Sal the Super, the Nookie King of the Bronx
Chapter 6

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 6 - Sal is just starting out in life. He is strangely attached to his "Aunt" Gina. She is his Mom's best friend, not really his Aunt. His new job as her handyman means he has full access to all of her goodies and has the inside track to scores of MILF and teenage females inside the 100 tenant building they manage. Sal is doing a lot more than just fixing leaks. A continuing story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Group Sex   Black Female   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Spitting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Workplace  

Sal was working the after dinner dumbwaiters on a real slow Friday night. At least half of the tenants were not even home. They were out getting drunk, watching movies or screwing someone in a car on a dark street somewhere. At least in Sal's mind, that is what they should be doing.

He had already separated out a nice stack of National Geographic's and a neat set of dishes in pretty good condition. He liked to sort the garbage to extract collectables and things of possible value.

The muscular young super was pulling down a load of very smelly leftovers and cat litter when he heard someone clearing their throat to get his attention right behind him. He really hated to have someone sneak up on him like that because he felt he should be so aware of his surroundings that only a ninja or a full-blooded Apache could do it to him.

He swung around to confront his sneaky interloper only to find he was a she. In fact, a she with the most delectable rounded ass sitting atop long sexy nylon clad legs. Those same legs were set in what had to be 6 inch heels that should have made a whole lot of noise sneaking up on him. The face was not bad either. The woman in her mid-thirties had heavy make-up on but the lips were succulent and the eyes were to die for.

Sal licked his lips in SSA (sudden sexual arousal) and stammered,

"Can I help you, Missus?"

The honey blond, and it looked like her natural color, looked up at him. She was like only 5 foot tall or maybe 5 '1" at the most. Her skirt was so tight across her ass that Sal was certain he could see her ass gap and the delicate outline of her narrow panties high up on her firmly packed ass cheeks.

"Are you Mr. Sal? Margie on the 5th floor told me to ask you to help me."

Sal brought to mind Marge Holland in 506. She was a dame in her mid-fifties who worked a thankless job doing books for the Port Authority downtown. She had told him all her bosses were a "bunch of pricks that couldn't get laid in a whorehouse". The still attractive brunette offered him a shot of Irish Mist after he had cleaned out her kitchen sink pipe line. While he was flat on his back, he could see up her short skirt and saw the flimsy red panties covering her bushy snatch. The little vixen was well aware of it and made certain he was entertained by views from all angles while he worked.

"So, Sal, do you want I should give you a nice blow job to pay you back for your helping me out?"

Sal laughed and pulled the shapely MILF onto his lap.

"I would certainly take that over a tip any day, Mrs. Holland."

Her lips were sweet and willing and she gave him lots of tongue to play with. The temptress slipped down the carpet in front of the sofa and opened Sal's trousers so she could pull out his rising cock.

Marge certainly knew exactly what she was doing.

Sal could tell right away this one had lots and lots of practice with bringing cocks off with her mouth. He wondered if this was how she kept her job so long when a lot of places were cutting back and laying off the workers. The pretty brunette even did some neat tricks with his balls that he had not experienced before. He watched her in amazement as her skillful tongue worked him over and brought him to a fantastic explosion of creamy cum right into her suctioning mouth. Marge swallowed rapidly to get it all down into her tummy not spilling one drop onto the white shag carpet.

"Wow that was some blow job, Mrs. Holland!"

The older woman giggled and told him,

"Please call me Marge or Margie, Sal. If I call you and tell you it is time get my ashes hauled, you will know exactly what I mean."

Sal could not resist feeling her ass cheeks up as he took his leave at the end of the long hallway. He gripped and squeezed them roughly as he pushed her up against the wall. Marge whimpered and stroked his still erect cock, but he knew he had to get up to the roof and check the main antenna without any further delay.

Sal remembered "Margie on the 5th floor" real good!

The young woman with the luscious ass opened her legs a bit to get better balance on the high heels causing her tight skirt to accentuate her ass shelf even more tantalizingly.

"My name is Debbie. Debbie Pokebottom. I am visiting Mrs. McGregor in 504 and her showerhead is falling off. I can't take a shower without a showerhead."

Sal looked at the serious faced young woman with her lips turned down at the thought of no shower and he could visualize her standing nude in the shower asking him to pass the soap. He decided this was an emergency situation and the trash collection would have to wait until he attended to it.

He picked up his tool box and followed her beautiful ass up all 5 flights of stairs intently studying every detail of her exquisitely formed posterior at each exciting step. He realized she was wearing some type of garter belt under the tight skirt that held up her nylons. At first, he had thought she was wearing pantyhose, but the presence of the garter belt showed she had nylons and a pair of tightly fitted panties to cover her private parts.

She opened the door with her key and told him that Mrs. McGregor was "attending a play all the way downtown". They proceeded straight to the bathroom and Sal saw her nylons drying on the line along with some very French looking undies that were definitely not your everyday underwear.

Debbie blushed when she saw the exotic underwear so prominently displayed and made an attempt to hide them only succeeding in making them more attention gathering.

Sal's cock at that point was so engorged that only an unsighted person would not be aware of it.

He caught Debbie staring at his erection and pretending she didn't see a thing.

He quickly fixed the showerhead problem and warned Debbie it needed to be tested first.

"Just go ahead and start your shower and I will stand outside and make certain all is good to go. Yell out if you think it may be coming off again and I can adjust it while it is running."

Of course, this was all bullshit on Sal's part, but Debbie bought it hook, line, and sinker.

He had left it purposely a little loose to instigate just such a problem and she soon called out to him that there was still a problem.

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