Martha's Job Requirements
Chapter 1

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the story of a mature women that helped an awkward 18 year old boy become a man before he went to college

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Fiction   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Teacher/Student  

Over the last 3 years Martha has been working with Ronald Banks a CPA that does most of his work at the clients office. She takes care of the phones and any book keeping that he needs to keep all the clients up to date with their Profit and Loss statements.

Martha is a divorced mother of 3 Children: Two boys 25 and 17 and a girl 22. She is responsible for the college loans of the first two children and is saving for the college of her last son. The 53 year old lady is a plain looking woman about 5'9" tall with red shoulder length hair and a figure she keeps trim with exercise. Her breasts are small, with very large nipples, but firm, with a small waist and womanly hips. She thinks her best asset is her long shapely legs. For what she lacks in physical beauty she more than makes up for it with her personality and caring instincts looking at the whole woman she is very beautiful, although very shy.

Ronald and Martha have been becoming very close friends since his divorce last year. They have been out on numerous occasions, but they have not become intimate, because Ronald told her he did not want to mix business with pleasure. All that changed when his 18-year-old son came to live with him after his graduation from high school. Ronald's ex-wife felt that Mark needed a man to direct him in the way of the world, as he will be going to college in the fall. Mark wanted to be A CPA like his father, so he will be working in the office with Martha for the summer.

Martha could not take her eyes off of Mark. The last time she saw him he was a skinny kid, very shy and was picked on in school. The Three years since she saw him last have been good to him. He was almost 6 feet tall and very muscular, although he was still very shy. When Martha hugged him he blushed 6 shades of red.

Mark went to school with Martha's youngest son until Ronald and his mother broke up, and then moved away. Mark was at Martha's house many times. He could always tell her anything. Mark could confide in Martha and she never criticized him, she always listened to him very intently and tried to help him with his problems. Something his parents never did, when he wanted to talk to them they were always too busy.

For the first week Mark was very quite, almost every time Martha looked up from her work she noticed Mark looking at her. She watched out of the corner of her eye as she was working she definitely could see that he was constantly looking at her.

Mark and Martha were alone most of the time in the office. Mark came over many times and started to say something to Martha, but turned and walked away mumbling to himself. He kept on peeking at her when he thought she was working.

Finally Martha said. "Is there something that I can help you with Mark?"

"I-I need to talk to you about something, but I am afraid that you will get mad at me?" Mumbled Mark almost in a whisper, looking at his feet and blushing.

"You can talk to me about anything and I won't get mad at you. I will try to help you out?" Stated Martha walking to Mark holding her arms out to hug him in a motherly way.

"I am going to college in the fall and I need to know how to please a woman. I need to build my confidence with them, but am afraid to ask out a girl. God I have never had more than one date with a girl. I need you to teach me how to talk to woman and please a woman?" Mark gushed the words falling out of his mouth before he could stop them looking down at the ground with a very red face.

Martha was speechless it took her a minute to gather her thoughts then said. "Well I guess I could get some books you could look at and we could go over them?"

Relieved Mark said, "Would you really try to help me?" still blushing a little but feeling a lot better.

It took Martha a week to get some books that would help Mark out. She gave them to him to read. Mark did not say anything about the books for over a week, then one morning, just after his father left for a meeting with a client in another state he brought out the books.

"I don't understand any of this material Martha. I need to have someone teach me how to please a woman. Could you please help me?" He pleaded with her looking very stressed.

"How do you think I can help you? She asked knowing the answer but she did not know if she could go through with what he will ask her to do.

"I want you to show me how to treat a woman and I want to know how a woman likes to be touched." Said Mark looking at Martha with his masculine, but innocent eyes.

"Lets get this work done then I will see how we are doing at the end of the day. I have to think about this." She said without giving him a yes or no answer.

As Mark went back to work he was happy that she did not say no. To Mark she is the most beautiful woman that he knows. Before they knew it all the work that they needed to do was complete for the day. It was 3:30 in the afternoon. Martha hoped that Mark forgot about what they were talking about earlier in the day.

Martha was filing all the work that they did during the day. Setting up all the work for Ronald to pick up in the morning. Mark disappeared into the break room. The break room consisted of a table with 4 chairs, a microwave, set of cabinets with a sink and a couch that opened into a bed. Mark put all the books on the table, there were many bookmarks in them.

"Mark where are you? It is 4 PM time to go." Said Martha as she walked into the break room to get her coat from the hanger trying to get out of the building before Mark could ask her the questions that were on his mind.

Mark said as she walked through the door. "I have all the books marked in the areas I want to go over with you. Will you help me please?"

Seeing all the books on the table stopped Martha in her tracks. She could not say no to Mark he was so sweet and such a gentleman. Mark was looking at her, waiting for her answer.

"I will help you Mark, but it has to be our secret. When I say stop we stop." Said Martha as she could not say no to anyone who needed her help.

