Chapter 2

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After Roselyn removed her panties Jon wanted to know if they would like to go to NYC for the day Charley immediately said yes, but Roselyn took a little longer to answer wondering what humiliation she would suffer in the City. She said that she or her husband did not pack for a trip. Jon told her that was all taken care of if she wanted to go they would be back before sunrise tomorrow morning. Then Roselyn thought that this was a test and maybe if she said no it would be Game over before it started. She finally told them that she thought it was a great idea. It was around 5:30 or so they have been with these people for more time than they realized.

Jon called the flight crew to file a flight plan to NYC JFK airport. Then he hung up and proceeded to have Roselyn follow him to the main area of the plane and In front of Charley, Courtney and the male Attendant Roselyn was told unbuttoned her blouse all the way and stood in front of Jon with her breasts completely exposed. Jon took each breast and examined it, paying particular attention to her nipples. Roselyn was very humiliated with her intimate exposure with everyone standing there her husband was living a fantasy he had to see his wife exposed in front of other people.

She stood red faced to be coached by Jon to present her breasts to him in front of her husband and all others that were there. Roselyn took all the courage she could muster to place to place a hand under each of her lovely breast to present them to Jon so that they could be examined in front of everyone. When Jon was finished with her breast exam Roselyn reluctantly turned she reached back and pulled her skirt up to her waist as she as she saw Courtney do earlier and rested her hands on the table with great reluctance she spread her legs until Jon told her to stop to prepare for her vaginal inspection.

Jon reached down with both hands to expose her anus, and then inserted his fingers in her vaginal opening after he washed them at the sink. He had her turn around and he kneeled down in front of her. Running his hands through her pubic hair he reached between her legs and opened her labia for a visual inspection. Everyone in the room could see Roselyn's clit erecting as Jon manipulated a very humiliated Roselyn to her first orgasm in front of a group.

Roselyn's legs buckled she had such a strong orgasm her orgasmic fluids were running down her legs, while her husband and Jon had to catch her to stop her from falling. They brought her to a chair where Courtney had thoughtfully put a towel for her to sit on. Roselyn realized that Courtney slipped out of the room looking around the cabin after she recovered from her orgasm. Embarrassed Roselyn wiped away the fluids that were cascading down between her legs the best she could.

The flight crew announced that they were approaching the time to take off. Roselyn was getting up and going to get her clothes when Jon stopped her and told her he would much rather her remain nude as that way she will not wrinkle her clothes during the flight, and as she was buckling her seat belt Courtney came into the main cabin again nude as she said that she did not want to get her outfit winkled either then giggled a little.

The plane took off in the next few minutes and climbed up a few thousand feet, but the flight to JFK did not take more than a half hour they were in their approach pattern to JFK almost as soon as the leveled off. The plane landed went to an area that had parking for private airplanes. Jon told the ladies to dress and when the door opened he and Charley left the plane to let the girls put themselves together

Both women went to the onboard full bathroom to freshen up and apply makeup Courtney opened a makeup drawer and let Roselyn pick what she wanted from the unopened supplies that Courtney had. Roselyn was very at ease with Courtney and got along well with her. They were laughing and giggling most of the time in the bathroom Roselyn was so comfortable with the younger women that she used the facilities in front of her, after Courtney used the facilities in front of her.

Jon came back into the plane to tell the ladies that their limousine had arrived. Both ladies walked down the stairs to the ground Roselyn's face was red as she felt naked in public it was a strange feeling having the breeze not only going through her hair on her head but also her pubic hair and this was causing her to become excited because of the newness of the experience.

She watched with the others as Courtney got into the car giving the Limousine driver a look at her moist vaginal area. Roselyn was going to try to protect her modesty when she got into the Limo, but after seeing the performance that Courtney put on she was not going to be outdone by a younger woman even though Roselyn thought that Courtney was more attractive that she was.

When Charley ushered her to the door she spread herself wide for all to see blushing in embarrassment at what she was showing to all these near strangers. The ladies were sitting on the seats facing front and the men were on the jump seats looking up the ladies dresses Jon sitting in front of Roselyn and Charley in front of Courtney.

