Chapter 4

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 4 - Bill's a nice guy, just a working man getting along. Life has left him battered, but he's found stability. One day his neighbor, young Haley, shows up to help wash a car. And be a friend.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Heterosexual   Slow  

I got arms full of Haley. She was so soft and cuddly and excited and loving and I cherished her. My hands explored her slight body, getting me giggles and purrs. I slid my hands gently over her breasts, slight moundings that yielded to my touch, and she sucked a breath in when I touched her nipples.

"Can I see them, sweetness?" I asked.

"Why?' she said. "I'm almost flat. I dunno why I don't have bigger titties. I mean, Mom's got pretty big ones."

Her mom was indeed busty, but two kids and forty extra pounds...

"You've got pretty, sweet ones," I said. "I'm happy with them. They're YOU." I kissed her lightly on the lips, then moved down to her pink earlobe and her neck.

She giggled. "Oh, here!" And she stripped her shirt over her head.

I saw candy. Little pink strawberries. She shook her head to rearrange that brown hair, and she smiled.

"If YOU think I'm pretty..."

"I think you're gorgeous, little doll," I said truthfully.

She smiled as I explored her torso.

Finally, I could resist no longer. I curled toward her nipples and kissed one, then the other, then back to the first. Then I kissed her mouth. She released the breath she was holding.

"Not too much, baby?"

"Oh, gosh, no, Bill," she said in a tiny voice. "I LIKE it. Do it some more."

I did. I kissed, then experimentally sucked one, kneading it with my tongue. She reacted by clamping her hands on the back of my head, holding her breast in my mouth, and she made little whimpery noises.

I stopped to let her regain her composure and she purred into my arms. "Mmmmmmm, baby, that feels so good..."

"I wanna make you feel good, little one. You made me feel waaaay past just good. Bill's little Haley likes having her nipples sucked."

"Oh, god, yessss!"

"If she likes THAT, she's going to like other things..."

I paused briefly in my travels to dip my tongue in her navel. More shivers. And I moved further down. I planted kisses on her pubic mound. It had the lightest of fuzz on it. I opened my mouth wide and sucked as much of it into my mouth as I could and moaned, "Mmmmmm!" I toyed with it, letting her get used to the idea. She didn't NEED to get used to the idea.

"Gahhhhh!" She writhed. Her hands pushed at my head. "Bill! Do something! I need you to DO SOMETHING!"

Little darling didn't know what to tell me to do. I had ideas. I moved between her thighs and let my lips brush her labia, my nostrils sucking in the smells of little girl, hot little girl, musky, tangy, and waiting for my tongue.

When my tongue hit her, her hands pulled on my head, forcing my face into her wet pussy. I stopped teasing my little Haley and after one good lick to gather her juice into my mouth, I let my tongue find her little girl button. The first lick of her clit, she KNEW what she wanted me to do.

"Ahhhhh! Bill! Right there! Lick! Do Something!"

I licked. I spread her lips gently and sucked her little clit between my lips and worked it with my tongue.

"Nnnnn. Nnnnn. NNNNNN!" I was having an effect on my Haley. I kept licking. "Nnnnnn. Nnnnn. Ohhhh! Shit! Ohhhh! Bill! I'm. I'm. I'm. It's. It's COMING! Ohgodohgodogod! Ahhhhhh..."

Her body arched into my face as she climaxed ... Then she went limp. I scooped her into my arms and held her. I kissed little kisses on her face, gently, as she rejoined the world. Her eyelids fluttered and she opened them. I saw her brown eyes as she focused.

"Oh, Bill. I love you!"

Fourteen. "I love you."

What could I say? "I love you, too, Haley."

"That was the best thing that I have ever felt in my whole life."

I smiled. "Sweet darling, I am glad I made you feel good."

"Mmmmmm, you have NO idea..." and she kissed me.

I kissed her back. I felt a little hand softly fondling my hardening shaft. She looked at me with a mix of lust and curiosity.

"Does it get hard like that a lot?"

