Chapter 6

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 6 - Sandy, motivated by her attraction to a 17 year-old neighbor boy and spurred on by her aunt, explores her rapidly growing sexuality. (This story is mostly sexual teasing. It does contain a small amount of sexual contact, but has no graphic sex.)

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

"The pool water is kind of cool anyway," Anita remarked, "Maybe we all better go in."

"You don't have to quit on my account," Sandy said, continuing to shower in her shirt and panties.

"The night air is a little too chilly for my taste. I thought the water would be warmer," Anita said. "You ready to go in, Charlie?"

"Yeah, that was enough for me too," Charlie said as he followed Anita up the pool steps and across the deck to the shower.

Charlie, his eyes now accustomed to the dark, could clearly see Anita's naked backside a few steps in front of him. More clearly however, was Sandy. The shower was near the back of the house and Sandy was illuminated by light from a nearby window.

Sandy's back was to Charlie and Anita as they approached, but as they got closer she turned and faced them. Addressing Sandy, Anita said, "You'd look a lot better without that shirt."

"Maybe so, but it doesn't seem quite appropriate," Sandy said, motioning with her eyes toward Charlie.

"Appropriate? What do you mean? I'm not wearing anything," Anita said, thrusting her breasts toward Sandy. Then turning to Charlie, her bare breasts just inches from his face, she said, "You'd like it better if Sandy wasn't wearing that shirt, wouldn't you?"

"Well uh ... yeah, sure," Charlie responded.

"But ... but..." Sandy stammered.

"But nothing," Anita replied, "Take it off."

Sandy hesitated several seconds without responding. Then finally, "Well, I guess it's not like he hasn't already seen me topless," she remarked as she slowly undid the buttons of the shirt. Then she turned around, her back to the two of them, and finished removing the shirt. She didn't turn at first, but as Anita, and then Charlie, joined her in the shower, she turned slowly to face them.

Charlie wanted to act as if he didn't care that Sandy's breasts were bare and less than a foot from him, but he couldn't tear his eyes away. It wasn't as if he had seen a whole lot of bare breasts in his lifetime, but Sandy's had to be the closest to perfection he had ever seen.

They were a bit bigger than pears, probably 'B' cup size, but on Sandy's slight frame, anything more would have been too big. From the nipples upward to her chest was a smooth and straight slope. From the nipples downward was a delicious curve with no overhang whatever. Unless her breasts grew considerably larger, it was likely they would never sag.

Sandy was certainly not unaware of the attention Charlie was giving to her breasts. As she drank in the visual attention, her arousal was manifested by the growing hardness of her nipples. They went from being barely noticeable to the size of new pencil erasers, and just as firm.

Charlie's body was not immune to the situation either. His cock rose and became as stiff as a steel pipe. Sandy couldn't help but notice. She had never before seen a bare cock, except perhaps in pictures, where she had been grossed out by the sight. This was different though. Watching it rise, harden and twitch in response to her own nudity was exciting.

Anita interrupted the visual exploration the two were making of each other's bodies. "You still have your panties on," she said to Sandy.

Sandy was in a sort of a trance and didn't even pretend to object to further nudity. Without looking away from Charlie she replied, "Uh, yeah ... right." She hooked her thumbs in the elastic band of her panties and slowly pushed them down her hips. As they dropped to the ground, she stepped out of them and bent over just enough to snatch them up and toss them to the side.

Charlie's eyes dropped to Sandy's newly bared sex. At sixteen, she wouldn't have a lot of hair there anyway, but it was evident that she was already shaving it. When his tongue had passed over Sandy's pussy lips earlier in the pool, he had guessed as much, but now he could see clearly - she was as hairless as a baby.

Sandy was no longer disturbed by her own nudity, or Charlie's attention to it. And she wasn't put off by Charlie's pulsating cock, either. If anything, she appeared to be enjoying the situation.

Sandy stepped out from under the shower and picked up a bar of soap. Facing Charlie, she soaped her entire body, taking extra time when soaping her breasts and the spot between her legs. Her gaze alternated from Charlie's eyes, watching him as he watched her, to the sight of his cock, erect, hard and twitching in response to her actions with the soap.

Sandy changed her demeanor considerably when she began to rinse off. Whereas she had been the seductress when soaping her body, in rinsing she was more of a tease. As she stepped under the shower head, she separated her gaze from that of Charlie's. No longer was she playing to the one lone admirer. It was more like she was putting on a show for a vast unseen audience.

Under the stream of water rivulets of soap ran down her body. Sandy's hands ran over her body as if it was necessary to rinse off the soap. She didn't look directly at Anita or Charlie but looked off in the distance as she doused the various parts of her body in the clear streaming water of the shower.

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