Higher Education

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I went to college when I was fourteen. It was to visit my brother and I had a weekend that changed my life. I met his girlfriend, Maria, along with Jenny, Joyce, Amy, Cheryl and Terri. Oh, what a weekend!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I went to college when I was fourteen.

No, I was not a child prodigy or even all that smart. No, I was invited by my older brother to visit with him for a weekend, a weekend that his roommate was away.

Brad is five years older than I am, he was nineteen, and we'd always gotten along pretty well even though we're farther apart in age than some of my friends are with their brothers.

So, I was in eighth grade, middle school, when my mom took me to the bus station one Friday afternoon and bought me a roundtrip ticket and saw me off on my first solo journey away from home.

When I got to the other end, there was Brad standing there waiting for me next to a girl, a very pretty girl who must be his new girlfriend.

"Hey, Ben, this is Maria. Maria, my little brother, Ben. Is this all you brought?" he asked as he patted the backpack I had slung over one shoulder.

"Yeah, travel light, right?" I said and we went out and got in his old Honda and went to the dorm he was in.

Maria, as I said, was very pretty with tan, olive skin, maybe Italian or Hispanic, I wasn't sure, all I was sure of was that she looked good and had a sexy figure.

"Well, champ, I've got a few things planned for you, I think you'll like a little taste of college life, there's your bed, Jeremy went home this weekend, so it's yours. Come on, let's get some pizza, there's a great place near here," he told me and the three of us went and had pizza which was really good, nice and crisp the way I like it.

We watched a movie then turned in for the night. Maria was staying over, I pretty much figured they were having sex from the way they were with each other, so I wasn't surprised when they both got in bed together and turned out the light.

It was fairly dark though I could see things faintly, especially as my eyes got used to the dark. I could also hear the two of them even though I'm sure they were trying to be quiet.

I fell asleep anyway, maybe missing what they were doing but in the morning just as the room was beginning to lighten, I heard something and opened my eyes slightly to look over and see Maria, beautifully naked sitting on Brad's middle slowly moving up and down.

Maria was stunning naked, Brad's hands were on her breasts as she fucked him, her boobs were just perfect, nice and round and full and her waist was slim with her dark hair almost to her waist. I couldn't help it, I just had to stroke myself under the covers as they fucked across the room.

"Your brother's watching us," I heard Maria whisper to my brother as he turned his head and smiled at me.

"Morning, Ben. Guess you get to watch, huh? Oh, go ahead and do it in the open, we can see you're jacking off."

I quit stroking now that they had figured out what I was doing when Maria said, "Oh, come on, Ben, I've seen dicks before. Go ahead, I'd like to see you do it."

So, I pulled back the sheet and slowly jacked back and forth as I watched them making love in the early morning light. This was way better than the sex-ed I got in school, Brad and Maria looked so hot and sexy, it was only a few minutes before my cum was shooting onto the floor as I lay there on my side.

"Don't forget to clean that up before someone slips in it, Ben," my brother chided laughingly.

I lay there and watched as Maria slowly and sexily rocked back and forth on my brother and in a few more minutes, he groaned and pushed his hips up as I watched him cum in his girlfriend. She went another minute or so, then moved her feet to directly under her and began scissoring straight up and down going faster and faster until she shrieked, "OMIGOD, OMIGOD, I'M CUMMING, oh, uuh, mmm," and she fell down over him as they kissed while his hands rubbed all over her back. I could have jacked-off again but didn't.

They made out for a while, then said we should get up and get some breakfast, that he and Maria were scheduled for a 'tan-in' on the top of the Science Hall.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Oh, you'll see soon enough. I think this weekend is one you may never forget. You've already seen more than I expected you to see. Promise me you won't tell Mom and Dad, okay?"

I told him that, of course, I would keep it to myself, after all, I thought, I got to watch the whole thing and it was the hottest I'd ever seen which didn't, at age fourteen, take very much.

So, we showered and got dressed and went out to have breakfast then came back to Brad's dorm and got some blankets and a couple of folding lawn chairs.

