Twin Peeks

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: When my sister and I took her two fourteen-year old boys to a resort in Mexico, they were overjoyed when they discovered it was clothing-optional. That rather changed everything.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Aunt   Nephew   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I grew up in California in the eighties and nineties when it seemed that every girl I knew was on the pill and having sex, often with more than one boy at a time. I had an older sister, Angela, who was three years my senior and even more advanced than I was.

In fact, it was Angela who led me into a lot of things, urging me to try sex with boys and to be more aggressive in getting what I wanted. She even shared a few boyfriends with me.

That became funny when I was sixteen and was seeing a guy twenty-two. I decided to dump him and that's when Angela said she'd like to take him to her bed which she did. She did even more, she married the guy.

Well, he wasn't the first guy we both had sex with, there were three or four others, but she did marry the guy and had a set of twin boys, David and Randy.

The marriage didn't last too long, she soon found the flaws that I'd seen and they parted ways.

So, Angela and I have remained single, I think her reason is that she just hasn't found the right guy, my reason is that there are so many of maybe the wrong guys for marriage but the right guys with sexy, hard cocks that I want to try.

We went on a holiday trip a few years back, it was Angela and me and her two boys who were fourteen and would be entering high school in the fall. It was in Mexico, I'd been there before with a guy I knew and it was really nice and reasonably-priced so that convinced us to take her boys and go.

We got there and settled into the cabana we had and all went to change for the beach.

Angie and I shared a room and we'd already talked about how we were dressing for the beach ... topless.

So, we stripped and put on our bikini bottoms as I asked, "Do they know we're going like this?"

"No, I didn't tell them, I thought the surprise would be fun. Maybe we can cause a few tents to rise, huh?"

"Have they seen you like this before?" I asked.

"I don't think so though the boys do try to sneak peeks all the time. But, no, I think this will be their first look and certainly their first one where they'll have lots and lots of time to ogle their mother's and their auntie's boobs."

"Well, it is fully clothing-optional if we really want to give them a show. They'll see other women naked, even some girls nearer their age. I did last time," I told her.

The boys, I was pretty sure, didn't yet realize that the resort was clothing-optional, you came into the lobby which looked pretty much like any lobby and it was clothing-only though the only signs saying so led in from the back where there was nudity allowed. So, no signs were visible and we went to our cabana without going out the back toward the pools and the beach.

"Ready?" I asked my sister, she nodded and we opened the door and walked into the main living area where the boys were waiting.

I can't really describe their faces but their eyes almost fell out.

"Wow, are you going like that?" one of them asked. They were identical so it was hard to tell who was who.

"We thought we would, yes. Is there something you don't like?" his mother asked.

The other said, "No, we just didn't know it was that kind of place, that's all."

"Well, it is and this is how your aunt and I are going to be, okay?" Angela pretty much told them and we all went out to the pool.

"Look at them, Davey, look at the women," Randy said to his brother.

"Hey, there's girls over there," he said back and, sure enough, there were several girls, teens but looking a few years older, and two were topless and the third was totally nude.

"Aren't you glad we came, guys?" their mother asked.

"Oh, man, look at all the boobs, and that one, you can see her pu ... um, vagina," one said.

"We know the word, pussy, boys, after all, your aunt and I have one," Angela kidded them.

"Guess they won't be looking at us any longer, huh, Sis?" I asked their mother.

"Think we should go over and say hello?"

Their mom said sure and off they went but were soon back looking a bit dismayed.

"What's wrong, guys?" she asked her sons.

"Well, they were really pretty and, well, they really looked so good but they said they didn't like boys and basically told us to go, well, masturbate, but the word they used wasn't that."

"Go jack-off? That's what they said?" I asked, laughing.

"Their words exactly."

"Well, boys, you'll just have to look at Aunt Jessica and me," she told them. "We're not that bad, are we?"

"Mom, you and Aunt Jess are the hottest, just look at you two. We've never seen you like this before, without your tops and you look as good, even better than any of the babes we've seen so far."

Well, after a while they both calmed down some but they were soon off to look around, we were sure at the plentiful boobs and less-plentiful pussies, that were on display.

That evening, we took them to a beachside buffet so we didn't have to put our tops on and they could continue getting an eyeful of the women at the resort. We stayed a while and Angela went off to the bar that was set up nearby and when I was ready to go back to the room, I went over to tell her.

Not surprisingly, she was in a cozy conversation with a guy at the bar and asked if I'd take the boys back to the room and that she'd see me later. Then as I started to walk back to where my nephews were, she ran up to me and asked if I would be okay if I kept the guys for the night, her new friend was wanting her to visit his place for the rest of the evening.

I told her sure, after all, it's not like she gets an offer like that every day, or every night.

So, I gathered up Davey and Randy and we went back to our cabana.

When we got back to the room, they both looked kind of funny, sneaky funny and one asked, "So maybe Mom isn't coming back tonight?"

"Well, look guys, I think she might have met a guy and, well, she doesn't get much attention these days and, well, I'm sure you hope she has a good time, right?"

