The Christmas Shunt
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by Honey Moon

Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An experimental error transports Dr. Emmy Brown to a parallel Earth, where men never evolved and Hermaphrodites rule!

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I picked up the microphone and took a deep breath. "This is Dr. Emmy Brown. Its nine P.M. Christmas Eve, and experiment number forty-two is going hot. Transfer sequence initiated." I threw the microphone from me, and closed my eyes tight as the generators spun up to speed. I didn't see any results this time; I would have to begin a line by line code scan of my operating system to try and locate any errors. That would take me well into the New Year! This should work! The hardware was perfect! Here I was on Christmas Eve, making one last attempt before heading home for yet another lonely holiday.

I could tell by the tone that the generators had peaked. I screwed my eyes shut tighter. My studies indicated there was no chance of a Brundlefly incident, but a general system failure could shorten my lifespan down to mere seconds! I heard the beep indicating full charge in the energy buffers. I saw a pink glow through my eyelids as the pent up fury was released. This was followed shortly by a bang, and the acidic smell of burning wire. "Oh shit!" I cried, hearing an odd echo as I jumped from the raised dais and ran for the fire extinguisher. "Great Scott, I transferred!" I couldn't help gasping when I noticed the extinguisher was on my left instead of my right. Thinking nothing of the echo, I changed course and lunged at it.

Grabbing the extinguisher, I let out a little squeal as my hand encountered another. "How did you get in here?" I shouted, the reoccurring echo driving home a startling point. "Oh holy Crap, this can't be happening!" I, uh, we both froze. I saw a woman with short unkempt red hair like mine staring back at me through the taped up frames of a pair of purple cats-eye glasses. She was about five foot. No, I knew without a doubt that she was exactly five foot, with 44DD breasts that she seemed to be trying to hide beneath a baggy hoodie and her white lab coat. I pushed up my glasses just as she pushed hers. "You sat on them this morning, right?" we simultaneously muttered. "That should teach you to put them on a chair while getting dressed!" The odd echo only continued, so we both shut up.

I moved my hand. Hers moved too. Not a split second later, but exactly with mine! I wiggled my fingers, and it was if my brain was also controlling her body! "This is some serious shit!" we spoke together.

The smoke was building, and we both turned towards the smothering control console. We moved together, that is until her foot hit a piece of paper on the floor. Her foot slipped a little, and I felt a burst of pain, and the world seemed to spin for a split second. Her slight shuffle seemed to break some kind of link, knocking us out of synchronization. "I got this!" I called as I snatched up the extinguisher and ran for the console. Working fast, I blasted the foam directly into the ventilation slits on the side of the metal casing.

As I put down the fire fighting device, she grabbed a screwdriver and swiftly opened an access port on the console. "Dammit! That's the last time I set up a freakin' aluminum Christinemas tree!"

Christinemas? I looked over her shoulder and forgot all about her odd verbal slip. "Oh hell's teeth! Metallic needles on the stabilizing circuit! The cooling fans must have pulled them in. More of the things shorted out the power distribution system! I'm lucky the thing didn't kill me!"

She looked at me and sighed. "We're lucky I wasn't killed, twice!" She stared into my face. She grew red, as my face suddenly felt rather warm. "Anyway, this sure is unique." She paused to read from the few status indicators that still had any function. "I think we could call that a limited success."

"I'd say limited!" I made my own observations and sighed. "We both appear to have transferred a copy of ourselves, instead of a simple transfer from point to point."

"Check." She agreed, tossing the screwdriver carelessly over her shoulder. She scored a direct hit on my, uh, our patented security disposal receptacle. I heard the screwdriver rattle down to the disintegration chamber, and then the high pitched whine of it being flashed into its component atoms. "I suppose we created some sort of momentary wormhole effect and shunted our copies through."

"That's how I read it. Instead of traveling across the lab, we each created a replicate and shunted it across who knows how many dimensional barriers, while leaving the original behind."

She nodded. "The copies each materialized on the opposite universe's receptor pad. This is practically straight out of Dr. Who!"

Those were my thoughts exactly. I watched her carefully. It was uncanny. This was nothing like looking into a mirror! I was looking at another me! "So, girl genius, what do we do now?"

She adjusted her glasses in a very familiar way. "I'm afraid nothing much tonight, Emmy old girl. It'll take weeks to get this up and running again." she sighed. "Even then, what would that accomplish? If you go back right now, and my copy returns home simultaneously, how is that any different? There will still be two Emelia Wilma Browns running around in either continuum! Do you want me to cross over and kill my copy, while your prime comes here to eliminate you? We both know we could never do that."

"That's true, Emmy." I answered. "There's no real difference. I'll just stick around here. At least the coordinate sequencer survived intact. Maybe some day I'll reopen the wormhole and slip myself a letter though, just to see how I'm getting along back home."

"That would be some long distance pen-pal, Emmy!" she laughed. "We should knock up a camera equipped probe. We could safely hunt for more Earth variants that way."

"That's just what I was thinking, Emmy!" In a childish burst of laugher, I imagined us finding the Wonderful Land of Oz! "Wait a minute. This isn't working. I'm getting a headache! I'm going to call you Wilma."

Wilma fumed. "Don't you dare! This is my universe, you're the guest! You know we hate being saddled with such a stupid middle name!"

"I call dibs on Emmy!" I cried, sticking my tongue out at her, uh, me, whatever."

"I can be such a fucking bitch! No wonder I don't have any friends! Okay fine, I'll be Wilma!"

We stared at each other for a few minutes. I'm sure we both thought the same things, but couldn't bring ourselves to say them. I hated having stupid clown hair. On her, the disheveled fiery red looked kind of cute. Dare I say it even looked sexy? I always though having such a big rack was a hindrance, but seeing the ol' DD's bounce from this vantage point made my heart sort of flutter. I had always wished for more prominent cheek bones, but her slightly narrow face with large soulful green eyes had an elfin beauty that was simply adorable! I don't know why I never saw it before. I'm a God damn hottie! We both shook our heads. It was obvious we each thought the other looked like a sexy and cute nerd-girl, but that wouldn't get us anywhere!

"Come on Wilma, let's get you home and try and figure something out."

"Get me home!" she snapped. "It's my house, don't you forget that! I'll get YOU home!"

When we reached the parking lot, both of us glared at each other while holding identical car keys. "Oh no, don't you even think about it!" she snapped. "If I'm gonna be Wilma, I'm driving!" She rudely shoved me out of the way and slipped her key into the lock. "Get in MY car, Doctor Brown!"

"Fuck, I am a bitch!" I hissed while circling the car. I used my key and had no trouble at all opening the passenger side of my, uh, her Lexus.

