Helping Out

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I own a home repair business and, of course, you're thinking that I get a lot of sex from hot, young women customers. Well, my tale is rather different, rather a surprise to me as well.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I bought out the guy I worked for for twelve years when he finally wanted to retire. He owned a small home repair business that was really kind of a general handyman operation since he took on just about any request that customers came in with, maybe from painting to plumbing repair, wallpaper removal, electrical rewiring, small concrete repair, most things, really.

He had been around and built a good clientele including several apartment complexes and condo associations so when he asked me if I wanted to buy him out, I sat down with him and worked it all out. That was six years ago.

It's done fine, I stay pretty busy which I like, I'm in my mid-forties, so I can still get up and down a ladder okay, you know how it is, right?

The business had grown some since I've owned it, I also now have two full-time guys working with me and we've added quite a few homeowners and single-family landlords to the customer mix as well.

So, people call me up all the time, it's the usual thing, and ask me to come see them to talk about a job and give them a quote.

Any way, this lady called, I could easily tell she was older and asked me over to see some work that needed doing.

I rang her bell, it was a small, older home about two miles from my shop and she let me in.

"Hi, Mrs. Raymond, I'm Perry to look at the kitchen sink and faucets you mentioned." We chatted a few moments and she took me back to the kitchen. As I followed her, I rather admired what I was seeing, yes, she was older, maybe mid-sixties, snow-white hair recently done-up, and a nice trim figure, a petite figure, she was only about five feet or so tall and quite elegant, obviously very attractive in her youth.

"Oh, here it is, I'm just sick to death of it and it leaks and I want it all made new," she told me as I opened the cabinet under and looked around. I told her what the installation would run and told her to pick out what she wanted installed from one of the two major home improvement centers close by and left it at that.

The next afternoon, she called and told me what she wanted which I scheduled for the next Monday.

I arrived about nine and she let me in so I could bring in the new sink and hardware. "And, please call me Jean," she said as I began taking the plumbing loose underneath.

She stayed in the kitchen while I worked, I wondered if she might be a bit lonely, and was busy telling me about her various husbands, three, all told, I think, though she'd been alone now for five or six years.

She also had me look at her bathroom and she decided to put in all new fixtures there as well. So, after I got the bathroom deconstructed, I'd made sure she had another one to use in the meantime, I was finished for the afternoon and was ready to leave. She came in to wish me goodbye and stood there looking a bit odd, then said, "Would you mind, Perry, giving me a hug?"

We had talked quite a bit in the time I'd worked inside her home and I felt like she was a friend so I put down my stuff and put my arms around her and pulled her close. Her breasts pressed into me quite firmly as we held each other, then we let go and said goodbye and I left.

The next morning, I came in and she welcomed me this time with her arms spread open so I hugged her again and this time she pressed her lips to mine and held them there for a bit, just long enough for my cock to begin to lengthen. Then, we separated and I was off to work.

She brought me coffee a while later and we sat there on the floor drinking it as her hand came to rest on my ankle, not a lot but, still, noticeable by a man who hasn't had a girlfriend in a while. When we finished, she gave my leg a soft squeeze and got up and took our cups away.

She had told me the day before that she wanted to make lunch for us which I thought was sweet and just after noon, she came and got me and took me in the kitchen and sat me at the table while she brought everything over, homemade iced tea and BLT's which had made the house smell so good earlier with the cooking bacon.

We were having a nice lunch, chatting about this and that when I felt her hand settle on my knee. It was summer and I typically wear shorts, so her hand was resting on my bare knee. But not for long. It lifted up and the next thing I knew it settled on my crotch cupping my hardened cock.

"Um, Jean, what's this? I don't understand," I managed to get out through my total surprise that this was happening.

"Oh, Perry, it's been so long, I just wanted to feel how a man is. I'll stop if you want me to," she said softly but her hand remained where it was.

We all know that men usually make their decisions using their head, the one in their pants, so I said, "Jean, just go ahead and enjoy yourself," and smiled at her.

I figured she'd just leave her hand there which was all right with me but, no, she said, "Do you mean that I can take it out?"

Well, I knew that wasn't what I meant at all but, well, come on, what would you do?

"If you'd like, Jean, if it makes you happy."

"Would you do it for me?" she asked so I slid down the zipper and twisted my stiffened cock out to stand up from my lap under the table as her fingers circled it so softly.

"My," she softly gasped, "you're a big man, you feel quite wonderful," as her fingers flexed around me gently gripping and relaxing. Then her hand began slowly sliding back and forth as she began pulling, then pushing.

Yes, it was rather distracting to be masturbated while eating lunch but certainly pleasant, if a bit unnerving.

"Must you rush right back to work, Perry?" she asked as she rubbed my cock under the table. I could easily imagine why she was asking and I told her that I was actually ahead of schedule.

"That's lovely, would you come back with me?" she asked, standing up, taking my hand and leading me back to her bedroom.

Well, I watched her as I walked behind her, she was an attractive woman, no doubt about that, still in possession of a nice figure which I assumed I would be soon seeing.

When we entered her bedroom, remember, I was walking around with my dick out, she turned and sank to the floor, looking up at me to say, "I want to suck this beautiful cock of your's, Perry," and plunged her mouth over me to begin sucking me better than I'd had in many a year.

It was so good that I stood there with my head back and my eyes closed while her lips slid up and back along the shaft of my cock.

