All In The Family

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: It turns out that my favorite aunt and uncle were free-spirits when it came to sex. Their house is where I first learned about sex and, I found out later, where my sister had been introduced to sex as well.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Uncle   Niece   Aunt   Nephew   Swinging   First   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

We grew up in a small Midwest town, my mom and dad, myself, I'm Riley and when this all began, I was fourteen and my sister, Erin, she was sixteen.

Being the town where my mom and dad both grew up, we have a number of relatives living nearby, three aunts and uncles on my dad's side, two aunts and uncles on my mom's.

This story involves my Uncle Evan and Aunt Peg. They didn't have children so they'd become kind of an extra set of parents for me and my sister. One of us or the other often stayed with them, sometimes for a days at a time, sometimes even for a week, we both had clothes there and could walk to school from their house.

One weekend when I was staying there, I got up on Saturday morning and walked down the hall to the bathroom, passing their bedroom door which was open. As I was walking by, I looked in and what I saw was quite amazing. My Aunt Peggy was sitting up on top of my uncle, both naked, and she was rocking up and down fucking him. I know my uncle saw me but I just kept on going and quickly emptied my bladder.

I had hoped that they had shut the door but, looking out and down the hallway, I saw that it was still open. I knew I had to walk back the way I came from so just did it. I was just past their door when I heard my aunt call out, "Riley, would you step in here for a minute?"

I stopped and just stood there in the hall for a minute. Then I turned back and went in.

Omigod, they're just like they were before, I thought, trying to divert my eyes. My aunt was sitting on Uncle Evan and while she was now sitting still I was sure his dick was still in her.

"Have you had sex yet, Riley?" my aunt asked.

"No," I squeaked out.

"Well, come in here, it's time you learned what it's all about," she said and with that, she rocked a few more times up and down.

"You just watch while I get your uncle off, then you can have a turn, okay?" she said. "Go ahead, get your clothes off," and she went back to fucking my uncle just like I wasn't there at all.

I started slowly, as slowly as I thought I could, taking my clothes off, not knowing what else to do. My aunt was leaning over letting my uncle suck her tits while her hips rose and fell. I could see the lips of her pussy with his thick, wet, shiny dick going in and out of her.

"Mmm, oh, I love fucking you, Evan, and next I get that cute nephew of ours that I've been wanting inside me. You hear me, Riley, I'm fucking you next, honey."

I just sat there in a chair rather stunned at what was happening. And at what was going to happen.

Now, let me tell you a little about my aunt. She's about as tall as I am, five-six or so, and is pretty and blond. Now that I saw her naked I can tell you, she's really hot. I always thought she was the prettiest aunt I had but naked, well, man, my dick was like a rock.

Her boobs were large and had big, pink nipples that were really poked-out. They didn't really sag or anything, they were pretty firm when she was going up and down on my uncle, they bounced a little but not much.

I've seen some porn on a friend's computer and it's like tits come in all kinds from just little kind of bumps all the way to huge ones hanging down like. But Aunt Peg's were nice, really nice.

She kept rocking up and down on my uncle and every once in a while, she would push down on him and scoot her bottom back and forth, moaning softly when she did, then go up and down some more.

I then began to realize that there were probably thousands of moves two people could make while they're having sex instead of just a few that I'd seen on the internet.

Then she started going faster, groaning more, and suddenly she let out a yell and went real fast on him which got him off too. She fell down on him kissing him and I started to realize that my time was near.

"Mmm, nice, hon, really good. Now you can do Riley, you're all warmed up for him now," Uncle Evan said and looked over at me smiling. "Your Aunt Peg is a great fuck, boy, you won't get any better."

She raised up off him and got off the bed and came over to me taking my hand to stand up.

We embraced and held each other as she asked, "Am I the first naked female you've ever held, Riley?"

"Un-huh," I told her, "it's nice."

"Well, I think when you come over from now on, I can be just like this for you if you'd like. I don't much like wearing clothes when there's a nice hard cock around to tease, now, come to bed. Uncle Evan will leave us alone now," and he pulled on a shirt and pants and left the room.

We got on the bed and lay there in each other's arms cuddling naked, it was so exciting but got way better when I felt her fingers wrap around my dick.

I'd really never even kissed a girl before, the only sex I'd ever had was, like most guys my age, with my hand. And now I had my hands on such a nice pair of warm soft breasts.

Then she sat up next to me and bent over taking my dick in her mouth and began sucking me. It was incredible, just like a hundred jack-offs rolled into one. And then, her hand went up under my balls as she sucked the tip and ran her tongue around it. It was the best thing I'd ever felt in my life and before I even knew it, my cum was spurting into my aunt's mouth as her head bobbed back and forth.

She let go and sat up, asking me, "Was that your first blow job, Riley?"

"It was and, wow, now I know why some of my friends talk about it so much, it was just the greatest thing ever, thanks, Aunt Peg. You're the best."

"Well, don't be telling any of your friends about your auntie sucking your cock, Riley, or I'll just bite it off," she laughed.

"Oh, I sure wouldn't want you doing that, Aunt Peg."

"I wouldn't either, Riley, not this nice cock you have. You're still good and hard, ready for your first sex?" she asked as she lay back down, spread her legs apart and patted her pussy.

"You ever give a girl oral?"

"No, I've really never done anything."

"Well, look down here," she said as she widened further and pulled her pussy open.

"Mmm, see that, right there, that little bump?"

I told her I did but, really, it didn't look like much to me.

She explained that it was her clit and had me lick on it until it got bigger. I did and it did; then she told me to suck on it but to do it gently which I did.