We rode home in silence. The streets were nearly deserted. Nobody else was dumb enough to be out away from family and friends this late. Only friendless orphaned nerd-girl loners would venture out now! "Turn up the heat, bitch!" I complained, breaking the silence as I shivered. Being her universe, she claimed my favorite coat as her own! I was stuck wearing my hoodie and sweatpants, with two lab coats wrapped tightly around me.

"Watch your mouth, asshole! It is up! Don't be such a whiner. You know how warm this coat is! I'm too hot in it already!"

When we got to my, um, her house, I stormed up the driveway just to prove a point. The door opened under my key, and fingers dancing, I disarmed the security alarm. That more then anything else proved things were identical. I always used totally random numbers and changed the code once a week. The panel gave its happy little beep when the numbers I inputted were correct. I hurried and kicked off my shoes, claiming the comfy fuzzy slippers I had just bought the other day, or she did. Whatever!

Wilma fumed when she came in and looked at my feet. "Okay, I wore the coat, so I guess you can have the slippers. We need to set some ground rules here though, Emelia! First and foremost, you get the guest bedroom! I don't care if you are me. I'm keeping my own damn bed!"

"Fine, whatever you say, Wilma dear!" I sighed. Since nobody had ever used the guest bedroom, it was probably all stuffy and stale! "Any other rules, you bitch?"

"I'm a bitch? What about you? You are me, so whatever you say about me applies to you too!"

We both stopped short. After a moment I smiled. "I'm rubber, you're glue!"

Wilma grinned at me. Wow, did I really look that pretty when I smiled? Maybe I should do it more. She continued the old schoolyard taunt. "Whatever you say bounces off of me, and sticks to you!"

I laughed with her. "Let's start over, okay? Wilma, I'll be quite happy to sleep in the guest room." I kicked off one slipper. "Here, let's split the mules."

She nodded, conceding my renaming her. "Don't be dumb. Keep 'em. I'll run out tomorrow and get another pair."

We both flopped down on the sofa in movements that mirrored each other exactly. "This is sure going to take getting used to." I couldn't help laughing. "At least with no family or close ties, anyone will accept it if we just say we're twins."

"I'm getting hungry." We spoke in unison.

We laughed remarkably together, too. It seemed that our synchronicity was going to return from time to time. At least our mental processes had diverged enough to allow conversation! "I left a half a pizza in the fridge the other day."

She grinned. "That will just hit the spot! Come on me, let's eat!"

We had dinner together. I must say it was rather enjoyable. Usually I just grab something on the go. More often then not, I eat over the sink so there's nothing to clean up. Just when we finished up the last of the pizza, I glanced over at the clock. "It's after midnight. Merry Christmas to me, the both of us!"

"Merry Christinemas to me, the both of us!" Wilma chorused. Our odd synchronization fell embarrassingly into full play, despite the odd pronunciation of the holiday's name. Did my other me have a slight lisp in this universe? Leaning towards each other, we meant to give a quick peck on the cheek to the other in honor of the day. Somehow, things got a little crossed. Our lips met! Staring into big green eyes, I saw the shock I felt as soft gentle lips brushed against my own. Good Lord! I just gave my first kiss to MYSELF!

We both jumped back. Seeing how cute I looked while blushing only made my face feel warmer. "Uh, I'm sorry about that." I gasped. "That wasn't meant to happen."

Wilma put a finger to her lips, and sighed. "It was rather nice."

"Yes, wasn't it?"

We tried again. Sitting next to each other at my, uh, her dining room set, we kissed again. This time we didn't pull away from each other. My heart pounded as our tongues met. I've read about "French" kissing, and always thought it sounded sort of nasty. I don't think that any more! Tasting slightly of pizza, I moaned as the tongue that mirrored my own moved against me.

We slowly separated, to catch our breath. "That was really nice." Wilma whispered. "I think, I think we better think carefully before we do something extremely weird."

"Since you are me, I think you're right!" I couldn't ignore the beating of my heart, or the growing dampness between my thighs. Feeling my face grow even hotter, I made a slight request. "Wilma, um, about the, uh, toy?"

She sighed. "I, I'm gonna take a shower. Help yourself to Big Bertha while I'm washing up." She gulped. "Rinse it off when done, okay?"

"I always do!"

Her face was nearly crimson. "I know! Sorry!" She jumped from the table and ran for the bathroom.

If I know myself, and I most certainly do, Wilma would be in the shower for ages. I got up from the table and went to my, her bedroom. I pulled open the drawer on the night stand and reached inside. My fingers touched the softly yielding surface before my brain registered what I was seeing. "Where's Big Bertha?" I gasped, as I picked up the transparent purple cylinder of silicone. "Oh fucking God! What the hell does this mean?" The cylinder had a narrow tunnel running completely through it, with a lifelike set of purple labia molded on one end! It was a pocket pussy, or what the Japanese call an onahole! I dropped it back into the drawer and the cylinder bounced, almost playfully mocking me. "There is a divergence! The universes aren't identical!" I gasped, wildly wondering what the hell had happened to my trusty lover of five years, Bertha the eight inch dildo.

"Keep calm Emmy!" I whispered as I slid the drawer back shut. "Things are no worse then they were a few minutes ago! I ran back to the living room and clicked on the television. At first everything appeared normal. Then I started to notice something. "No men? What the fuck?" I clicked from channel to channel. Everywhere I looked, there were only lovely ladies!

I clicked on the movie channel and nearly swallowed my tongue. Old lady Scrooge was being haunted by ghosts! This was my favorite version of the Dickens classic from 1951, but the cast was all wrong! I must say that the daring expanse of bouncy cleavage showing beneath the Ghost of Christmas Present's robes was quite an eye-full, but I almost passed out from the shock!

If I had time, I would start the file running on my iPhone and run a side by side comparison. Since smart-phones came into being, I always carried the 1951 version of "A Christmas Carol" with me during the holiday season. I must have watched it a million times! I listened for the shower. "I don't have time for that!"

I booted up the computer and with trembling fingers Googled "Men". It kept diverting me to search out Menards hardware store locations! Try as I might, I could find no reference to men, as in opposite of woman! There weren't even any hits under "Woman"! All I could find was Her, She, You, Me, and even Hermaphroditic, at one medical site. Mind spinning, I began searching other things. I looked up diagrams of genitalia, and let out a whimper. Every result I found showed a picture of a large penis emerging just above a normal looking vagina!

