use know ... need ... we always like to help" I was daydreaming of the last time they were sunbathing in back - in a 69 position. Linda got sunburned - WHAT! went my thoughts when I finally heard the need in her voice and all the times she used it in a sentence. She was smiling a crooked smile. "Don't be so shocked - I have been in one of those cabinets a few times!"

And I was relieved beyond any semblance of reason.

There was a long conversation that didn't really say much - finally they put the car away and left us alone. The dogs decided it was time to get inside and Larry led me inside in a rush. When Tara managed to get his leash off me I got a text from Talbot. Nice vid, bring Linda to work Monday! I'm tired of fucking your ass - want hers.

Tara came back with her stuff - she was leaving. "I have some things to do, back soon!" she kissed me lightly on the forehead like my mother used to do and left. I might have got a clue about later if I wasn't so tired. I finally got to my bed and just crashed in my sweats. That had been yesterday - Tara seemed like she was leaving permanently

Back to Sunday!

The dogs woke me in the morning - I fed them and was puttering with them in the backyard when Linda and Tina asked if I wanted some help. Never one to turn down help from pretty ladies I accepted.

I was not so happy in a few minutes when they attached all three dogs leashes to my genitalia and led us away making sure that two of the dogs were pulling sideways and one in front. We took up about 15 feet of the road. They were giggling and laughing and talking all the time they were making sure I was in total pain! I don't remember much except how good it was to get home and put the dogs away.

I showed Linda the text from Talbot and then showed her pics of his cock - she was all in! Or hoped he could get it all in or fuck her - she made walking the dogs worse! They stayed for an early lunch - made me eggs n pancakes. The Tina gave me an excellent blowjob and then left.

I showered and sat on the couch for about twenty minutes - bored and depressed. What do you do when your life is shit, you hurt like hell, you...

Well? What do you do?

I went to the bar! Which bar? The one where I got that need satisfied and discovered that it was still a need.

I had minimized the CBT today - and I got dressed and left. It's a rather short drive and I was surprised, a little, by how much activity was going on. It was nice weather and some things had moved outside. It looked like a normal bar patio until you looked closely. Those four guys having a conversation at a standup table looked normal until you saw the girls hands stroking their balls and their lips sucking his BBC. The LCD's were showing the action - no sports here - of some girl being DP'd. I took all this in quickly and it was a good thing because I didn't make it to the door. Two guys detoured me to an outbuilding and told me to get ready as they pushed me in the door. The building was made of stone and probably two hundred years old. It wasn't rolling rock - all the stone was shaped into blocks. I hoped the fact it looked like a dungeon didn't mean it was mine! I got ready - I stripped down to myself and my metal!

They came back and we went thru the other door. It wasn't real dark in there, but it did have lots of metal things and hooks, chains. It was all Stainless and Leather (red, white, and black). Two ladies looked like bookends near a wall. They were post sitting ... I don't actually think that - they were in the corners with a post extending from below their butts. It must have been four inches in diameter! Their legs were in splints and their ankles were attached to rings in the wall about a foot above their asses. They had a collar of metal around their necks and their arms were trussed very tightly behind their backs from shoulder to wrist. Their heads were tipped back and another pipe was in their mouths. Their large breasts were accentuated quite well because of the binding on their arms. Their entire skin had a sheen of sweat and their nipples and cunts showed severe arousal. Their bodies vibrated slightly - I would have said from arousal a couple of days ago - but the last two days made me think more sinister thoughts.

I didn't get time to wonder much more as I was placed in my 'normal' position on a post in the center of the room and fed my first BBC of the afternoon. The second one went into the deuce and my needs were being filled a little. The BBC owner in my mouth was actually letting me suck on his cock. The one in my ass was just pounding hard. When my toy was taken away and the one in my ass left I expected an ATM. However, they just went to the girls in the corner and pumped them full of cum. My disappointment was short as another pair replaced the first. These two provided commentary and that was when I knew the acts were being recorded and/or displayed to a live audience. The live audience was confirmed when the received suggestions from a speaker. After these two were done cumming in the girls I was wondering how long I would have to wait for some more.