Martha was dressed as always today in a blouse buttoned to the neck, a blazer, bra, skirt, panties, and pantyhose. She walked to the table and sat down, after she took off her blazer and put it on a hanger, trying to stall for time hoping someone will call or knock on the door.

Mark opened one of the books it explained about the breasts sensitivity, then saying that each woman is different, but did not tell how to caress a breast and how each woman was different.

"What does this mean Martha? How do you like to have your breasts caressed?" Mark said very excited hoping that he will finally get some answers and maybe more.

Blushing Martha explained. "I like to have my breast massaged very lightly and moving toward the nipple, then rubbing the nipple between your fingers gently or sucking on them." Unconsciously rubbing her breast through her clothes as she was explaining this to Mark.

"Can I practice on your breast?" asked Mark.

"I don't think that would be right. I am old enough to be your mother." Blushed Martha.

"Your old enough to be my teacher also." He countered smiling and casting his eyes down.

Comprehending Mark was right Martha's hands took on a life of their own. She began unbuttoning her blouse without realizing she was doing it. Her fingers went to each button and opened it. Little by little her white bra came into view, then her stomach. Martha pulled the blouse out of her skirt to get the last two buttons unhooked. Facing Mark she had her blouse pulled back to reveal her substantial white bra. Mark came toward her and he put out his hand to gently touch her breast over he bra. He continued this for ten minutes each causing her nipples to raise. She was very excited presently having Mark's hands all over her breasts, Martha has not had that done to her in many years. She forgot what it felt like and she did not want Mark to stop even though he was young enough to be her son.

"Can I see your breast and massage them for you?" Said Mark.

Without saying anything she removed her blouse and put it on the chair. Then turned her back to him so he could remove her bra he was all thumbs he had a very hard time with the hooks on the bra. Finally he got the last hook undone and the bra was a useless piece of material hanging on her shoulders. She turned to Mark very embarrassed because he will know her secret in a very short time. Mark reached for her bra Martha stopped him.

"I hope you will not laugh at my breasts they are very small." She said looking at him very embarrassed.

He did not say anything to her. He reached for her bra again this time she let him take the garment from her. Looking it over he was surprised the padding that was in it forgetting that a mature woman was standing in front of him topless. Finally looking at her she was standing with her arms across her breasts. Mark pulled her arms away from her breasts. His first glimpse of her breasts surprised him. She had little bumps for each breast, each are just barely a handful, but each of her nipples are very large and long. He tentatively touched her naked breast, bringing a moan from Martha. She could feel her vagina become moist.

"They are beautiful and I love your nipples they are so long and hard." Mark said as he was feeling her breasts for the first time.

After Mark played and explored her tiny breasts for over an hour Martha decided that education time was over today before she will not have any willpower to stop as she was close to an orgasm. She has to think about going further with Mark. She brought the session to a close saying, "I think we have gone as far as I want to today. I don't want you to go on sexual overload tonight." She did not put on her bra only her blouse leaving the top 3 buttons undone and the last two on the bottom of her blouse, as she smiled at Mark. He thanked her and they proceeded to lock up the office and leave together as they live next door to each other.

Going out the door into the sunlight Mark looked over at Martha her nipples were still standing out and he could see between her breast. Mark said to her with an impish smile as they walked down the street. "You look great with no bra on Martha"

That night at bed time Martha though of what she did that day. Showing her bosses son her breasts. The beasts she is very ashamed of and the ones that Mark paid reverence to with his gentle touch. Martha was glad that she could help Mark she fell into a peaceful sleep.

The next morning Martha got up early she went to the bathroom and took a shower. She never pays much attention to the grooming of her pubic mound but today she took her razor and scissors to make her pubic area respectable in case anyone might see it. Looking in the mirror her private area looked presentable. Soaping herself up she paid close attention to her vagina area. When she was done lathering she rinsed herself off, getting out of the tub she toweled dry. Walking naked into the bedroom she looked through her underwear choosing a pair of pale green see though panties. Going to her drawers with her bras in it she rummaged through the drawer picked out the matching green padded bra looked at it then she remembered what Mark Said. "She looked good without a bra on." She threw the bra back into the drawer and closed it. Going to her closet she looked through her dresses and picked out a dress that was buttoned up the front. She put it on it went to about 3 inches below the knee.

Martha buttoned up the dress starting at her waist and left the 3 top buttons on the top undone. She started at her waist looking in the mirror she only buttoned the buttons that went to just below the juncture of her legs. Looking in the mirror she could see her see through panties if she took a big step. This pleased her she was looking good for a woman her age. Finishing her makeup she put on some perfume. Looking in the mirror one last time she could see her nipples getting hard poking through the fabric of her dress.

She threw a sweater over her shoulders as she went out the door to walk to work. Mark was outside waiting for her. His father went to the office and picked up his work earlier as he had to go to customers out of town. Mark kept stealing glances at Martha she looked more beautiful than ever today.

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