I started looking up random historical events. Starting very early, I read about Mary and Josephine finding no room at the inn, and the baby Christine child! It wasn't a lisp! Georgette Washington was the first president of the United States. Charlene Lindbergh was the first to cross the Atlantic by air. Rachel Nixon had been thrown out of office over Watergate. Billie Clinton had got her dick sucked in the Oval Office. Michelle Vick was still in trouble over her dog fighting conviction. The list went on and on.

Some things never change. This universe's internet was just as alive with the debate as the one I knew back home. People were insisting that Nelly Armstrong never set foot on the moon! A few entries were almost enough to make me laugh. Henrietta Bogart had starred in the classic film "The Maltese Falcon". She played hard boiled detective Samantha Spade! Joana Depp starred as everyone's favorite big titty pirate, Jacqueline Sparrow! Actually, I hate to admit it, but even in my panic I stared at Joana's charms for several minutes. I thought my tits were huge! Depp must be pushing a double "F"!

I needed more information! I looked into the secret file hidden on the computer's hard drive. Of course I knew the password. My fingers shook as I clicked on a familiar title. I stated playing part one of a Japanese Hentai OVA called "Discode". The plot was somewhat different then I remembered. It was all about a pretty young student desperate to hide her secret. In the version I knew and loved, Futaba had been a hermaphrodite. In this one, she was shamefully hiding the fact that she had been born without a penis! She didn't dare let any of her fellow students find out, or she'd spend the rest of her school life being fucked by everyone in her class! That is until pregnancy forced her to drop out to devote her life to making babies!

Then there was another favorite, "Parade-Parade". Instead of trying to reveal that young singer Kaori is really a hermaphrodite, this version had rival singer Saki discover the bulge under Kaori's clothes is provided by rolled up socks! Scandal would rock the music industry if it were discovered that the up and coming star wasn't even a full citizen! Saki then fights Kaori's manager for the right to impregnate the singer so she can claim ownership of the beautiful broodmare!

I went back to Google and looked up the phrase "Mono-sexed", that the other characters had called Kaori and Futaba. I was heartened to discover there were people like me in this universe, but I did not like what I found when I read farther! Only one out of fifty births resulted in a Mono, but Mono's were the primary source of all pregnancies. Mono's had only gotten The Vote two years ago, and then only if accompanied to the polling place by a legally responsible relative or, and I couldn't help gasping at the word, Owner! The owner was even required to enter the voting booth with her, or the vote wouldn't be legal. It was all a big scam. The Mono wasn't voting! Her owner just got a little extra privilege! A little indeed! It took four Mono votes to equal the vote of one full citizen!

I looked around some more. I found a jewelry store's web site. It proclaimed "Show her how much you really care." What I at first thought were rather heavy tennis bracelets turned out to be something else entirely. They were highly stylized, but there was no mistaking it! They were diamond studded, but very sturdy pet collars! Oh Lord, there was even a stainless steel ring set into them to accommodate the optional leash!

Hermaphrodites could and did mate with each other and have children, but it seemed that everyone wanted to dominate or possess a Mono! It looked like only the lower middle class sired children on each other. Anyone who had the money to own or lease a Mono, or an obliging friend to lend one to her, used them to produce their offspring! I found a legal site. Monos did have rights, if you could call it that. If a Mono was collared and duly licensed to a full citizen, she could go to the police herself and charge rape if she were mounted by anyone without her owner's explicit permission. The rapist then received a three hundred dollar fine! If the Mono was an un-collared and unattached laborer waiting to be assigned her first owner, it was deemed the Mono's fault if she were caught out in public without being locked securely in a chastity belt! She then became the property of the very citizen that raped her!

It was very much against the law to kill a Mono. That law was strictly enforced. If the death of the Mono was not deemed to be self defense, the penalty was very strict! A five thousand dollar fine for the first offense, and up to a full year of probation for what was classed as the "Willful Destruction of Property"! A soft sob escaped me. That's far less then Michael Vick got for his dog fighting conviction!

I read on. As I had already gathered, Monos were not considered citizens. They could hold a job, but all monies had to be deposited directly into their registered owner's bank account. If the Mono was very lucky, she received a small allowance from her owner for the purchase of little luxuries like pretty clothes or maybe rental of a movie now and then.

Businesses clamored to employ Monos for all menial jobs. In many cases a Mono work force was far cheaper then automation. Besides, they only had to pay them a quarter of what citizens received in their paychecks! Then there was a high turnover rate for Monos in the work place. It was expected of them to keep taking time off to have more babies as their owners passed them around like party favors!

I almost fainted when I stumbled upon a soft core porn site. Dozens of shyly smiling Monos were displaying their registration ID numbers and a UPC bar code. These were stamped onto their asses with some kind of strange looking tattooing. There was even a section showing these same pathetic souls bending over willingly, to have what looked like a GPS tracking chip injected deep into the flesh of the opposite cheek! Even if the poor things ran away, the police could track them! They would be picked up and returned to their owners in a matter of minutes!

I shuddered when I found another porn site. This one was hard core. It was loaded with stories and video clips about criminals. This world didn't seem to have a problem with prison over crowding. Even relatively mild white collar crimes were punishable by the surgical removal of the criminal's penis and internal testicles! They then became legally designated as Monos, and in some instances, were actually given to their former victims as restitution for their crimes! In such cases the probation and five thousand dollar fine was waved, since many new Monos passed away under unusual circumstances while in the care of their new owners.

The penis removal was all done safe and painlessly under anesthetic, but I whimpered along with the convicted bank robber in the only clip I dared play. The legal system here was wildly different then back home. There was no trial; there was no jury of her peers. There weren't even lawyers. A robed white haired Adjudicator with surprisingly firm and high riding large breasts for someone in her sixties was given a transcript of the suspect's interrogation and a DVD containing witness testimony. The clip I viewed compressed it for time, but the distinguished looking legalist made her decision in less then an hour.

She stood and formally bowed. "The accused is guilty on all charges. The sentence is radical penectomy, with removal of both testes. This shall be carried out immediately, with only a spinal block. Since she used a firearm in the commission of her crime, the guilty party must remain awake and aware during the removal procedure. After a suitable and medically sound recovery period, the newly produced Mono may then be claimed by the bank officers for their personal use." Removing her robe of office, she carefully folded the garment and slipped it into her briefcase. Her body looked firm and tight in the gingham dress she wore under the robe. With her white hair in ringlets around her face, gold rimmed glasses, smooth flawless pale skin, and blushing apple cheeks, she looked like Mrs. Santa Claus! That somehow made the video even more surreal!

