Helping Melissa

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: After reading a sex manual from cover to cover, I was able to help my cousin, Melissa, discover her clit and the pleasure it offered. She was amazed this boy knew so much. Oh, there's more, too.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Incest   Cousins   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

Growing up, I had an older cousin, Hank, who taught me some things about life. Maybe not the meaning of life and all that but, well, he taught me about sex.

Since I'm a guy, named Richard by my parents, but, of course, called Dick or Dickhead, or Dickwad or Dickbag, or Dickbeater, or Dicklick, oh, you get the picture, you may wonder but Hank and I were and are straight. There was never any stuff going on between us even though he was the one that first told me about masturbation. I still remember it.

We were up in his bedroom, looking at some of his Playboy stash and he asked me, "Are you masturbating yet?"

"What, am I what?"

"Masturbating, jacking-off? You know, playing with yourself? Your dick?"

Of course, I'd heard about jacking-off and did play with my dick, I suppose every guy has.

"Um, well, I kind of play with it in the shower."

"Yeah, but do you stroke it until you cum?"

"Well, it feels nice."

"Maybe I should show you how, it really feels awesome when you shoot."


Well, now you see, I didn't really know much.

"I'll show you if you want," he offered.

I nodded and he started pulling off his shorts, then briefs and sat on his bed up against the headboard. He reached over and got a bottle of hand lotion out of the drawer and squirted some on the head of his dick and then gripped it and began what we all know and do.

I did watch though my main interest remained in the magazines we had spread out before us and in a few minutes, he moaned a bit breathlessly, "Mmm, watch, watch me shoot my cum," and, well, we all know what it looks like unless you hadn't seen it before and, of course, I hadn't.

It was pretty spectacular, those white, gooey globs spurting up out from his dick, a rather larger one than I had. Then, he told me how it felt.

"Oh, man, nothing feels better than that. When you shoot it's just the best thing ever. You wanna try it?" he asked handing me the bottle.

Well, I didn't want to be a wimp so I pulled off my shorts and briefs and dribbled some lotion on mine and started doing the same up and down with my fist.

Now, I'd played in the shower but this, with the slippery lotion, was so much better, I felt myself get harder than I'd ever been before. All the Playboy fold-outs surely helped as well.

"How is it?" he asked, knowing that he'd let me in on something good.

"Really good, better than in the shower, makes me all tingly there," I said as I stroked up and down the way he had.

"I'm not sure if you're quite old enough to cum but you'll know when it happens, nothing feels better than that."

It was feeling damn good, that was for sure, and I kept rubbing and rubbing and in a few minutes it felt like my whole body just began to glow in really good feelings as I looked down and saw my first ejaculation, not nearly as much as my cousin's but I now had experienced the ecstasy of an orgasm, something, once experienced, becomes desired unendingly.

"Oh, wow, that was awesome. Way better than when I played around in the shower. I'm glad you showed me that," I thanked him.

So, that was my introduction to male masturbation. Female was to come about ten months later when, again, I was up in Hank's room, I was staying with my aunt and uncle for a week, and he went down the hall and came back carrying a small book, handing it to me.

"Here, Dick, you asked me about how girls get off, how they masturbate, here's a book of my parent's on sex, it's got it all in there. Just give it back to me so I can put it back where they keep it."

I took the book to my room and spent most of the afternoon reading it and jacking-off to it.

It didn't have real pictures, unfortunately, but there were lots of drawings showing intercourse, oral sex which looked so good, and two long chapters on masturbation, both male and female. So, I learned about the clitoris, the G-spot, anal sex which really seemed weird to me, prostate massage, just all kinds of cool stuff.

The clit fascinated me, the book described it in great detail, where it was, how important it was, how sensitive; I really started to become envious of girls and women who have such a wonderful spot. Little did I know how this knowledge would be so beneficial so soon.

That next summer, my parents and I were visiting another aunt and uncle and their daughter, Melissa, who was fourteen, like me. They were on my Dad's side and we were staying a week with them. The second day, Melissa and I were up in her room, we were both on her bed, she was laying back next to me, when I put my hand on her breast. I have no idea where I got the courage to do such a thing, but I did.

She had on a teeshirt and from what I could feel, there was no bra underneath. I leaned over and kissed her fully expecting that she would take my hand right away and pull her face from mine.

