Rubbing Me the Right Way

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My wife suggested that her sister give me a massage for my sore back. Well, it worked great, especially when she had me turn over.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   InLaws   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

My wife, Peg, and I were invited to my sister-in-law's for Thanksgiving last year and we always tried to accommodate her, first, because she's my wife's sister and, second, because she's a widow having lost her husband in the Iraq War. She and Peg have always been close, there's just a year and a half difference, Janet, being the younger one.

During the meal, the conversation somehow got onto massages, I might have mentioned the back pains I'd been having, I don't know, and Janet said that she had a massage table in the back bedroom and that she'd be happy to give me a massage after we'd eaten.

Well, I'd had massages before and they've always been quite pleasant, quite enjoyable, so I readily agreed.

After we'd helped clear the table and load and start the dishwasher, she took me back to the bedroom and put up the table.

"Here's a towel, get undressed and lay on your stomach and put this over your butt," she said and she left the room. So, I stripped, got on the table and Peg draped the towel over me, then called her sister back into the room.

Janet squirted some lotion on my shoulders and began massaging me, showing Peg how to work my shoulders and back, especially my lower back where I'd been having the most discomfort lately.

It really was quite lovely, even kind of sexy, though, of course, my wife was right there, even doing some of the massaging. I'd never really had much sexual interest in Janet even though she was pretty, more or less a slightly younger version of my wife.

With Peg and me, the last few years had seen her interest in sex diminish while mine, well, if anything, might have even increased, who knows why? Maybe just because Peg's had fallen.

But, the massage, well, four female hands sliding over my body, it was having an effect on relaxing me except for one spot that I was laying on.

They moved to my legs, Peg on my left side, Jan on my right and began with my feet and arches.

All this time, they're talking a bit about how to relax certain muscles, Janet showing her different techniques and so on, as I lay there being as pampered as I'd never been before.

They worked their way up my calves and onto my thighs as I felt a hand glide up my inner thigh and fingertips graze across the side of my testicles. And not once or twice but over and over, each time going just a bit higher and spending a little more time there. And, it was along my right thigh.

"Time to turn over, Stan," Janet said and I moved onto my back as Peg shifted the towel, keeping it over me. I knew, though, that there could be no secret of my arousal, it would have been obvious from an orbiting satellite.

Janet had Peg shift back up to my shoulders and they used more lotion and began working my muscles steadily, then onto my arms and chest.

I wasn't sure that Janet's rubbing my nipples was a standard massage technique but Peg was soon doing the same on her side, now my right.

Then, Jan had them move to my feet and they began their upward climb, rubbing as they headed toward the obvious erection lurking under the towel.

Peg was rubbing my thigh as her younger sister's hands slid between my legs to work my inner thigh as I felt her hands go higher, even under the towel, the back of her hand brushing right along the shaft of my cock.

"I think I'm feeling some real stiffness, Sis, think I should see what I can do to relieve it? It does seem to be bothering Stan, look," she said as she swept the towel away.

I was looking at Peg as my hardened cock was bared and she's just as cool as can be, smiling at me while her sister squirts more lotion on me, this time right along the length of my cock, then spread it with her fingers.

"Let's see, I think I remember how to do this," Janet laughs as Peg says, "Oh, you look like it's all coming back," as her hand slides up and down.

All I could do was smile. It totally surprised me that my wife was a willing part to this, I mean, she had to be, otherwise she would have nipped it in the bud right near the beginning.

"You look happy, hon. Like your massage?" Peg asked as her sister stroked me up and down.

"This is kind of unbelievable but I'm sure not going to complain."

"Here, take over while I get comfy," Janet said to my wife as she pulled off her top and undid her bra and took it off. "There, that better?" she asked as her hands took me back.

"Oh, lots better, no complaints here," I told her, after all she had beautiful breasts, I'd seen her in a bikini and, well, she's thirty-seven and looks twenty-seven.

"Maybe I need to ask what brought this all about, though I'm sure not wanting it to stop?"