"It usually doesn't, right after I come," I said. "It's extra excited about you."

Giggle. "When it's hard, that means it's, like, READY? Again?"

"Uh-huh," I explained, "But it's not gonna come as fast the second time."

"It'll last longer?"

I nodded.

She got inside my arms and wrapped me in her own, her face smiling shyly, mere inches from mine. "D'ya REALLY love me, Bill?"

"I really do, Haley. Why are you asking?"

"'Cuz I think we should love each other before we..."

"Haley! You're too young!"

"Am not," she said assuredly. "Lots of girls in my class already did it. Some of 'em's BEEN doin' it."


"I don't wanna do it with a buncha guys. I don't wanna do it with anybody but YOU."

"Oh, Haley..."

She kissed me again. Pushed me over on my back and climbed back atop me. "I was rubbin' us together while ago." Her brown eyes connected with mine. "Didja like it?"

"'S not a matter of if I liked it, Haley. It felt wonderful..." and I sucked a breath in as she pushed her juicy young pussy along the underside of my hardness.

. "So, baby, can we?"

"All in one day, Haley?" I was incredulous. "You just sucked a guy off for the first time. Just had a guy eat you till you came for the first time. And now you want to do it?"

"I wanna do it with YOU, Bill."

"Sweetie, that's a BIG step. Sometimes it hurts pretty bad the first time. Girls have this thing." I didn't remember seeing that "thing", her cherry, but then I wasn't exactly in a position to pay close attention with her pulling my face into her pussy.

"Oh, THAT," she said. "Mom took me to the doctor when I had my first period and he asked her if I was going to use those things you stick in you, you know, tampons, and she said I was if I could, an' he said he could fix me so I could use 'em more easily but that it would take that hymen thing almost away."

That was new knowledge to me.

"So you don't have to worry about that."

"Okay. Then still, you've never had anything inside you."

"Fingers. The handle on my hairbrush. Just experimenting."

"Well then why am I worrying? It's probably better the first time if you get on top of me so you can go as slow as you want."

"Me on top? You mean there are other ways?"

"Yes, doll, there are other ways. If you want, we can try them sometimes. But today, Haley is on top."

She was astride my hips now, lowering herself, her pussy making contact with my dick, pressing it against my belly. She slid back and forth a few times, rubbing my dick against her clit.

"Hmm!" she said. "This has possibilities!" Then she raised up, releasing my dick to let it pop up. She moved her hips to put the head of my dick in between her pussy lips and began to search for the head with her hole. Finally she reached underneath herself with her hand, grabbed my dick and guided the head into her hot, tight, wet hole. She pressed down. The head slowly forced its way in. She stopped pushing to savor the feeling, then pushed further, then pulled out, then pushed back in, this time a little deeper. I watched her face. She was concentrating, biting her bottom lip, and she kept on, up, down, each time a little more, my dick in the grip of a hungry, yet virgin pussy. Finally, one last thrust and our bodies met.

"It's ALL the way in!" She sighed. "Oh, Bill! You're IN me!" and she started small, even strokes, getting used to the feel of a dick inside her. Then the strokes got more insistent. She was feeling the fullness and the friction inside her, but her button was on the outside looking for something to rub against, so Haley bent forward, rotating her hips so her clit was making contact with the base of my dick with each stroke, and that was what she was looking for. Once she found it, the game was hers. She was riding me like a rocking horse, her hips plunging down, then up and forward. I was trying to let her find her own way, but I couldn't help it. I had to move. Soon I was meeting her strokes with my own.

"Oh.Oh.Oh." came from her lips with each stroke. "Mmmm.MMMM.Mmmm" Now she was biting her lip. 'Oh.oh.oh." Her strokes became longer and harder. Ohhhh. Gahhhh! Ohhhh! Billlll! I'm. Coming! Gahhhhhh! Ohgodogod ohhhhh!" And her last shuddering stroke pushed me over my own cliff and I spurted into her virgin pussy. I did a couple of strokes in time with the spurts then her pussy finished wringing me out.

