Violets Are...
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A companion story to "The Mind Knows". Tragedy strikes Taylor's family. Wives and children must deal with life without loved ones. But... from loss, comes love. Sad to start.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Paranormal   Polygamy/Polyamory   Oral Sex  


Mei looked at Taylor, face echoing, nay, amplifying the skepticism in her voice. It was an expression that seemed to come too easily to the young Chinese woman for Taylor's liking. It was one thing, in her mind, for one to grow skeptical of something as time went on, but to start with that kind of attitude? Well, that wasn't for Taylor!

It was for their husband, though. Food for thought.

"Oh, like that strange Asian stuff you have us cook sounds any better!" The forty year old waif of a woman stuck her tongue out at her young wife, getting a giggle in reply that was more school girl than banker. Smiling, Taylor looked back down at the open cookbook before her. She turned it, sliding the volume across the kitchen island.

"See? Cabbage, potatoes, peas ... traditional Polish dish." She looked as Mei silently read the hand written recipe. It was obvious why Fred loved her. She had beauty, yes, soft features framed by silky black hair, graceful but strong limbs ... But it was her eyes, and the mind behind them, that had captivated not just him, but all the women of the family. Taylor too, even if she butted heads the most with the newcomer. They just ... came at life from different directions. Taylor was emotion, focusing on the moment. Mei was more logic, looking to the future while considering the past. Behind that, though, was a love as strong as any, and even more sweet for being hard won. Her kisses were to be treasured...

A soft hand touched Taylor's, and with a start she realized she had been far away. Mei looked with raised eyebrows, to which Taylor could only shake her head and laugh.

"Sorry. Lost in your beauty again." That got a blush. Mei had the most beautiful blush, one made all the more fun by her hatred of such trait.

"You say that to all the pregnant women." Now it was Taylor's turn to blush, her pregnancy fetish well known. She, however, was comfortable with her faults. Laughing, she took Mei's hand and brought it up to her lips.

"Only those I love." Kissing the delicate fingers, her eyes danced as a wave of emotion flowed over the Chinese woman's face. Eyes casting around for a way to change the subject, Mei noticed the open book again.

"So, what is this, anyway?" She closed it, seeing no markings on the cover.

"Fred's Grandmother's cookbook. I haven't looked at it in ages. It sort of got shoved to the back of the shelf there and forgotten, so when I saw it today I thought I'd go through it. We haven't made Kapusta in awhile, so I figured why not."

"It looks like it's made of whatever was lying around the kitchen."

"It's peasant food. Something filling for those meals when there's no meat thanks to the evil Lord."

"Which would be Fred."

That drew a round of laughter. Taylor took the book again, looking at the ingredients and mentally tabulating what she'd need. Upsizing recipes for five adults, four almost adults, and six younger children wasn't easy, but years of practice had made it second nature. Not that mistakes still weren't made. The time she had been forced to fill frying pans with cake batter was legend...

The kitchen phone rang. Taylor looked up to see Mei start to ease her almost eight month pregnant frame off the chair, and quickly motioned for her to stay seated.

"I got it. I doubt it's for the baby." Mei gave a laugh and a grateful smile, settling back in her seat. This kid seemed heavier than her first one, Shizuku.

Mind still on that evening's dinner, Taylor lifted the receiver.

"Hello, Taylor here..."


Cindy's cry froze Taylor's heart. It was sorrow, it was despair, it was helplessness ... one word, one syllable...


"Mom! Jaxom called 911 but they're not here yet! Violet's not moving, and Dad! What do I do!"

"W-what?" Taylor gripped the receiver with both hands, pressing it so hard against her ear pain shot through her head. Pain that was nothing compared to what the words were doing to her. She couldn't even understand them. Didn't WANT to understand them. There was nothing to understand! Blurry eyes saw Mei jump up from the chair, alarmed. The voice was in her ear again.

"They couldn't get out of the way of the car! Freddy's trying to help Daddy! We're trying, but they're not here yet!" Somewhere behind her first born daughter, their oldest son cried out in anguished frustration.

"Why won't he stop bleeding?!?"

The phone dropped to the floor.

Taylor dropped to her knees.

She screamed.

Rachel burst into a kitchen overflowing with people and panic. Last to arrive, she paused for a moment just inside the doorway to take stock. Taylor was on her knees, half wailing, half screaming. The middle children, Nadia, Elly, and Menolly were down on the floor with her, clutching their mother while adding their own screams demanding to know what was wrong. Mei was on the kitchen phone, face pale, while Anita, oldest of them and second wife, just stood by the oven muttering something suspiciously like a Spanish prayer. The two youngest boys clung to her as she held two year old Shizuku to her chest.

