Sex-ed Examination

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My little brother just had sex-ed in school and he had some unanswered questions for me, his sister. So, I tried my best to help out with his and my older brother's education. I learned a lot as well.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

This all began when I was fourteen, almost fifteen, and in the eighth grade in middle school. My name is Samantha, Sam to all who know me, and I have two brothers, Paul, two years older at sixteen and Eric, almost a year younger than me, he's just turned fourteen.

One day after school, I was sitting in bed, reading, I love to read, and they both appeared at my door.

"Sam, can we ask you something?" Paul, the older brother, said.

"Sure," I said as they came in.

I had always gotten along with my brothers, we hardly ever had any disagreements growing up and it was Paul who started.

"Um, Eric just had sex-ed and they just covered girl's puberty," he began as my younger brother stood there uneasily, a blush covering his face. "He was asking me some stuff and I told him that you'd be better to ask since you're a girl and you've been through it yourself." I could now see that my older brother was beginning to blush as well.

"So, you have questions, is that it?"

"Well, kind of, really more of, um, could he like see what a girl looks like? Like up inside and all?" Paul asked.

Well, here it is. My brothers wanted to see me naked. I guess I'm not surprised knowing the way my body has changed in the last few years. I've got B-cups boobs now, really nice and hair under my arms and on my pussy though I shave that, of course. All the girls I know shave their pussies even though for many of us, no one else ever sees them.

But now my two brothers are asking just that. I knew it was something our parents would be upset about but they were both at work and wouldn't be home for hours. But, still. Well, maybe I could bargain with them to see what they had, I thought.

"I might do it if you two will show me the effect of puberty on boys, you know, how you get, um, erections and stuff?"

"I ... uh, I guess we could like, show you, too," he said as my younger brother nodded in agreement.

"Why don't you do it first?" I told them, rather proud of my negotiating skills.

"Yeah, okay, I guess strip off all the way," Paul said and they both pulled off their teeshirts and began undoing their shorts and pulling them off as I watched intently.

They both stood there in identical white briefs, both poked out in front, poorly hiding their obvious erections.

"I can already see the effect of puberty on you two," I laughed. They looked at each other, then together pulled their briefs down and stood there.

They might have been my own brothers but, well, looking at them was sure sexy. Paul, of course, was taller, he's five-nine, trim and with some nice muscles and his dick stood straight out right at me. It was long, longer than Eric's, and was thin with a nice, pink head. Eric's was smaller and stood almost straight up at an angle pointing up at the ceiling. He might have been smaller all around compared with his three-year older brother but he was darned cute standing there naked looking rather embarrassed with his dick so proudly in the air.

There was no doubt now in my mind that this was sexual, not just simple curiosity but quite complex sexuality among the three of us. I'd really never had sexual thoughts about my two brothers until now and, now, they were filling my head full.

My first question was "When it's not hard like it is now, what's it look like?"

"Oh, it's small, about like this," my little brother answered first, holding his fingers about an inch and a half apart. "It's small and soft and just kind of hangs down a little."

"Mine is about like this," Paul told me, holding his fingers about three inches apart, "and it hangs down, too. But not right now. You can see that this whole thing has me pretty excited."

"Yeah, I can see. Can you make it cum? Can I see that?"

"You mean, like, you know, masturbate until ... well, until I cum?"

"Yeah, maybe both of you. Have you ever done it in front of each other?" I asked.

They both said no and Paul went to his room to get his bottle of hand lotion which he said he used. While he was gone, I asked Eric what he used and he said usually soap when he was in the shower but he thought he'd like to try the hand lotion. Looks like my little brother is already learning something and I was still fully-clothed.

Paul came back in with the bottle and stood next to his brother as I asked him, "Why is the end of your penis wet, look there's like a little drop on the end."

"Oh, that's precum, did you learn about that in sex-ed?"

I told him I hadn't so he explained in more detail than my biology teacher would have. Then, he put some lotion on his hand and began gripping his dick, stroking it back and forth the way I knew boys did. Except that when he went up, he twisted his hand around the tip, something that Eric saw and began to do himself.