Courtney was the one to start it when she said let's give the men a little show so pass the time going into the city and she spread her legs and started to rub her pussy so that Charley could watch her. Jon had a pout on his face and finally Roselyn got up enough nerve to open her legs this caused the dress to part laying on the seat and she started to massage' her pussy before they got to the restaurants the car smelled of pure unadulterated sex both their fragrances mingling to create the most erotic smell that Charley has ever experienced. It was to the point of both men having to get relief when the driver pulled up to this very lavish looking restaurant and a door men opened the door for them.

Courtney was the first to get out giving the door man a show flashing her overheated pussy as she got out and giving the poor man a whiff of her excitement. Roselyn not to be outdone did the same thing only she had a very embarrassed look on her face as the door man zoomed in on her most intimate area as she exited the vehicle. Both men got out of the other side and the door man did not even notice that they were there until Jon walked up beside him and handed him a tip.

Inside the restaurant the host brought them to a table that was on a raised platform and placed the women per Jon's instruction so that anyone that cared to could see up to their unclothed loins. Courtney relished the exposure whereas Roselyn was humiliated by the public exposure. The ordered and started conversing Jon was very mysterious about where they were going next after dinner.

Roselyn started to loosen up after her first two cocktails as she is not used to drinking and on an empty stomach it was hitting her hard. By the second drink she was showing the world her naked pussy as the way the slits were her dress parted all the way up to her pubic hair. The male servers were attending to their table attentively.

Finishing their meal Jon phoned the limo and after the bill was paid by Jon they all went out and the door man helped both women into the car and both women gave him a prolonged look at their intimate area making believe they're are having problems getting into the limo.

It was another 15 minutes to get to the club that Jon said they were going to it was called Medfed Fantasy. Roselyn did not know what kind of club it was but she could hear music coming blaring. There were not many people at the establishment as it was only about 9 PM when they got there The driver opened the door for the ladies and by this time Roselyn was either getting used to the exposure or she was feeling good as she got out of the car without a moment of embarrassment and Courtney followed her giving their driver a great view of her pussy as she alighted the vehicle.

Jon went to the door first and rang the bell a large man came out and Jon handed him 800 dollars cash. The large man looked over the two women and Charley then asked for Id's from Charley and Roselyn. He checked them out and asked it either one of them were with law enforcement. When they replied in the negative the door man let them in.

There was a cloak room as you entered, but being warm no one had anything to check. There was loud music playing and the four headed toward it Jon and Courtney knowing where they were going and Charley followed them holding Roselyn's hand.

Charley, Roselyn, Courtney and Jon danced for about an hour or so changing partners having a great time. Roselyn has not danced this much since she was going out with Charley and he was having a good time with his nearly naked wife and a younger nearly naked lady with her husband. Charley liked to watch Jon dance with Roselyn. He would rest his hand on her bare back or slide his hand down inside her dress and hold her naked butt as he is dancing with her. Charley did not take any liberties with Courtney as his wife was watching him like a hawk when he was dancing with Courtney.

When they sat down a man with a white coat and a stethoscope around his neck came up to Jon and said loud enough for Roselyn to hear him. "We are ready for you now." Jon got up and took Roselyn's hand with Courtney getting up, grabbing Charley hand and following her husband.

They went up a flight of stairs it was a lot quieter after they went through the doors at the top. Roselyn could not tell what the antiseptic smell was, she almost thought it smelled like a hospital or doctor's office. She almost fainted when she walked by the first alcove it was a room with a 8' opening and inside it there was a women on an exam table with many people men and women around her and she was naked as the day she was born with instruments sticking out of her vaginal opening.

Roselyn had a sinking feeling when the stopped at another room that was well lit with and exam table in it. The man that came to get them walked up to Roselyn and introduced himself as Doctor Shankmen handing her a card she realized that he was a real GP Doctor. He brought out some forms and Jon jumped in to tell Roselyn that if she was going to be working with him she would need a complete physical. The doctor will perform it free of charge if she would she have to be examined tonight.

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