But neither happened. Instead, her tongue, slid between my lips and I felt her teeshirt being pulled up under my hand which was now resting on her bare breast.

I kept kissing her as my hand began squeezing and rubbing her small breast. It was so soft but really hard and firm underneath. And her nipple was really rock-hard.

After a few minutes, I moved my hand down to between her legs. Then, she pulled her head aside and said, "Dick, you shouldn't do that."

"Why?" I asked.

"It's not right. We're cousins, we're related."

"But it'll feel good, better than masturbating."

"I don't do that."

"You don't? How come?"

"I don't know, I just don't."

"What's the best time you ever felt good, what was it that did it?" I asked her as I stole peeks at her still bare boob.

"I think it was when I hurt my shoulder playing soccer and my mom rubbed it with this cream and it felt so good, why?"

"I can show you something that'll make you feel a thousand times better than that. Even more."

"Oh, come on, nothing's that good."

"I'll show you how but I'll have to touch you down there."

She was quiet as I put my hand back on her breast which made her smile.

"Really that much better, you're really sure?"

"I promise, it's really that good."

I kneaded her breast some more and then she said, almost so softly that I couldn't hear, "Okay," and her hands went down and unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them off, then her panties came off right after.

My mind was racing back to the sex book that Hank had shown me and the chapter on the clitoris and female masturbation.

My hand went onto her pubic mound and began to rub a little as she widened for me. Then, I went in search of her clit and soon found it's hiding place where I began to caress it with my fingertips, spreading her wetness, as my finger found its target.

"Oh, wow, that feels so good. Where are you rubbing?" she asked bending over to try to see.

"It's your clit, your clitoris, and it's a real hot button," I told her.

"It sure is, oh, that feels better than anything I've ever done. You sure know a lot, a lot about girls. Have you done a lot with girls?"

I didn't really want to tell her the truth, that it was all out of a book, so I said, "Well, some, yeah, I could show you some more things than this."

"This feels so good, yeah, maybe I'll let you do that," she moaned as I could feel that her clit had swollen since I started.

I slowly rubbed, keeping just enough pressure to make her squirm but I also didn't want to go too far because I'd read that it can really hurt if one gets carried away.

"I've just never felt this hot and sexy," she panted, then, she started humping my hand over and over, groaning as she trembled and shook, giving little cries as she had her orgasm. I think she knew we couldn't make too much noise, we weren't alone in the house, after all.

"Oh, wow, Dick, that was the best. You were right, that was awesome, just the best thing I've ever felt. So, I rub right there. Oh, there's a little thing there," she exclaimed as she felt her swollen clit.

"Why didn't any of my friends ever tell me about this? You're just the best, I love you for showing me this and getting me off so good. Oh, What else do you know?"

"Maybe even something better," I teased.

"You just want to fuck me, I'll bet."

"I'm a guy, Melissa, of course I would," I admitted. "But this is even better and there's no way you can get pregnant from it."

"You mean go down on me, right? I have friends who have their boyfriends do it and they say it's really good."

"Yes and I'll suck on your clit, it's really intense that way. If you think my rubbing it was good, this is way better," I urged.

"That much?" she asked all wide-eyed. I nodded and she added, "Okay, let's try it," as she lifted her knees and widened open for me as I moved over between her legs.

I was up close now, her hair was blond and curly and matted down with her juices as I got near, breathing in her girly essence to take a few licks up and down which made her jump, "Oh, uh, oh, that's really hot."

Then I opened the hood over her clit, it was pink and erect now as I licked over it and began to suck gently.

"Oh, wow, that's even better. Omigod, you're making me go crazy. I never knew, oh, this is so good."

All I could do was give thanks that my cousin, Hank, had lent me that book on sex that he'd gotten from his parent's closet. That, and feast on her pussy as I licked and sucked her clit making her squirm and wriggle under me as her hands held my head firmly between her legs.

"Ohhhh, right there, omigod, it's ... it's ... oh, OH, OH, OH," she groaned as I licked and sucked. I didn't want to make her sore, I knew how sensitive the clit was so I slowed down and eased up.

"Oh, Dick, I can't believe that was even better, even better than you getting me off before. Mmm, come here," she said as she pulled me up and kissed me in a very-non-cousin way.

Then, she asked me the question every boy hopes for, "I want to do something for you, do you like to be sucked?"