"Oh, we do. But what about you, Aunt Jess?"

"Hey, looks like your mom has the good time, maybe I'll meet someone tomorrow?"

They looked at each other rather suspiciously, then they both pulled their shorts down and off, both saying, "Well, you've got us, Aunt Jess, there's two of us and you've been making us crazy going around topless all day."

The other added, "Yeah, we want you for ourselves," and they both took me wrapping their arms around me, kissing me, moving me to the bed as we all three fell down together, laughing, grabbing, their hands all over my boobs, even one, I don't know which, getting his mouth on my breast and sucking it as we all kind of wrestled/snuggled together.

Then, they pulled my bikini bottom off and one of them was immediately down getting my legs open, pushing his face between my legs.

There was nothing rough or aggressive about it, it was far more like horseplay than anything else. We were all giggling and playing, they were grabbing me and, well, I was aiming for what women grab of men when they can.

"We want to fuck you, Aunt Jess, you've made us so horny, we're going crazy, please let us, please?"

"Just a minute, you two, hang on. There's two of you, your aunt only has one pussy, you know," I said as one had found it with his mouth.

"You can suck one of us while the other fucks you, we've seen it that way on the internet," I was told.

"You boys sure seem to know what you want," I told them as their hands were all over me along with their lips and tongues.

"Well, do we get what we want, Aunt Jess?"

"Who fucks me first?" I asked, then added, "well, shit I can never tell who's who, how about you," I said grabbing one cock, "and I'll suck you," I said to the other then I flipped back and they were instantly on me, one between my legs pushing his dick into me while the other was holding the top of the headboard, squatting up over me, lowering his dick down to my open mouth.

It had been a while since I'd taken two guys like that, one in the pussy, one in the mouth. It keeps you busy but it is fun as long as the one in your mouth lets you suck him instead of trying to fuck your mouth like a maniac.

Well, they both were totally horny and went at me like it was the last opportunity they might ever get to have sex.

So, I stopped them both, "Stop, boys, damn, just a minute. Both of you, get off me," I barked at them and they got off me immediately looking kind of scared.

"Just take it easy, guys. We need to start this all over. Now, have either of you two had sex before?"

The both told me they hadn't so I began showing them what a woman's body was like, explaining the wonders to be had by going slowly and enjoying, savoring what you were doing. I told them that they would get a lot more sex in their life if they made their prime purpose to satisfy the female and make her happy above all. They would always be amply rewarded.

I showed them my clit, had each one pet it, then lick on it as I told them the best I could how it made me feel. I told them how it took girls and women much longer to fully enjoy sex, that much of the feeling in a pussy was the labia and the immediate area inside.

But I also showed them my own hot zones, behind my ear and kisses on my back, so they knew that women responded to touches and kisses and caresses to many places on their bodies, not just their pussy and their tits.

I had them romance me, pet me, finger me, lick and tongue me, caress and fondle me and I would tell them how they were doing, how excited they were making me. I wanted them to be good lovers, no, really, great lovers. After all, I planned on them being my lovers first.

Chapter 2

We spent nearly two hours, finally advancing to using their fingers and their mouths and tongues to pleasure me with me telling each one every step of the way how he was doing. They both got into it really trying to be the best lovers they could be. I kept telling them that they could have all the sex they wanted with me if they learned their lessons well and followed them.

"This is not a one-time thing, boys. Your Aunt Jess will have sex with you from now on any time you want if you do it right."

Oh that got their attention ... and commitment.

"Now, let's start over," I told them. It was almost eleven-thirty by then and I knew they had to be just about as horny as it's possible for two fourteen-year old boys to be.

I had them each resume their original positions though, being identical, they could have fooled me, I suppose, and I soon was sucking one while the other fucked me. And, yes, it was much better, much.

So whoever it was, David or Randy, he was much slower, taking his time, making sure he kept my clit happy and the one I was sucking was just letting me suck him, he wasn't trying to fuck my mouth. It was the way it should be and often isn't.

"I like this better, Aunt Jess, I know you're busy with Randy but I just wanted to let you know," he said as I sucked his twin.

Aha, it was Davey who was fucking me. And, he was doing a lovely job of it. I was really liking my two new lovers now that I'd tamed them a bit.

It had been a while since I'd had two guys at once before but it was fun. And even more fun to be a part of my nephew's sexual discovery, that was best of all, to be part of their eagerness and enthusiasm.

"Oh, man, I'm gonna shoot, this feels sooo good," Randy groaned as I felt him throb as his warm cum spurted against the back of my mouth. "Oh, wow, that was awesome, just the best."

"Wait 'til you do this, Randy," told him as he moved back and forth. "We've got the hottest aunt there is on earth. Just wait."

"She sure did me good. But I'm still ready for more, hurry up."

"Hey, guys, this is not a contest," I told them as Davey pushed hard into me and let out a whoop as he shot his cum into me.

"Oh, I'm next, come on," his brother said and they quickly changed places, as Randy pushed his hard dick into me while his twin came up to offer me his cock.

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