Rhian and Ric

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I wasn't expecting to fall in love when I was fourteen but I did. I also wasn't expecting it to be the one person it was, my older brother. Note: This is a true story, one that I have written and related to you on behalf of Rhian who had once emailed me about a brother/sister love story I had written. She told me their experience and I was so captivated by it, I asked her if I could write it for my readers. She and Ric and I all hope you enjoy the telling.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   True Story   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

My brother and I, we're Welsh, that's people from Wales which you probably know is part of the United Kingdom, it's on the southwest side of Great Britain and is a beautiful land with a difficult and strange language. Many of us also have rather different and complex names, our first king, Gruffydd ap Llywelyn, is example enough, I think.

You may not have heard the name I have: I'm Rhian and he's Ric, short for Richard, which, of course, is quite common in most English-speaking countries.

Wales is mostly rural with many farms dotting its countryside and my brother and I live with Mom and Dad in a small house in a small town. The countryside is rocky and hilly near us with mountains not too far away. There are also lakes and many waterfalls, some small, some quite large. We get a lot of rain here, even more than England does, so our days are often cloudy.

Ric is two years older than I am and I've always looked up to him as my older brother. We've mostly gotten along well, never much in the way of petty disagreements or jealousies and we were now in our teens, Ric sixteen as this story begins.

My body had begun developing as most girls do, with my nipples beginning to swell into small mounds, becoming more sensitive and even more womanly as each month passed. I had also begun my periods and was getting some wisps of hair under my arms and down below.

By the time I'd turned fourteen, I had real breasts, no, not huge ones, but quite nice and plump, tipped with rosy nipples which always seemed aroused. I was also rubbing myself, masturbation was a topic among some of us girls at school, and I was doing it almost every night.

I was feeling sexy, as well, though there was, at the time, no one to direct these feelings toward; that was to change soon, however.

There were boys at school, yes, but most, no, really all of them my age, didn't appeal. Again, it seemed that we girls were thinking and feeling a few years ahead of the boys our age but I did begin to sense some odd behavior from my brother.

I would catch him looking at me; now, that doesn't seem like anything but I noticed it when I would bend over or shift in my seat sitting opposite him. I also noticed him in the hallway when I'd come out of the bathroom, he just seemed kind of lurking around.

Now, I did have some idea that maybe he was trying to get a look at my developing body, that did occur to me and, well, truthfully, it turned me on a bit. I think every girl, as she begins to mature, likes to have some indication that she is desirable, even sexy.

I began doing little things to see if I was right, like sitting across and moving my legs open for a few seconds or bending down when I had a nightshirt on, knowing he could get a glimpse of my breasts underneath. Truthfully, I think it was turning me on as much as it might him.

Then, one day, only a few days before Christmas, I had gone up to my room to change and as I was standing in front of my dressing mirror pulling my shirt off over my head, I caught a glimpse of movement in the hallway beyond the door which was slightly ajar.

I just went on, pulling off my jeans to stand there a minute in bra and panties before I pulled on a sweater and sweatpants. I knew then that he was looking at me and now I began planning for it.

So in the days ahead, I'd wear something light, then later mention to him that I was going up to change into something warmer, making sure I left the door slightly open.

This time, I pulled off my shirt, then went to my dresser and took out a different bra, went back to the mirror, reached back to unhook allowing it to slide off my arms, then dropped the new bra on the floor 'accidentally' to slowly turn and bend over to pick it up and put it on. I knew he got a good eyeful and it made my pussy get so wet knowing I was letting him see my nakedness.

I slowly dropped the new shirt over me knowing I, no doubt, had given my brother an erection, and on purpose. I was now secretly taunting him and it was making me feel both sexy and powerful. My body had power and I now felt it. It really turned me on.

I also came down one morning when I knew our parents were already gone. I'd heard Ric up and moving about, so I got up and pulled on a teeshirt, a long one that I used to sleep in before I started sleeping in the nude, and came out of my room and went downstairs. If I didn't mention panties, well, it was because I'd intentionally left them off, the teeshirt came to mid-thigh and I was feeling particularly horny and hot that morning.

Of course, like every girl, I had checked myself in my mirror and had given my nipples a bit of pinching to make them stand out under the thin cotton fabric. They were high and firm and pointed, I knew there was no way he would not notice them.

I was not shaving my pussy at that time but did comb it as I stood there, I wanted everything perfect.

So, I went into the kitchen to get some cereal, knowing I had to reach up and get a bowl down to use. I had already rehearsed this movement and knew just how much it would raise the hem of my teeshirt and made sure I was standing there with my legs open so he could get a better view.