Oh, I was so glad I'd read that book, now look where it was getting me.

"Um, no one's ever been that nice before but I'd love it if you did," I said hardly believing my good fortune as she reached out to press her hand against the bulge in my shorts.

"If you take these off, I'll do it. Just promise you'll never tell anyone," which I did and I was soon out of my shorts and briefs with my dick pointing straight up from my lap.

"Oh, it's so cute. Oh, I'm sorry, I guess boys wouldn't want theirs called 'cute, ' huh?'" she said as she bent over and the most incredible feelings I'd ever had swept over me.

"Oh, Melissa, you can call it anything you want, this is just awesome, the best thing I've ever felt."

Here I was, flat on my back on my cousin's bed, my dick in her mouth as I'm feeling her boobs under her as she kneels beside me. If this wasn't heaven, I didn't know what would be. It sure seemed close enough for me.

Her hand was around my dick as she softly sucked the head, every pull was so good, now I knew why every guy I knew talked about blowjobs so incessantly. I understood completely.

I was already so sexed-up with what I'd been doing to Melissa, first showing her where her clitoris was and getting her off, then doing oral on her for a second orgasm. And now her pretty mouth was encircled over my cock as her head bobbed up and down so sweetly.

"Mmm, oh, you are so good, oh, I can't last much longer," I groaned as she sucked and sucked. I knew now what some of my guy friends were talking about; those who had girlfriends sucking them off. Nothing, nothing had ever felt this good, not a million jack-offs, this was the best.

Then my whole body seemed to freeze as my cum rocketed into Melissa's mouth as I had the best orgasm of my life.

She sucked a little longer, then raised up and licked the few droplets that were still oozing up.

"That was incredible, Melissa, just the best thing I've ever felt."

"Well, you made me feel that way so I'm glad I could do it for you. It was really ... well ... I really liked doing it. It feels so cool to feel you when you get off, it's so hot."

"Maybe we can do this more, like maybe tomorrow?" I asked so hopefully.

"There's a creek down below the house a ways and I can show you tomorrow. We'll take a blanket and, well, we can go skinny-dipping. After all, we've seen each other now and it's really fun to be like this with a boy. And such a boy that knows so much about sex," she said as she bent over and kissed me, her tongue exploring my mouth as her hand slowly sent up and down on me.

My hands were on her too, feeling her nice boobs, it was so much more than I'd ever expected but we knew we just couldn't stay alone together too much longer without arousing suspicion so we got dressed and went downstairs, each of us carrying the memories of our earlier intimacy.

Chapter 2

The next morning, after breakfast, she made us up a picnic lunch and we went off to this creek she'd told me about. It was about a twenty minute walk and as soon as we put the blanket down, Melissa was undressing as I watched her beautiful, young body be revealed to me in the bright morning sunlight.

"Well, Dick, aren't you going to join me?" she asked as she pulled her panties off and stood there so stunningly with her hands on her hips. I quickly got naked and we were instantly in a wonderful skin-to-skin embrace with my hard cock pushing at her as she pressed against me.

Then, she broke away and went running to the creek and got in just deep enough to cover her pussy.

"Eww, it's cold, it's gonna make my pussy all cold, maybe you'll have to figure out some way to warm it back up," she called out and I waded to her, my cock wagging back and forth as it dipped below the surface.

"Yeah, it is kinda cold, it might make me shrivel all up," I told her as her hand reached to me and gripped my cock keeping it nice and warm.

I hugged her to me as the water flowed by us, it was fairly chilly in the creek so we didn't stay long and were soon out drying each other off with towels then down together on the blanket in the warm summer sun, kissing and touching, just enjoying a lovely summer day and two young eager bodies discovering our sexual hunger for one another.

I was laying there facing her as she stroked my dick and I rubbed her between her open legs as she asked, "Would you kiss me down there again, that was so hot when you did it yesterday?" and she rolled on her back, spreading wide as I got up between her legs to begin kissing and licking and sucking her. She tasted cool and fresh from the creek as she lay there softly moaning while I ate her out.

"Oh, you know so much about sex, Dick, about how to make girls feel so good, I wish we lived nearer each other so we could do this all the time."

I was busy so I didn't answer, I just concentrated on making her feel as good as I could, I knew that I would be rewarded for my efforts. It was true, I was going to miss this when I had to go back home.

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