Giving a Hand

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: It scared me when my girlfriend told me she saw my sister watching us as we were having sex. But she handled it well asking my sister to join us. That changed everything. For the better.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

The year I turned sixteen, I acquired a girlfriend, my first one, and her name is Robin, and she was my age. My name is Mitt and about six months earlier Robin moved in across the street from us and soon after, my fourteen-year old sister, April, came home one afternoon to tell me that this girl had moved in across from us and was asking her about me, if I had a girlfriend, stuff like that. April told me that the girl really thought I was really cute.

Well, there didn't seem to be too many girls trying to break my door down so I told April to figure out a way for me to meet this new girl.

About a week went by and my little sister did it, she brought this new girl over and then I got to meet her.

Then, about a week later, I got a text from Robin asking me if I'd come over to her house so I went over and rang the bell. She came to the door and let me in, then I followed her up to her room where we sat on the bed.

"So, we'll be going to school together in the fall and it's nice that we live so close to each other, that's nice," she said, then added, "Maybe we can get to know each other lots better before school starts, you know, find something to do to enjoy the rest of the summer."

"Yeah, there's a pool about six blocks from here, it's crowded sometimes when it's really hot but it's not bad," I told her.

"I was thinking of maybe something we could here. My parents both work, so we could do anything we wanted."

I didn't really know this girl very well so I just figured she meant play cards or games or stuff like that.

"Well, what do you usually do when you're home?" I asked.

"Well, sometimes I get naked and get myself off," she said looking me straight in the eye. I almost fainted. I'd never known a girl to be so, um, so, well, right out front with it.

"I ... um, you do?"

Yes, that's all I could get out.

"Yeah, we could do it together. Ever do it with a girl?"

"Um, no, but, uh, I'd like to."

I know, don't tell me, pretty weak, right. Well, I was in shock.

"Okay, let's get all ready," she said, just like it was the most ordinary thing in the world. Of course, I realized that I'd have to let her see my dick and was hoping that I wasn't so small that she'd laugh. I'd heard from other guys about monster, huge dicks and all that and, well, mine sure wasn't a monster, I knew that. So, I took it slowly.

Then her bra came off.

She was pretty to begin with but now, well, they were perfect round globes, full, almost looking like they were pumped up with air or something, really firm and solid-looking. They pointed off to each side and each had a puffed-up soft pink nipple that was sticking out.

I couldn't believe this was happening as I pulled my tee over my head and began slowly undoing my shorts. She had hers off by now and was standing there in the smallest pair of panties imaginable, they were tiny.

"So, do you like your new neighbor, Mitt?"

"You're so pretty, Robin, just perfect, and your ... um, your..."

"Boobs? Tits? Breasts?"

"Yeah, they're perfect, just like the girls in Playboy."

"But, you can feel mine, I'll let you, you know," she said as she stepped toward me, reaching to take my hand and press it to her breast as I stood there in my bulged-out briefs, my shorts puddled around my feet.

"Oh, you're so soft and nice," I managed to get out.

"Have you every felt a girl's boobs before?"

"No, I giess not," I stumbled.

"You're not sure?"

"No, I mean, yes, I'm sure, no, I've never done this before but I love doing it with you, Robin."

"I thought you might," she replied as my fingers flexed gently squeezing her firm breast. She reached down and pulled off her panties and tossed them to the foot of the bed.

I looked down and there was her beautiful, smooth pussy, perfectly sculpted in two, plump halves, I thought I'd die right there, overcome with joy.

"Do I get to see you?"

"Oh, sorry," I mumbled as I pulled down my briefs, my dick pointing up at her as I nervously stood there.

"Oh, nice," she said as her fingers wrapped around my shaft and gently squeezed.

She didn't laugh, she thought my dick was nice, whew.

"Come," she said as she led me by the dick to her bed and pulled the covers back, then got up in the middle and patted the place next to her.

"Have you ever jacked-off for a girl?" she asked.

I shook my head sideways as she asked me if I needed some lube.

"Um, I usually do it in the shower with soap," I told her as she leaned away from me, reaching into the drawer next to her bed, exposing her pussy lips to me, then brought back a bottle of clear, thick liquid.

"Here, this works good and it's water-based. You can even eat this stuff they say, Tastes kinda sweet, is all," and she giggled and laid back against the headboard.

I dribbled a little of the stuff on my dick and started getting myself off as I watched her rubbing on her pussy like girls do or, at least, the way I'd heard girls do.

"How's this for something to do on a nice, summer afternoon?" she asked a bit breathlessly as her fingers flew across her wet pussy.

"Well, what I'm doing is kind of what I usually do on a summer afternoon but I sure like this a whole lot better, doing it with you."

