Chapter 5

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 5 - Bill's a nice guy, just a working man getting along. Life has left him battered, but he's found stability. One day his neighbor, young Haley, shows up to help wash a car. And be a friend.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Heterosexual   Slow  

Okay ... Life went on. If I thought about it too hard, I felt like a guy with an inoperable medical condition that I knew about, but that could strike me dead at any moment, otherwise I was perfectly healthy. So I didn't think about it.

To those on the outside, Haley's parents, the neighbors, even my own daughter, life matched the pattern established over a year ago. When I pulled into the driveway, Haley was usually walking across the yard with her bookbag purposefully slung over her shoulder. Being late summer and early autumn, many days were pleasant enough to sit out under the tree and when that happened the books were there, open, and it looked absolutely like what it was supposed to be: me tutoring Haley on her schoolwork.

Every Monday she came in with the results of the previous weeks' testing, and she'd dutifully show her mom, then she'd show me, and that was my opportunity to 'reward' her with something special: dinner, a movie, maybe both.

Some days, though, we weren't in the yard. Inside, books were opened on the dining room table, or maybe in my home office.

Like today. I pulled into the driveway and as I opened the door of the car, I saw the front door of Haley's house open and she walked out. I saw her head turn, so I knew she was telling her mom something. She was smiling as she walked across the yard. We went right into the house.

"Hi, cutie!" I said.

"Hi, Bill," she answered as I bent over to get a kiss. Her nose wrinkled.

"I know, baby. Wasn't a good day. I need to shower."

She giggled. "I wanna shower with you."

"I'd LOVE that, sweetness, but let's not try that unless your folks are gone. I'd hate for them to come knock on the door while you were soaking wet."

"Oh, I know ... But I still wanna, you know..." she put her books down on the coffee table and spread a couple out.

I kissed her on top of her brown haired head and headed to my bedroom. I should've known better. Haley was a playful young thing and when I stood up to step out of my pants, she was leaning against the door frame, smiling, her arms folded.

"You're not s'posed to be watching, ' I said.

"Why not," she giggled. "I've seen every bit of that. Up close." Grin. She stepped into the room and knelt in front of me, turning her face upward to look at mine. "Is THIS part sweaty? Hmmm?" She flipped my hardening dick upward into her waiting mouth. "Mmmmm" escaped her lips. She released me. "Uh-huh. A little bit." Her head bobbed forward again, giving me a luxurious suck, then she said, "Take your shower."

She stood up and I kissed her, avoiding the hug because of my body funk. I went into the shower and let the hot water cascade over me. I'd been in the shower for a couple of minutes, was lathering up, when I felt a little hand reach in and fondle whatever parts she could reach, accompanied by a cute, happy giggle.

"Stop that!" I chided. "You're gonna get wet!"

"I AM wet," she said. "Wanna guess where?"

"Hold that thought, cutie pie," I said. "I need to shave."

"Uh-huh, you do," she giggled. "That one time you didn't, wow..." She'd gotten a bit insistent about getting eaten one afternoon and I went after her with a day-old beard. The insides of her thighs were pretty irritated.

When I stepped out of the shower, she was sitting on the lid of the toilet. She handed me the bath towel she was holding, then watched me shave. When I finished and walked into the bedroom, the covers were already turned back.

"I know, I know ... a lady's not supposed to appear anxious," she said, repeating something I'd told her, "but you know..."

I laid out T-shirt and shorts within easy reach. I could be 'dressed' in a matter of seconds, if needed. And by the time I finished that task, I turned to see her naked from the waist down.

I sat on the bed and said, "C'mere, cutie!"

She gave a little squeal and jumped into my lap, wrapping her legs around my waist. Haley's favorite position. We were face to face, and with a few movements of her hips, our lips weren't the only moist parts connected between us.

Her bright brown eyes twinkled. "IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouBill!"

How could I argue with the immediate reality in my arms? "I love you, Haley sweetness!" I rocked her in my arms, letting her work her pussy on my dick the way SHE wanted. Our couplings were joyous things right up to the point where her slight form started shivering. It was her way to be biting my chest, not enough to draw blood, but enough to leave a mark, as she came, and I was often in the throes of my own when this happened. No sex I'd experienced before was as pleasurable as mating with Haley.