I poured the cereal and milk and came and sat at the table with him as he read Dad's morning paper, his eyes wandering to me when I looked off as I was eating.

He was surely hard by now, I was giving him a good show; then, I went and placed the empty cereal bowl in the sink and told him I was off to shower and get dressed and went upstairs.

I listened carefully for him, making sure I left my bedroom door open just enough and pulled off my tee to stand in front of my mirror. I glanced carefully and could see a slight movement in the hallway telling me he was watching. So, I cupped my breasts and turned a bit each way, looking my body over, even dropping a hand down to rub a bit on my pussy.

Then, I picked up my robe and slipped it on, making sure he had enough time to move away as I slowly lifted my bath towel off the back of my chair and went out and down the hall to the bathroom to shower.

I turned on the water and, when warm, got in and pulled the curtain closed. As I soaped myself, I saw the shower curtain move slightly, sensing that the door had opened. I continued on and as I was rinsing off, but before I turned the water off, I pulled the curtain back and there was my brother standing in the hall, the door halfway open.

"Ric, what he hell are you doing?" I barked at him though I knew exactly what he was doing and was so excited that it was happening.

"I'm ... I ... I was trying to ... um, I wanted to see your body, Rhian," he said softly as he stood there looking at my naked body.

"Why, Ric, I'm your sister?"

"Well, I've fancied you for some time, that's why."

"You've ... fancied me? Like wanted me? In a, you know, like sex?"

I was still standing there, dripping wet and naked as he explained, "Um, I guess, in a way, yes."

"But, I'm your sister, Ric," I said even though I wanted this to go farther than it had.

"I know, I know, but, I just can't get you out of my mind, I mean, look at you, you're gorgeous."

"Would you hand me my towel? I guess there isn't much you haven't seen," I told him as I took the towel and began drying off.

"You are really so beautiful, Rhian, I just can't get you out of my mind. You're all I want. All I desire. And like this, oh, you're incredible."

I wasn't the least bit embarrassed to have him looking at me, after all, I'd more or less schemed to show him my new body and felt really quite proud and immensely turned-on standing there naked as his eyes ate me up while we were talking about how he desired me. I had dried off but, inside, I was so wet.

"You said that you fancied me. That means you want to be with me, that you want sex with me, right?"

"Just look at you, Rhian, you're so beautiful, I just can't help it, yes, oh, yes, I want sex with you more than anything I've ever wanted," and he stepped to me and folded his arms around me and kissed me, kissed me hard. Then, I felt his tongue working its way inside my mouth to explore.

His hands were rubbing all over my bare back and bum just sending waves of sexual delight, all this new to me, of course, across my body. I couldn't hold still, my body, knowing it was on new ground, new and dangerous but exciting new ground, just trembled and shook as he held me and kissed me.

Then, he pulled back, took my hand and led me to his room and put me in his bed, quickly undressed and got in with me.

If you're wondering if I was trying to see what Ric looked like naked, oh, yes, very much so. And, I was rewarded, too. He's slim but has some nice muscles and his penis, well, his penis was beautiful. Long and pink and straight, it was the first one, of course, that I'd ever seen except for little boys that I'd babysat and, really, they don't count. Ric's was wonderful, perfect, beautiful.

He leaned over me, his hand on my breast, his tongue in my mouth as I built up my courage and reached down for it.

There it was, warm and hard, as I wrapped my fingers around it and felt its power. I knew then that my brother would be my lover, that what I was now holding would soon enter my body for us to become one together.

Then, his hand left my breast, sliding down my stomach onto my pubic mound. I knew, of course, where he wanted to touch me, it was where I wanted him to touch me, where I wanted his penis to find shelter and love. I opened my legs to him as his fingers slid between my legs in the wetness that greeted his touch.

"Oh, Rhian, I've dreamed of this, you and me, like this, together, I love you so much," he said as his fingers began rubbing me on my pussy, my juices just wetting my whole underneath as he spread it into my curly hair. Then, I could feel a finger begin to slowly work inside me.

"Mmm, Ric, yes, inside, mmm, oh, oh love you, too, this is what I want, too, I want us to be lovers, secret lovers, you and me," and we kissed some more as his finger began stroking me fully and my heart raced and raced.

I felt as if I was about to swoon, nothing had ever felt so wonderful before. I'd discovered how to give pleasure to myself, of course, every girl and boy does. But the pleasure that another person can bring to my body was new, so new and glorious. My head was filled with countless days ahead of Ric and me giving such ultimate love to each other. I was no longer his sister, I was his lover.