"I'll bet you do, Mitt, I'll bet you do," she panted, her face getting redder as she rubbed and rubbed between her widened legs. "Let me know when you get really close, I love to watch boys get off, it's so cool."

This was incredible. She was kind of a friend of my little sister, they'd met when Robin moved in across from us, even though April is two years younger but now here I am up in her room and we're watching each other masturbate. She's the first girl I've ever seen naked. And she's beautiful.

I'd seen girls in Playboy and on the computer and stuff but, well, to really see a girl naked, all her skin, her boobs, her butt, her pussy, well, it was incredible. The wonderful smoothness of her skin just blew me away

Jacking-off to a beautiful naked girl was so much more than I'd ever dreamed of, it really didn't take me much to start shooting my cum.

"Oh, cool, look, oh, I love it. You really shoot far, omigod, look at all of it," she cried as she wiped her finger through a puddle of it that landed on her knee and swiped it off into her mouth.

"Mmm, you taste nice, I like boy's cum, I think you'll find out more about that, Mitt," she said. Then she added, "Are you a virgin? Ever had sex?"

"Yeah, not yet," I stumbled out the words.

"Well, maybe now that you've cummed, you can last a little longer and get me off. Wanna do it?"

"Like sex, you mean really do it?"

"Yes, Mitt, put it right in here, you know that's where it goes, right?" she joked as her finger went in and out of where I was dying to put my dick.

"If you're ready, I'll get a condom out of my closet."

I nodded and she jumped up and came right back unwrapping a condom which she rolled onto my dick, then flopped down wide open for me.

"Well, get up here, let's do it," she told me as I crawled up between her legs and put my hard dick right on her and pushed. At first I didn't think it would go in, then, suddenly, I went in the whole way. It felt okay but when I started going back and forth, oh, man, that was so good. I was no longer a virgin, my little sister's friend was under me taking my cherry as I fucked her faster and faster.

"Slow down, Mitt, there's no rush. It takes girls a while longer anyway," she said and I backed off from thrusting so hard and fast to a slower and, really, better-feeling pace. "See, mmm, nice, huh?"

"Yeah, sorry, it's just so exciting, I can't believe that we're really doing this," I said as I rubbed my hands over her firm boobs, feeling how hard her nipples were under my palms.

"You're making me pretty excited, too, it's been a while since I've had a boyfriend."

She said boyfriend, I wondered if she was considering me to be her boyfriend, so I went ahead and made the great leap, "I'd ... I'd like to be your boyfriend, Robin, if you'd let me."

She laughed and pulled my face down to kiss me as my dick went in and out and she locked her ankles behind my back.

"I'm thinking I'd like you for my boyfriend, Mitt. We could do this a whole lot and even lots more. This is just a start."

My heart almost stopped when she said that. She lay under me, spread wide open, my dick moving so wonderfully inside her, her beautiful body so sexy and hot and she just said she'd take me as her boyfriend.

"Mmm, this is so good, I really love doing this. You're my first girlfriend and I know I'll never, ever forget this," I panted as she began turning her pussy around in a circle as I went back and forth.

"We still have lots of things to do, to try, you'll love them all. Wait until I jack you off, I really do a great job of it, so when I have my period, I'll give you a hand job or suck you off. Maybe even both, would you like that?"

It was all my friends at school talked about, hand jobs and blow jobs, and how much they wanted them. And now, my new girlfriend, my first-ever girlfriend, is offering them to me just like she might offer me cookies and milk for a snack.

"I'd love anything you want to do, Robin, I'm your boyfriend now, I hope, so anything you want, I want," and she reached up and pulled my head down and kissed me.

"That's sweet, Mitt, I kind of thought you'd be the right guy," she said as her hand went down to rub her clit and to touch my cock sliding in and out of her. "Mmm, I knew you'd be nice like this, Mitt? Am I making you happy?"

"Oh, I've never felt like this. Being with you like this is the best thing in my whole life, for sure."

"Mmm, we can fuck every day if you want, well, except like I said when I have my period. But your new girlfriend'll make you happy, don't worry."

So, that's just how Robin and I got to be together as boyfriend and girlfriend, it's what happened next that changed things even more.

Chapter 2

Then, one afternoon, a few months later when Robin had her period, we were up in my room, naked except for her panties, and she was kneeling over me sucking my dick, when I heard her grunt something unintelligible, "Gmmmp, mmmphh," and she lifted up off me to say, "April, I can see you watching," and I look over at the door and standing in the hall, barely discernible in the cracked doorway, was my sister.

"You might as well come in, April, you've seen what we're doing," Robin told her and the door opened and my sister hesitantly came in the room, rather red-faced.

I lay there with my wet dick in the air as Robin told her, "You might as well watch, you've seen this much," and lowered her head taking me in again, sucking me up and down.