In the soft, loving aftermath, I held her, stroking her short brown hair, running my lips softly over her smooth cheek. I wanted so much to stay this way until we naturally parted, but such was the nature of our relationship that time wouldn't allow. I backed my lips away from her face and her bright eyes connected with mine.

"I know, baby," she said softly.

"You know? What?" I asked gently.

"I know it would be so wonderful if we could stay this way until ... and then do whatever we have to do for dinner, then be together again, all night..."

I pondered that just perhaps this young angel was reading my thoughts. "Are you reading my mind, Haley?"

"I don't have to," she smiled. "If you love me the way I love you, that's what you want. 'Cuz that's what I want..." her lips met mine, soft, gently opening, a tongue brushing my lips, then slipping between them to meet my own tongue. "Just a few more minutes, okay?

"Yes, little one..."

Finally we both regained a little logic and we parted. She slid off my lap and started to the bathroom.

"Wait," I said. I patted the bed. "Lay down. I want that..."

She smiled as she obeyed, hanging her legs off the edge of the bed, splayed apart. Her pussy lips were still rosy, turgid, slick with the combination of our juices, a thing I couldn't resist. I sucked and licked her clean, getting her another little cum before she got up and then she washed herself in the bathroom. She handed me the washcloth, kneeling.

"If you can, I can," she smiled.

A minute later, she stood. "Now I need to wash my face, huh?"

I handed her the washcloth. "If we keep this up, we'll be here all night."

She finished and put the cloth on the vanity. "Nope! If I was gonna be here all night, I wouldn't be washing my face ever' five minutes."

We got dressed, went into the den and looked over her homework. At this stage of the tutoring thing, my part was mostly letting her recite what she derived from her classes. That was good enough to keep her grades at the 'A' level, but it wasn't good enough to sate her curiosity, so science and math conversations ranged over the way things were applied in the real world, and language and social studies were discussed on what I thought was a very broad level for a fourteen year old girl.

That, fortunately, was what was going on when I heard the phone ring. "This is Bill," I said.

"Bill, this is Marie. You got Haley there with you?"

"Sure do, Marie," I said. I saw Haley's eyes perk up at the mention of her mom's name.

"Look, me an' Steve an' the baby are goin' to my sister's for a bit. See if Haley wants to come."

I looked at Haley. "They're goin' to your aunt's. You wanna go?"

Haley shook her head. "No, I REALLY need to study THIS stuff..." she said loud enough for her mom to hear.

"I heard," Marie said. "You can send 'er home if you get tired of 'er, you know, Bill..."

"She's okay here, Marie. How late ya'll gonna be?"

"Oughtta be back by eight. Steve's gotta work, you know..."

"Well, she's good here..."

"Or she can go home. She'll be okay by herself. Whatever."

"Okay, Marie. She's tuggin' my shirt for help..."

"Yeah, well, thanks, Bill, for puttin' up with 'er."

"Oh, no problem, Marie. She's like, well, a couple years older'n my own daughter. It's nice to have 'er around."

"'Kay, Bill. We'll let ya know when we get back." The phone clicked and I sat it down. I looked at Haley. She had delightful smirk on her face. "Your mom says you can go home when you're finished."

She leapt into my arms. "S'pose I'm NEVER finished..."

"I don't think I ever will be either, little one. But I still can't keep you..."

She smiled. "Just so you WANT to..."

I sat in my chair and welcomed her into my lap. "Little one, in another time and place, I'd be that old guy with the cute little wife..."

She cooed and buried her face in my chest. "I love it when you talk to me like that, Bill."

"You're the one who started that, Haley," I said.

"I know. An' that's how I feel, baby," she said.

Fourteen, and she was calling ME 'baby' and I was forty-two. Oh, well. It made her happy. And her happiness was MY happiness.

"We got TWO hours," she said, a mischievous grin on her face. "Let's take a shower together!"

"That's what you really want?"

She smiled. "Mmm-hmmm. Me an' you. In the shower. I've thought about that ... a lot."

"Okay," I said. "But after this, you need to beat your mom home an' run YOUR shower so it'll look like you showered there."

"I thought about that." She giggled. "We have the same idea!" She got off my lap and tugged my hand. "Let's go!"