"Mmm, oh, Riley, you learn this well and you'll get lots of pussy from girls at school. That just feels so good. Now just suck and lick and tongue me for a bit, get me good and hot, then you can fuck me crazy."

That sounded good to me and it was just what I did. What I did made her writhe and moan so I'm sure it must have felt good, then she put her hands on my head and told me to get up on her and fuck her.

I'd never heard those kind of words from my aunt but it was sure sexy. I raised up, my face wet with her juiciness and moved to put my dick right where she opened between her legs.

"Rub your cock up and down on my pussy, Riley, get it wet, then it'll go in easier."

I did just that and she was right, I pushed and it went right in. I didn't need any coaching from then on, I just did what nature seems to tell us and began fucking my Aunt Peg, my first sex ever.

My hands were on her boobs, my hips moving back and forth, as she asked me, "Well, Riley, how do you like fucking your Auntie Peg?"

"Oh, oh," I gasped, "it's wonderful, I just never thought I'd be doing anything like this. Not ever."

"You're making your auntie feel pretty good. Just remember, you can come fuck me anytime you want. Uncle Evan doesn't mind if I have a boyfriend or two, as long as I give him his share."

I couldn't believe it, she was really telling me we could do this whenever I wanted to. Did she have any idea just how much that might be?

"Aunt Peg, that might be a lot."

"Well, you can sleep in here with us when you visit. Believe me your uncle will just sleep through us fucking. So, we can have all the fun you want."

I knew I was getting closer to another cum, it just felt so good.

"Well, baby, cum in your Auntie Peg, I want to carry your nice cum around in my pussy today, my nephew's first cum in a pussy, and it's all mine," she said softly as I arched into her, releasing my first ever ejaculation into a female. It was the most wonderful feeling of my life.

She pulled me to her and kissed me hard. Then she slid her tongue inside my mouth as I kept fucking her.

"Mmm, come on, Riley, come on, make me cum, honey, oh, you've got me close, just a little more and..." then she started to shiver and shake and groan and tremble as her legs wrapped around my back and pulled my body tight into hers.

"Oh, yes, mmm, our first fuck was good, really good. You filled me up good. Now I've got your cum inside me for the rest of the day. Maybe you can put some more in me a little later. Maybe you and your uncle both. Might be fun to have the two of you fuck me, one after the other."

Well, that was my first time for sex. My second, third and fourth were all on the same day. And, yes, Uncle Evan and I did her twice and then she had me sleep with them and I did her again. And she was right, he slept through it all.

Chapter 2

The next morning, she and Uncle Evan got up while I stayed in bed a little longer. But, then, I got up and went and pulled on a pair of briefs and went down.

Entering the kitchen, there was my aunt at the stove, wearing an apron and nothing else. Her butt, so nice and round, was on display and I felt my dick begin to respond.

"Your uncle just left for work, he's got some kind of emergency there, and I didn't see any need in getting dressed with a horny boy around to tease," she said, wiggling her butt as she turned my eggs over.

Soon, she put the eggs on a plate and brought it to the table, took off her apron and sat down with me as I ate hungrily. It was my first meal with a naked woman, one that began many, especially with my Aunt Peg, who, from then on, wore little around the house whenever I visited. She just loved keeping me horny and hard.

"You know you don't need to wear those," she said as she tugged on my briefs. "Take 'em off, Riley, so I can play with that pretty cock of yours."

I was not about to miss a chance for my hot aunt to play with my dick and she wasted little time. She rubbed the tip with her finger, then stood up and went to the pantry and came back with the pancake syrup.

"Scoot your chair out, Riley, yeah, good," she said as she knelt down in front of me and took my cock to dribble a little syrup on it, then bent forward to take it in her mouth and suck.

I had a very active dirty mind when I was fourteen but this seemed to me to be the ultimate in erotic.

She sucked me so beautifully as I sat there in the kitchen with the morning light filtering through the windows and I soon was cumming in her mouth as she smiled up at me.

She moved her head back, letting me out of her mouth, and said, "You cum as much as a grown man, Riley. Was that good?"

"Oh, Aunt Peg that was so much better than good I don't even have a word for it. I never knew anything could feel quite that good. It was the best and you're the best."

She leaned forward as kissed the end of my dick and stood up.

"Well, I need to start a load of laundry and you can vacuum the den and living room. Then we can meet back in my bedroom and have some more fun, okay?"

I have never done vacuuming any more joyously than that morning, running the vacuum back and forth across the carpets, my stiffie pointing the way, knowing I was soon to have it inside my aunt once again.

I did it as fast as I could but also tried to do to properly, after all, I was being taken care of rather nicely, it seemed the least I could do, and as soon as I put the vacuum away, I ran back to her bedroom.

She wasn't there so I flopped down on her bed and laid there playing with my dick. I was so excited, I was going to have more sex with my aunt.

"Oh, look at you, Riley, such a horny boy, playing with your pretty cock. What would you like, another fuck from your Auntie Peg? Here, just stay right there," she said as she crawled into bed and swung a leg up over me, reached under to hold me, then wiggled down on top of me driving my eager cock up into her.

"Mmm, is that better?" she asked as she began rocking up and down on me.

"Oh, this is the best. I can't believe how much you like sex, Aunt Peg. I really like it this way so I can play with these," I told her as held her boobs, gently squeezing them, thoroughly enjoying them.

"And you can suck them, too," she said as she leaned over and dragged a nipple to my open lips. I eagerly took it in, all hard and swollen, and sucked peacefully as she moved up and down over me.

When she moved upward, I felt her pussy tighten on me, like she was pulling me up off the bed almost, then, somehow, her pussy seemed to relax and open as she slipped back down to start over again. It was heaven, for sure.

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