She sucked a few more minutes as I watched my sister taking it all in, then Robin lifted up again, turned to her and said, "April, have you ever sucked a boy's dick?"

She stood there looking odd, then out peeped, "No."

"Here, it may be your brother but it's one like you'll find on most boys, you might as well give it a try. If you're like me, you're gonna love it," she said as she moved waving an arm for my sister to take her place. I just lay there not quite believing what was happening.

My sister got onto the bed and I watched as her lips slid down over me and the soft sucking of her mouth began. Robin was sitting next to me so I was playing with her boobs as April gave me head, surprisingly good head, as she seemed to know how to use her tongue to rub the end of my dick as she sucked, she was really good.

"Make him cum in your mouth, April, there's nothing more fun and he'll love it," my girlfriend urged. It really seemed crazy that my girlfriend and I were having sex when she invited my little sister to join in. And she did, she was giving me head right then.

"How's your little sister at sucking your dick, Mitt? Pretty good? You're looking pretty happy," Robin asked me.

I panted, "Yeah, really good, and I'm pretty close," as I felt my whole body seize as that beautiful sense of release took me over while April sucked my cum down, swallowing it like a champ.

"Keep sucking him, April, just for another minute or two, don't quit too fast, it still feels good, right?" Robin asked me and I told them it did, oh, it did indeed.

After a minute, my little sister pulled up and sat there on my bed looking rather satisfied with herself, saying, "Well, I guess I'm no longer the only one in my group of friends who hasn't given head."

"Wow, you really did it good, too, April, I mean, really good," I told my sister.

"So, I guess you'll want me to do it all the time now, huh? Whenever Robin isn't around?"

"I wouldn't ever turn it down, Sis. But I would do you, too."

"Oh, he's good, too, April, have you ever had a guy go down on you?" Robin asked.

"Like do oral sex on me down there? No," she said softly.

"Mitt, do your sister, she'll love it, come on, let's get you naked," she said as she began helping my little sister out of her clothes.

I'd never seen April naked, well, not since she's had anything to look at and what I saw that day was that I now have a sister whose body is just stunning. She's small, everything about her is small, her body itself, her boobs with their little, hard nipples, her little pussy slit, so nice and plump and rosy.

Robin got her down on her back and spread my sister open for me as I crawled up between her legs and kissed her pussy then began licking and sucking.

"Oh, look at her, April's loving it. Tell him what it feels like, girl," Robin urged.

"I ... I just never thought anything could feel this good, oh, it's just the best feeling," she moaned as I feasted between my sister's legs. Her taste was a little different from Robin's, a little sweeter, a little less salty, really nice.

"Use your fingers to pull her pussy open and get up inside," my girlfriend urged and I did what she suggested which threw my sister into a frenzy.

"Omigod, omigod, oh, it's so good, right there, right there, oh, OOH, OOH, OOH, OMIGOD, AYYE, AYYE, huh, mmm, oh, mmm, don't stop, it still feels so good, so good," she cried as her body shook and squirmed.

"Oh, look at her, Mitt, you really got your little sister off good," Robin said to me, then to April, "I'll bet you'll want your brother to do you from now on, huh? See, I told you he's good, I taught him how to eat pussy, I know he's good. He can do me now while you watch," she said as she got down and spread wide open for me.

I loved eating out my girlfriend, it gave her such wild orgasms and now I've done my cute little sister's pussy and she loved it too. It was looking like I was going to be getting lots of sex from now on.

Robin was holding my head to her pussy which she liked to do, when I began to feel my dick being played with as it hung down under me. It had to be my sister who was having a bit of cock play with me as I ate my girlfriend. Well, this was turning out to be very interesting, at first, I was scared that my little sis might possibly tell our parents what Robin and I were doing but this pretty much tells me that she was enjoying all this just as much as we were.

I licked and tongued Robin who was squirming around, just loving it as usual, when I felt a warm, wet sensation on my dick and knew my sister was now sucking me off again. I did raise and turn a bit and there she was, on her back, her head under me as I ate out my girlfriend, April's mouth sucking me as her hand finger-fucked herself between her open legs.

Well, this had gotten pretty wild, I thought. All three of us having sex together. I just never thought of my sister as someone sexual, though, really, in the past year or two, she's gotten curvier and now had small boobs that, after seeing them, were really pretty. I was thinking of her in a very sexual way now, that was for sure, I was loving the sucking she was doing under me, making me wonder if she hasn't had a bit of practice before me.

Robin wrapped her legs around my head pulling me into her, a sure sign that she's getting close and I soon felt her begin to tremble as her orgasm quickly took her over. After, I raised up and smiled wetly at her as I nodded down. Robin raised up and looked down to see my sister there with my dick in her mouth, merrily sucking away.

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