So we showered together. I've showered with my mate before, but I never had fun like this. She was almost giddy. We played with soap and shampoo and lathered each other and reveled in the feel of our two slickened bodies sliding together, the new feel of touches on wet genitalia, the sensuality of kisses with hot water streaming off our bodies.

It was like it was all new to me. I cannot imagine how it must have been for my young lover. We finally got out when the hot water started running out, something that had NEVER happened before in this house. We dried each other off, an activity that my Haley determined was also an opportunity to play with me to hardness, and then suck on me playfully.

Since I'd already showered and shaved once today, I didn't need to shave, so I helped her dry her hair, brushing her short tresses to shiny perfection. Finished, she turned around, displaying her nude body for me.

"You are absolutely a delight to see, angel, ' I said.

"You are too, my guy," she cooed, hugging herself to me.

"Well, how was our shower?" I asked.

"I wanna do it again an' again ... that's the way WE should shower all the time, baby," she smiled. Her sweet face saddened. "Now I have to go home, Bill. I wish there was a way I could stay all night with you."

"I do too, baby," I said.

We were getting dressed. I could tell she was thinking about something.

"I know," she said. "We could, you know, like the weekend you have Deena over..."

"Baby, there's NO WAY we could shower together with Deena here!" Deena told her mom everything that she saw or heard during the time she was with me. I don't know if it was because she was so guileless, or because my ex-wife pumped her for information, but that was the way things were.

"No, I don't mean when she's really HERE, I mean we could SAY she's here, an' I'm spendin' the night with HER!" She continued. "Mom 'n' Steve already know that I go places with ya'll all the time. They'd just think it was like that..."

"I'm afraid that they might notice that Deena's not actually here."

Haley digested that for a second. "They like to go to car races 'n' stuff. They know I don't enjoy that. So if they're goin', then they won't be here to KNOW if Deena's really here or not."

I could see that SOMEBODY was putting a bit of thought into this.

"That might just work," I said.

She was pulling her shoes on. After she tied the laces, she stood up and shoved books and notebooks into her backpack. "You look so sad," she said.

"I know," I said. "I hate it when you have to go."

"I know," she answered. "But there's tomorrow, okay?" And with a little kiss left on my lips, she opened the door. I watched her until she unlocked the door and entered her own house.

Two minutes later the phone rang. "Hi, sweetie," I answered, having seen the caller ID.

"Hi, love," she said. "I did the shower an' left a wet towel on the rack," she giggled. "Bill, I'm so happily, perfectly clean right now. I'm goin' straight to bed. And I'm gonna dream of us..."

I was going to dream too. "I love you, Haley," I said.

"I love you, Bill," she replied. "G'nite!" As I hung up the phone, I saw the flash of her parents' headlights in my window.

We managed one more tryst before the weekend, at least if you define 'tryst' as a galloping happy coupling. We talked daily over homework and every time we were in the house, we cuddled and kissed, but pure sex wasn't a driving force, it was a happy result.

The weekend brought Deena into the picture, and by this time, Deena had begun to understand that Haley was pretty much guaranteed to tag along.

That was a bit surreal to me. Deena was my daughter, and as such, I'd been hugging and snuggling her since she popped out, now twelve years ago. She was always the 'huggy' type and even now, at twelve, I still got little girl hugs and kisses from Deena while Haley stood by and watched.

Friday evening I picked up Deena after work and brought her home with me. Haley knew that this was the weekend for Deena, so she made an effort to NOT look like she was waiting for me when we drove up. As we got out of the car, she said, "Hi, Mister Bill! Hi, Deena!"

We both waved back. I noted that Deena glanced at me, and then we went into the house.

"Dad," she said, (I was 'Dad' now unless her twelve-year-old self-restraint was overcome for some reason, returning me to 'Daddy') "You said we were going to the amusement park tomorrow?"

"Yes," I said. That was a two and a half hour drive for us, to the bigger city. "I thought we'd leave early in the morning and spend the night tomorrow night. Have breakfast Sunday morning and drive back home."

"I wonder if Haley would wanna come," Deena mused. "She says her parents never go to places like that."

"I thought you didn't like Haley hangin' around all the time," I said.