She collapsed into my arms and we lay together in post climax bliss. Finally she turned her face to mine and kissed me and her hand touched my face. "Oh, Bill, you're so wonderful. I love you."

"I love you too, little one," I said. "Uh, what're your mom an' Steve gonna say, you bein' gone this long?"

She smiled. "They're gone, too. I told 'em when they were getting' ready to go that I was gonna come over here an' do things with you." Giggle. "I don't think they had THIS in mind, though..." She kissed me again. "IloveyouIloveyou..."

"What's that mean to you, Haley?"

"Means that I LOVE you..." More kisses.

I didn't pursue the line of investigation. I might want 'love' to equate to 'forever', but I was holding a fourteen year old girl in my arms and she'd just delightfully shared herself with me, and sometimes, just maybe, life is like a flower, to be savored for the brief time it's in your hand, then it's gone...

We played, experimenting with one another's bodies, sampling the combination of juices we'd created with the fervor of our copulation. Finally, we were lying entangled together, doing Haley's favorite thing, being cuddled.

"I guess I should be dressed when Mom gets back," she said.

"Uh-huh. And you might wanna wash your face. And this," I said, stroking her sweet pussy. "Smells like you've been havin' sex."

"I haven't been, you know," she smiled, "I've been makin' love..."

We went into the bathroom together, washed faces and nether regions, then I watched her get dressed as I did so myself. We went back out to the shop and were busy working when her family pulled back into the driveway.

"I guess I'll go see 'em," she said. She smiled innocently. "I meant what I said, Bill." She left, walking across the lawn to her house. I noticed an uncharacteristic hitch in her gait.

The shelf I was building could wait. I had some pondering to do. I went inside. Didn't turn the TV on. Just sat in my recliner, thinking about what sort of worm ate a chunk of my brain to let me have sex with Haley. Fourteen. What was I thinking? First, sex was serious business to me. I admitted to myself that I had a deep affection for Haley, that it was more than just neighbors and friends, but to have SEX with her? What did that do to us? I could've happily been her friend and tutor and occasional companion and benefactor until she grew up and moved on.

She was fourteen. Almost guaranteed to move on. But what about that conversation about how kids her age ... We'd TALKED about what 'I love you' meant, and then the next thing I know, we were saying it to each other. I was running one stream of thought after another through my head when I heard a soft knock at the door.

"Who is it?" I hollered. I was not in the happiest of moods.

"It's me, Mister Bill," came Haley's voice. "Can I come in?"

"Please do," I said.

She closed the door behind herself and came up to me. "Mister Bill..."

"Miss Haley..."

"Did you mean it..."

"I meant it. Did you?"

"I don't wanna mess up our friendship," she said. "Can I..." She touched my shoulder.

"Yes ... I wish you would..."

She crawled into my lap with less than the normal exuberance. "I thought about what we did..." she looked at me, those brown eyes wide, moist at the corners. "I ... I took advantage of you, Mister Bill. You're the only guy in the world that I wanted to do that with. And you didn't want to..."

"Oh, you're wrong, baby. I WANTED to. It's just that we're not supposed to. I'm guilty of a crime. Just like sellin' drugs or robbin' a bank. But I love you and I think you're delightfully, desperately cute, and I wanted to..." I kissed her lightly on the head. "I never wanted to hurt you..."

The kiss unleashed a flood. From her almost chaste position, her hip in my lap, her shoulder in my chest, she slid and twisted to press herself full-length against me, her legs intertwining with mine. And her lips met mine.

"You didn't hurt me, Bill."

I was back to just 'Bill' instead of 'Mister Bill'. I said that to her.

"You can be Mister Bill when we're in public," she said. "But now you're MY Bill..."

"I'll accept that, my Haley..."

"I REALLY enjoyed us today, baby," she said. "Can I call you 'baby' too?"

"If I can call you 'baby'."

"You already do, baby," she smiled. "I'm a little sore. I guess ... first time, you know..."

"I've heard that, ' I said.

"I wanna do it again," she smiled.