"Well, it's no secret, Stan, that my interest in sex is not what it used to be and, well, about three weeks ago, Janet and I were talking and she told me she was nothing but horny these days. So, I asked her if she might like to share my wifely duties, so to speak."

"Oh, I laughed when she said that, Stan, I really thought she was kidding," Janet said.

"But, she's not? Is that what this is about?" I asked them both.

My wife was the one who answered, "Well, Stan, you can see that Janet's pretty serious and she's got a beautiful body. Why not let him see the rest?" she asked her sister who then pulled off her slacks and panties.

I leaned up on my elbows to take her in.

"It really is too bad Jeff is gone, you should certainly have a man in your life, Janet," I told her.

"Well, she can, Stan. I'm telling you that it's okay with me if you have sex with Jan and keep her happy. Just don't forget me when I feel like it, okay?"

Of course, I heard those words, they were clear enough. It was the implications of the words that didn't sink in immediately, there were just too many of them.

Janet didn't live too far from us, only a few miles, so what Peg was saying was that she and I could have frequent sex. And, she made it obvious that I never needed to hide my sex with her sister from her, even could be quite open about it.

Peg now began taking her clothes off, telling me, "Well, this has got me pretty worked-up, so I think we should finish this, the three of us, in Jan's bedroom," and she helped me off the table and we walked down the hall to the master bedroom where our hostess swept the covers back and got in with Peg and I following. I was in the middle, of course, and, well, what began was something that I'd only read about on those erotic story sites on the web and we all know those are just some horny guy's runaway imagination.

But I had both of them over me kissing me, their hands still caressing me, when Peg said, "I want you to do Janet first, it's been a long time for her and I know she's ready, right?" she asked her sister.

"Oh, am I ever," she said as she swung a leg over me, while my wife held me steady so her sister could wiggle down on to me.

If you're a guy, you've probably had this same fantasy but this was no dream, my sister-in-law was fucking me while my wife watched, smiling at the pleasure we were both having.

"You two are really quite beautiful. I just never thought I'd be happy watching my husband having sex with another woman. But I love you both and this is quite wonderful," she said.

I looked over at her and she stood there looking at us, her hand down rubbing, then looking down, to say, "This is sure getting me in the mood, too, Stan, I hope you're feeling extra virile tonight. I'm gonna want you, too."

"Mmm, then I can watch you two," Janet said.

"Yes, It'll be a first for me, I've never done it with someone watching us," my wife tittered.

Janet was moving up and down on me and I lay there so wonderfully fucked by my hot sister-in-law, wondering why there wasn't a line of guys ready to take this woman to bed. Not that I was complaining, of course.

"Mmm, oh, it's been so long, mmm, oh, I'm gonna cum, right now, uh, uh, UUH, umm, unnh," she groaned as she kept scissoring up and down over me and I knew I was close as well.

Then, I felt it beginning, the tingling that starts right in the tip end of my dick and starts to travel down to the base, then radiates out all across my body as I started spurting my cum into my wife's sister while she looked on. I just never thought I would be fucking my sister-in-law while my wife watched.

Janet leaned down and kissed me for a minute or two while I fondled her nice breasts, then she raised back up as Peg helped her up off my cock.

Chapter 2

"How about doing me doggie-style, I like that best," Peg suggested and she got up on her hands and knees. I knelt behind her and put my cock up to her and began pushing.

Well, I'm forty now and while that hasn't been too bad so far, I just had a very strong ejaculation into a sexy and somewhat taboo woman and now was trying to enter my wife, so familiar after over fifteen years of sex together, well, my cock kept folding on me and I couldn't penetrate her.

"Here, sit back, Stan, let me see what I can do," Janet said and I eased back onto my heels watching her lower her mouth over me and start sucking me.

Well, Peg had pretty much quit offering me blow jobs about four or five years ago, so when her sister's mouth began pulling on me, the blood rushed in hardening me in record time.

Janet lifted off me, telling her sister, "Some things you just don't forget, right? Works every time, he's all yours, Sis, have fun," and I began pushing my re-hardened cock into my wife's pussy as she started moving around in a circle while I stroked in and out. This has always been our favorite way of fucking, always giving us the best orgasms.

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