"Well, I guess I think of a lot of things, Dad. Doin' that for her ... uh, WITH her, that's just a nice thing to do. An' since I didn't invite any regular friends, she's kinda like bringin' a big sister or somethin'."

Inside, my heart was doing flips. "Why don't you go ask her if she wants to go, if her parents will let her?"

Deena reacted by hugging me and bounding out the door. Three minutes later the phone rang. I looked at the caller ID. "This is Bill."

"Bill, this is Marie. I got Haley an' yer daughter here. Are you SURE Haley's okay comin' along with ya'll?"

"I'm sure, Marie," I said. "Deena's idea."

Marie's voice lowered. "Uh ... Bill, we're kinda in a bind for money right now ... Steve just cleaned out the bank account fixin' the RV up."

"Oh, come on, Marie ... Buyin' Haley a couple of meals and a ticket to the amusement park ain't gonna break me. Let 'er come with us!"

"You sure?"

"We're sure! And we're leavin' at sun-up in the morning, so tell 'er to pack a bag and spend the night here tonight. And a change of clothes for Sunday. We'll be back around noon on Sunday."

I heard her relay the message to the two girls, raising a couple of gleeful squeals. "'Kay, Bill! We appreciate it!"

"That's quite alright, Marie. I don't mind a bit."

A few minutes later the pair burst through the door. A growth spurt had hit Deena over the summer and now she was as tall, maybe taller, than Haley, and while Haley had almost olive skin, Deena was pale and blonde and blue-eyed, and I was glad to see them both happy.

"Come on, Haley," Deena said. "Let's put your stuff in my room!"

"You two entertain yourselves," I said. "I need a shower before we go to dinner."

"You do, Dad!" Deena countered. "I didn't wanna say something in the car."

Haley winked at me over Deena's shoulder.

I showered and dressed and came out to find Deena lounging on the sofa and Haley in my chair.

"Where am I supposed to sit? Haley, you're in my chair."

Haley smirked. "So, move me!"

I growled playfully and scooped her out of the chair and sat down, dumping her in my lap. She jumped up. "Deena, your dad's a beast!"

"I know," Deena said. "He's so mean..." she giggled. Haley took the other end of the sofa and we watched a little of one of Deena's favorite TV shows while we made plans for dinner.

I succumbed to pressure for a pizza joint and after enduring mediocre pizza, forked over another twenty bucks so the girls could play arcade games while I talked with another dad who was enduring the same ordeal. We shared our miseries as he watched a ten year old boy and a girl maybe a year younger than Deena.

Finally, my charges ran out of money and we went home. It was shower time. Deena went first, and as soon as the door closed, Haley had me wrapped in her arms, kissing me.

"IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouBill," she said softly.

"Haley baby, I love you too, but you're gonna get us caught." And I kissed her long and sweet. She slid backward over the arm of my chair into my lap and her butt wiggled deliciously. "Stop that!" I said. "Deena's gonna walk in."

"Nope! She'll turn off the shower an' we'll hear that!"

"Little one," I said, weakening, "we can't get caught."

"I know," she whispered. "But I love you ... Thank you for doin' this for me ... this weekend..."

"I want to do nice things for you, sweetness. Even if we weren't..."

"In love," she finished.

"Yes. In love," I conceded. And I had arrived at the same conclusion in my head. I was in love with Haley.

We heard the water stop in the bathroom and Haley slid off my lap after landing a last kiss. I read conflicting thoughts in those brown eyes.

Deena stuck her head out of the bathroom door. "Haley, you can do your shower while I'm dryin' my hair."

"'Kay," Haley answered, grabbing her bag of clothes.

A few minutes later, Deena was out, pajama-clad. "You changed the channel," she said.

"I can only watch so much 'cute', baby," I answered. "And now I got you..."

She cuddled in my arms. "I'm getting too old to do this any more, huh?"

"Why do you say that?"


"You're not heavy, darlin'" I answered. "And you'll always be my little girl, baby."

Haley walked in, wearing her nightshirt. It made it down past her butt to mid-thigh, and I thought she looked cute. Deena hopped out of my lap.

"Your turn," Deena said. "Ever'body gets a hug!"

"Baby, Haley's not my daughter. She might not want me to hug her."

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