The sexy huge breasted hermaphrodite charged with the robbery dropped to her knees and clasped her hands to her ample chest in anguish. "Please no!" she screamed at the back of the Adjudicator as she left the conference room. "You have to reconsider your decision! Oh Goddess, you can do anything else to me! I don't care! Just please don't take my cock! You can't make me a Mono, I'm a citizen!"

Bailiffs stripped her of the orange jumpsuit she wore, and two nurses took charge. Tears streaming down her cheeks, the trembling convicted criminal desperately gripped her massive yet fear flaccid cock with both hands and wept as they strapped her down to a wheeled gurney. She begged and pleaded pitifully for forgiveness, crying for a twenty year sentence instead of the surgery that would forever reduce her to a life of slavery and baby making. I stopped the playback as they rolled her sobbing form down the corridor towards the operating room. There was another hour of footage showcasing the actual medical procedure. My curiosity could wait. I had my own problems to deal with!

"Oh dear God, I gotta go home!" I had to repair the transporter just as fast as I could, before anyone learned of my true nature! If I could prevent it from just budding off a new copy, Wilma's hermaphrodite clone and I could trade places. We'd both be safe in our own universe, and I could have a lesbian affair with myself with no fear of pregnancy or enslavement!

Suddenly I grew very nervous. It was in my best interests to keep the singular form of my genitalia top secret! I knew myself all too well. There was no way I could let Wilma discover that I didn't have a dick! It didn't matter if ninety-nine percent of our bodies were identical. I, uh, she would pounce on me for the status of owning a Mono! I ran to the kitchen. Thank God she had everything I did! I grabbed a medium sized cucumber and stuffed it down my sweatpants and into my boy cut panties. I hastily tore a strip of duct tape to anchor the chilly vegetable to the cotton fabric, and prayed I was approximating whatever the hell size Wilma's cock was!

I returned to the living room just as Wilma did. My doppelganger was wrapped in our fluffy white bathrobe. It took all my willpower to keep from dropping my gaze to crotch height. The fabric wasn't hanging quite right there, as if something was poking it from behind. For one split second, I saw something peek from the gap. Something that had no earthly business being there! Oh God help me! It wasn't very impressive, but Wilma looked to be packing about four inches of decidedly male flesh!

"Have a nice shower?" I asked stupidly as she plopped down on the sofa.

She blushed. "I guess you can say that." Smiling ruefully, she made an unmistakable motion with her hand. It looked like she was slowly shaking up a can of whipped topping! "I calmed myself down a bit. I couldn't wait for you to finish with Big Bertha, so I popped one off in the tub."

An almost manic giggle escaped me. She had cupped her hand as if holding something big and thick. Who did Wilma think she was kidding? She would only need her thumb and index finger to wank that skinny little boy pee-pee she was sprouting! "Yeah, I, I calmed down too. Everything is calm. Everything is just perfectly normal! I didn't even use Big Bertha, I, I just rubbed one off real quick in, uh, the kitchen!"

"I should have known." Panic filled my heart. Did she figure it out already? I only relaxed a little when she continued. "I should have known you like your "Protein Milkshake before bed. I caught mine in a drinking cup and downed it in the shower."

I couldn't stop another burst of nervous laughter. "Yeah, you know me! I, I gotta have my jizz before bed!"

She looked at me, eyes wandering over my body. "You're still hard, like me." She thought a moment. "Listen Emmy, why don't we hook each other up? We could start slow, and just give each other hand jobs until we can get some condoms tomorrow. Then, we can finally see what fucking a real live pussy is like! What do you say?"

Oh shit! If I tried to fight against that, my doppelganger would wonder why. We're supposed to be identical after all. If she wanted to get down with herself, then it followed that I would too! Frankly, if I wasn't frightened by her having a penis she could knock me up with, I'd be all over her! I looked smokin' hot! What the hell was I going to do? I had to take a gamble. "I don't know about this, Wilma." I said as calmly as I could. "Incest is against the law."

"I know that. It's only acceptable if your sibling lover is a Mono. Everyone knows that they don't count! Damn, don't you wish we grew up with a Mono sibling? We would have lost our virginity the very first time we popped a boner! Remember Cathy Gale? Her sibling Mono-Melody gave her three citizen babies before Cathy even graduated from collage! You'd think that stuck up snob would have lent me Melody for just an hour! Hell, I would have settled for ten minutes, wouldn't you? That big titty cry baby was adorable!"

Oh shit, I was toast if Wilma discovered I was only packin' a cucumber! "Uh, yeah, um, a quickie would have been great!" I remembered Cathy and her sister. Twenty year old Cathy ended up going to jail for pimping her twin sister's virginity on an internet auction site! Melody had been blindfolded and sedated. She never knew her virginity had been on the block until she woke up several hours later with a creamy-pie! They never did manage to track down just who the father of her baby was.

Wilma shook her head. "How was I ever gonna come up with the thousand dollar a night rental fee she charged to use Melody anyway? Cathy's sire even said that was too high! She wanted Cathy to only charge friends the traditional hundred dollars!" Wilma sighed, spreading her legs and letting the robe gape open. Her penis looked like a cute little spike quivered between lovely thighs. "Anyway, we aren't twins. We're the same person. I'm certain that from a legal standing, it would be masturbation even if we decided on full intercourse." She giggled. "At the very worst, it would only be selfcest. There's no law against that!"

Oh fuck, she had a point! I looked so exotic and beautiful with a delicate boyish cock, too. I wasn't able to think clearly. "Well, okay. You can go first." Blushing, I unzipped my hoodie and tossed it aside. I pulled off my tee-shirt and then shrugged out of my bra. "I'll give you a titty fuck. How does that sound?"

Green eyes I saw every day in my mirror stared up at me. "Oh Goddess, Emmy, our tits look fantastic! I'll never think about reduction surgery again!"

"Open the robe completely." I asked breathlessly. "I want to see what I look like too!"

She did as I asked. Smiling, she grabbed her boobs and squeezed the warm orbs together. My heart pounded when Wilma gave them a vigorous bouncy shake! "When you do me, you get more of the same!"

I dropped to my knees in front of her, hastily keeping a hand on my vegetable bulge to keep it from moving around. This was buying me some time, but I had to think! I couldn't let myself end up being my doppelganger's personal private sex slave and breeding whore!

I was inches away from the first penis I ever saw in real life. It didn't matter how small it was. Gazing upwards, I couldn't help thinking how sexy and hot I looked with one sprouting from my body. I leaned forward and captured the hard shaft between my breasts, hugging them tightly together to snuggle and completely hide the narrow hardness between them. "I, um, I can't wait to feel this myself." I muttered conscious of the cucumber hidden in my panties.

Wilma moaned. "Oh Goddess, this is wonderful! It's much better then using my hand, or shoving it in a hole in a nice warm cantaloupe!"