"Mmm, I've learned something already," he moaned as he mimicked his brother's technique of twisting his hand at the top of each stroke. "Mmm, yeah, that's really good."

I was wondering which brother would shoot first but didn't want to say anything, I wanted it to be natural, not a contest about who could cum first. Was it exciting? Oh, ask my pussy, it was running wet and so hot. I didn't even realize, watching them stroke their cocks, that I had my hand down rubbing between my legs. It was my little brother who pointed it out.

"You must like watching us, Sam, look what you're doing," he said pointing with his free hand as we all laughed.

"Yeah, well, this isn't just your average afternoon after school, is it?" I rejoined.

"Mmm, I'm close, Sam, better watch, here goes," my younger brother barked as cum began spurting out the little hole in the end of his dick, some falling on the floor, some down his leg.

"Oh, wow, that's so cool. I love it, seeing you shoot, it's the coolest."

"Well, you'll see me pretty soon, I'm getting closer," Paul groaned as he stroked faster and faster.

Then, suddenly, his dick gushed out long, thick streams of white cum over and over, much farther than my little brother had shot and there was lots more of it. It looked like it was everywhere.

"Omigod, Paul, you shoot so much. It's just everywhere, look," I shrieked as I dragged my fingertip through the puddles of his cum that landed on my leg.

"Do your dicks get soft now?" I asked. It seems that I'd heard that we girls can cum and cum and cum but guys have their limit and then can't get it hard again.

"What do you think, Sam, does this look soft?" my older brother said as he stepped forward toward me almost poking me in the eye with it.

"See for yourself," he said as I slowly reached up to take it.

I gripped it, squeezing lightly as Eric also moved up toward me. So, I took his as well, and they were both firm and hard. I slid my hand back and forth on them and they were soft on the outside but not at all flexible, they were both quite stiff.

"That's nice, Sam, feels good," Paul moaned as Eric added, "Yeah, really nice, I like you feeling it."

"I kind of like feeling them, too. This is pretty hot, you know?"

"When can we see you? Not that I want you to stop doing this," Paul asked.

I really did kind of want to put off the inevitable but knew that fair was fair, so I told them I'd be next. So, I pulled off the 'Girls Rule' teeshirt I had on and reached around and unfastened my bra, sliding my hands back around to catch it before it fell. I held it to my breasts as I asked my brothers, "You really want to see them?"

"Shit, Sis, come on, we're both standing here with hard dicks," Paul pleaded as his brother added, "Yeah, look how you're making us," as he lifted his dick up.

"Okay, here," I said as I swept my bra away and flung it across the room.

"Oh, wow, Sam, nice," my little brother said and Paul just whistled.

They were nice, I knew that, after all, I'd stood at my mirror countless times looking at them, lifting them up, squeezing them together, pinching my nipples to make them redder, I knew how they looked and they looked good, really good.

For an eighth-grade girl, I had a pretty nice figure, thirty-four, twenty-two, thirty-four and the first measurement included my B-cups which were firm and solid with light pink nipples that seemed to stay hard all the time. They were also very sensitive when I rubbed or softly pinched them which I did all the time. I also liked to go braless so they would rub on the inside of my shirt but, of course, I couldn't do that too often.

I had started growing hair under my arms and on my pussy about a year and a half earlier, not much at the start and I was doing what it seemed that all the girls I knew were doing, shaving it smooth even though there was no one to admire it. Well, until now.

Chapter 2

I knew that I couldn't stop now so I just screwed-up my courage and pulled down my shorts and stood there in my panties as they both slowly stroked back and forth.

"Man, you are so hot, Sam, you look so good," Paul said as I squatted down and pulled off my panties and stood back up.

"You're beautiful, I just can't believe how beautiful you look," Eric said making me feel pretty good standing there in front of them.

I also knew that it was now my turn to masturbate for them, their turn to see.

"Well," I said as I got on the bed and leaned back on the headboard, "you won't see any cum this time, it's way different for girls, you know that, right?"

They both agreed and I began rubbing circles around my pussy lips which were already wet, very wet.

