No Big Deal, Dad

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I have both my teenaged daughters living with me and there's a lot of teasing I get from them both. It even led to a rather surprising and, well, quite wonderful new arrangement for the three of us.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Safe Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

I'm working my way into middle-age, at forty-three, fairly well, considering that I have the responsibility for raising my two daughters, Alisha, or Allie, at eighteen, and Kelsey, who's sixteen.

About five years ago, their mother and I went through a very bitter and contested divorce. I'll spare you the details but, well, it turns out that I got custody pretty easily and, the best part was that my girls wanted to live with me. Nice.

So, we've worked out how to share some of the more onerous tasks; of course, I do most of the yard work, Kelsey does the cleaning, at least much of it, and Allie does the laundry which she does on her own tight schedule.

Let me explain. Allie likes to do things her own way. I can set something up and she almost always changes some detail or details of the way it's to be done. Nothing to mess the whole idea up, no, it just puts her own stamp on things, that's what I think it is.

So, she would empty the clothes hamper which was right next to the washer and once she'd done that, put the soap in and set it to run, that was it. Anything else was put in the hamper for the next laundering, usually three or four days away.

One weekend, I had just finished mowing the front and back and had come in, hot, sweaty, ready for a shower when I asked her to hold the wash which she was just ready to turn on until I've showered.

"It's going on, Dad, just take them down to your shorts and throw them in."

"But I want my boxers done, too."

I got one of those looks that fathers with teenage girls know so well as she told me, "Oh, Dad, get into the current century, will you? I know what a penis looks like."

I was rather taken aback by her comment but went off anyway to change and shower, then brought my dirty clothes to her. She had waited, rather impatiently, of course, with the comment, "Do you feel better that you had to go hide in your room to change, Daddy?" I did what so many fathers do and just laughed and went on with my day.

I'd pretty much forgotten about it when, later in the evening, after supper, I was in the den watching television when Allie came down from upstairs wrapped in two towels, one on her head, one on her body.

Her room was the former basement which I converted to a nice, large room for her but there's only a sink and toilet, no shower so she uses the one upstairs.

It was the perfect opportunity to get her back for her snide comment earlier as I said, "Well, look who has to hide herself just like they did hundreds of years ago."

"You're absolutely right, Daddy," and she whipped the towel off and walked right in past me into the kitchen, got a couple of cookies, then came back into the den and sat down on the couch.

"You okay, Daddy?" she said grinning at me.

I have to say, in all honesty, my oldest daughter was a beautiful girl. Her body, at eighteen, was prime, close to Playboy standards. In a bikini, she was a knockout, naked, well, I may be her father but I had the hardest erection I'd had in ages.

I was not about to lose the battle this time, telling her, "Sure, I've seen naked girls before, lots of times," and held my eyes on her, not letting her have the satisfaction of me diverting my eyes. And, she was an eyeful at that.

She sat and watched television for a bit, then got up and swaggered off down to her room for the night, I'm sure very pleased with herself for one-upping her father. Though I was pretty happy with the super-eyeful I had as a result.

I have to say that while I'd rarely thought of either of my daughters in a particularly sexual way, well, that had changed dramatically as I lay there in bed masturbating with images of my oldest's superb body in my mind.

The next night, Friday, dinner and the girl's homework done, I decided to go up and shower before bed.

I'd just finished and dried off when I wrapped a towel around my waist and opened the bathroom door. There she was, my oldest, Alishia, standing there, her hip cocked, with a smug grin saying, "Well, look who had to cover up now?"

I looked at her and pulled the towel loose saying, "Hey, no big deal," realizing that I was about half-hard as I walked past her and down the hall and into my bedroom. I thought that this might make me the winner in our test of wills and when I turned around, Allie was closing the door.

"But, Dad, that is a big deal," and she stepped to me, took my cock in her hand and began stroking me back and forth as I stood there in total shock.

"No, honey, you can't do this," I gasped as I pulled back from her but her hand kept tightly gripped around my cock.

"Dad, just let me do this, okay? I really want to."

I have to admit, I just stood there as she masturbated me the best I've ever had.

I'd not had any sex in months, many months, and it did not take long for me to know that I was moments away from cumming as she stroked me.

"Um, honey, I'm really close if you want to stop."

"Why would I ever stop, I want my Daddy to be happy," she said as arcs of cum went flying out the crown of my cock. She didn't even slow down, she obviously knew that guys like to be stroked a little more after ejaculation and in another minute or so, she quickly knelt down, licked the remaining drop or two off and sucked the tip for a few seconds while I watched in amazement and gratitude.

Then she stood up, put her arms around me and kissed me. It was not a kiss like we'd ever given each other before. Her hand also sought out my cock again to play with as our tongues played with each other as well.

Then she pulled her head back and asked, "Daddy, does this give you any ideas of what your oldest daughter might want?" Her squeezing my cock was a definite clue.

"Honey, you know I'm your father," I said, knowing it was pretty lame.

"Look, Dad, I know who you are. I also know I love you more than any other guy in the world. I now see that you are so much more of a man than that jerk I thought I was in love with, now I see who I really want to be with. I love you, Daddy," and she kissed me again.