"Are we going to a lake or what?" I asked and they both laughed.

"Not quite, you'll see," and we went out and walked about five minutes, then went in a building and took an elevator up.

As the door opened, we stepped out onto the roof of the building and my heart stopped dead.

Naked girls, about twenty or so, maybe more, all on lounge chairs or blankets, all laying in the sun. There were also a number of guys as well, all spread out, their dicks laying back on their abdomens, all sunning together.

"Spring break's coming and everybody wants a nice overall tan, that's why we're here," Brad told me as he and Maria were setting up the chairs and blankets.

Then they both began taking their clothes off and rubbing suntan lotion over each other.

"Come on, Ben, join in the fun. I'll bet this sells you on going to college for sure, huh?" he said as his hands spread the lotion over Maria's boobs and down the front of her, her pussy and legs. Then she turned and he did all along her back as well.

"You really don't mean for me to do this, do you? I'm not even in college."

"Oh, come on, Ben, see, your brother has a hard-on and everyone can see it, so what if somebody sees yours," Maria told me as she began putting lotion on my brother. I did notice that she got his penis really well covered, saying, "This is not something you want a sunburn on."

"Geez, I don't know," I told them and Maria held up the bottle, telling me, "Well, I was planning of putting this on you, too, Ben."

You can just imagine what those words did inside my shorts. But the reward was far greater than the downside so I was quickly out of my teeshirt and shorts, soon standing there with my fourteen-year old dick standing straight out, no doubt the smallest one on the roof that day. But I didn't care at all as Maria started there with her slick, oily hands.

"Oh, you look happy, Ben," she kidded as her hands spread the cool liquid over me. My heart was racing madly as she covered me completely.

Once finished, we all lay in the sun as people came and went.

Several girls nearby knew my brother and his girl and asked who I was. Brad told them and one, a slender blond with small but just perfect boobs, said, "He's so cute, Brad. Maybe I'll kidnap him and take him back to my room." At that several other girls said they would, too.

"Hey, girls, just treat him nice, he's kind of new to all this," Brad said and the blond replied, "That's just what makes him so cute. That and his pretty cock."

The sun was warm but my face got lots warmer when she said that. The girls and my brother just laughed.

"I'm headed back to my room if you want to slip your shorts on, um, what's your name again?"

Nervously, I answered, "Ben."

"Go ahead, Ben," my brother said, "We'll either be here or in my room, her room is on the floor right below me."

So I stood up, pulling on my shorts, leaving my briefs and teeshirt there, and followed this beautiful girl to the elevator. She and I got in along with two others.

"I'm Jenni, this is Amy and she's Joyce," the blond said. They were all pretty, Jenni, the blond looked like a Playboy model and Amy had long brown hair, Joyce was also a brunette.

We all four walked back over to the dorm and went up to Jenni's room.

Chapter 2

"Okay, Ben, let's see that nice cock of yours, it's just darling," Jenni said as the girls began taking their clothes off.

I stood there amazed when Amy, now naked, knelt down and pulled my shorts to the floor. These girls were incredible. When they wanted something, they just did it. The girls I knew and went to school with weren't anything like this.

Amy took my dick right in her hand and bent forward to begin sucking it.

"Come on, Amy, we all want a suck on our new young friend," Joyce said and she pulled back as Jenni and Joyce took turns sucking me as I stood there, just completely amazed at all this.

Then, they pulled me to one of the beds and had me lay down as they all sat cross-legged on either side of me, asking me questions.

"Are you a virgin, Ben?"

"Um, yeah, so far," I said hopefully.

"Oh, get that, girls, I think he wants to lose his cherry. Is that right, Ben?"

"I'm sure ready," I moaned as Jenni was playing with my dick while the other two were rubbing me all over with their soft, smooth hands. I was in heaven for sure.

"You can feel our boobs, Ben, we're here to have fun," Amy said, I guess seeing that I was still a little unsure of what I should be doing and, well, rather overwhelmed with all they were doing.