"Need? Did you wonder why the ball containers are so big? Did you ever see what happens to boobs that get injected with saline solution?"

I was looking around as the guys came out with these huge syringes and went to the girl in the red corner. I probably didn't mention that the pipes the ladies were impaled upon were different colors. One was Red, one was Blue, one was Black, and one was White. There were setups in all four corners. My video was being displayed on the wall in front of me and I could see it now that I didn't have someone standing in front of me. The posts that were unoccupied slimmed down as they went up to about three inches...

Anyway, the guys pushed the needles about two inches into each tit - right thru the nipple - and began pushing the plunger. It took them ten minutes to finish and the result was amazing! Those very large tits were now much larger! And that was when it dawned on me why the containers for my testicles were so roomy! Oh God! Please ... but it was a waste of time as I noted they were coming back with two new syringes and these were even bigger...



they came from behind me and went to the lady on the black pipe and proceeded to expand her ... breasts. These syringes made the others look normal AND those weren't normal! The first two probably held a liter of fluid - these were almost twice that. If I had been amazed at the first demonstration, the second blew me away. So much so that a cock in my deuce didn't even distract me - were they going to spike my balls and fill them up like that?

I did finally notice the fucking and enjoyed it for a while. Then it left and came in the girl I finally named - Black for the color of the pipe.

The next I knew those two guys were done and had returned with two more syringes. These were like the first, which didn't make me feel better, my balls aren't that big. They removed the bottom of the canister, screwed on an extension made of a clear substance - glass or plastic - and then attached the canister to the pole holding me up. Slid the needles into my balls - I screamed a lot! It hurt and they hadn't even begun the bad part - squirting saline into them!

I listened to the voice over for a second and found out the saline in these syringes wasn't pure saline. They put a little Hydrogen Peroxide in it to see what happens ... But that didn't mean much of anything to me because they were expanding my ... horizons? It was the worst twenty minutes of my life! I have no idea how they put a liter of fluids into my tiny little testicles! But it all went in - they didn't distract me with a cock - probably didn't trust me not to bite. However I did the best I could to distract myself - after all there were two unbelievable women right there for me to look at! It didn't help - and for some unknown reason came! Really really came - lots of fluid! Looking back that might have been where some of the saline went. I didn't watch the video live - I have not watched it since either! I don't want to watch! I understand that the testicles expanded a lot right away - evidently the foaming of the Peroxide. I also understand that they filled both containers and pushed out the bottom before they could add more. I also understand that they intend to do this often to 'expand' my balls! Tara told them once she saw a guy with big balls wrap them up (huge sack) and fuck some cunt in both her cunt and ass. One full of BBC, one full of his balls.

And I would find out that what Tara wanted she got - especially if it hurt someone!

When all that was done and I hurt like hell - they broke out the fists, bats, and best of all the BBC for me to suck!

I woke to a shower - a cold one with a garden hose! They unshackled me from everything but the CBT and while I dried myself I couldn't help but notice I had eight inches of container on my balls AND my balls extended almost all the way to the bottom. My only thought at the time was "how come they don't hurt?" - we'll get back to that later.

They gave me my clothes and said to get ready for Sunday Night Football! and then we started out. Two other guys were coming in with two white college boys. We waited while they explained about the Red and Black (the girls) and that they would be allowed to do ANYTHING they wanted with them. As long as they qualified...

I don't think the kids weren't clear on what they meant - they were just checking into what anything meant. Essentially it meant anything that didn't damage Red or Black. Then they decided to qualify and argued about who qualified first - turned out they both wanted to do it right away.

"C'mon, Need don't wanna be late!"

"But, I want to know what qualify means?"

They chuckled - who? all the BBC owners in the room

"Need you already know! Cuz you are qualified!" and then I understood. Those white boys were going to get the crap fucked out of them so they could fuck the crap out of those two hot women. Not sure that was a good deal.

"Really? Just so they can hit those..." as I pointed at Red and Black.

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