This wasn't helping.


Rachel's commanding shout silenced all the children. They were good kids, if currently terrified. Taylor paused in her outburst, eyes rising up to her wife and lover. Rachel's heart broke seeing her, throat going dry at the thought of what news was to come. She looked at Mei.

"What is it?"

"Fred ... and Violet. The ambulance finally got there!" Seeing Mei was in no shape to do anything more, Rachel quickly went and took the phone from her with a kiss. With her free hand she motioned Mei to go to Taylor. This in turn had the desired effect of getting Taylor to stand up for the hug rather than force Mei to sit on the ground. As this comedy of sadness played out Rachel put the phone to her ear.

"Where are you?"

"Transit Town! By the glasses place!"

They had gone to get new frames for Jaxom, then do some shopping. It was only ten minutes away. If that. If she bothered with stop signs.

"OK, Cindy, you did good. I'll be there in a few minutes. Stay back and let the medics do what they have to."

"Daddy's dead!"

Her eyes closed. Didn't matter. Whether he was alive or dead didn't matter. Not right now. They had to do things. Had to get off their asses and do things!

"OK. We'll be there soon. Love you."

She hung up. Rachel let her shoulders slump for a moment ... then straightened them again as she turned to address the rest of the family. A family that was now silent, apart from sniffles of fear and grief.

"Taylor, Mei, you stay here with the kids. Get a hot dinner going. I'll bring Cindy, Freddy and Jaxom home, then they can babysit while we do what we have to. Anita," she said, turning to the trembling Mayan, "you have to come with me. They're at Transit Town."

Anita shook her head.

"Take Taylor. She NEEDS to go! I'll stay with the kids! Please!"

Rachel walked up to her, slowly shaking her head.

"No, my love. You HAVE to go."

"Why?" Confusion, almost a welcome change from grief, showed on her tear stained face.

"Because ... you're his only wife."

Taylor shot Rachel a horrified look. This wasn't something to bring up in front of the smaller kids! There was no time for niceties, though. Eyes full of fourteen years worth of love for this woman, Rachel gently touched Anita's cheek.

"Legally, only you can deal with what's going to happen, Love. You have to be the public face of the family. I'm sorry. None of us can do it." She took Anita's dark hand, squeezing. "Now, we have to GO!"

Eight minutes later the Rachel steered the red van into the plaza. There was no confusion over where to go: flashing lights from a red Paramedic truck, two ambulances, and two cop cars ringed the front of Council Opticians. Anita was hugging herself in the passenger seat, trembling.

"I don't want to know."

She turned to Rachel, eyes wide.

"It's evil, but if my baby is ... I don't want to know!" Rachel took her right hand off the wheel and gripped Anita's knee, hard, eyes staying out the front window as she maneuvered the vehicle through the icy parking lot to a patch of empty spaces.

"Tough, my love. We have to be strong. YOU have to be strong, for the kids." She pulled into a spot, shifted into park, and shut off the engine as she turned to Anita. "This is the shitty part about being a wife and mother. This is where we pay the price for all that happiness." Familiar movement caught her eye, and she motioned for Anita to follow her gaze. Both saw their three teens running towards the van. Anita closed her eyes ... and took a deep breath.

"I'll try."

"I'm always here for you."

Unbuckling, the two exited the van and walked to the front just as Cindy and the two boys got to them. Cindy ran full steam into Anita, head buried between her coat covered breasts, crying as she squeezed tightly.

"Mom!" Anita, not knowing what else to do, hugged her back.

"Shhh, it's OK, your Mommy's are here..."

Freddy and Jaxom had been traveling at a more restrained, if quick, pace, but now relieved of the responsibility of being strong for their sister the two let Rachel's open arms draw them into a three way hug. Freddy squeezed tightly.

"I tried, Mom! I tried! He just bled so much!"

"Shh ... I know you did. I'm so proud of you! All of you!"

Someone else was approaching. Raising her head, Rachel saw it was an Amherst Trooper. Now it began. As the grey clad officer came closer, she lowered her head and whispered to her fourteen and sixteen year old sons.

"Remember we're in public. Be honest, but careful." Both nodded into her chest, then turned to the officer's gaze. He came to a stop a respectful few feet away, nodding at the two women. His face was kind, reflecting the knowledge there was no good way to handle times like these.

"I'm sorry for your loss. You're their family?"

Rachel nodded at Anita, who was gently extracting herself from Cindy's grasp.