"Yeah, you bet!" I couldn't help wanting to see that! Watching a version of me fucking a melon would be so hot! I started thrusting my chest at her, bouncing my breasts and sort of jiggling them up and down to massage her.

She let out an exasperated moan. "Squeeze your tits harder together!" she begged. "Damn, I, um, I'm losing my boner! You know we have a mild E.D. problem! You have to do something, or I'll have to watch some porn while jerking myself hard again!" she whimpered. "Tomorrow I'll order us some Viagra online!"

I released her little prick from between my breasts and looked at it. The poor little thing was rapidly wilting and growing soft. That was a bit insulting, if you ask me! I honestly didn't mean to, but the compulsion was just too strong. I had to give up the titty fucking if I wanted to try this. My breasts were just too big for her length. I stuck out my tongue and gave the flaccid thing a little lick right across the head! The salty musk thrilled me as a little spurt of pre-cum oozed out at my touch. I savored it against my tongue.

"Oh yeah, I knew you would do that." Wilma moaned as she surged into new life and hardness. She wasn't boasting. She knew my mind. There was no way I could resist trying to give my very first blowjob to myself! Forming an "O" with my lips, I took the little head between them and sucked.

I felt my moisture dampening the cucumber. I wanted to reach down and press it firmly against my clit, but I didn't want to draw any unwanted attention to it. A vague plan was forming in my fevered mind. If it worked, I could put off discovery until I could come up with something! Embarrassing as it was, I was sure glad I practiced on bananas during my adolescence while wishing boys weren't afraid of the school's nerd-girl oddball genius. In comparison to the thick long fruit I had practiced on, Wilma's skinny little cock was no harder to deal with then sucking my own thumb! My very first blowjob was pleasantly easy!

"Oh damn, the bananas sure paid off!" Wilma cried, echoing my own thoughts. "Blowjobs are so good Emmy! Wait until you feel yours! I can't wait to gobble you up! Next time we should just sixty-nine!"

Oh shit! If this didn't work, I was in serious trouble when Wilma got a look at my vegetable stand in! I went a little wild. Abandoning the titty fucking, I imitated every hot blowjob video I ever saw. I didn't even gag as I pressed my nose right against Wilma's smooth warm flesh. The swollen head of her cock just reached the opening of my throat. You couldn't even call it "Deep Throating". I had four inches of narrow but hard cock wedged in my mouth, and I loved having the dainty thing there!

I heard thumping as Wilma beat her fists against the sofa cushions. "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! This is the best! I really know how to suck myself!!" she cried as her body began to shake. "Almost there! Oh Goddess, I'm right about to shoot!"

I felt the underside of her cock pulse against my tongue, and I knew this was it! Wilma was cumming! The very first blast of cum ejaculated directly into my throat. I swallowed instinctually, and down it went to my stomach! I didn't mind that, but I had needs! If I came this far, I damn well was going to get my very first taste of semen! After the second burst, I pulled back until just the head was nestled between my lips. I sucked and swirled my tongue over the head for all I was worth as I stroked the shaft with my thumb and index finger. Hot gooey fluid filled my oral cavity in burst after surprising burst from her little member.

My eyes opened wide when I realized I had misjudged. She wasn't stopping! My cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk's as more and more ejaculate pumped from the jerking penis. What was her internal plumbing like if her itty-bitty cock could fire off this much juice? I swallowed reflexively, and it went down wrong! Choking, my sinuses burned as semen actually squirted out of my nose!

Somehow I managed to keep my lips pursed tightly around that erupting little cockhead as the storm slowly eased. I slowly pulled back, releasing it when the final little tremors had subsided. It went limp almost instantly once it had finished pumping its load. I glanced upwards, with watering eyes. Good! My doppelganger had thrown her head back. She was panting, resting her head on the sofa cushion with her eyes shut. "Emmy, that was fantastic! I'm the queen of giving head!"

I held up my right hand and spit a copious amount of fluid into it. Quickly, I clapped it against the top of the cucumber, and worked the semen into the fabric of my sweatpants. Swallowing the rest, I got up on shaky legs. "That was intense!" I said thickly. "There's just one problem!" I smiled shyly as she looked down at my wet pants. "We're still synchronized enough that when you hit the big "O", I shot off in my pants right along with you!"

Wilma giggled. "Holy shit, that's kinda hot!" she grinned excitedly. "Do you know what this means?"

"What? Um, yeah I do, uh, tell me!"

"When we get the condoms tomorrow, it means we'll achieve simultaneous orgasm when we shove our cocks up each other's cunts and screw!"

"Uh, I, I can't wait!" Did I always have this winning way with words? I snatched up my bra and tee-shirt. "I, I think I'll go shower and turn in now! I'll see me in the morning!" I ran for the bathroom.

"Oh hell, I hope I don't regret that!" I whimpered as I tugged down the sodden sweatpants. If even a little got on my labia, I could be in huge trouble! Oh thank God! The panties were a little damp, but the cucumber seemed to have shielded me from any fluid reaching my vulnerable fertile sex!

I was worked up, but fear prevented me from enjoying my shower. Even though I washed off the cucumber and my hands, I was scared to death I would introduce a few stray sperm up into my fertile and ovulating body if I were to masturbate right now! If I was trapped here in this world, I couldn't ever risk getting pregnant! If I did get knocked up, I would then be legally bound to the sire of the child as their chattel!

Wrapped up in a big fluffy towel and holding the cucumber against my crotch, I slipped out of the bathroom. I let out a little squeal when I found Wilma waiting for me in the hallway! "Oh good, I knew you would have another boner." she yawned while opening her robe to show me her rigid four inch spike. "I played with it a bit while thinking of you in the shower, and up it popped again! Lets try that sixty-nine now!"

Vanity was playing into my favor. Wilma didn't seem to notice that my six inch cucumber "package" was quite a bit bigger and thicker then her little boy cock. I yawned too, thank God! "It's been a long day. I'm tired. Tomorrow will be such a nice Christmas, uh, Christinemas to go shopping for condoms!" With any luck, nothing would be open!

She pulled me close and kissed me. Thank goodness I didn't drop the cucumber! "It's a date, me! Tomorrow is going to be perfect!"

I managed to make it to the spare bedroom without leaving a vegetable on the floor in the hallway. Wilma had laid out my favorite Hello Kitty nightshirt, as well as a fresh set of tee shirt, sweats and underwear for the morning. I picked up the boy cut panties. "These had a cock stretching them!" I gasped, before slipping them on. "Oh shit, what am I going to do?"