"Gee, girls really do get wet like they say," Eric said while I went on rubbing. I could tell my breathing and heart rate were rising as I felt my face get warmer and warmer, probably getting redder as I masturbated.

They both stood there completely motionless except for their right hands which stayed busy.

I put a finger inside me and moved it in and out a few times, then brought it up to my mouth like I'd seen a girl do in a video one of my girlfriend's had, I thought it looked so hot when she did it, I did it for my brothers.

"Oh, wow, you taste yourself like that, Sam?" Paul asked.

"Yeah, sometimes. Wanna taste?" I asked as I pulled my finger out again and held it up. Eric leaned forward and sucked my finger. It felt kind of sexy having it in his mouth and sucking my juices off it.

Then Paul told me he wanted to try so I fingered myself really deep, then held it up.

"It's ... it's kinda nice. I didn't know what to expect but, well, it's all right. Guess boys get a really good taste when they go down on a girl. Ever have a boy do that to you?" he asked.

Geez, my brother is asking me if any boy has ever eaten me out. This is going crazy, I thought, but I answered him just the same, "No, I've never had a boy do anything to me. Guess I live a pretty dull life, huh?"

I may have been joking but he wasn't, saying, "I'd do it, Sam," as he stood there rubbing his dick while I continued fingering myself.

He really said that, I thought. So far, we hadn't really done anything with each other, giving any kind of sex to each other, so far, anyway. So far.

I closed my eyes as I imagined my older brother's long, thin cock going in and out of me as my fingers went back and forth, just feeling better and better. Like I said, I'd really never looked at either of my brothers with any sexual ideas, well, until now. Now, I was sliding my finger in and out while I rubbed my clit and all my thoughts were on my brother Paul. Then I added Eric to my imagined sex, dreaming of being fucked by Paul as I sucked-off Eric. I know, pretty hot thoughts about my two brothers.

My fingers rubbed and stroked and rubbed and stroked and soon I was getting near, I knew it would be a wonderful orgasm, after all, I was naked with two naked boys stroking their cocks, forget that they were my own brothers, they were both sexy-looking as their hands moved back and forth, that's all I cared about.

"Oh, UUH, UUH, UUM, MMM, mmm, mmm," I groaned as my body began shaking, panting hard, shaking as I fucked myself fast. Then, I just flopped back, gasping for breath, my heart racing as I felt splatters of cum hitting me, some on my boobs, my stomach, some on my thigh.

Looking up, both brothers were jacking over me, now laughing as I lay there laughing with them.

"Oh, you two, look what you've done, I ought to make you each lick the other's cum off me."

"We'll do it, Sam, shit I don't care, it'll be fun to lick on you," Paul said as he leaned over and began cleaning me as I giggled from the tickling feeling. But he went after more than their cum splattered on me, he licked my nipples, even opening his lips to take a quick suck, then down to lick on my lap. My legs were together but I knew exactly what he was getting at and it made my pussy feel all warm and tingly.

It was getting late and we knew we had to get dressed and get to looking more normal after a rather surprising session of sex together, even if it might be a bit mild by world standards. For us, it was super-hot stuff.

The next afternoon, when Eric and I came in the back door after school, Paul was right there waiting for us with, "We gonna do it again? Get off for each other?"

I could see the boner pushing out the front of his pants as we all agreed and ran up the stairs one after the other to my room where we were quickly out of our clothes. There seemed to be no bashfulness after our first time masturbating together and we were all three eager now so we each set to work once again.

Seeing my brothers jacking their dicks was a real turn-on, I just loved watching them get into it so. I was really into it, too, it was so hot and sexy doing it together like this, we just all loved it.

Eric shot first, then Paul, who shot farther and more, I guess because he's older and his dick's bigger, then I got off and it was a great one, one of those where the world almost stops as you're swept up in it.

This became our routine for most of our afternoons, except when Paul would have soccer practice or when I had my period. That came up about two and a half weeks after we'd started, my brothers wanted to masturbate and I had to tell them my situation.

"I'll pass guys, I just started my period and it's not something I want to do until it's over. I'll watch, though," I added.

