Catching Mom and Dad

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: No, they never caught me but I did catch them at it. It's what happened then that I never expected.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   White Couple   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

Have your parents ever caught you having sex?

Oh, I've had friends tell me their stories, one guy about his mom walking in on him masturbating, another friend who had his girlfriend's mother catch them, then stayed and had him begin taking care of her as well. That's the wildest one I've heard, well, except for my own.

Actually, it's a bit different ... I caught Mom and Dad at it.

It happened when I was twenty-one and a senior in college. My parents had rented a ski lodge for a week and I was joining them over the winter break. I had told them I would be up there around four in the afternoon but left earlier than I'd planned and, with light traffic, I sailed right up there, arriving about two-twenty.

I got out of the car and went right in, the door was unlocked and looked around for them. Hearing a little sound from one of the back rooms, I went down the hall and there they were, my dad on the bed, facing away from the doorway, with Mom sitting on him rising and falling on his shiny, wet cock.

"Mmm, I'm feeling pretty close, Bill, mmm, oh, you're really hard, mmm, makes my pussy feel so good," my mother groaned.

I have to confess I didn't turn around and quietly go back to the front room and make some noise and I also didn't let them know I was there. I watched.

Was it sexy? Oh, yeah, my mom is petite, forty-five and she's taken good care of herself, though genes, I'm sure, have helped. She has a younger sister, my Aunt Jean, who is gorgeous in a bikini and my mom looked pretty good from behind as she did my dad. I could even get a glimpse of the side of her breast as she rocked up and down on Dad and, well, she sure looked nice from where I was.

Yes, it might have been my parents but I had a hard-on you wouldn't believe.

Then, I really don't think I made a noise, but my mother's head snapped around and she cried out,"Omigod, it's Phil," and Dad's head skewed around as I was saying, "Um, I'll be bringing my things in, okay?" and quickly left them knowing I'd rather ruined their nice interlude.

I was sitting in the main room when they came out, both looking a bit red-faced.

"Obviously, we weren't expecting you quite so soon, Son," my father said.

Mom, laughing now, added, "Yes, you kind of caught us having a bit of fun."

"Well, it's best to keep these things in the family, right?" I said to assure them that their secret was good with me.

"I didn't think my son would be interested in sharing me with his father like that but I suppose it could be fun," Mom said, grinning at me.

For a second, I didn't understand what she meant, then Dad added, "Diane, I'm not sure that's what he meant. He may have meant that he would keep it to himself. But, you rather surprise me that you said it might be fun."

"Well, it would certainly make for a memorable family get-together, wouldn't it? A rather unforgettable one," she said, smiling widely.

"Well, listen to your mother, Phil, I know we didn't finish in there, perhaps we've left her unfulfilled and wanting more. Maybe even like a lot more. Um, it wouldn't bother me if we both took care of your mother this week. What do you say?"

Okay, put yourself in my shoes. You've just walked in on your parents fucking and, basically, you've been asked if you'd like to join in. So, what would you do?

Well, I laughed.

"Mom, this isn't something I would quite expect out of you," I told her.

"Well, you might be surprised, Phil, your mother has become almost insatiable these days, right, hon?" my dad said.

"It was about when I was forty or so, yes, it felt like I was fifteen again. Your poor dad has been a busy man ever since and, well, when I thought you were saying you'd like to join in and make it a family thing, well, I understand if you'd rather not."

"Oh, no, Mom, I'm not saying that at all. Not at all. I saw what you looked like in there and, well, I can tell you that you certainly have your son aroused."

"Well, Son, why don't the three of us go back to our bedroom and we'll make your mother happy, doubly happy," Dad said.

I followed them back to their room and my dad suggested that we both take turns getting mom naked.

He and I were quickly disrobed, causing my mother to comment, "Oh, my, it's not so little anymore is it? My son has grown up and I'm about ready to see just how grown up he really is."

Dad unbuttoned Mom's top and I reached around and unhooked her bra and slid it off her arms. What I had seen a while earlier was right, her breasts, though not up to men's magazine standards, perhaps, were quite nice, full, round, with a womanly under curve to them, each tipped with an erect, wide, pink nipple.

I cupped each one in my hands while Dad undid her pants and tugged them down.Then, I reluctantly left her breasts to pull down her panties and held them so she could step out of them.

The second surprise from my mother, the first being her ready interest in having sex with her son, was her pussy. It was bare, shaved nice and smooth. Rather emboldened, I leaned forward and kissed her on her slit which held a bit of moisture. Then I saw that my father, as well, was shaven, both parent's pubic hair was shaved smooth and I was the only one with a hirsute crotch.

"Phil, why don't you get on the bed and Mom can get on you like she was doing me when you came in. I can tell you, she's nice and tight, you're gonna enjoy this," my dad said as I lay down on the bed, my cock rising toward the ceiling in anticipation.