Jenni was circling her fingertip around the tip of my dick as she asked me, "Well, there's three of us, do you think you'd like to fuck all three of us?"

Her fingertip continued rubbing my dick head as I struggled to answer, "Um, yeah, if I could, sure," as they all laughed.

"Well, since it's my room, I get you first, okay?" and Jenni lay down and opened her legs wide as I got up and knelt between her legs and began pushing into her. It went right in, I'd always heard how hard it was to get your dick in a girl but with Jenni, it just glided in. Then I began going back and forth like I knew what I was doing as the other two girls rubbed their hands on me just making me feel so sexy.

"Tell me if I'm not doing it right, okay, or if you want me to do anything different," I said rather breathlessly.

"Mmm, you're doing just fine. What year are you in, Ben, Junior, maybe?"

Omigod, she thinks I'm a junior in high school. How do I tell her I'm in eighth grade?

"Um, no, not yet," I evaded.


I kept fucking her, now wondering if maybe this is all going to come to an end when she finds out I'm not even in high school. So, I thought, be honest and told her, "I'm fourteen and in eighth grade."

"Omigod. Well, why not, huh, girls, he deserves some fun at his age and he's got such a cute cock," she told them as I breathed easier and went right on fucking her as six soft hands roamed over my body.

"He reminds me of my little brother," said Joyce leaning over to kiss me, running her tongue in my mouth as my hips moved back and forth.

"Oh, tell us more. Just what have you done with this little brother of yours?" Jenni asked.

"Well, look, he had to have a first time from somebody, right? He's my little brother and I love him, so what if I decided to love him a little differently than some other sister's might? It was fun. Still is when I go home. He's cute just like Ben, here. You'd fuck him too if you knew him," she said and that seemed to take care of that topic. Me, I was busy and, oh, I just couldn't hold out any longer.

"Oh, are you on the pill, I'm supposed to ask," I squeaked out just before I was going to cum.

"Oh, yes, go right ahead," she said as I began cumming. The girls all were leaning over kissing me, kissing me everywhere as I cummed in Jenni, my first time ever.

"Oh, Ben's not a virgin any more. You ready for another of us?" Amy asked as I said, "Um, sure, I guess," and they all laughed.

"Oh, he's not sure, well, I want him next," Amy said as I pulled out of Jenni and Amy had me lay down where she'd been.

"I want to give you a proper fucking, Ben," she said as she swung her leg over me, reaching down under to hold my dick as she settled down on it. I felt her warm, wet pussy slide onto me as she began rising up and down over me while I lay there in ecstasy.

Joyce bent over me, dropping a nipple onto my lips which I hungrily sucked in. After a minute or so, she pulled up and got up over me to squat down over my head, lowering her pussy down to my mouth. I'd heard about eating girls out, now it was my chance, it seemed.

I watched her pussy come down over me, as she got lower, it opened a bit and was very wet. As soon as she touched my lips, she stopped and held herself there as I licked away the wetness and began tonguing up and down her slit.

I never dreamed about sex like this, three girls, all pretty and naked and doing things that were just so hot and sexy, fucking me as one sat on my face as I ate her out, the other, her hands rubbing on me. It wasn't long until I was cumming again and Amy got up and sucked my dick while I finished giving Joyce my first orgasm by oral, one of many in the future. She then got up and moved over me, asking me, "Has a girl ever sucked you off?"

I shook my head and she leaned over and took me in her mouth as her hands rubbed over me, one playing with my balls, the other rubbing my stomach and chest. It was heaven.

Amy now got up over me so I could eat her out while her friend, Joyce, sucked me. If I went back to school on Monday and told my friends about this, no one, absolutely no one, would believe me. But, you know, I knew it was happening and that's all I cared about.

She was making my dick feel so good, licking, sucking, running her tongue all around the head, then holding my dick while she spit on her palm and ran it all around over the top just making me feel so good. Then back onto me sucking me again as my whole body froze and I started cumming again.