"She's his wife and her mother. Can she see them?" The officer regarded the Mayan woman, and nodded. His partner had come up behind him.

"Officer Shellden will take you over. Sue, this woman's the mother." Anita gave Rachel one final pleading look, then gave in to her instinctual need to see her man and baby and began crying. The female officer gently took her arm, leading her into the chaos...

The trooper watched them go for a moment, then turned back to Rachel. Cindy had come around and was now clutching her, while the boys stood to either side like guards. Rachel tried to ignore the dark red soaked into Freddy's jacket.

"The boys didn't want to talk until you got here, which is understandable." He looked at Freddy, the only one obviously related to Anita and Violet. "Tell me what happened."

There wasn't much to tell.

The five had come out of the optician's, the first part of the day's tasks done. Jaxom had a new pair of glasses, identical to his old pair. Alicia in math class had commented that they looked good on him, so there was no way he was changing. A car slowed to a stop at the stop sign just in front of the store, so without much concern the family had started to cross.

It was probably a combination of not paying attention, bad breaks, and ice. A minivan, coming down the row of storefronts, saw the stopped car too late. The driver slammed on her breaks, or the gas. Instead of stopping, it slid ... into the stopped sedan, pushing it into Fred and Violet.

"I was already across, and saw Dad sort of push Cindy ahead as it hit him. He..." Cindy reached out and took Freddy's hand, giving him strength. "Dad went under the car. Violet fell backwards ... her head hit the curb. Is she gonna be OK?" He looked at the authority figure before him, eyes pleading for official good news. The officer tried his best to lie.

"I'm sure she'll be fine."

"Of course she'll be fine," Rachel added, eyes meeting the officer's and seeing her own fears confirmed. "She's strong."

"Now, I'll need to take some information from you..."

They spend the next few minutes giving details for later paperwork, and possible criminal trials. Rachel hoped it wouldn't come to that. It was just an accident. She wouldn't demand vengeance, whoever the driver was. Eyes continually flicking up to flashing ambulances, wanting to be there regardless of what was to be seen, she was startled when her cell phone rang. Seeing the number was Anita's, her head whipped over to the accident site where she could see her wife next to a paramedic as she brought the phone up.

"Um, hello?"

The voice that came back was tired, despondent ... without life.

"I'm going in the ambulance with her. We're going to Millard Fillmore Suburban. They're ... taking Fred too." Rachel saw the other ambulance, lights off, start up and head out of the plaza.

"Go. I'll take the kids home, and we'll meet you there. Love you."

"Love you."

Lowering the phone, she turned to the officer, eyes pleading.

"Can we hurry this up?"

Anita sat in a small room, just off the Emergency Room entrance. The nurse on duty had left for a moment, leaving her alone. In her lap, forms. So many forms.

Her Fred...

Fred was dead. Her husband. The man who had saved both her and her baby. And if her baby died too, what was the point?!? A seventeen year delay in the inevitable?!?

She had been happy. Oh, so happy. Life was a joy, a pleasure to be shared with those you loved. Never had she imagined it would have been like that. Oh, she had grown up with girlish dreams of a strong handsome man coming and sweeping her away. And Fred had done that. But ... he had also given her Taylor to love. And Rachel. And Mei. And babies! So many babies! So much love! And, now, his love had been taken from her!

They had kissed that morning. A short, happy kiss, as he passed her on the way to the front closet to get his coat. Anita's fingers slowly rose to her lips. She could feel him. Feel his fingers gently touching her arm, his lips, the tip of his tongue lightly touching hers before they parted. See his eyes, amused, loving. His hair, brown, greying...

Her baby.


She was somewhere past that door. In the bowels of the hospital. People in white or light blue, Doctors and Nurses, were crowded around her trying to save her life. Anita wanted to be there, to see, to add her prayers, however powerless, to the efforts of those doctors. Yet, she didn't! She didn't want to see her baby like that! See her not moving, see her bleeding, see her cut open...

Her hands went to her face again. This was too much. Too much...

The door opened. Anita ignored it, lost in the moment of her sorrow. Soft hands touched her, arms went around her, gentle voices calmed her. Eyes still closed, she cried even more. They were here. Her family was here. They would cry together.

The four women had pulled the few chairs in the room into a circle. Held hands communicated all that needed to be said, all they were capable of saying. They waited.

Mei's eyes traveled between the faces of her friends. She was still an outsider, in her mind. Still the newcomer, still not completely accepted. She also knew this wasn't true, that it was just her mind trying to find fault in this amazing love she had fallen into. Old habits of depression and loneliness are hard to break.