Then, Paul, ever resourceful, suggested, "Maybe you could do us, Sam?" his face grinning widely.

"You wish," I shot back but the thought was making me tingle in my middle.

We all three went up to Paul's room where they took their clothes off after talking me out of my top and bra, aiding their effort at a good cum.

Each brother lubed up and began as they stood next to the bed facing me with me sitting between them.

As I sat there watching them, Paul's question kept coming back to me and after a few minutes, I posed, "If you two agreed to do me, like when I'm ready again, I might do each of you?"

They both stopped and asked if I really meant it.

"Well, I'll do you one at a time and Eric, you lay down, I'll start with you."

He jumped up on Paul's bed, got flat on his back, his dick pointing straight up, still shiny with the hand lotion as I put a few more drops on the head and began stroking up and down.

"Oh, wow, that is so better, you really do it good, Sam, oh, wow," my little brother groaned. Paul was standing there watching me masturbate our brother; the thing he couldn't see, of course, was what it was doing to my pussy. Oh, this was so sexy to grip Eric's dick and jack him off, knowing I was going to make his cum shoot for the first time using my own hand. It was so hot and sexy, I was loving every stroke.

It was only a few minutes before my little brother arched his back up and began shooting his cum up in the air as he grunted and groaned, "UUH, UUH, UUH, mmm, oh, that was so good, mmm, oh, Sam, you did it so good, oh, Paul, just wait, this is so better."

Eric got up as I wiped my little brother's cum off my hand and wrist, then squirted some more lotion on Paul and began.

"Mmm, oh, he's right, it's so much better when you do it. And it's so nice seeing your boobs," he said, "They look so soft and nice."

"You just want to get a feel, don't you?" I teased. We had become much more relaxed being naked with each other and in being sexual around each other and, now, with each other.

"I do, I admit it," he said as I reached over and took his hand to bring it to my breast.

"You've got two, could I have one?" Eric asked shyly.

"Here, Eric, take this one, it's the best one," I proudly offered to my younger brother as his hand felt my left breast as he asked, "Is one really better than the other?" making Paul and I laugh. "No, silly, they both look pretty much the same to me but, well, this one's nearer my heart so that one's yours Eric," I told him and that began the tradition between us that my left breast was always reserved for my younger brother. It is to this day.

Paul's cock, of course, was bigger, I now know it was just over six inches and Eric's was just under five. We had fun once measuring them and they each kept having me work to get their's as hard as possible, measuring over and over, after I stroked them each time.

It filled my hand much better and I even knelt between his legs using both hands to masturbate him. I'd seen a porn video once at a girlfriend's house of a girl doing it to a boy that way and it was really cool the way he shot his cum all over her boobs. I wanted that for myself as I stroked my hands up and down.

"Mmm, oh, that's so good, Sam, man, you are so good," he groaned as Eric sucked my nipple.

Like in the video, I leaned over and sucked the end of his dick while I stroked him and his eyes got big around as he gasped. It must really feel good, I thought, I'd heard some of my friends talk about oral sex and how great it was, I guess that kind of proves it. But, we were masturbating, not doing oral, so I lifted up and went on with my hands.

"Oh, Sam, that was awesome, nothing's ever felt that good," he sighed as my hands glided up and down his shaft.

"You really feel hard today, like it's almost steel inside, must feel good, huh?" I asked my brother as I jacked him up and down.

"Mmm, I'm getting close, yeah, real close ... oh, UUH, UUH, UUH," he groaned as his dick began fountaining cum up in spurts over and over, more, I think, than I'd ever seen before with some of it falling on my knees, some on my boobs.

"I even felt your dick throb when you were shooting, how cool is that?" I cried out as I kept sliding my fist up and down. "Look, you got my boobs."

"Rub it in, I've heard cum makes your boobs grow. Maybe they'll get huge," Paul told me, all excited about the prospect of his sister having even bigger boobs.

"It's your cum, why don't you rub it in. Eric, you can help, too," I told them wanting to get as much out of our afternoon as I could under the circumstances. Their massaging ended up with me getting my nipples sucked until it was almost time for our parents to come home.

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