As I lay myself down to bed, I got the first glimmering of an idea. Tomorrow I would slip away. I'd steal Wilma's cash. My own had pictures of men on the bills and would be tagged as weird counterfeits. Hopefully I'd have enough to buy any replacements I might need to repair the machine. Hopefully, being in the same universe as her meant that when I changed the security code, Wilma wouldn't be able to enter the lab! Much of the equipment was portable. Maybe I could just move it to a new location. No, I better not. What if the link wouldn't function in any other physical location? I'll have to just hold out there, and pray I can get it working, and fast!

There were precautions I had to take. If I had to venture out for supplies, I needed something more convincing then a cucumber. Did strap-on dildos exist here? Oh crap! Do public bathrooms have urinals? Maybe I could get a small tube I could press into the opening of my urethra so I could convincingly pee standing up. No, that would only work if I were in a stall! I dozed off while trying to mentally design a strap-on cock I could piss through, just to let people catch a glimpse of me doing it!

I woke up; surprised I even managed to sleep. Hurrying, I got myself dressed. Using the same piece of tape, I secured the cucumber in my panties before daring to venture out of the room.

In the bathroom, I did my business, and then washed my hands and face. I was almost finished brushing my teeth when I realized that the toothbrush wasn't mine. I shrugged and continued. Wilma's penis had ejaculated into my mouth last night. Toothbrushes were nothing compared to that!

"Sorry, gotta go!" my doppelganger called as she burst into the room. I almost swallowed the toothbrush! If she had barged in only a minute earlier, she would have caught me sitting on the toilet, with the cucumber resting on the edge of the sink! "I gotta piss!"

I tried not to watch as Wilma flipped up the seat and lid, and then dropped her pants and panties. I've read about Morning Wood. Apparently my doppelganger didn't suffer from this common malady. When not erect, her tiny wee-wee looked quite small and delicate, nearly lost in the tangle of red pubic hair. She urinated for nearly a minute, standing straight and proud, just like a man, or more precisely, a little boy.

She grinned over at me when she finished. "Now let me watch you. You know we like seeing pee action!"

I spit out the toothpaste. "Sorry, I just went before you came in! Um, maybe later you can watch, after I drink some coffee!"

"It's a deal!" she blushed. "Starbucks is open, Emmy. Let's go get a Christinemas cup, and then we can enjoy our present to each other." She giggled. "The public facility there has a condom dispenser. I'll bring a ton of quarters so we can buy them all!"

"Sure, that's a good idea!" I tried not to groan. I'll ditch her at Starbucks, and take the car back to the lab. If I barricaded myself in, I might be able to talk her into letting me repair things and go home. That all depended on her never learning I didn't have a penis!

"Gimmie that." My other self grabbed the foamy messy toothbrush from my hand and just stuck it in her mouth. I don't know why, but my legs felt rubbery and my pussy grew damp watching her use the paste and saliva I had left on the brush to clean her teeth. I tried not to run as I slipped out of the bathroom and got ready for the day.

"Merry Christinemas, me!" Wilma laughed as she handed me the coveted pea coat I, uh, she had found last week at a thrift store. "I'll just wear our old parka." She grinned. "Let's go, Emmy."

We went out to the car. "A white Christinemas!" we called in unison, watching as the first flakes began to fall. Thank God I remembered the new name in time! I couldn't help feeling that this was a sign. I would escape! I'd take up residence with the two other versions of me in my universe, and we'd live happily ever after with nobody being turned into a slave! Hell, I'd even let Hermaphrodite me slip a baby in my belly if I didn't have to worry about becoming her property!

In the light of day, things were a little disconcerting. My neighbor the health nut still seemed to be as athletic, but much of his massive musculature seems to have been redistributed. Mr. Blackwood looked really good as a busty statuesque woman encased in a skin tight leotard. Her breath puffed out in the cold as she adjusted the Christinemas tree on her front lawn. The bright yellow leotard really looked good with her gorgeous mahogany skin. Her bra-less breasts looked massive as they bounced, with almost absurdly huge nipples trying to burst through the thin fabric. The outline of her huge cock left me a little short of breath, as did the camel toe the clingy outfit had her shamelessly displaying.

My eyes were open wide as we drove to Starbucks. I took note of all the women out and about on this fine winter morning. I saw a few wearing collars! I shuddered, but felt oddly aroused when I saw the circles cut out of the clothing they wore, so their registration numbers were easily observable on their asses.

Wilma giggled. "I look every day too. Someday I'll find an unclaimed Mono! Hell, maybe today is my lucky day! Let me know if you spot one! We'll drag her into the car and take turns popping our loads in her! It's a good thing we practiced for hours picking the locks on all the standard chastity belts! If we bag one, let's apply for joint ownership! That would be hot!"

"Yeah, okay." I cringed hearing myself talk about openly raping someone just because they didn't have a dick! I almost banged my face against the window when I saw a young woman running, pursued by a group of busty older people I realized were citizens! "What the hell!"

Wilma slammed on the brakes. "Dammit, some people have all the luck!"

I rolled down the window and heard the chased woman cry out. "No, I, I live with mummy! She promised I could stay with her and nobody would touch me!"

As she grew closer to the car, I could see the snug little shorts she was wearing hid nothing. She was a Mono, out in public without a collar and obviously not sealed in a chastity belt! Her large titties bounced beneath her thin tee shirt, and puffs of white vapor escaped her mouth as she ran with only fuzzy slippers on her feet. "Come this way!" I cried, throwing open the car door. I had to at least try and save her! "Get in the car!"

"Good thinking! She's in a panic, she might obey by instinct. I think it's too late though!" A tall lanky Asian with pert breasts and an obvious package showing in her jeans made a grab, and caught the running Mono's long golden hair. She pulled her up short, and wrapped both arms tightly around her. "Damn, someone is about to have a very good Christinemas!" Wilma muttered in obvious jealousy.

People cheered and applauded as the Asian dragged her prize over to a bus stop bench and pushed her down over it. Wilma jumped from the car. "Come on! I haven't seen a virgin Mono get popped in ages!"

I followed my doppelganger, trying to figure out what I could do. The Asian was laughing as her new friend struggled. "What did you expect, my pretty one? Look at you! You're almost twenty, and your mummy let you out of the house without your collar or belt! How did you think anyone would be able to resist a little treat like you on Christinemas morning?"

The blonde whimpered as her shorts were tugged down. "I, I just went out to get the newspaper! I accidentally locked myself out and mummy is such a deep sleeper that she didn't hear me knocking on the door! The neighbors did though!" She gasped as the Asian fumbled at her pants to release her erect cock. "No, please no! Mummy said I don't have to be a breeder if I don't want to! I've been running from people all morning! It's so cold! I'm so tired! Please just let me go home!"