She hadn't wanted love. Hadn't wanted family. Hadn't wanted ... sex. It was almost as if, while the rest of her was growing and developing, that part of puberty had skipped over her. Oh, the equipment worked, and she did pleasure herself, but at no point as a teen had she pined over boys, or joined her girlfriends in their slumber party talks. For awhile Mei had even wondered if she was, in fact, gay, so little interest was there. But, no, girls did nothing for her either.

Until that one snowy night.

It wasn't that one look at 40-ish year old Fred had made her soak her panties. Far from it. Apart from the gratitude at getting out of the cold, she hadn't really paid much attention to her rescuers. No, it had been ... his caring. THEIR caring. Fred, all of them, had acted like friends, had WANTED to know her. Not the way college guys kept hitting on her, guys with some kind of Asian fetish (worse were the Chinese men who thought she'd HAVE to go with them, as she had to marry Chinese!). Fred had talked to her, kept in contact, invited her on adventures ... before she knew it, Mei realized she was spending all her time with them.

And she had been the one to kiss him. At Letchworth. Looking at the water falls. Her first kiss...

And he was gone.

Mei blinked the tears from her eyes.

Her unborn baby would never know his or her father.

Eyes looking down at her swollen belly, they then started to cast around the room. She had to think of other things. Had to stave off dark thoughts. That way madness lies. Her gaze settled on a red cardboard folder by the legs of Rachel's chair across from her. She cocked her head. There was something...


Her wife looked up, eyes red.

"Yes?" The pure exhaustion in that word. Mei met her eyes.

"What's that down there?"

There was a moment's confusion, as Rachel brought her mind back to the here and now, then she shook her head to clear it.

"Oh, nothing. Just some of Fred's papers we might need. Legal stuff."

"No, I mean, inside that. What's that round thing in the folder?"

Four sets of eyes went down to the base of Rachel's seat. Eyes widened. There, clearly visible on the cover, was the impression of a disk.

Letting go of Taylor's hand, Rachel reached down and picked up the folder. Why hadn't she seen it! Just letting it fall open in her lap, the loose pages naturally divided to reveal a white square envelope with the outline of a DVD pressed into it. Hands shaking, Rachel picked it up, slid the disk out, looking at the hand written words.

"It says... 'For Wives Eyes Only'."

"Oh, god..." Taylor reached a hand out touching the disk like it was sacred. Swallowing with emotion, Rachel carefully slid it back into the protective home.

"When we get home. After the kids are in bed."

A few nurses had been by, checking up on them, even bringing some water and pop, but it was over an hour until a doctor walked in. He looked at the four women, nodded a greeting, then walked over to a now chair less desk and sat on the corner.

"I'm Dr. Young. I've just come from surgery with Violet."

"How is she?" Anita asked, trembling. The four linked hands again. He gave a heavy sigh.

"Violet was badly hurt. I won't lie to you. You're going to have to be strong."

He went on, describing her injuries, what he and another doctor had done. Taylor didn't hear any of it. Her mind, almost, had shut off. What she didn't hear, she didn't have to worry about. What did it matter what the exact problems were? All she wanted to know was when she could have her baby back! Would she be back in time for Prom? For graduation? She just wanted her home!

"If she wakes up..."

Taylor shot up in her seat.


Doctor Young looked at her, eyes matching his somber words.


They were allowed into the intensive care ward. A half dozen beds, each surrounded by plastic curtains. Inside one ... was Violet.

She was hooked up to various IV's. Her head was bandaged, face bruised. Anita gently touched her cheek, while Mei moved hair away from her eyes. Taylor looked up at Rachel, eyes pleading.

"Can we stay?"

Rachel pulled her into a hug, caressing her long hair.

"No ... no, we can't. Once they've moved her into a room, we can set up a vigil. But ... our other children need us. Badly. We have to be there for them too." Taylor nodded into her chest. Leaning down, Anita kissed her daughter.

"Be strong, my little Violet..."

The kids were in bed. Rachel knew that some, if not all, apart from the two oldest boys, would end up in their bed before the night was out. As it was, when she last checked the three middle girls were all huddled in the same bed in Nadia's room. The four women would be doing the same soon enough. Before then, though...

They sat in front of the living room TV. Mei was on a chair pulled in from the dining room, the others sat on the floor around her. Rachel hit play on the remote.

There was no menu on the DVD. The image of Fred, larger than life, appeared before them. He was in his study, obviously using the camera built into the computer. He had only been gone from their lives since that morning, but still his appearance shocked them. It had seemed so long ago ... Taylor scooted forward, reached up, and touched the screen...