My mother stood there looking at me, a smile wide across her face. She had always been trim and, now, naked, well, she might be forty-five but she looked ten years younger.

She knelt on the bed, then bent over, her lips sliding over the crown of my cock and down as I felt her mouth tighten and begin sucking.

Dad was behind her, his fingers rubbing between her legs as her eyes looked up at me while she licked and sucked me.

"Mmm, oh, Mom, oh, you are so good," I groaned.

"Oh, Son, your mom is the best. And it's something she loves to do. I suppose you might be finding out just how much she loves sucking a cock while you're here this week. It's nice that we can be open about all this. I suspect your mother might just get all the loving she craves."

She sucked me a minute more, I know I would have cummed if she'd kept going, but then she swung a leg up over, reached down to steady my cock and pressed herself down, driving me deep into her body.

"Mmm, yes, oh, that's where I got interrupted, but this time, well, don't be jealous, hon, but your son is like a rock and, well, he certainly fills me up," she said as she began rocking up and down on me the way I'd watched her on my father.

My hands were on her breasts, softly kneading them as she lifted up and dropped back down on my cock so slowly, so lovingly. It was the best sex I'd ever had and, surprising me totally, it felt so natural to be so completely loved by my mother, it was calm, yet so very exciting, my heart was pounding with each stroke she made.

"Oh, I can't believe how this is making me feel. I wasn't sure how sexy and erotic it might me but, oh, wow, this is incredible, my own son, I never would have thought it possible to feel this turned-on."

"Well, I can tell you that you two look beautiful. Would you like some pictures? I have my camera right here," Dad asked.

I was sure Mom would not allow any such thing so was surprised by her once again when she said, "Oh, yes, what a great idea. I've got a little secret place in my wallet that I'll keep one so I'll always have it with me to remind me of our first time together," and Dad started taking pictures of us as we made love.

He had her lean over to pump me up and down while he got down behind us to photograph her pussy rising and falling on my wet, glazed cock.

"Oh, you should see these, hon, Phil's cock being gobbled up by his mother's pussy. Oh, you two are so hot," Dad told us.

"Well, it's a little different from being just a mom. But, I'm liking it a lot. How about you, Phil, you look pretty happy?"

"I still can't quite believe this is happening but, well, it is and, oh, Dad, you sure picked a hot woman to hook up with. Thanks for sharing her, she's one sexy woman."

My mom leaned over and kissed me deeply but never slowed down her pussy sliding up and down on me so wonderfully. I'd never had sexual desires about my mother but I sure did now. When I saw her naked, on top of my dad, well, that changed everything.

"Yes, your mother is a sexy woman, always has been but for the last few years, she's just been a tiger in bed. I know I've just not been able to fully satisfy her even with taking Viagra, she's just wanting sex all the time. So, I'm glad you're here to help. And, I'm sure she is even more."

"Oh, am I. This is wonderful," she panted rising and falling over me, sliding up and down on my hard cock, "oh, I could do this for hours, mmm, you really fill me up, Phil." Then, my mother laughed, "Funny I named you 'Phil, ' and now I tell you how you fill me up. Oh, how things change."

"And, for the better, Mom," I told her as I felt nearer and nearer cumming. "Mmm, I'm really close, you are so good, so tight."

"I probably feel tight because you're pretty big. I sure like how you feel."

"Mmm, oh, OH, UUH, UUH, OH, MOM, UUH, mmm, mmm," I groaned as I emptied into my mother who bent over and tongued my mouth.

"Beautiful, yes, you two are beautiful together. This is sure making me horny, I feel like I'm sixteen again," Dad said as Mom pushed down on me and began twisting her hips back and forth.

"Mmm, oh, yes, oooh, you're nice and long, mmm, oh, UUH, AYYE, AYYE, um, mmm," she moaned and fell over me, covering my face with kisses.

"Oh, that was wonderful, so unexpected, so wonderful, mmm, I love my son more than ever now. Oh, yes, wonderful."

"It's sure got me ready, hon, look," and my father stood there with a hard-on that looked pretty impressive. Mom pulled off me and I traded places with Dad as she pushed down on him, swallowing him easily as he slid inside on my slippery cum which was being squeezed out every time she came back down.

Chapter 2

"Come close, Phil, over here," my mother said as I moved to her side. She turned and slid her lips over the head of my cock and began to suck. I tried to move so she would be more comfortable but it was a little awkward as she was on Dad fucking him while she was sucking me. But, it felt good and she seemed happy.

"Phil must have dumped a lot of cum inside you, hon, it's all over the both of us."

"Sorry, Dad, maybe I should have let you go first."

"Oh, no, I was happy you had the chance to enjoy your mother, after all, I've been with her for a long time now and you, well, this, I suppose, is just a beginning."

She raised up off me and said, "Mmm, you're such a dear, Bill. I must say I am hoping that what just happened is just the beginning, I rather am enjoying all this wonderful attention from the two men I love the most."

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