"Right now?"

"No, 'cuz I need to go eat dinner. But soon..."

I kissed her, stroking that sassy head of hair as I savored her lips and tongue. And the phone rang.

I looked at caller ID. "Your house," I said, then I punched the button. "Hello. This is Bill."

Marie's voice. "Hey, Bill, you got Haley there?"

"She's here," I said. "We're playin' chess."

"Well, send 'er home when ya'll're finished," Marie said.

I passed the phone to Haley.

"Okay, Mom," Haley said. She turned to me. "We're not finished, are we?" She kissed me and snuggled into my arms. "I'll never be finished."

"I hope not," I said.

That ended a weekend. I stood at the door and watched the little cutie walk across the yard to her house. I went back inside, showered, and for the first time in a long time, I had NO sexual tension aching in my groin. No, the tension was in the million thoughts flying through my head.

It didn't make for the easiest of days the next day, either. It was difficult to concentrate on work. Absent the idea that NOW I was guilty of a felony, I was also holding the heart of a young girl in my hands. One thought was troubling to my physical freedom. The other weighed on my heart.

The clock dragged its hands around slowly, but finally the day ended and I drove home. I don't know what I expected. Law enforcement? Haley's mom and step-dad?

What I saw was Haley. And her backpack. Smiling. Before I could get out of my van, she was at my side.

"Hi, baby..." she said. "Did ya miss me?"

I had to confess that I did. This admission got me a shy smile.

"I have homework. Come on." She led me to the door. I fumbled for the key, then opened it, letting her inside ahead of me. The bookbag hit the floor as I closed the door behind us.

I spread my arms and she leapt into my grasp, wrapping her legs around my waist. We kissed, her lips apparently hungry. I know mine were.

Finally our mouths parted. "I guess that answers that question, then..."

"What question, Bill?"

"Whether you'd spent the night regretting..."

She shook her head, sassy hair splaying in delightful disarray. "Nuh-uh ... I been wantin' to tell you for a year, Bill."

"Tell me what?"

"That I love you..." her eyes were serious.

"Baby, I love you too. But, why me? You see dozens of boys your own age every day..."

She sighed. "Bill ... Bill ... Didn't we have this conversation already?" Kiss. "Those are screwed up KIDS! I'm NOT. And you're CERTAINLY not..."

"I'm certainly not a kid," I said, "But that 'screwed up' part ... Baby, I'm in love with a fourteen year old girl."

"Hush," she said, silencing me with her lips. "I don't particularly think that's so screwed up."

"Uh, do you have homework?"

"Puh-leeze! You know what I know in math an' stuff."

"So you're here..."

Another kiss. "Because I wanna LOVE you..." She smiled. "Let's go sit in your chair..."

I carried her in my arms and complied. Fears and trepidations faded in the privacy of my home, with sweet Haley in my arms.

"You liked it ... Yesterday, I mean," she asked.

"I liked it. Because I adore you. And that's just more of you that I can have."

Her eyes were questioning before her mouth said anything. "Bill ... can we go to the bedroom?"

"You don't have to do that, baby. I'll still love you and still take care of you..."

"That's just it, Bill. I want you to take care of me..." her eyes twinkled. "Nobody else is gonna do this ... nobody's gonna GET to do this. Just me an' you."

She climbed out of my lap and tugged my hand. My resolve died. I followed her to the bedroom. She rolled onto the bed and I slid up next to her and we tangled up, yearning for one another. Her fingers started tugging at my belt buckle.

"Wait, sweetie, ' I said. "You want these off?"

Her head nodded vigorously. I stood up to undress and she started stripping on the bed. I helped her out of her shoes and then tugged her jeans down.

"Panties," she giggled. "I don't need 'em."

I pulled them down, then planted a kiss on her fuzzy pubic mound, then finished undressing myself, savoring the view of her naked form, especially enhanced by the grinning face I adored as I stepped out of my pants. I turned down the corner of the covers and she slid under them. I slid in beside her, into her eager arms.

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