Fred looked tired. He looked at the camera, smiled his somewhat self depreciating smile, then looked down at what might be notes in front of him. Chuckling, his gaze returned to the camera.

"Um, hi."

There was a chorus of soft hellos in return. He put a hand to the back of his head.

"First, I have to apologize. Obviously, if you're watching this, either I'm gone, and you've all been through hell, or one of you has gotten WAY too curious. Regardless, you'll have to understand that as I do this, you're all in the other room watching TV. I'm not in your situation. Well, obviously, because if I was there, there wouldn't be that situation. Gah! Sorry! See? I'm not taking this seriously enough!" He shook his head. "Ah, well." Looking into the camera, he gathered his thoughts and smiled. "I told myself this time I'd just do it in one take, not keep going back and redoing the parts where I screw up. So, please understand that."

Reaching over, he brought a bottle of Pepsi into the frame and took a sip.

"Better. OK. So, to start with, I've decided to record a new one of these every five years, so as to keep them somewhat up to date. This is the second. But, what that means is that some of it WILL be out of date. For example, as I record this, I'm assuming gathered in front of me are Taylor, Anita, Rachel, and Mei." They all smiled as he spoke their names, linking hands. Fred cocked his head and grinned. "If there are one or more other wives or husbands gathered there, I'm sorry I haven't named you, but rest assured I love you more than all the others put together."

"Ha!" Rachel just barked out the laugh. God, she needed that!

"Anyway, this recording is ... well, my real Will. There's a paper one, for the lawyers. It deals with the fiction that we've had to live with. In it, Anita inherits everything as my wife. There are other aspects to cover if the family has a REALLY bad day, but I'm going to trust that you know that's just legal stuff. You four are my wives. The loves of my life. My everything." He paused, looking past them to where the door to the office would be. The four shifted closer together, Rachel and Anita leaning against Mei's legs while Taylor settled down in front of the chair, leaning back against Mei's unborn child. Fred shook his head.

"It's amazing how soon I miss you. So! What are my instructions from beyond the grave! Well, first, don't worry too much about my instructions from beyond the grave!" He smiled. "The last thing I want is for you all to spend the rest of your lives asking, before any decision, 'what would Fred do?' Because, to be honest, the answer would usually be 'drag all four of you into the bedroom and fuck you silly.' Hmm, OK, maybe it is a good question for you to ask! Because, my first commandment is that you four be happy. I want you to be free to do whatever it takes for you to survive as a family. If that means opening up the marriage, to a special man or woman, do it. If it means letting one of you leave ... I hope it never comes to that, but let her go with love."

"I'm never leaving," muttered Mei. The others nodded, huddling closer.

"I built this house with the intention that we'd live here forever. Keep it as long as you can. Assuming you don't start a line marriage- ask Rachel, she's read Heinlein- I would love for one of the children, one who wants to start a large family, to have it when the time comes. If not, well, remember my first commandment and just do what you need to."

Fred's expression turned serious.

"Cremate me, and scatter the ashes. Send me back to the Earth. Maybe build a small memorial in the back yard, in the garden. Put one up for Lisa, and others as their time comes. Funerals and memorials are for the living, not the dead, but ... well, I rather you don't do much. Do what you must, though."

There was the sound of a door creaking open coming from the TV. Fred looked past them, half amused, half stern.


Violet's voice came to them.

"We're gonna watch the new Doctor Who."

"I'll be another five or ten minutes. Wait for me."

"No." Fred grinned at the playful rebuttal, and as the sound of the door shutting again came to them Anita started crying. Was that the last time they'd hear her voice? Fred's gaze again went to his notes. With a heavy sigh, he looked at them.

"I could spend the next hour telling you all how much I love you. How much each of you means to me ... but you know that. Hopefully I'll be recording another one of these, so it matters not what I say here. But you are each the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me.


She sat up straight, eyes wide.

"Taylor ... I've thought long and hard about this. It's something that, to be fair, we should all talk over as a family, and I hope you four do and that you, Taylor, listen to them if your wives feel it's a bad idea. I ... Taylor, I give you permission to have one more baby."

Her hands shot up to cover her mouth. She felt hands on her, caressing, congratulating. Her eyes never left his.

"I've had some semen stored. You're still young enough, and have enough family to support you through this. Just ONE, though, and make just one attempt. I won't have you burning through all the college funds trying to conceive. But ... I know the sacrifice you made to stop at four, so that Rachel and later Mei could bless us with children without things becoming TOO unmanageable. My gift to you, Taylor. To all of you."

There was another knock on the door. Fred sighed.

"I love you all. Goodbye."

The screen went black.

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