"In a little while I'll bring you to my home, sweetie!" Grabbing her thick ten inch cock in one hand, the triumphant hermaphrodite forced her legs between the blonde's and spread them wide. Leaning low over the whimpering girl's back, she positioned herself for entry.

"She isn't even struggling!" I gasped, watching as the poor Mono simply accepted her fate.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. It's always hotter if they try top get away! Doggie style is always fun to watch though! Oh look, there she goes!" With a sudden jab of the hips, the Asian relieved the Mono of her virginity!

I felt guilty over how worked up this sexual assault was making me. In this universe, it wasn't even a crime! A police car cruised by, and didn't even slow down! The hermaphrodite was really pounding it to the poor girl, their mutual panting releasing clouds of white vapor into the cold snowy air.

"Damn, come on Emmy!" Wilma sighed. "If I watch any longer I'm going to have to whip it out and jerk off." She pointed to a couple of bystanders doing just that, hands pumping on huge swollen members. "I'm not that low class!" A glimmer of a thought entered my mind. Was it class, or did Wilma just not want people to see how she would stack up against them?

"Wait! Who's that?" someone with the same long golden hair came jogging up. She wore nothing but a nightgown and snow boots, so it was plain to see by the sway of her massive cock beneath the thin fabric that she was a true citizen. "I think that's her mother!"

She stopped and sighed. "Damn it to hell! Victoria, what did you go outside for without your collar and belt? Can't you even count, you silly little bitch? You're ovulating today! You're as good as pregnant right now!" As she scolded, her cock swelled and grew until a huge tent was showing in the front of the thin material of her nightgown.

"Mummy, please help!" the girl moaned, panting harder. From all the porn videos I've watched, it sounded like she was growing closer to orgasm! 'It's not too late! She, she didn't cum yet! If you tell her to stop, I, I can come home! I don't have to be a breeder, you said so!"

The mother shook her head. "Dammit, what good are you to me now? I was saving you to give as a gift at your sister's bonding celebration! Do you even realize how hard it was to keep my hands off of your delectable little body after you turned eighteen? Almost two damn years of rigid self control right down the toilet! Let's not even mention all the money I wasted on chastity belts, security systems and bars on all the windows just to keep you untouched and pure! Now what the hell will I get for Melissa and her mate since you stupidly tossed away your virginity just one day before the ceremony? I can't afford to buy a virgin Mono at today's prices! I'd have to get a second mortgage on the house! The best I can hope for is to get a used one that isn't currently pregnant!"

"Mummy, you said!" the panting girl wailed. "You said I could remain virgin as long as I wanted!"

"Oh you silly little Mono, I just said that to keep you content while waiting for Melissa to set the date for the ceremony! Once I saw the ultra-sound images and got over the absolute humiliation of carrying a Mono in my womb, I planned for Melissa's future! Now you went and ruined things by running out half dressed just to give yourself up to the first person who could grab you!" She tapped the rutting citizen on the hiney. "No offense, dear." The Asian only nodded, completely focused on her happy task.

The mother continued to scold as the helpless little blond panted. "I hope you're satisfied with yourself, Victoria! I want you to remember what you did while that belly of yours grows!" She sighed. "Still, I guess it was my own fault! Twenty years later, I still can't get over how I forgot to wash my hands after stroking off a load! Who would have thought just a tiny drop on my fingertip would shoot me down while I played with my cunny?"

Victoria cried out, as the hermaphrodite rammed her hips home one last time. It was all over! The poor Mono was being inseminated right in front of her mother, and she was being forced into orgasm by the humiliating ordeal!

The Asian screamed wordless victory as her body stiffened. She was ejaculating! Sperm filled semen was jetting into the blonde's fertile belly! After a few moments of mutual heavy breathing, Victoria sobbed softly as her mate withdrew, and wiped her messy semen and virgin's blood streaked cock off in that glorious flowing golden hair.

The happy victor stood up tall and straightened her clothes as the onlookers cheered. The girl's mother simply tapped the Asian on the shoulder this time. "Stop by my house later on, and I'll have all the paperwork of ownership transfer ready for your signature." She gave the smiling woman her address and phone number.

"I'll be over right after I have breakfast!" The proud new owner said with obvious joy. "I can't believe my luck! I go back to Hong Kong tomorrow. Nobody there can afford an imported white Mono! My friends will be lining up to rent her! I'll be able to quit my job and live off of the rental fees! Oh shoot! I better go buy a steerage ticket for little Vicky here! They won't let her ride in first class with me! Thank goodness the airline I'm taking has pressurized cargo holds! Merry Christinemas!"

"A Merry Christinemas to you, my dear!" the mother called as the happy new owner ran down the street.

Victoria sobbed. "Mummy, I don't want to go away! I wanna go home! Please tell her I have to stay in America! I'll never see you again if I go live in Hong Kong!"

The mother turned towards her daughter. "Victoria, I'm going to miss you too. Why the hell couldn't you have at least waited until you finished the housework before pulling this asinine stunt? Today is going to be hectic enough while I try to track down a replacement gift for tomorrow, and a pretty little domestic Mono to take over all your housekeeping chores! Where the hell will I find the time to polish the floors, scrub the toilets and do the laundry?" she smiled. "At least the days of abstaining in my own home are over! With luck I can find a Mono with titties as big as yours! Meanwhile, show me that pretty pouty mouth of yours is good for something other then blubbering and crying!" She pulled up her nightgown, exposing her erection. "Relieve your mother of the boner you caused with your foolish shenanigans!"

I turned away as the quietly sobbing Mono took her mother's foot long cock between her lips and began to suck. I couldn't even think as we got back in the car and continued on to the coffee shop. That was my fate if anyone discovered I was only carrying a cucumber! I would be nothing more then a possession to be bought or sold! I didn't want that, but instead of being shocked or disgusted, I was practically dripping! Why the hell did watching a Mono being used as a utility turn me on so much? I had to get back home before it was too late!

I had myself composed when we reached the Starbucks. While stepping out of the car, my heart skipped a beat as the cucumber slipped. I hastily adjusted it to a more natural angle. "I know, it got to me too." Wilma laughed, giving her flesh and blood cock a similar adjusting. "We'll be home in an hour or so, and then all of our frustrations will be at an end!"