She had dumped her long-term boyfriend about six months ago, actually, she was over it, it seemed, right away. She was happier around the house and, well, looking back on it, she was more touchy-feely with me than ever before. So, perhaps this wasn't a sudden thing after all.

Then she said, "Daddy, I want you for my lover. No one else, you. You just saw what I can give you. You can have all of me, Daddy, I want to be your lover. We'll have to keep it from Kelsey, but I know we can, all we have to do is be smart about it."

Chapter 2

"Honey, have you really thought this through? It will change everything."

"It won't change that I love you, all it will do is make that grow. I'll tell you the truth, the most erotic thing I've ever done is what I just did a few minutes ago. And I want to do it lots and lots more."

"Well, it was one of the most erotic things ever done to me, maybe the most. But we have to be sure about this, Allie, there's no changing it back."

She started taking her clothes off as I stood there. My bedroom door was closed, neither of the girls ever walked in on me so I wasn't worried that Kelsey would barge in but, still, this was something way far from ordinary.

She slipped her bra off and stood there. "Well, am I sexy enough to interest my Daddy?"

"Oh, honey, it's not a matter of are you sexy enough."

"I want you to feel them, Daddy, I want your hands on them," and she reached down and took them to press to her breasts.

She let go as I kept my hands there and dropped hers to my cock enfolding it between her soft hands to hold me as I felt her.

"I want this in me, Daddy, I want you to make love to me with your beautiful cock. I love talking dirty with my Daddy, do you like it? You sure feel hard."

"Well, it's all rather unexpected but, well, you are making me hard, very hard. I just don't see how any healthy man could resist you the way you look," I told her as I fondled her breasts and she rubbed my cock between her hands. I knew I was a goner and I just pulled the covers back and got in bed as she followed me.

We lay there together holding each other, kissing, feeling all the new skin of one another, then she whispered, "I just can't wait any longer," and she swung a leg up over me, took my cock and pushed herself onto me.

Allie was so tight that when she began moving up and down, it felt incredible.

"Oh, Daddy, I've wanted this so much, mmm, am I making you feel good?" she asked as she stretched to offer me her nipple.

"Mmm, yes, so much, sweetheart," I mumbled as I sucked her hard pink nipple while her hips rocked up and down over me.

Alisha was gorgeous, especially naked like she was, her body was perfect and she was so tight, every time she raised up her pussy tugged on me, just like it was sucking me. It was the best sex I'd ever had and it was my daughter giving it so wondrously to me. I knew I couldn't resist her now or ever.

I know it sounds so kinky but the most erotic experience in my life was that first night with Alisha. She was so incredibly sexy, so in control, she just knew what she wanted and went about getting it.

"Oh, Lisha, I'm gonna cum, baby, you're on the pill, right?"

"Yes, Daddy, I have been taking them every day since I was sixteen. So, you can cum in my pussy all you want. I can't wait to feel you shooting me full," she said as she kissed me, swirling her tongue around and around in my mouth.

I had the strongest ejaculation I could remember as I emptied totally, fully, into my oldest daughter and she pushed down hard on me, burying my cock so deeply inside her.

She held down tight on me as she moved her hips in a circle, moaning as she did, "Oh, mmm, mmm, yes, oh, I'm cumming, Daddy, our first time together, mmmm," and she fell over me, kissing me over and over.

Allie slept with me that first night, we set the alarm early so she could go back to her own room, we just couldn't risk that her sister would find out what we were doing.

That began our affair and we were very careful to keep it from Kelsey.

Several months went by and Alisha told me in bed after we'd made love, "Kelsey may suspect something, Dad, something about us."

My heart leapt when she said that.

"Why, what did she say?"

"Nothing exactly, just something about you and I being close. She had kind of a grin when she said it."

"Anything more? More than just that?"

"No, but I could try to feel her out on what she might have meant."

I told her to try and several days went by. Then, when I was changing out of my work clothes, Allie knocked and came in. I was in my boxers so she came right to me and reached inside as she told me, "I asked Kelsey about her comment the other day. I said that I was just feeling more sympathetic toward you was all and she asked me just how sympathetic that might be? She asked it with kind of a grin on her face, you know? Like maybe she's seen something."

"And what did you say?" I asked.

"Nothing, it just kind of dropped."

"Can you feel her out some more? If she suspects something, maybe we can try to throw her off."

Allie agreed to try and the next afternoon, she told me.

"Well, Dad, I asked Kelsey about her question and here's what she said. She knows we're having sex. She doesn't guess we're having sex, she knows it."

"Oh, shit, and we were so careful. Damn."

"Well, there's more. She wants sex with her dad, too."

"Alisha, tell me you're kidding me. Tell me you're pulling my chain."

"It's what she said. She said she's had a crush on you for years, that she's wanted you to be her first. She's just never had the guts to try. And, get this, she wants for the two of us to begin sleeping in here with you. And she told me to tell you that."

"She really said all that? You're not putting your old dad on, are you?"

"Honest, she did. Look, why don't I tell her I told all this to you and then tell her to just come later tonight and get in bed with you. Maybe you'll believe me then."

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