"Can we do it, Rhian, can we make love? I'll be sure and take it out before I cum," he asked so sweetly.

I pulled him over onto me, yes, I wanted him, I wanted my brother, my wonderful, handsome brother more than anything. He raised up as I spread wide for him and he pushed his hard penis through the wet, open lips nestled between my legs and I felt myself fill with my brother's manhood. It hurt a little but that I hardly even felt. I felt like I'd waited for this moment all my life, now I was one with Ric, one in body, one in soul, one with love and passion.

He moved back and forth sending wave after wave of joy through me. I lifted my legs onto his shoulders to take more of him in and it was beautiful, everything, as a girl, that I'd ever wanted out of my new body.

I could hardly hold myself still I was so excited. I had thought out everything about teasing my brother but hadn't really gotten to what I might be teasing him into. And now it was happening, we were having sex. I was fourteen, he was sixteen and we were making love, we were creating love, really, with every movement of our bodies now linked together so wondrously.

Every push into me mounted my exhilaration as each time I just didn't imagine it could feel better and it did, oh, it did, indeed. Each touch to my breasts added to my excitement as he rubbed and rolled his fingertips over my hard nipples, it was incredible.

My mind and body were consumed with just one thing, sex, sex with my brother, fucking, yes, it's a naughty word but Ric and I were fucking and there was no question now but that we would be fucking a lot in the future.

"This is just wonderful, Rhian, you are so beautiful, so sexy, I love your body, you just make me so horny," he said as his lovely cock pleased me so very much.

"It is, it is wonderful and I love you so much," I told him.

"I love you, too, more than you can ever know."

I began moving under him, it felt so good when I did, and suddenly he let out a gasp and pushed hard into me, driving my head into the wall above his bed, then he just as suddenly pulled completely out of me, panting, "Omigod, I did, I meant to pull out, oh, Rhian, I'm so sorry, it just happened so suddenly."

"You cummed in me?" I asked, my head just spinning at what now might happen to us. Moments ago, so happy and in love, now, totally scared, not knowing what to do. "You're sure, you're certain you did?" I asked hoping with every fiber of my being that he was wrong.

But of course, guys know when they've ejaculated, it's just not possible to miss.

"I don't know what to do, I'm so sorry, oh, god, I'll never forgive myself. I was going to, I was all ready to pull out, then, then you started moving like you were and, oh, it felt so good. And by then, oh, it just happened so fast."

I looked up and my brother had tears in his eyes, I think he was more upset than I'd ever seen him ever before.

"Well, it's done, I suppose there's not much to do but wait. I start my period around the end of next week, we'll just have to wait until then and see."

"I'll get some condoms, oh, Rhian, I just hope everything is okay, I would never want to put you through anything like that. But, no matter what, I love you and want to be with you the rest of my life," and he kissed me as those words flew around my head.

He had said a bit earlier that he loved me but, of course, many brothers love their sisters. But now he was saying it in a different way, in a way that a boyfriend might say to his girlfriend. When all this began I wasn't completely sure if all this wasn't because my brother was horny and I was naked from the shower.

But, now, laying there, naked, in his arms as we kissed and petted, I knew he truly loved me and that I truly loved him as well. I wanted to be with him as his lover and for him to be my lover, forever.

Chapter 2

He did bicycle into one of the local towns, one we usually didn't shop in and bought a supply of condoms so we were set as far as protection went.

We didn't always get to have sex after school, especially if our mom was around but they did take caravan weekends mostly every weekend of the summer and early fall times and Ric and I basically lived as husband and wife while they were off on holiday.

We also had a special place, one hidden by a nearby lake, where we would go or even sometimes meet to be naked with each other and have sex.

Our first few weeks were mostly filled with intercourse, we just simply couldn't get enough of each other.

One other major thing happened about two weeks after we became lovers, yes, I had my period, to the joy and relief of us both. The knowledge greatly improved the quality of our sex, we now seemed so much more relaxed and free with each other.

This new ease with one another also led to our first experiments with oral sex. As with most things sexual, Ric usually led the way, quite unannounced one day, we were at our little lakeside spot and had just gotten naked as he began kissing me down my neck and shoulders. That was nothing new, he loved my breasts and often kissed and sucked them to my great pleasure and arousal.

But this warm afternoon, he kissed further ... down onto my stomach, then abdomen. Then, onto the furry patch beneath. Oh, I knew then that he was headed to my pussy. I knew a little after all, I did have some girlfriends who talked about boys and sex and things. Oral sex, that was where this was going.

His lips moved right between my legs which had been closed as he kissed right there. Then I felt the tip of his tongue probe between my legs.

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