Wilma went to the counter while I grabbed us a table. I absentmindedly watched as a pretty young thing busily bussed the empty tables around me. She wore a very ornate collar with glittering silver spikes. When she turned, I saw the large circular opening in the seat of her tightly fitting jeans. I could clearly see the numbers and bar code marking her. My eyes nearly bugged out of my head when she wiped the table next to mine. What I took to be an odd looking tattoo appeared on closer examination to be made up of some kind of heavy scarring. Great Scott! Was she branded like some kind of horse?

"Miss, uh, can I ask you something?" I said softly when she was right next to my table. "Um, did that hurt?" I looked around to make sure nobody was looking, and then gently tapped the bare flesh of her left ass cheek. I could feel the raised contours of the numbers embossed into her flesh.

She gave a little jump. "Uh-uh, no touching is allowed, okay?" She smiled sweetly. "If you want to arrange a private meeting with me later, you'll have to make arrangements with my owner. The rates are very reasonable. I only cost a hundred an hour since I'm six weeks pregnant. For that money you can do anything you want with me for the whole sixty minutes, as long as it doesn't bring on the need for medical assistance." She waggled a finger at me playfully. "That means you can't go farther then giving me a good heavy spanking, got it? Crying is good, but bruising is very bad!"

She winked saucily. "The scale goes up as my belly grows bigger. People do seem to like banging a baby belly! Now if I was fertile today, the rate would be a flat fee of ten grand per creamy-pie." She patted her tummy and giggled. "The mayor herself paid twenty thousand and popped two loads in me! She told me herself that I was worth thirty, but the city budget wouldn't allow the expenditure for another round. Wasn't that sweet? I hope I can give her a citizen. That would make her so happy!"

I gulped. "I just wanted to know. Did it hurt very much when you were, uh, branded?"

She giggled. "It surely did! I cried like a little baby the whole time the laser was firing on my butt! Then I cried for almost an hour longer when it was finally all done." She blushed prettily. "My owner paid extra for a private clinic, so she got to hold my hand the whole time. That made it so much better!" She looked at me thoughtfully. "Your face is all red. Don't worry; I know that lots of people get turned on by branding. It's okay."

She pulled a small card out of the pocket in her apron and handed it to me. "This website has a free download section. My movie is number forty-two." She gave me another wink. "Check out number sixty-nine while you're at it." She pointed at another collared woman working behind the counter. This one was wearing something of cheap plastic around her neck, like a doggie collar you'd find in a grocery store pet aisle. "Sixty-nine is a complete video file of Lisa's conviction on her robbery charge. The silly wench was dumb enough to try robbing us at gunpoint last year."

My heart thumped when the little brunette stepped from behind the counter to get something. Her pregnant belly was simply huge, and the tiny little shorts she wore were so tight that there was no room for anything but a camel toe! "You, you mean she used to have a, uh, um, she had surgery?"

"She sure did! The video gives a graphic account of the procedure! Since Lisa committed a crime with a gun, she wasn't allowed a general anesthetic. They removed her Thing-a-Doo under a spinal block so she was wide awake for the whole thing! Wait until you see the look on her face when that fifteen inch thing was packed in ice to be prepared for transplant for an accident victim." She blushed. "To tell the truth, I get a little turned on when her nuggets are removed laparoscopically through her belly button. They looked a whole lot like oysters! The doctor let her keep them. They're sealed in a block of Lucite. Did you know she kisses that hunk of plastic every night before going to sleep?"

I felt ashamed of myself for how wet this horror story was making me. "She was then given to your boss, uh, owner, right?"

"Yep! That's Angela's baby making Lisa's belly so big! My owner is smart. Things are timed nicely." She rubbed her tummy lovingly. "Once the mayor's baby is born I'll easily be able to breastfeed two. Lisa then goes right up on EBay! Angela wants to get at least eighty grand. Maybe even more if an oil company buys her to work as the entertainment doxy at a drill site or something. Those rig workers sure use up us Monos!"

A tall beautiful citizen dressed smartly as the coffee shop's manager sidled on over. "Mary, are you goldbricking again?"

"No, not me!" the Mono gasped. "I was just talking to this customer." She hung her head respectfully, but I could see her eyes sparkling with love. "I was telling her about the website."

The manager I took to be Angela playfully swatted the bare section of Mary's ass. The clap sounded rather loud. "Get back to work attention whore, or you want to sleep on the floor like Lisa?"

"Merry Christinemas!" Mary shouted, as she hustled off.

Angela eyed me. "Crazy Doc Brown has been coming here for a couple years. She never told me she had a twin." She gave me a wink. "I'll tell you what. Since its Christinemas, I'll let you take Lisa into the rest room for a quick BJ, on the house."

Oh hell! I thought fast. "Thank you very much, but, um, I have a thing against pregnancy. I, um, I don't think I could get it up for someone who's right about to pop!"

"Oh well, your loss. Frankly, I can hardly keep my hands off of that half-neutered bitch right now. She was due to pop yesterday, so I have to enjoy it while it lasts!" She went away muttering something about another crazy in the Brown family. "Hey Lisa, it's your break. Get your dickless pregnant ass in my office, on the double!" Lisa looked like someone had slapped her face, but she waddled off to the back of the shop just as fast as she could go!

Wilma finally joined me and handed over a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I took a sip. Of course it was made exactly how I would have ordered it. "Thanks, Merry Christinemas!"

"Wait right here." She jumped up and headed to the rest room. The single door just had a simple sign that said facility, with a cartoon picture of a toilet. Wilma ducked inside, but came right back out again. "Dammit, the thing's out of order! We'll have to hope we can find an open convenience store, or our mutual Christinemas present will give us both big bellies!"

"Wa-Wa is always open on holidays." I could have kicked myself! Oh well, I would be barricaded in my lab before the day was through. "We can clear out their stock and fuck all the way through the New Year!"

"Keep it down!" my double whispered. "People think you're my womb twin sibling! I don't want them thinking I'm weirder then they already do! It's not like you're a Mono and I can screw you any time I want without fear of the law! We have to keep this discreet!"

I almost dumped the latte down myself. "Yeah, v-very funny! Who are you calling a Mono?"

"Take it easy! You know I didn't mean it like that!" she giggled. "Forget I said that. Chalk it up to nervousness! Let's get out of here and hit Wa-Wa!"

I had to leave my doppelganger in the dust. I pulled out my keys. "Um, since its Christinemas, can I drive for a while?"

Wilma smiled. "Sure, why not! It's your car too!"

The snow was coming down harder as we stepped out of the shop. I slid a little, and my right leg almost shot out from under me. Wilma grabbed my arm and prevented my fall, but to my horror, the worst possible thing happened. The cucumber slipped! It somehow worked its way out of my panties, and dropped all the way down the right leg of my pink sweatpants! I froze in terror. My secret was exposed!

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