Then, she stood up and quickly took her clothes off as I followed her lead getting naked as well. She took my cock in one hand as she swept back the covers in the other, then got up on the bed on her hands and knees, her pussy looking back at me from between her legs, and said, "Come fuck me, Perry, I want that handsome cock of yours inside me making me happy."

I was rather surprised at the earthy language she used but, look, I sure wasn't going to object, would you?

Chapter 2

I knelt right up between her spread legs, wet my fingers and rubbed along her slit then led my cock right up to her plump lips and pressed right up inside as she dropped her head to the mattress.

"Mmm, fuck me slow, Perry, make it last. I love it that way and don't get fucked very often anymore, especially with such a nice, thick cock as yours."

"Mmm, you feel good inside, nice," I told her and she asked, "can you cum this way, doing it doggie-style?"

"Oh, yeah, hon, I can pretty much cum in any position I've ever tried," I told her.

"Well, we can try every one we can think up, you and me, you can have me as much and as often as you want. I hope it's a lot, my pussy gets lonely real easy when it's empty."

I reached under her to hold and fondle her soft breasts, rolling her hardened nipples between my fingers as I rocked in and out of her.

"Mmm, pinch them harder, Perry, really hard, I like it that way," she groaned as I increased the pressure between my fingers.

"Oh, oh, I've wanted this so much, mmm, perfect, I love you fucking me, such a nice cock you have. Mmm, makes my pussy so happy," she said as she moved her hips around in a circle as I fucked her from behind.

It seemed kind of incredible to be doing this, she had seemed so demure and proper when we'd first met but now, well, she certainly did enjoy sex and she knew very well how to give a man pleasure with her body.

"Mmm, fuck me slow, Perry, I want it to last. Oh, my pussy is so happy. I've wanted to fuck you ever since that first day."

"Well, I never expected this Jean, but I must say you're a very desirable woman."

"You mean I'm good to fuck. It's something I've loved ever since the first time and that's a long time ago. And, yes, I just love fucking. I love being a woman with a hot pussy that just loves a big, hard cock in it."

"Well, Jean, I'm loving having my cock in your lovely pussy," I said as I moved back and forth watching my cock slide in and out, all glistening with her juices.

"Mmm, I knew you'd be a good fuck, Perry. I just had to feel that nice cock of yours and now look what we're doing. Mmm, a little faster would be nice, my pussy's just so hot."

Never one to disregard a woman's wishes, I began thrusting a little faster which brought, "Mmm, oh, yes, better, mmm, fuck me, Perry, fuck me, fuck me all day."

"Mmm, I feel like I could, Jean, you really feel good, nice, really tight."

"Never had kids so my pussy's always been like when I was a girl. You sure do fill it up nice, that's for sure."

She was tight, way more so than I'd expected. It was like fucking a high school girl; I know that's hard to believe but I had my cock inside her and that's what it felt like. She was not dry, either, but so wet, she had juices running down the inside of both her legs.

"Oh, yes, mmm, I could do this all day," she moaned as I kept thrusting away.

Well, I was thinking that maybe I couldn't do this all day but it was sure good while we were doing it.

"Mmm, just hold still, keep it in me," she groaned as her butt began twisting around and around on my cock. This was so good. I knew then that I wouldn't last long.

"Oh, yes, yes, UUH, AYYE, AYYE, UUH, mmm, mmm," she cried out as she dropped her head to the mattress and I pushed hard into her letting my cum rocket into her deeply.

"Mmm, cum in me, Perry, yes, cum, cum, give it all to me, I want it," she groaned.

She slipped down on the bed and I followed, still keeping inside her, still fucking slowly, not wanting to stop, really, just enjoying the warmth and pleasure of her holding me inside her.

"Keep fucking me, I'm really close again, mmm, real close, mmm, oh, yeah, mmm, oh, OH, OH, UUH, UUH, mmm, mmm, oh you are good, mmm," and she lay down onto the mattress, keeping her legs wide so I could remain inside her.

"Oh, that was just what I needed. You are so good at fucking. My pussy is so happy, you can fuck me any time you want, Perry, any time at all."

I had softened somewhat, after all, I'm no longer a young guy, but I did keep moving enough to remain inside her and I kept it that way for about fifteen more minutes as she also moved around enjoying my cock.

"Mmm, I wish you could just leave it inside me all the time, even when you leave in the afternoons, just leave it in my pussy, keeping me happy."

"I wish I could, too, Jean, but, well, they haven't figured out how to do that yet."

"Would you give me oral sex before you leave? It's something I'll remember until you come back," she asked so sweetly.

"I'd love to," I told her as I pulled my softened cock out and had her roll over for me.

I knelt down and took a lick on her as she raised her legs up over me, putting them over my shoulders.

"Oh, that's so good, just lick my hot pussy, your tongue feels nice and cool, make me happy, hon, oh, my pussy just loves this," she groaned as I licked and sucked.

Surprisingly, my cock was swelling some, not really hard but almost to the point I could fuck her again. Jean was a sexy woman, maybe in her sixties, but she could easily hold her own with any man, including me. And she was a pleasure.

"Oh, god, oh, my pussy, my pussy, I'm gonna cum, I'M GONNA ... AYYE, AYYE, AUUH, AUUH, huh, huh, mmm, oh, so good, so good," she moaned as I lifted up and pushed my cock into her.

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