The other girl was kissing me and rubbing me all over, just making me feel so good, it was better than any dream I'd ever had. Oh, way better.

It was getting to be about noon and they began feeding me as they played with me like I was their favorite sex toy. They had me eating Doritos off their boobs as they lay down. Jenni spread peanut butter on her pussy and had me come over to her chair where she was sitting and lick it off. That started the other two doing the same. Then, of course, they smeared it on my dick and each one sucked it off while they all giggled and had fun.

Then, they had me lay on the floor while one crouched over me with her pussy hovering just touching my lips as one of them sucked me. They just kept taking turns on me until Jenni got a text message from my brother saying they were in his room on the next floor up whenever I wanted to come up.

I had her tell him it would be a while and I guess it was all right with him, it was sure all right with me, I'd fallen into naked-girl heaven and didn't ever want to leave.

They played with me, sucked me, had me take turns licking them, just having super-fun with three naked college girls.

But, finally, they wanted to get more work on their all-over tans and I was just almost in a coma, it seemed, so they took me upstairs to my brother and his girlfriend. And I got lots of kisses and hugs and gropes.

After they left, Maria was first, "Well, Ben, did you have fun?"

"Oh, it was incredible. I mean nobody I know would ever believe the last few hours I've had."

"We would, champ, we know those three girls. So, what happened?" my brother asked.

I went through everything I could remember, the sex, the Doritos, the peanut butter which gave them a good laugh and Brad said, "Well, just never let Mom or Dad know, I'd be a dead man," and I assured him that I was far too grateful for that to ever tell them.

So we hung out the rest of the afternoon and then asked me what kind of food I wanted and I told them that the pizza place was so good, I'd do it again. So, we went back and had some more of that good, crispy pizza.

Back at Brad's room, he asked me what I wanted to do and I told him that I was really kind of tired which made him and Maria laugh.

"Well, what we do some Saturday nights when we don't want to go out, we watch some porn. Though with all the action you had today, maybe that'll be too mild, huh?"

"No, that's okay, it's something I can't do at home," I told them and Brad fired up his computer as I got an extra chair for me.

"Um, Maria and I usually watch it naked. Think you're in for that?"

"Well, it's not something I haven't already seen, right?" I said as we all began taking our clothes off.

Chapter 3

My brother sure did pick a beautiful girl and I decided to tell him that, after all, I was getting to see her as well.

"I've got to tell you, big brother, you've found an absolutely beautiful girl to make your girlfriend."

She turned and put her arms around me, pulling our naked bodies together, and kissed me as her tongue slid between my lips and darted back and forth. I was hard as a rock, even after all that had happened earlier.

As we kissed, I felt her hand slide between us as she gripped my cock and squeezed it gently over and over as she kissed me. This, from my brother's girlfriend. As he watched.

Then her head went back and she let go of me, giving me one last peck on the lips, telling Brad, "You're little brother is so sweet. No wonder all the girls like him," and we sat down as Brad fiddled with the computer getting a video on the screen.

He had a video of a college sex party that started up, telling me that maybe it'll remind me of my earlier adventures of the day. We began watching as I saw out the corner of my eye when Maria reached over and began stroking Brad.

I was just about to grip myself when her other hand came over and began on me; she had us both in her hands. Brad had one hand on her right boob and she looked over at me to whisper, "You can play with the other one, Ben," and I reached up and felt the soft warmth of her boob as she stroked my brother and me.

I'd kind of held back, after all, Maria was Brad's girlfriend, not mine, but here we sat looking at porn and Maria was giving us both a hand job as we each played with one of her boobs.

"Mmm, it's fun having you both to play with," she said.

"Oh, I'll bet my little brother is enjoying it," Brad said to me, "well, he's here to have fun and I know Maria can give a guy a lot of fun."

The video he said was taken about a month ago at their dorm and he fast-forwarded it, then I saw Maria up on a table with her legs up in the air as my brother fucked her in and out as a whole roomful of guys and girls, all naked, all playing with each other, watched. There were two other couples in the room also fucking, it was wild.

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